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Chapter 193: A Blatant Plan to Move People

Lei Shuangxings face twitched.

Was this lad really not following the routine

Lei Shuangxing was quite chagrined, because hed let Xu Xiaoshou run away when he was confused by the lads unruly behavior.

It was like a quarrel during which one party says something strange and leaves while the other party is left behind and frozen in place.

Yet, the other party always thinks that he will be able to respond in time if the quarrel restarts.

The opportunity had really come…


Lei Shuangxing decided that he wouldnt let Xu Xiaoshou go, even if he was at risk of being attacked by Ye Xiaotian.

Xu Xiaoshou laughed.

“Sorry, Im not discussing this with you.”

No sooner had he finished this remark than his body disappeared.

By the time he reappeared, hed already arrived at the side of Zhou Tiansen, who was floating in the empty space.

The sword energy of “Everything is a Sword” was manipulating the big tall man, but Xu Xiaoshou ignored it.

He took out a white ring and pressed it on Zhou Tiansen at the speed of lightning.

Under the white fog, the sword energy ceased to function.

Xu Xiaoshou picked up Zhou and ran away without hesitation.

Lei Shuangxing was dumbfounded.

When he recovered from his shock, he wanted to squeeze that big tall man to death, but, unexpectedly, his sword energy was sealed off.

“What is that thing… a ring” he thought.

What kind of ring could cancel Master Level sword energy

He was so angry that he tightly gritted his teeth.

But, on the other hand, this lad was too fast and had once again caught him off guard.

Yet, as he recovered, intending to shift his target to Xu Xiaoshou and control his body, he found that Xu Xiaoshou had already hidden behind Ye Xiaotian.

A hostage was taken away…

And he did it right in front of his eyes!

Lei Shuangxing felt uncontainable anger inside.

He faced Ye Xiaotian and almost crushed the jade stone.

The white-haired Daoist boy could dodge his attack, but Xu Xiaoshou must not be able to!

“No!” Luo Leilei yelled from above, somewhat clearing Lei Shuangxings mind.

Yeah, he wasnt the only one who had hostages.

Ye Xiaotian was also holding Luo Leilei as a hostage…

Lei Shuangxings expression was apologetic.

He told himself to hold back and not act impulsively!

“What, you still wont make a move” There was a hint of a smile on Ye Xiaotians face.

He was waiting for a mad Lei Shuangxing to make a move.

In so doing, the blind young man would be in an unstable state, and his reflexes would be slower.

As such, the stalemate might be broken.

It was obvious that Lei Shuangxing had also thought of this, which was why hed restrained himself.

This man had a mature mind… He must have experienced many things and had a good handle on his emotions, something that didnt befit his age.

“How did I do” Xu Xiaoshou asked while hiding behind Ye Xiaotian, but he was too tall compared to Ye Xiaotian to fully hide.

Ye Xiaotian stared straight ahead, but his tone was somewhat appreciative as he said, “Well done.”

Without turning around, he could still see Xu Xiaoshou put away the white ring, not leaving a trace, with his spiritual thoughts.

He felt that this seemed a bit familiar, but he couldnt remember what it was.

He had no choice but to give up.

Yet, wasnt important.

What was important was that Xu Xiaoshou had really succeeded in saving a person!

Its true that to deal with disgusting guys you have to use more disgusting… well, cleverer… means!

Xu Xiaoshou handed Zhou Tiansen over to Ye Xiaotian.

After all, he was carrying Mu Zixi on his back, and his Master Level Agility would be affected if he had to carry the big guy as well.

Complete caution was needed when confronting a skillful opponent.

After successfully taking away a hostage, Xu Xiaoshou was feeling a bit excited.

He stuck his head out from behind Ye Xiaotian when Lei Shuangxing didnt strike for a long while.

The blind young mans face had turned blue.

He was apparently very angry.

“Whoa, he can even put up with this…” Xu Xiaoshou inwardly complimented him.

“Look, didnt you say itd be impossible for it to happen again” he said.

“Why, after I took away a hostage, have you still not done anything”

Lei Shuangxing opened his blind eyes so wide that he could almost see.

He uttered a “whoa” and fell silent.

Even though he couldnt see, he could imagine how hateful the speaker looked judging by his voice!

Cursed, Passive Points 1.

After forcefully taking a breath, Lei Shuangxing said calmly, “I still have four hostages…”

Xu Xiaoshous eyes lit up.

“Yeah, you still have four.

Could you give me another one”


D*mn it…

“Your name is Xu Xiaoshou, right Ill remember you!”

Remembered, Passive Point 1.

Xu Xiaoshou wasnt very affected by the word “remember” anymore.

This man would have to stand in line.

After all, the masked man, Elder Sang, and the gray fog man were all ahead of him as far as “remembering” was concerned, and these guys were a lot more terrifying than him.

“Thank you for remembering me.

I also like your name.

Lei Shuangxing, the tears of double line.

Very poetic.

Why do you have such a name”

Xu Xiaoshou thought that parents usually wouldnt give their children this kind of name.

Unexpectedly, his thoughtless words made the blind young man fall silent.

There was a story

Xu Xiaoshou had an idea.

He said casually, “But compared to your name, I like your character more…”

Lei Shuangxing was momentarily perplexed.


Theyd met twice and had only exchanged a few words, yet hed already figured out his character

“Tsk, tsk…” Xu Xiaoshou continued, “Yes, you have a heart as soft as the bean curd, although your words are as sharp as a knife.

You saidimpossible, but let others do whatever they want.

I like such character the most!”

Lei Shuangxing was so angry he almost spurted out a mouthful of blood.

From a dark blue, his face turned pale, and his anger couldve made the first Buddha appear and the second Buddha ascend to the heavens.

“Xu… Xiao… Shou!”

A low air pressure instantly enveloped the entire Assembly Hall.

Hearing the shout in the empty space, Luo Leilei was startled.

Shed done the same in the Tianxuan Gate herself when she was in a totally insensible state after being angered.

How could Senior Brother Shuangxing, who was usually rather calm, be caught by such a simple trick

This shouldnt be…

She wanted to say something, but was suddenly at a loss for what to say.

If it were her, she wouldve lost her temper a long time ago.

Shouted at, Passive Points 1.

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at the notification and smiled, thinking that his plot had worked and he could act again.

“Yeah!” He responded, a puzzled expression on his face.

“Im right here.

Why did you yell so loudly…”

Lei Shuangxing was so angry that he was having a hard time holding onto the cane in his hand.

It was just then that Xu Xiaoshou paused in the middle of his remark, a horrified look on his face.

Alarmed, he turned his head to look at the small forest.

“The… the masked man”

Everyones heart skipped a beat.

Ye Xiaotians pupils shrank.

Looking in that direction, he told himself that this wasnt good.

“It must be him.

Thats why I didnt detect him in advance!”

Lei Shuangxing and Luo Lei Lei were also astonished.

The masked man, their chief, had appeared, which meant…

Their mission was completed

He came over to offer his support

Feeling happy and surprised, the two of them turned their heads almost simultaneously.

Luo Leilei tried but failed to turn her head because she was confined and unable to move.

The other two, who could turn their heads, were also frozen in place.

They could see nothing as far as their eye could see.

Not even a bird was in sight, let alone the masked man!


Both of them had the same thought.

It was then that Luo Leileis shout rang out, “Over there!”

Luo Leilei, who couldnt turn her head, was the only one to witness Xu Xiaoshou move people again.

He used the same ring and carried a person.

The only difference was that the person being carried was a different one…

Zhao Xidong!

Lei Shuangxing was trembling from head to toe, feeling like his intelligence had been greatly insulted.

It was obviously a clumsy trick, but hed put on a believable act.


The voice had sounded horrified and trembling.

How had he made it sound so authentic

Xu Xiaoshou had moved someone again.

Yet, he couldnt hold back this time, and laughed out loud.

“Haha, youre so stupid.

How could you be tricked so easily”


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