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Chapter 208: Dawn with a Slash of the Sword

The move caused the aura from the snowy-white massive sword to emit a brilliant light that eclipsed the moon as the blade flashed in the night sky.

“Is the sun out”

As the sword aura radiated brightly, the disciples of the Inner Yard could see the starry night light up like broad daylight.

Even those at the Outer Yard could not help but turn their attention to what was happening.

“Um, is this happening because of the ongoing fight in the Inner Yard Damn, this is something else… Our brothers in there sure are a terrifying bunch!”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, I never thought I would ever see such a display.

I wonder when I would be able to attain such a level.”

“You Huh… Have you even gathered your energy reserve yet I would say that you had better go to bed now so that you can save your strength for daydreaming tomorrow.”


“Shut your mouth!”

The newcomers were excitedly discussing what had just happened as they watched the skyline from their compound and the fence.

A group of law enforcers clad in black guarded them.

Then they suddenly heard a loud rumble.

The snowy-white sword had ripped a spatial fissure in the sky.

It made them feel like they were getting sucked into the crack in the sky, and everyone swallowed hard in disbelief and fear.

“Law Enforcer Wang, what is this”

“Is it coming from our brothers battling it out in there”

The man they called Law Enforcer Wang stood with his hands behind his back, looking up at the sky.

His eyes carried a look of anxiety.

“Yes, it is.

You people should get back to bed now.”

“This is not much of a problem.”

[Outside the Spirit Palace]

Several figures at the Sovereign Stage were ganging up on a shriveled old man in the sky who was armed with only a small ax.

Blood was being spilled everywhere, and the scene was incredibly harrowing.

The two Elders were the first to cave in, falling from the sky with deep cuts all over their bodies.

They dropped to the ground with loud thuds and passed out the moment they hit the ground.

They were immediately incapacitated.

Ye Xiaotian and Jiang Bianyan then joined forces, yet could barely keep the terrifying assaults from Cen Qiaofu at bay.

The ax could cut up their Great Path with just a swing, making it difficult for anyone to withstand his attacks for long.

“Dean Ye, it is not because I am weak.

But honestly, I am nearly at the end of my limit.”

Jiang Bianyan held his hand to his chest.

If he had to go any further, the effort would surely overwhelm his heart.

“I made it very clear in the letter requesting help that the invader could be from the highest levels of the Holy Vassal.”

Ye Xiaotian did not bother turning his head around as he dashed up into the sky again.

If he had known they would not take his words seriously, then he would not have only asked for help from the Holy Divine Palace but reached out to many others.

Ye Xiaotian kept his thoughts to himself and did not voice them out.

He was aghast that the Holy Divine Palace would take the matter so lightly.

It was something he had never expected, and he also wondered if Elder Sang had been right all along.

It was evident that the Holy Divine Palace paid little heed to the schemes of the Holy Vassal.

Jiang Bianyan wore a woeful grimace on his face.

He never expected the situation to be so terrifying.

If he had not seen with his own eyes just how powerful an assault the Holy Vassal could mount, he would have thought that they were merely a band of misfits to be preyed on easily.

“It is said that a single spark could end up burning a field.

Is this what is happening now”

He then caught Ye Xiaotian, who had just suffered another cut and was sent flying back.

Jiang Bianyan looked at the mans blood-stained silver hair and was mulling over what to say.

“How about…” Jiang Bianyan blurted.

Ye Xiaotian shot him a glance before disappearing from his sight again.

This place was his Spirit Palace.

“How about” was simply not an option for him.


Suddenly, a burst of brilliant white light flashed, and everyone froze immediately.

The fighters at the Spirit Palace saw the Epitaph of City Snow shimmering in the sky and felt dazed by what they saw.

“That sword belongs to Qianqian.”

The wheels Qiao Qianzhi was manipulated in his hands seemed to have lost all bearing to carry out an offense.

He lowered them right away.

Fury appeared in the eyes of Ye Xiaotian.

His teeth squeaked from grinding them hard against each other.

“We still failed then”

He felt bitter and disappointed.

According to their plan, Elder Sang should have been protecting Su Qianqian.

Did it mean that even he could not stop the masked man

Cen Qiaofu was utterly shocked by the ominous appearance of the Sword Will.

From what he knew, it was a sign that the masked man was going all out.

“Is the kid out of his mind Does he not know just how bad his injuries are It is suicidal!”

“Just how is it possible for anyone from the Spirit Palace to invoke such fury in him”

Doubt cast over Cen Qiaofu, and seeing no other choice, he fled from the fight and flew off toward the eye of the storm.

Ye Xiaotian kept his wits as he applied pressure against the bloody gash on his chest and moaned in pain.

“Let us catch up with Cen Qiaofu.”

[Near the mountains at the rear]

Xu Xiaoshou headed straight to where Elder Sang stood.

It was lucky that Elder Sang had told him to stop his attacks on the masked man in the nick of time.

If he were to charge at the masked man without taking caution, he surmised he would end up getting chopped in half by the frightening attack.

Xu Xiaoshou had now come to his senses, but the masked man was only just getting riled up.

It was the first time anyone had beaten him up so badly.

He had to admit that the kid had seen through his weakness.

The kids ability to do it proved he was smart and had skills.

The kid caught him at his weakest and launched attack after attack, almost bringing him to his knees.

The kid was younger than him, and it did not seem like he had grown all that much since they last met.

He was still puzzled by how the kid could do so much damage.

But none of it mattered anymore.

The masked man shouted furiously, and the Epitaph of City Snow shook the sky, exposing the true might of the famed sword.

White sword aura coalesced and lit up the night sky, and an icy chill fell upon the place.

Then the ice-cold Sword Will sent a blast of a brilliant bluish beam of the sword that lit up the night sky again.


The sword aura blasted out, and it gave Xu Xiaoshou a shock.

There was no way he could run away from it.

He initially thought that keeping a distance from the masked man meant that he could easily get to Elder Sang.

After all, he was at the Master Stage of Agility.

But he had indeed miscalculated.

It was then that he had learned he should not gauge the powers of others by using his capabilities as a measure.

After all, there was no way for bugs to comprehend the strength of giants!

Xu Xiaoshou still could not escape the masked mans attack range although he was already halfway to reaching Elder Sang.

The azure beam of the sword was soon upon him, and he had no choice but to bound toward it and meet it head-on.


“Time to burn the brightest at my very last!”

He bent over and lifted his elbow.

The energy of his Passive Fist was about to be ignited.

Right there!

Using his Sense, Xu Xiaoshou could see Elder Sang, who was in the mountain, lifting his hat slightly.

The brightness from the beam glinted off Elder Sangs eyes hidden from sight under the hat.

“You are asking for it.”

The Elder was furious.

He would allow no one to touch the people he had taken a liking to, and Xu Xiaoshou was his disciple.


A deafening roar thundered through the night as Elder Sangs punch clashed with the beam of the sword.

The air around Xu Xiaoshou, up to hundreds of meters high in the sky, shattered.

Spatial cracks spread out in the sky, looking like a voracious ancient beast opening its mouth and baring its fangs and claws, as it trying to swallow everything within its reach.

Xu Xiaoshou went flying.

To his shock, he saw the spot where Elder Sangs fist met the beam of the sword.

He realized that if it had not been for the Elder pushing him away, even his Passive Fist would not be enough to withstand the furious slash from the masked man.

“So, this is what true powerful strikes are like!”

Xu Xiaoshou clenched his fist as he recognized the variance in their opposing powers.

Had it had struck him, there would be nothing of him left.

Despite having access to the Passive System and supported by many passive skills, it became apparent that his level of training was far from enough for him to take on such goliaths.

He got a reality check on the spot.

Regardless of how powerful passive skills were, they could only do well when pitted against spiritual techniques of comparable levels.

Acquired Stage passive skills had no way of beating spiritual techniques of Innate Stage.

He had already proven it during the match with Mo Mo at the Outer Yard.

What could he rely on to face the masked man, then

His passion

He thought he could do whatever he pleased when he saw the masked man react upon recognizing something in him.

But he was not pulling punches now…

Xu Xiaoshou was alarmed and broke out in a cold sweat.

Suddenly, the cockiness that had gotten to his head after he powered his way through the Tianxuan Gate vanished with that one slash of the sword.

The grey mist figure had already taught him a very severe lesson, yet he continued acting recklessly all the same.

“I should not have attacked him.”

“If even Elder Sang could not beat him, then Im in trouble.”


Xu Xiaoshou hit into something, causing him to deviate off his course and veer to the side.

He thought he was being thrown aside by Elder Sang.

One could tell just how powerful the Elder was, simply from the fact that even the black hole could not pull him in.

But when Xu Xiaoshou turned around, he saw a wrinkled Elder covered in blood all over his face, holding an ax.

“A flight accident”

Cen Qiaofu stared at the young man in shock and utter disbelief.

He had not shed a single drop of blood, even after fighting consecutive battles with several figures at Sovereign Stage.

But the kid almost tore his head off when they collided.

He wondered how he could have been blasted away by a mere kid.

He also questioned why he ended up with sword gashes all over his face after just touching the kid.

He also wondered when the kid had made his move and why he could not detect it despite his level of training.

Cen Qiaofu eventually could not contain his curiosity and asked.

“Are you a hedgehog or something”


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