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Chapter 214: After the Battle in the Dark of Night

The array flickered, and the two from the Holy Vassal disappeared into the sky.

“Why did you guys not keep them around”

Xu Xiaoshou asked with a puzzled tone.

Then he noticed the four seniors standing before him, all caked in blood.

They have fought long and hard.

So, why did the seniors not do their best in those last moments to hold back the masked man and Cen Qiaofu Why just let them go instead

Were reinforcements not already coming our way

Had they kept them for a little longer, maybe those two would have been defeated.


Qiao Qianzhi slapped his shoulder and elaborated, “If those two at Sovereign Stage wanted to leave, there was no guarantee that we could hold them back.

We might fail even if we doubled up the number of fighters on our side.

So, how can we do it with just a few of us here”

“Besides, those two are anything but ordinary.”

Xu Xiaoshou looked stunned.

He wondered if those at Sovereign Stage were so powerful.

Having killed those at a higher level than he was, Xu Xiaoshou could not grasp the concept well.

However, he thought about it from another angle.

Not everyone was like him.

With that thought, he could let it slide right away.

“Are they not arriving soon” Xu Xiaoshou asked as he looked into the far distance.

“You can sense them”

Qiao Qianzhi appeared startled as he continued, “There was indeed a chance of keeping them around until those from the Holy Divine Palace got here.”

“But the two from Holy Vassal were going easy on us.”

Ye Xiaotian finished what Qiao Qianzhi was saying with no thought of maintaining their dignity.

All of them sighed.

Then Ye Xiaotian continued, “If Cen Qiaofu had gone all out, the few of us would already be lying outside the Spirit Palace right now.”

All of them had angry looks on their faces as soon as Ye Xiaotian said it.

Apparently, in taking on those at Cutting Path Level of Sovereign Stage, they were still not powerful enough.

Xu Xiaoshou looked stunned, wondering if the withered, aged man with the ax was indeed so powerful.

“He had a golden opportunity then.

Why did Cen Qiaofu not just get rid of you all then”

Xu Xiaoshou quickly realized he said the wrong thing as soon as the words flew out of his mouth.

As expected, Qiao Qianzhi immediately slapped him.

“You brat! You like the idea of us dead so much, is it”

“How else are we going to figure out what is going on in the minds of those people Maybe it was just…” Xu Xiaoshou replied in defense.

At that moment, Elder Sang flew down like a gentle breeze blowing, with one hand holding onto his hat.

Everyone turned to look at him.

The old mans eyes looked like they had large, dark circles around them.

He stared at Jiang Bianyan, causing the latter to feel his skin crawl.

Elder Sang then spoke.

“You are from the Holy Divine Palace”

Jiang Bianyan began to feel anxious.

He wondered what was with these folks from the Spirit Palace.

Granted, he did not bring enough people with him, but did they need to hold such a grudge

And why were they all being so damn blunt Did they not know how to be subtle

His eyes darted around.

Before he could speak, Elder Sang said with a grim grin.

“Good work.”

Jiang Bianyan was so surprised he did not know what to say.

He gave a slight nod in response.

But in his mind, he thought it might be better if Elder Sang did not smile as he looked terrifying.

“Alright, we will call it a day and get someone to fix up the place later,” Elder Sang said aloud to everyone present.

He was in no mood to say much to Jiang Bianyan.

Elder Sang was no longer in charge of matters related to public relations, which meant that he did not need to go all out to be nice to their guest.

He would let Ye Xiaotian deal with such headaches, as he figured Ye Xiaotian had little else to do otherwise.

The fight was over, and there was no reason for them to keep hanging around.

Ye Xiaotian sent Jiang Bianyan off, and everyone else dispersed.

The place was in ruins after their battle, but given that it was still the middle of the night, there was no need to rush to fix anything up then.

They expected that when the sun came up, the disciples of the Outer Yard would gleefully take up their tools as they came inside the Inner Yard to have a firsthand view of the place.

It was what the Outer Yard disciples all looked forward to, after all.

Yeah, they looked forward to their assignments.

Elder Sang and Xu Xiaoshou were the only ones left there.

“Why did you not leave with them” Elder Sang asked.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the massive array of the Spirit Palace in the sky, which was patching itself up.

He felt slightly confused.

“They took a liking to you.

It means that you are indeed something after all,” Elder Sang added.

He was not beneath giving compliments when warranted.

“Could I really leave”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at Elder Sang.

He did not believe that the old geezer would have just kept watching and do nothing.

The silence from Elder Sang earlier might have been a test.

Had he left with the masked man, he wondered if Elder Sang would have stopped him.

Elder Sang chuckled and said, “It is not like I have got you on a leash.

How would you know whether you could leave if you do not try it out”

“Leash, eh”

Xu Xiaoshou mulled over the word.

He really could not figure out Elder Sangs temperament.

There was little doubt that Elder Sang had been nice to him.

However, regardless of what Elder Sang did, it always seemed that there was a plan behind his actions.

Was he imagining things

Xu Xiaoshou could not deny that Elder Sang treated him well since he had come to his rescue many a time.

Elder Sang looked like he did not care about the Spirit Palace.

And yet, his mind was constantly on the Palace.

He was not about to allow outsiders to do as they pleased.

Xu Xiaoshou wondered what truly mattered deep down for someone like Elder Sang.

Xu Xiaoshou kept silent for quite some time.

Then he said, “I knew what would happen.

So, why bother trying at all”

“It all depends on whether the outcome is something others bring about or something you carve out for yourself,” said Elder Sang.

“Is it not all the same” Xu Xiaoshou asked curiously.

Elder Sang pulled his hat down and straightened out whatever hair was left on his head.

He chuckled and answered, “Still worth a shot, dont you think”

“Is there not a saying that goesyou only live once, or something to that effect”

“How would you learn just how real fate is if you do not struggle a little, eh”

Xu Xiaoshou was silent.

He knew that nothing good would come from Elder Sangs mouth.

Despite all he had said before, he essentially had a pessimistic outlook on life.

Was the ending set in stone, though

Xu Xiaoshou stopped thinking about it any further and changed the subject.

“The guy had come here twice now.”

“Yes, twice.” Elder Sangs face looked troubled.

Xu Xiaoshou mulled over the expression he saw on the old mans face and said, “Dont you think that it is rather embarrassing Letting someone else trample over your turf repeatedly and washing your dignity down the drain.”

Suddenly, the troubled look on Elder Sangs face changed into a glum one.

He slapped Xu Xiaoshou right away, but the latter chuckled away.

Xu Xiaoshou knew it would happen and extended an arm to block the slap.


The ground blew up.

A crater appeared and dust kicked up everywhere.

Elder Sang held his hat down and looked at Xu Xiaoshou, who had sunk into the ground.

There was a smirk on the aged mans face.

“Master Physique, eh” Elder Sang said sarcastically.

Pfftt! Ptui!” Xu Xiaoshou spat the dirt out of his mouth and was thoroughly shocked.

The old geezer is more than just Master Physique, then

He had initially thought that he could somehow take on the withered, aged man after making a breakthrough into Master Physique.

Instead, he was instantly pummeled into the ground.

Why was there still such a vast difference

“What kind of physique do you have now” Xu Xiaoshou could not help asking.

Still trapped in the dirt, his face was all smudged.

“Take a guess,” replied Elder Sang.

Xu Xiaoshou deliberated over the question.

“Sovereign Physique” he replied.

Elder Sang chuckled.

Xu Xiaoshou looked a little dumbfounded.

He knew for a long while that the old geezer was bluffing when he told him that Master Physique was the highest stage in the continent.

He wondered how Elder Sang had broken through such a limit and made further breakthroughs.

What kind of monster was he

Did Elder Sang have some types of cheats too

Xu Xiaoshou took a deep breath and suppressed the raging shock contained within him.

Elder Sangs achievement certainly startled him.

Everyone focused on Elder Sangs Infernal Heavens skill and believing there was no way to get near him without getting burned to a crisp.

However, none of them knew the white flames might not be the most powerful of his powers.

The Infernal Heavens was a technique that was all about breaking limits.

Its ultimate purpose was to enable a spiritual cultivator to make breakthroughs beyond the limits of their physical bodies.

The Infernal Heavenly Flames were but an accessory to his skill.


Xu Xiaoshou could not help heaving out a deep breath at the thought.

“All of them are hiding their skills so damn well…” he muttered.


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