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Chapter 223: A Bet with Severely Restrictive Rules

Ye Xiaotian tilted his head to look at Xu Xiaoshou, and said, “Like its namesake, this Origin Residence got abrogated.”

For some reason, the world within this Origin Residence lost all rules for sustaining life.

With the loss of its life source, even if you were to unravel the seal on the stone, you would merely get a space ring with a larger space.”

This thing is not even worth a ninth-grade Spirit Sword.

How do you suppose it could be worth trading with a fifth-grade item”

Xu Xiaoshou remained somewhat intrigued.

Honestly, he did not care for the fifth-grade Spirit Sword.

The way he looked at it, his Hiding Pain was already enough for him.

The Origin Residence fascinated him.

He wondered if he could restore the piece of trash into an article of treasure.

“There is nothing absolute in this world.

So, there are ways to repair it, right” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

“It is indeed reparable, but the cost might be very steep.”

“You need a Grandmaster versed in space-type spiritual arrays.

Then you have to get the unparalleled treasure of life type.

If you are lucky enough, you may have the chance to get it repaired.”

Ye Xiaotian sighed.

While he and Qiao Qianzhi could both do something about the space part, he could not help with the life-type treasure.

There was such a kind of treasure in the Spirit Palace.

But it was inside the Tianxuan Gate with the Sky Tree.

It meant that there was no easy way to extract it for such use.

There was little they could do now after that world ended up collapsing.

Anyway, they could not simply hand it to Xu Xiaoshou even if they could extract that piece of treasure.

Unfortunately, the Abrogated Origin Residence was nothing more than a white elephant.

Xu Xiaoshou became increasingly enthusiastic as he heard them all.

Space, Grandmaster, and a treasure of life.

All three were available to him.

He almost fished out the Spirit Mark of Life from his robe in his excitement.

He wanted to ask those two other living, walking treasures seated before him if Spirit Mark of Life could be of any use.

However, his common sense suppressed his impulse.

“Are you kidding me You are toying with me with this piece of trash” Xu Xiaoshou said, pretending to sound displeased.

Cheng Xingchu sheepishly scratched his head.

He looked a little deflated as soon as his trickery was exposed.

But he quickly recovered and continued to speak.

“Does the Spirit Palace not have someone at Sovereign Stage with space powers and a Grandmaster at spiritual arrays”

He gestured at the two seated at the prominent seats and said, “You already got two prerequisites at hand.

You only need to get some life-type treasure to work with it.

You might ultimately see miracles happening.”

“Who are you trying to dupe here You offer an Origin Residence that is already a piece of trash.

And then, you want me to look for resources to fix it”

Xu Xiaoshou then smirked and continued, “Do you think it is so easy to come across treasures with life-type powers I bet something like that would almost be of equal value to a complete, working Origin Residence.”

“A complete, working Origin Residence” said a fuming Cheng Xingchu.

“If I were to have such a piece, do you think I would trade it for my sword” he retorted.

“Makes sense…” answered Xu Xiaoshou with a thoughtful expression.

He seemed to have successfully persuaded Xu Xiaoshou, who slapped his thigh and finally said, “Alright, that settles it.

You can bet using this thing.”


Cheng Xingchu looked baffled, not expecting it to be so easy.

He wondered how it suddenly got so easy to persuade Xu Xiaoshou.

Cheng Xingchu became a little apprehensive, thinking that there was a catch somewhere.

But Xu Xiaoshou played his cards well enough to prevent Cheng Xingchu from catching on to his plans.

Xu Xiaoshou even made everyone think he was at a loss while considering the bet.


Why the hell was he worried about the guy Was he nuts or something

Zhao Xidong felt puzzled when he saw the frustrated expression on Xu Xiaoshous face.

Xu Xiaoshou was not someone who would fall for something like that.

Had he not always been racking up riches with no one else knowing

Had he changed

However, both the hearts of Ye Xiaotian and Qiao Qianzhi sank when they heard Xu Xiaoshou agree to the bet.

But they were not about to believe that Xu Xiaoshou would be content with getting the short end of the stick.

It meant that there was only one explanation for his action.

Did Xu Xiaoshou dig the Spirit Mark of Life out Qiao Qianzhi asked telepathically.

Ye Xiaotian responded by saying that it was impossible.

He had seen Xu Xiaoshou at the Black Cliff that day.

He would not have enough time to do it.

Even if he were to make it in time, what was he doing at the Senluo Woods, anyway Ye Xiaotian was not convinced.

Qiao Qianzhi then casually sighed and reminded Ye Xiaotian that Mu Zixi was of the wood element and was Xu Xiaoshous little sister-in-training.

Ye Xiaotian was speechless.


The armrest of Ye Xiaotians chair shattered, and everyone turned to look at him.

“What is the matter” Jiang Bianyan asked with a pleased look on his face.

He assumed Ye Xiaotian was not pleased with Xu Xiaoshou getting the short end of the stick.

But since they had agreed on the stakes, there was little they could do to change it.

Not while he was watching.

“It is nothing.”

Ye Xiaotian shook his head.

He finally realized why Elder Sang wanted to make a bet with him that day.

He wondered if Elder Sang had known that Xu Xiaoshou would get more than a piece of the world-stabilizing treasures.

The damned old geezer!

“The stake is fine.

I shall now bear witness with this piece of wood here, and make it official that this bet is on,” said Ye Xiaotian as he raised a piece of the shattered armrest.

Xu Xiaoshou felt his skin crawl as Ye Xiaotian glowered at him.

He turned his eyes away and asked, “So, how do you want to do this”

“Will I still be the one deciding the rules of this wager”

Cheng Xingchu shook his finger and said, “That would not do.

I will do it this time.”

“Oh, you are finally getting serious” Xu Xiaoshou mocked.

He then jibed, “Are you not at the pinnacle of the Innate level Are you not giving any handicap to a bug like me, who has just got to Innate level”

Cheng Xingchu gave no response to the remark.

: Cursed, Passive Points 1.

“Alright then, how do you want to do this”

Xu Xiaoshou spread his hands dismissively after making the sarcastic remark.

It looked like Cheng Xingchu was afraid, after all.

“First, we shall duel with nothing related to swords, and that includes Sword Will, swords, as well as sword techniques.”

“Heh!” Xu Xiaoshou could not help chuckling as he added, “I am only at early Origin Court level, and you are already going this far”

Cheng Xingchu gave no response.

He paid no heed to Xu Xiaoshou.

When he had decided on the bet, things like saving face did not come into consideration.

In such a situation, it became an utterly worthless virtue.

It was not like he could get his fifth-grade Spirit Sword back by saving his face.

“Second, we duel using only spiritual source.

Any party who can break through the other partys defense shall be the winner,” Cheng Xingchu said.

Xu Xiaoshou had a shocked expression on his face, seeing how the man in front of him no longer cared about his honor.

All the rules he had laid out were specifically designed to work against Xu Xiaoshou.

“But what about my physical body” asked Xu Xiaoshou.

“We shall consider it as a passive attribute of yours.

Since you cannot turn it off at will, consider it your advantage.”

Cheng Xingchu then flung his hands out wide and continued speaking without waiting for Xu Xiaoshou to say anything.

“But, given that you have Innate Level Physique, it would be unfair if I do not have any defense.”

“So, both of us can use defensive spiritual weapons, but not offensive ones.”

Xu Xiaoshou looked shocked.

The jerk called this fair

“What do you think”

Cheng Xingchus face looked flushed after he finally finished talking.

Yu Zhiwen turned her head away, feeling too ashamed to stay around any longer.

Cheng Xingchu had an excellent defensive spiritual weapon on his person.

There was no way that Xu Xiaoshou could match it, and he went all out to curb Xu Xiaoshou.

He even went to the extent of overwhelming Xu Xiaoshou with his superior wealth as well.

It was a battle between a disciple at Upper Spiritual Level and a disciple at the Origin Court Level.

Was there a need to go so far

Jiang Bianyan appeared unfazed.

To rise to where he was at present had meant that his face was as thick as the city walls.

“Sure,” Xu Xiaoshou answered with remarkable calm.

“Well then, I would like to add another condition on top of the rules you have laid out.

Hopefully, it will prevent things from going too far.”

You and I both throw a single punch.

The one who gets repelled furthest away loses.

How about it”

Cheng Xingchus eyes lit up.

He thought Xu Xiaoshou had gotten too arrogant and deemed himself invincible because he had Innate Level Physique.


“Make your move then,” Cheng Xingchu said as he graciously offered his opponent the first move.

Xu Xiaoshou shook his head.

“You first.

If I went first, I would send you flying with my punch.”


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