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Chapter 242: The Badge

Mu Zixi looked at Xu Xiaoshou in shock.

She had thought she could pick up some unique skills as long as she was with the young man.

It turned out that he could scavenge for things so shamelessly.

Was it right to do so

Xu Xiaoshou had cunningly squeezed the old man for what he wanted.

Finally, he got the Whale Candle Jade.

But would Elder Sang give him the recipe for making the Origin Court Pill

Under the expectant gazes of his two disciples, the old man with the conical hat let out an inaudible sigh and handed over a jade scroll.

“He succeeded”

Mu Zixi couldnt believe her eyes.

Her master, Elder Sang, was someone as formidable as the Saint Servant.

The frightening gaze she received in the Spiritual Library Division and the telling off she got on the night of the Master and Disciple ceremony had left her in fear of the old man.

However, even such a formidable person could not avoid the fate of being exploited by Xu Xiaoshou.

She remembered what Zhou Tianshen had said—we will have meat to eat if we follow a champion!

That big, tall man turned out to be quite perceptive, she thought.

Mu Zixi could not help admiring Xu Xiaoshou.

Had it been her, she wouldnt even have gotten her hands on the Purple Hidden Jade, let alone the Whale Candle Jade and the recipe for making the magic pills.

: Admired, passive point, 1.

Xu Xiaoshou happily accepted the jade scroll.

After mulling over it for a while, he said, “The Origin Court Pill is a seven-grade pill, right”


Elder Sang uttered a startled cry, then shook his head in laughter.

He could tell what this lad wanted just by looking at his expression.

As the saying went—One can tell if a dog intends to sh*t or pee when it sticks up its tail.

“Here is the recipe for the Innate Pill, a grade!”

Xu Xiaoshou took it gladly.

He thought that Elder Sang was rather sharp.

There was no need to give any hints when talking to such an intelligent person.

Xu Xiaoshou put the item away, then rubbed his hands, and said, “If the Red Gold Pill is a tenth grade one, it cannot meet the need of my progress…”

Mu Zixi stared with wide-eyed disbelief.

When she saw Elder Sang take out another jade scroll, she was in such awe that she gawked as if shed found a new continent.

“What kind of magic pill is it for” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

“Star-Away Pill, a seventh-grade healing medicine, which is more difficult to cultivate than the Origin Court Pill.”

Elder Sang explained, “You should first practice with the Innate Pill.

Although this pill is a grade, the difficulty of cultivating it is no less than making an ordinary seventh-grade pill.”

“Oh, good.

What about the medicinal ingredients”

Elder Sang handed over a new space ring.

Eventually, Mu Zixi could not help herself, and asked, “Xu Xiaoshou, do you honestly know how to cultivate the ninth-grade pills Even if you can, is it true that it is harder for a magic pill technician to advance to a higher grade”

“So, why” she asked as she looked at Elder Sang.

She failed to understand why the old man would give the Star-Away Pill to Xu Xiaoshou, who was not even a magic pill technician.

It was the top magic pill among the seventh-grade magic pills.

Frankly, Xu Xiaoshou was a little curious himself.

Understandably, I have confidence in myself, but why does the old man have more confidence in me than I do

Or, perhaps he is more confident of himself Xu Xiaoshou wondered.

Elder Sang shook his head and said nothing.

He knew the potential of the young man standing in front of him better than anyone else.

Others had usually underestimated the lad, and it had always been the case whether it was his cultivation ability or his ability to make magic pills.

He had enhanced the Red Gold Pill and Spiritual Pill by himself in a matter of days and achieved several other outstanding achievements.

In Elder Sangs opinion, Xu Xiaoshous ability to make the magic pills was even slightly better than his ability in cultivation!

“The seventh-grade pill is not as impressive as you guys think.”

It is not good to be overly ambitious.

But you, the young generation, should not have too much fear in your hearts when you start.

You should realize that it is a struggle with Heaven and the Dao, whether it is the methods of cultivating the magic pills and spirit, or achieving the end of your goal!”

The seventh grade is only an Innate level technician.

Besides having a reputable status, the person is at par with the swordsman of Master Level.”

It is no big deal!”

Mu Zixi was shocked.

Those words of enlightenment forced her to open her mind.

Those who had different principles indeed have a different perspective on things.

The items that a young man could get his hands on in the Spirit Palace would probably be of low grade.

However, Heaven and Earth are immensely vast.

Were he to step outside, he would find that those things were nothing compared to what was available outside.

Xu Xiaoshou nodded in acknowledgment of those remarks.

As far as fear was concerned, he did not have any.

The seventh-grade magic pill technician was merely a minor skill attached to the Master of Cooking after accumulating 50,000 passive points.

“Huh!” After thinking about it that way, Xu Xiaoshou suddenly felt that the seventh grade was rather mediocre.

After all, a life living on the verge of dying is not enviable!

After the troubles go away, I will find the time and opportunity to get more passive points.

My strength should improve a few more levels.

Xu Xiaoshou thought.

After all, there were many of his passive techniques still at the Innate level!

Seeing that his two disciples seem to understand what he had taught, Elder Sang nodded with satisfaction, and asked, “It seems neither of you has stepped out of the Spirit Palace yet, right”

Mu Zixis eyes lit up.

It was true.

She had indeed not gone out since she came to the Spirit Palace.

She was a well-known genius who had entered the Inner Yard from the Outer Yard within one year and became the personal disciple of the Vice Dean.

Who would not want to experience all kinds of fascinating events and things in the outside world

Especially since she still had no memory of her past.

She only had recollections of her encounters with the Grey Mist Figure in the Tianxuan Gate and the blind man, Lei Shuangxing, who came to rescue Luo Leilei.

Otherwise, she did not seem to have any more leads to her past.

If I am to find out more about my past, I must get out of the Spirit Palace and go on a journey, Mu Zixi thought.

Xu Xiaoshou also felt a little surprised.

He thought that the old man was truly outstanding.

Elder Sang always seemed to pose questions on the very thing Xu Xiaoshou wanted the most.

Since defeating Zhang Xinxiong, Xu Xiaozhu believed that the Spirit Palace was no longer integral to his cultivation.

He had already thought of a plan to get out of the Spirit Palace, and Elder Sang had now given him the opportunity.

“I do not want to!”

“I do not want to go out!” Xu Xiaoshou said firmly.

“Why” Mu Zixi curiously asked, tilting her head.

She was quite certain Xu Xiaoshou had not been out of the Spirit Palace for the past three years as well.

Xu Xiaoshou was not even aware of the reason.

He frowned, feeling a sense of déjà vu.

What kind of feeling was it

The fear of being orchestrated by fate!

Each time the old man appeared, Xu Xiaoshou always had the feeling that there was some manipulation in the choices he was making with his life.

Was it an illusion

The Infernal Flame Seeds of the Goose Lake, the skills of the Spiritual Library Division, the night of Master and Disciple ceremony, and now this

As he recalled all those incidents, Xu Xiaoshous heart skipped a beat.

It occurred to him that every change in his life path during this journey had something to do with Elder Sang.

According to his initial plan, he would rely on the passive system to enter the Inner Yard and then get out of the Spirit Palace.

It would be a gradual process.

But it did not seem to go according to plan!

Xu Xiaoshou believed in his intuition.

He had foreseen events many times through his Perception and had a sensitive intuition of the soul because of his experiences in the two worlds.

In short, he felt he liked Elder Sangs suggestion, and yet he disliked it at the same time!

“Why dont you want to” asked Elder Sang, taken back by Xu Xiaoshous negative reaction.

“Nothing.” Xu Xiaoshou calmed down and remarked, “Get out of the Spirit Palace.

What for”

“What else” Elder Sang smiled and turned around to look out the window.

The weeds which Xu Xiaoshou had burned up outside the Spiritual Library Division had grown extremely fast under the high concentration of spiritual energy in the Inner Yard.

Other than the grass and trees, all kinds of tiny insects and animals also dwelt there.

As one looked down from above, one could see a grass snake hiding, shying away from the sunlight.

Elder Sang touched the conical hat once and said, “You have become a ninth-grade technician.

In a few days, when your junior sisters condensation technique becomes more stable, the two of you will go to the Magic Pill Technician Association in Tiansang County.

You will both take the exam to get the exclusive badge for the magic pill technicians.”

“The badge” asked Xu Xiaoshou, looking stunned.

“Thats it”

Elder Sang turned around and asked, “What else did you think”

Xu Xiaoshou held his head and could not speak.


He had assumed too much


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