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Chapter 243: The Infernal Heavenly Flame – White Flame

“It is not so safe outside the Spirit Palace, unlike the Inner and Outer Yards.

So be careful when you go out.”

Elder Sang said to Mu Zixi.

He then took out a letter and continued, “You put this letter away and keep it safe.

When you arrive at the Magic Pill Technicians Association of Tiansang County, give the letter to the President of the Association.”

“Oh, oh…” The little girl did not expect that she would get the task instead of her Senior Brother and felt overjoyed.

Shouldnt it be the first disciple to carry out this sort of duty Why did Elder Sang choose me for the task Mu Zixi wondered.

Elder Sang saw the astonished look on Mu Zixis face.

Instead, he turned to Xu Xiaoshou and said, “Before arriving at the Magic Pill Technicians Association, no one may have a peek of this letter, and that includes you.”

The last part of what Elder Sang said was an indirect message to Mu Zixi, but Xu Xiaoshou felt like it was an insinuation addressed to him!

What is he saying It was just a letter.

Theres no need for him to say such a thing!

However, the letter attracted his attention even though he was not interested in it at the beginning.

Suddenly, Xu Xiaoshou felt an urge to find out what it was all about.

Sullenly, Xu Xiaoshou said, “What about me Dont you have any instructions for me”

“You” Elder Sang hesitated for a while and said, “After you go out, do not cause any trouble.”

Xu Xiaoshou felt lost for words.

Mu Zixi could not help laughing out loud.

She had finally understood what Elder Sang had meant.

It turned out that Elder Sang handed the letter to her and made that statement to prevent Xu Xiaoshou from reading it.

“By the way, there is one more thing.”

Elder Sang seemed to have remembered something and looked at the two of them with a grave expression on his face.

“When you are outside, no matter what happens, you must remember…”

You should kill those you have to, cut those you must, and pull the roots out.

Do not have any mercy!”

Hearing those solemn words startled the two disciples at the same time.

An atmosphere of impending doom filled the room.

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly realized that the trip may not be so simple after all.

“Now that you mentioned it, I have just killed Zhang Xinxiong.

Is it possible that many assassins are waiting for me outside” asked Xu Xiaoshou with an anxious expression on his face.

After he killed Wen Chong, he had lived his life in fear every day and faced endless troubles!

But after killing a prominent opponent, he thought he should stay put for a while.

Perhaps the incident would cause greater misfortune after he got out of the Spirit Palace.

“What” Mu Zixi froze for half a second after hearing those words.

She opened her eyes so wide that they looked about to pop out of their sockets.

In horror, she said, “You killed Zhang Xinxiong”

How was it possible

Shouldnt Zhang Xinxiong be the Eldest Brother of the Inner Yard

She had entered the Inner Yard not too long ago, and Xu Xiaoshou had not even entered the Inner Yard yet.

How could he kill Zhang Xinxiong

How reckless!

: Suspected, passive point, 1.

: Suspected, passive point, 1.

There was a moment of silence.

Xu Xiaoshou looked amused and replied, “You really havent gone out after arriving at the Spiritual Library Division, have you”

“Uh-huh!” Mu Zixi nodded amiably.

Didnt you tell me it was safer to stay in the Spiritual Library Division to hide from Saint Servant Mu Zixi thought.

Xu Xiaoshou sighed and thought to himself—here was another one who did not get online.

Elder Sang was indifferent to his concerns, as he waved his hand and said, “They will be merely little troubles.

Do not deviate from your primary purpose.

Remember to come back within one month after the badge examination.

There is an important matter to attend to!”

“Oh” Xu Xiaoshous interest had piqued, and he asked, “What important matter”

Elder Sang smiled sheepishly and said, “An utterly important matter.

If you miss it, I am afraid that you will regret it for a long time!”

The two young disciples felt a chill run down their spine.

Something horrible would always happen whenever Elder Sang flashed that sheepish smile!

“Okay, I will try my best.”

Xu Xiaoshou agreed half-heartedly.

He had a sudden urge to slip away, suspecting that Elder Sang might give him more bizarre tasks to complete if he stayed around any longer.

But Elder Sang had no intention to say anymore.

He had already said enough for the day.

If he continued speaking, he would sound like a rambling old father figure instead of their Master.

Elder Sang handed a space ring to Mu Zixi to dispel the girls perception that he disregarded her because she was a girl.

Then he waved his hand and said, “Both of you can go back to your places now!”

“Do not come to the Spiritual Library Division during this period.

I shall also be traveling for a while.”

Xu Xiaoshou seemed relieved to hear that and slowly backed away.

But Elder Sang shouted out to him.


“What is the matter now” Xu Xiaoshou asked.


Mu Zixi looked on enviously as another jade scroll flew out, then Elder Sang said, “It is the spiritual technique I have promised you.”

Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyebrows and wanted to hand it back.

But he suddenly realized that Elder Sang seemed to know a bit about his situation.

Among the spiritual techniques he had given, none of them needed enlightenment.

When he pressed the jade scroll to his forehead and skimmed the information inside, Xu Xiaoshou froze.

“The Infernal Heavenly Flame – White Flame!”

White Flame

He suddenly thought of the night when Elder Sangs Dragon Melting Barrier caged the masked man and Cen Qiaofu.

It completely trapped them, and they could not get out.

It was a flame that was strong enough to burn ones soul just by glancing at it.

Even powerful swordsmen like Ye Xiaotian and Qiao Qianzhi had to use special methods to view what was happening inside the flame.

Could he learn such a spiritual technique

“Can I learn it” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

He had doubts about his ability at that moment.

“A body of Master is sufficient,” Elder Sang answered and nodded with a smile.


Xu Xiaoshou looked shocked rather than elated.

He stared at the smiling old man and said, “To cultivate the Infernal Heavens with an Innate flesh body—one could die nine times out of ten.

Is this technique the same”

“You are overthinking!”

Elder Sang retorted while pressing his conical hat, and said, “To die nine times out of ten while learning the White Flame.

You have overestimated yourself!”

To die ten times out of ten! So, whether you will survive purely depends on fate!”

Xu Xiaoshou looked aghast.

He was glad to hear the first half of the sentence.

But then, things often turned out unexpectedly with Elder Sang!

It was scary to think about cultivating the White Flame!

“Does it hurt”

“What do you think”


Xu Xiaoshou threw the item back to Elder Sang without a second thought.

There was no way he was going to go through with it.

He could accumulate the passive points with ease and had no intention of suffering just to cultivate the technique!

Elder Sang smiled and did not refuse the scroll back.

He put the item away.

“Thats fine.

You two go back to your places!”

Xu Xiaoshou looked baffled.

He thought Elder Sang had not acted as he usually did and force him to accept the item.

Xu Xiaoshou was not used to this.

No, something was not right!

Elder Sang could not have given up so readily.

He must have made other plans!

Xu Xiaoshou looked taken aback.

He pulled out the herb ring which Elder Sang had given him earlier.

As expected, there was a jade scroll lying on top of it, like what had happened last time.


“Whoa!” Elder Sang smiled and said, “You are still quite alert.

I thought you would go back and only find out later.”

As Xu Xiaoshou was about to take out the jade scroll, Elder Sang stopped him.

“Do not be in a hurry to reject it first.

This thing is not the White Flame, but the Dragon Melting Barrier!”

Xu Xiaoshou could not throw the jade scroll away this time, wondering if it was that terrifying spiritual technique.

He felt his heart pounding.

He silently debated if he should cultivate it or not.

Elder Sang seemed to have read his mind.

“I will not force you.

But since you still cannot let go of the Dragon Melting Barrier, take the White Flame along with this jade scroll.

Maybe someday you will decide to learn it when your interest is piqued.”

After saying that, he tossed the jade scroll back to Xu Xiaoshou.

Xu Xiaoshou looked dumbfounded, thinking that the scenario seemed somewhat familiar.

Mu Zixi held her forehead with a hand when she noticed a similar pattern in Elder Sangs scheme.

It was like the one that Xu Xiaoshou had employed to collect Elder Sangs treasures earlier.

“They are indeed a pair of Master and Disciple!”


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