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Chapter 246: Spiritual Body

“What the hell!”

“What kind of magic pill did this lad take How could he have figured out all of this”

“Maybe, Ive taken it for granted and thought the plan was seamless, but in fact, anyone could see it through.”

“No, its impossible!”

Elder Sangs arms, which were propped on the floor, started to tremble slightly.

It was hard for him to fathom.

If it was extrapolated further based on this conclusion…

How could Xu Xiaoshou come up with the answers to the questions that he couldnt even answer

It turned out that Mo Mo was the first generation of the possessed body of a ghost beast in the White Cave.

It turned out that the person who the Divine Hall, and even Saint Servant, couldnt find after a long and hard search had been hiding in the Spirit Palace.

This is not something that an ordinary person could speculate.

How did I not know he was so smart Could it be that I didnt put enough pressure on him before”

Elder Sang collected his thoughts, brought back the wine bottle that had rolled to the side, and tilted his head up to take a drink.

He was tempted to ask, “How do you know all of this”

If he could, he even wanted to ask, “What is your thought about whether the ghost beasts will enter the White Cave again, Xiaoshou”


As his master…

How could he ask such a question and not lose face

“Hey, huh…”

His face twitched twice.

Elder Sang laughed awkwardly.

He found his shirt had become wet by the spilled wine from the bottle.

He took the opportunity to lie down on the ground and stretch his back.


“Very comfy!”

After he rolled over and stood up again, Elder Sang put on his conical hat and nodded slightly, showing an approving expression in his eyes.

“Good analysis.”

“Commended, passive point, .”

“Admired, passive point, .”

“Admired, passive point, .”

Xu Xiaoshous cheeks puffed up twice, but he didnt dare laugh out loud.

Yet, his toes had almost gouged through the soles of his shoes due to the awkwardness.

He thought, “Ive clearly seen the spilled wine on the floor, and your actions made it more obvious, even though you tried to cover up your true feelings…”

“And stretching your back to cover up…”

“And moaning…”


Xu Xiaoshou clenched his fists tightly and straightened his feet.

After enduring for a long time, he had finally relaxed.

He pretended to ask for instructions by asking, “Is any part of my speculation wrong”


Elder Sang stood with his arms folded behind his back, pacing back and forth to secretly dry up the spilled wine on his body.

He pointed one of his skinny fingers and shook it.

“First of all, Saint Servant was not only pretending to obtain the Tomb and City Snow but was also bound to get it!”

“As a matter of fact, that organization was ambitious enough to obtain all of the 21 famous swords!”

Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyebrows, surprised that they had such a purpose.

What could they do with the 21 famous swords

Could they summon the divine dragon

“What about the second part” Xu Xiaoshou asked for advice again.


Elder Sang stomped his foot once, “The second… The second part…”

He turned around and stared at the youth with deep eyes wrapped with dark circles.

“This old man will not say more.

Its not good for you to know too much.”

Xu Xiaoshou was confused.

Did this ugly old man not really know

He thought, “You should just tell me, but you will end up suffering to save face!”

“Do you really think that I cant figure it out”

“Okay, thats the reason…” He said instead and nodded to show he understood.

Since he couldnt say anything to upset the master, all he could do was to flatter him.

“Ive learned a great lesson from you!”

Elder Sang sighed.

Anyone could easily tell the irony in his words.

“Brat, are you begging for a beating”

Xu Xiaoshou grinned and hurriedly ran away.

“Are there any more questions”

Elder Sang obviously had the intention to drive him away.

He had already talked way too much with Xu Xiaoshou that day.

If he kept on talking, a major mishap might occur.

He recalled the compressed flame seed flying into his nostril.

He had been awoken by the explosion of the flame seed every night.

“There is…”

Xu Xiaoshou thought for a moment and said, “One last question.”

Elder Sang dramatically rolled his eyes.

“Out with it!”

“The question is about Little Sister Mu.

What is she” Xu Xiaoshou frowned.

He had wanted to ask this question for a long time.

He wanted to know the devouring life force from the Windcloud Competition in the Outer Yard, and the move she made to solve Ye Xiaotians situation in the Inner Yard.

There were more and more mysteries about the little girl.

He had already had a sense of danger about her.

This sense of danger was rare among his peers.

Mo Mo could be counted as one, and Yu Zhiwen was another one.

The blind man was also a bit fishy.

Mu Zixi was even more dubious than the others.

Because of the close relationship between the two of them, he felt the sense of danger was even more acute.

“Your junior sister…” Elder Sang lowered his head, pondering the question.

Speaking of Mu Zixi, in addition to her Life-devouring Wood Physique, were there any other secrets

However, Xu Xiaoshou already knew about the special physique of the girl, so why did he ask such a question now

Something was wrong.

Had this lad found out something

Elder Sang quit thinking more about the issue and asked, “Do you know anything about the spiritual body on the continent”

“The spiritual body” Xu Xiaoshou had only heard of it briefly.

Elder Sang nodded.

“You should have seen it.

Zhang Xinxiong carried the ancestral bloodline of the Xiong family and had the spiritual body of the ancestral Xiaong.

His type of spiritual body is to increase strength.

As a result, he looked different from normal people.”

Xu Xiaoshou was astonished.

He had thought Zhang Xinxiong was growing by taking the protein powder.

Elder Sang had an admiring expression in his eyes as he said, “Spiritual bodies are very rare.

Although the type Zhang Xinxiong has can be counted as one, the quality of that type is actually not high.

Your junior sisters type is truly powerful.”

“Her spiritual body, even among the community of the spiritual bodies on the whole continent, is considered extremely rare, which is the Life-devouring Wood Physique.”

“To grow, this physique needs to devour a large amount of life force.

If the life force cant keep up in the later stages of cultivation, it is possible that it will devour its master.”

Xu Xiaoshou was a little surprised and asked, “Is it okay for her to devour life force”

His life force was sucked once in the Outer Yard, but he didnt suffer much because he had Eternal Vitality.

But others were different.

Were their life forces in danger.

If it was sucked dry, would they become a dry corpse Who could survive such devouring

Shouldnt this have been forbidden by the world

Elder Sang smiled and said, “It would become a problem if it were in other places.

Yet, I took her as my disciple before she had fully developed the Life-devouring Wood Physique.

As such, others dont dare to say anything more.”

“This world has a lot of divine creatures with the life force.

At least, she can survive by taking the Life Generating Pill.

Its not a big deal.”

It was what Xu Xiaoshou expected.

He secretly admired the old man.

He asked again, “But what if… What if she loses control of herself”

Elder Sang smiled scornfully and indifferently replied, “What could happen if she lost control She cant be more powerful than a ghost beast.”

“Lets exaggerate it a bit.

What could she do if she were as powerful as 10 or a hundred ghost beasts”

“The red coat in the Divine Hall can fix it immediately.”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

He found that it was indeed different when one looked at the issue from a different perspective.

It turned out that the elders didnt consider it a serious issue even though he had been worrying about it for a long time.

“Ahem, Im the one whos naive.”

Elder Sang shook his head.

“No, your worry is still somewhat useful.

Keep an eye on her.

If something happens to your junior sister, I guess you wont be able to avoid it either.”

Xu Xiaoshou was surprised.


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