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Chapter 253: Multi-Millionaire!


The receptionist felt his knees growing weak and his face becoming pale.

He was breathing irregularly.

He thought, “You must be kidding.

I really dont have the killing intent.

Why would I want to kill you”

“There are 400,000 spirit crystals here!”

“Four hundred thousand spirit crystals!”

“Well, it seems that I have a good reason to kill him!”

He hastily said, “Ill get another receptionist for you right away!”

The receptionist was convinced he had the killing intent.

As such, he couldnt sit still any longer.

He suddenly got up to leave.


Xu Xiaoshou put one of his hands on his shoulder, yet the receptionist was determined to leave.

He bent down in an attempt to slip away.

The young man behind him pulled and brought back the receptionist because he failed to twist away from the young mans grip.

The receptionist was in shock.

He thought, “What is happening”

“Isnt the cultivation level of this guy at the early stage of Origin Court State”

“How can he control my Illusionary Dragon Step”

Suspected, passive point, 1.

“Theres no need for that.

As I said, I like a young man like you who has the resisting spirit in him,” Xu Xiaoshou said with a smile.

Get another receptionist

No way.

He finally had him as a bargaining chip, so how could he let him go

“Lets go! Lets go to the magic pills area and get some items.”

Mu Zixi followed behind happily.

On the other hand, the receptionist scowled and walked with a lowered head and frustrated face.

The small cat hesitated for a while before it couldnt resist the inner desire and followed in the empty space while drooling.

The different sections were separated by spiritual arrays.

Unlike the large miscellaneous area by the stairway, the magic pills area was much more upscale in terms of its displays.

The items were all displayed in noble purple booths.

The various pill bottles were placed some distance apart.

As soon as one entered the area, one was able to instantly smell the aroma of medicine.

The area was a bit crowded with customers, who either carried swords or broadswords with them.

Some of the customers wore clothes stained with blood.

It was obvious that the magic pills area was very popular.

Seeing the scene, Xu Xiaoshou felt relieved.

He strolled around for a while.

Having checked the various magic pills briefly, he found that they were mostly ninth- and 10th-grade pills.

Among the Innate Pills, there was only one eighth-grade Innate Pill.

Having checked through his perception, he could tell that there was nothing inside the magic pill bottle, which was merely a display.

“Did they do that to prevent accidents”

“Its true that the eighth-grade Innate Pill is already extremely rare and precious for the outside world.”

With this thought in his mind, Xu Xiaoshou looked at the receptionist and asked, “Is the Origin Court Pill on the upper two floors”


As expected, he received an affirmative answer, yet Xu Xiaoshou didnt want to go further up.

He had basically learned the prices for Spiritual Pills and Red Gold Pills, so he could roughly figure out the prices for the Innate Pills and Origin Court Pills.

“If I want to sell magic pills to your shop, how do I charge” he asked.

“Sell” The receptionist was shocked, wondering if this troublemaker was also a magic pill technician.

He recovered quickly and explained, “As a matter of fact, we will charge you at the market price.

Dont worry, Plenty Gold Company has been in operation for many years, and we have earned a very good reputation.”

“I know, I know.” Xu Xiaoshou smiled and stopped him from continuing.

He asked, “How much is an Origin Court Pill”

A suspicious expression showed in the receptionists eyes as he doubted that Xu Xiaoshou had the Origin Court Pill to sell.

He thought, “I can believe you if you tell me that you want to sell the Spiritual Pill, but its the seventh-grade Origin Court Pill.”

“It is the best of the best pills!”

The magic pills for cultivation were in short supply to start with, especially the Spiritual Pills and even more so in the case of Origin Court Pills.

Plenty Gold Company could sell these magic pills every day because of its profound inventory, but the pill reserves were still low.

This lad was not buying but selling the pills.

“Five thousand spirit crystals,” He replied casually.

In fact, he had already lost interest.

“Five thousand”

Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyebrows.

He thought that price was a little different from his expectations.

The price of Spiritual Pill was roughly around 100 spirit crystals here, and a Red Gold Pill was a bit more expensive, about 200 or 300 spirit crystals.

However, these were all acquired magic pills as far as the Innate Pills were concerned.

The eighth-grade Innate Pill hanging in the golden bottle was priced at 10,000 spirit crystals, so how could the Origin Court Pill, a seventh-grade pill, be so cheap

“If you pay 5,000 spirit crystals, how much do you sell for an Origin Court Pill” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

“Ten thousand.”

The simple and straightforward answer shocked Xu Xiaoshou.

He figured that the shop would earn a profit twice as much as the paying price.

They were quite greedy.

The receptionist explained, “When it comes to the magic pills, quality is most important, even though the grade is also important.

If you bought a magic pill on the street and ate it, you could die if you didnt get the right pill.”

“We have our own magic pill technicians at Plenty Gold Company.

Therefore, the quality of the magic pills is absolutely guaranteed.

We are not only selling the magic pill but also the reputation!”

Xu Xiaoshou felt excited and asked, “If one becomes the magic pill technician of the company, do you still buy the pill at the price of 5,000 spirit crystals”

“Of course not!”

The receptionist already knew what Xu Xiaoshou was thinking, but he didnt show his inward mockery on the face.

He patiently explained it to him.

“If we can establish a long-term cooperative relationship, we will not only purchase your magic pills at the market price, but you can also enjoy a discount of at least 20% off each item at any branch of our Plenty Gold Company based on your status!”

Mu Zixi was stunned.

Even if her brain didnt work well, she could still tell how much Plenty Gold Company, a powerful business, valued the spiritual cultivators.

“20% off”

The receptionist looked at her and nodded with a small smile.

“You are mistaken.

I said its at least a 20% discount.”


The young girl sucked in a mouthful of cold air and said, “Based on this minimum discount, do you mean that it could be 100% or 90% discount”

The receptionist didnt show a trace of impatience in his eyes.

He had figured that the two of them were not simple since Xu Xiaoshou made a move earlier.

Even if these two could not establish a relationship with the company yet, building a good cooperative foundation was something every businessman should try to do.

“The minimum discount is 20%.

The maximum is free of charge depending on your status.”

“Stop it!” Xu Xiaoshou suddenly reached out his hand.

He grew a bit impatient.

“What is the condition” he asked.

The receptionist said meaningfully, “First of all, you must have a magic pill technician badge of a corresponding level, which is recognized by the Magic Pill Technician Association.”

“Lets go!”

Xu Xiaoshou dragged Mu Zixi and turned around and left.

The receptionist was confused.

What was going on

He had asked so many questions, but he didnt say anything.

Shouldnt he have said something

Suspected, passive point, 1.

“Are you leaving This way please.”

Despite the inner contempt, the receptionist, due to his professionalism, still displayed a smile on his face.

Xu Xiaoshou walked to the stairway and suddenly stopped in his tracks.

He looked at Mu Zixi and measured her height, saying, “Give me a thousand pieces of clothes for this height!”

The receptionist was dumbfounded.

What the hell

He froze.

“You have the time of burning an incense stick to do so because Im in a hurry.

Ordinary clothes will do!”

Xu Xiaoshou was a little anxious.

He thought that it was unnecessary for the clothes he bought for Aje to be of good quality.

He figured that the guy wouldnt protect his clothes in the combat like ordinary people did.

The quantity was fine, and the quality was unnecessary.

The receptionist hastened to take the order and scurried away.

Mu Zixi was somewhat perplexed.

She tilted her head and asked, “Buy clothes, for me”

“For the baby!”


“Its that baby again, but where the hell is it”

“Dont interrupt!”

Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand.

Having sent the receptionist off, he started to calculate with his fingers.

His eyes grew crimson.

The Origin Court Pill market price was 10,000 spirit crystals.

If he could get the badge quickly, Xu Xiaoshou figured that he had 36 pills from Elder Sang in his ring, nearly a hundred pills from Yuan Tou, and 400 or 500 pills from Zhang Xinxiong.

He could sell them for at least 5 million spirit crystals.

He could be a multi-millionaire.

With a thud, Xu Xiaoshou fell on his butt in shock.


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