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Chapter 254: Stupid Spiritual Array Master

A thousand pieces of ordinary clothing needed a larger storage room for them at most.

In fact, they were not really expensive.

These were not spirit clothes, so they were not necessarily paid in spirit crystals.

However, Xu Xiaoshou didnt have any worldly money on him, so he just used 10 spirit crystals to buy the clothes.

He put the items into Yuan Mansion.

It was early morning.

Xu Xiaoshou went to ask Elder Qiao for it.

Qiao Qianzhi and Ye Xiaotian were indeed two big shots.

The cooperation between a Spirit Array Master and a Spatial Throne was so strong that they had repaired the ruined Yuan Mansion.

With the help of the Life Spirit Seal, the Yuan Mansion had taken shape and was ready for people to live in.

The only shortcoming was that the Life Spirit Seal was really not enough to support the entire small world of Yuan Mansion by itself.

Yet the space full of life energy was almost as big as half of the Secret Forest of Moro.

That was enough.

The rest of the chaos area was equivalent to countless spatial rings.

The receptionist finished the delivery and said, “Is there anything else you need If not, this way please.”

He pointed in the direction of the bottom of the stairs and was about to lead the way with a smile.

Xu Xiaoshou muttered, “Hmm…”

As a businessman, the receptionist was narrow-minded and trying to drive him away.

However, after thinking about it, he had done something unkind.

He haggled the Perceptive Dragon worth 500,000 spirit crystals down by a 10% discount and then bought some inexpensive clothes.

To be honest, if he were the receptionist, he wouldnt want to serve such a customer either.

Xu Xiaoshou understood the reaction the receptionist had.

It didnt matter.

After he passed the exam and obtained the badge, everything would be fine.

He still had some stolen goods on hand, which he believed would be more valuable when he had the badge.

“What is this”

Passing by the third floor, Xu Xiaoshou noticed a hand-woven conical hat on one side of the entrance.

The receptionist didnt know what he was thinking and said with a smile, “If you like it, you can have it free of charge.”

“Thats not appropriate!”

Xu Xiaoshou picked up the conical hat and put it on his head, the size of which was just right.

The Infernal Heavens of Conical Hat…

He squinted his eyes and thought of the assassins outside the door and the possibility that more of them would appear later on.

“Give me ten more of these!”

The receptionist felt bewildered.

He said it was free of charge, and now he was shameless enough to ask for more.

Giving him one conical hat was enough.

The reason he gave him the hat was because he wanted this customer to go away.

It was not to flatter him.

Ten more

Did this customer want to save face at all

“Here you go.” Xu Xiaoshou took out a spirit crystal casually.


The receptionist took it with a broad smile.

He hastened to pick up ten conical hats from the side and gave them to Xu Xiaoshou.

“Lets go!”

Xu Xiaoshou had no intention to think much about it.

He glanced at the information bar and found a strange message in it.

Expected, passive point, 1.

Expected, passive point, 1.


“Is it deployed yet”

Xu Xiaoshou sneered and suddenly stopped in his tracks, asking, “Is there a back door”

The receptionist was taken aback before answering, “There is one.”

“Lead the way.”

Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand to indicate for him to lead the way.

However, he turned around after taking a step and rolling his eyes once.

“Forget it.

Well use the front door.”

The receptionist and Mu Zixi were baffled at the same time, not knowing what the youth was up to.

Yet they could do nothing but follow him.

A beam of golden light shone at the main entrance and disappeared after the door closed.

The receptionist finally felt relieved and totally relaxed.

“Finally, Ive sent away the troublemaker.”

The back door of Plenty Gold Company…

It was obviously a sunny day, but the road was a bit muddy.

Drizzles like threads were trickling down from the sky.

The pedestrians walked forward in a hurry, but they took a detour away from the area unconsciously.

However, those Spirit Cultivators walked into the road soaked by the rain inexplicably one by one after they got out from the back door.

Afterward, they kept walking in a circle and couldnt get out of the area.

There was a tavern nearby.

There were only two customers in it.

Both were wearing black clothes.

The two of them watched those lost in the array in silence.

After all, none of them was their target.

The glasses on the table were filled with wine.

The wine was rather cold.

It was obvious that the two of them hadnt touched the glasses.

“Brother Seven, I have no idea what drugs the Zhang family is on.

They sent us, two masters at the Heavenly Image State, to assassinate this scum, who is only in the early stage of Origin Court.”

The speaker was a middle-aged man with a square face.

He was about thirty years old and bald.

His head was glittering and shining.

He was holding a portrait of a very handsome young man, and the portrait was quite lifelike.

“Xu Xiaoshou, what kind of freaking name is this”

The man called Brother Seven glanced at him and said indifferently, “Sixteen, dont be careless.

I heard that even Three Incenses had been informed of the wanted order, and the bounty is also very attractive.

Yet the persons strength seems very weak, so no one is willing to take the job.”

He was a man who looked rather upright.

The black clothes made him look solemn and serious.

He held two array plates in his hands and kept playing with them.

“Three Incenses” Brother Sixteen was shocked.

“How could this guy attract the attention of Three Incenses The Zhang family is too rich and also stupid, right”

“Well, do you think a stupid Zhang Taiying could become the head of the Zhang family It only means that this Xu Xiaoshou is not simple.”

“He will be dead for sure.

He has messed with the Zhang family and also been chased by Three Incenses, known as the Saint Assassin.”

Brother Sixteen murmured and then suddenly said, “I heard that Three Incenses is controlled by the Divine Hall.

I do not know…”

“Shut up!”

Brother Seven reprimanded him angrily, “Dont ask things that you are not supposed to know.

You might be killed for it!”

Brother Sixteen fell silent immediately, trembling once.

The two of them fell silent again.

The stove on the side warming the wine burned hot, and the wine spilled out.

Yet no one dared to extinguish the fire for them.

The owner of the tavern was nowhere to be found after he found it was a dangerous situation.

He figured that the two customers were not simple, and it would be lucky that he could survive the situation.

Earning some money from selling wine was not as important as preserving life.

Brother Sixteen looked at those trapped in the array running in circles with a mockery in his eyes and asked, “Kill them all”

“No, let them go.

Dont cause trouble here because the guards of the city are not useless.”

Brother Sixteen licked his lips.

Regret showed in his eyes.

He looked at Plenty Gold Company with his eyebrows furrowed.

“Well, why hasnt Xu Xiaoshou come out yet He shouldnt have figured out that we have set up an ambush at the back door!”

“Its impossible.

He is probably not even aware that the two of us exist,” Brother Seven retorted.

Brother Sixteen said seriously, “But Brother Seven, if he knows nothing about our existence, he must have gotten out from the front door.

Why are we ambushing him here at the back door”

Brother Seven froze for a moment.

Slight embarrassment flashed across his face.

What he said makes perfect sense.

Why hadnt he said something earlier

He was an idiot.

“If he is worth the attention of Three Incenses, I think he must have some outstanding abilities.

Maybe he has figured it out.”

Brother Sixteen grew nervous, thinking that his big brother was not certain either.

If the target had walked out from the front door, what should they do then

They would lose face big time.

“Ill go to the front door to guard!” He got up abruptly.

“Okay.” Brother Seven immediately added, “You go there and wait.

Dont do anything impulsively.

Once you find the target, let me know first!”

Brother Sixteen nodded earnestly and left.

He thought,Tell him first

“Ha-ha, he is merely someone in the early stage of Origin Court and worth a lot of money.

Why should I tell you to share the credit”

“Do you really think that I call you Brother Seven out of respect”

“Youre a stupid spiritual array master!”


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