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Chapter 257: Ill Wipe It for You

“Ahem, sorry.

Youre the boss here!”

“So, whats the special today Let me check.”

“I just want this one, cooked beef with sauce.

Put in more salt for me.

I havent eaten anything lately.

I cant even taste anything now.”

“Yeah, bring a large plate and two dishes for wrapping up.”

“He-he, I have a hungry little sister waiting to be fed!”

Hearing the voice of the youth who suddenly appeared, Li Seven was astounded.

He looked in that direction.

He saw two people wearing conical hats.

The head of the shorter one couldnt even reach the top of the counter and had no cultivation.

The taller one though…

Innate Origin Court Level

Li Sevens pupils shrank.

He wondered how this guy got out of the spiritual array at the back door with such a low cultivation level.

What a joke!

The owner of the tavern came out from the back room.

After glancing at the man in black at the other table, he advised hesitantly, “Young man, youd better go.

We dont have any cooked beef left in our store today.”

“No more cooked beef”

Xu Xiaoshou pressed down the conical hat so that nobody could see his face.

He pointed to the freezer and said, “Do not lie to me.

I saw it there.”

With his perception, he could see a large amount of beef in the freezer.

It was obvious that business was quite slow that day.

The owner, “Umm…”

He thought, “You are courting death!”

“I have already suggested it that there will be trouble here today, but you cant figure it out!”

“If you dont hurry up and leave, Im afraid youll die here.”

Glancing at the small person wearing the conical hat and exposing half of its face, the owner finally gave in.

Was he also taking a child with him

“Young man, youd better go now.

The store is closed.”

Xu Xiaoshou took a look at the sky outside and asked with a smile, “Closed so soon Its still early!”

“Its raining.”

“Its raining.

The atmosphere should be more suitable for eating.

Bring me a jar of warmed wine as well.

I want the wine he has!”

Xu Xiaoshou pointed to the overflowing wine glass in front of the man in black and said, “It smells really good.”

The owner, “Umm…”

His eyelids jumped wildly, thinking that this young man was beyond help.

Even if someone could save him, the owner couldnt.

“Do you mind if I sit here”

Having said that, Xu Xiaoshou came before the man in black and sat down without permission.

He reached out his hand to prevent the man in black from speaking or doing anything, saying, “Thank you.”

Li Seven, “Uhh…”

Cursed, passive point, 1.

Xu Xiaoshou waved at the counter.

“Come, Aje.

Come and sit over here.”

The short person with the conical hat turned around, came over, and sat by Xu Xiaoshou.

The youth patted the chair and said, “Bend your knees.

Learn from me, and dont move around.

Just move your knees.”


Aje took the seat.

Li Sevens pupils shrank again wondering if he had heard the sound of armor.

What was the background of these two who behaved as if they knew him very well

He had the intention to use the spiritual thought to sweep the face under the conical hat, but it was obviously an ordinary woven conical hat without any trace of spiritual energy.

Yet, it was hard for him to perceive it.

If the other party were a defensive spiritual weapon, he might not be able to see it after sweeping it.

But this thing…

It would have been a provocative act if he swept it.

If the other party was a nobleman with very high status, he would face serious consequences even though he could kill him.

He fiddled with the array of plates in his hands.

His eyebrows lightly knitted.

He was rather hesitant.

“Bring me the cooked beef quickly! Im hungry!” Xu Xiaoshou shouted.

He then returned his line of sight to the man in front of him and started to recite something.

“The rain falling down onto the streets is so crisp.

The grass looks green from afar but colorless up close.

Friend, you are really enjoying your time here!”

“Sitting in a tavern, watching the clouds roll in and out, and observing the people coming and going with a smile is a great way to live!”

“Do you mind if I ask your name”

Li Seven narrowed his eyes.

In fact, he, as an assassin, didnt feel so comfortable when facing someone who acted so friendly at first sight.

He really wanted to kill the young man with a swing of the sword.

Yet, judging by the verses the young man recited…

He could figure out some of the meaning, even though he didnt know so many words.

The young man with such a broad knowledge had to be an outstanding figure, perhaps with an extraordinary background.

He might have even been a young master of one of the famous families in Tiansang County or the city lords mansion.

He couldnt offend him

“My last name is Li,” he replied lightly.

“Li Nice last name!”

Xu Xiaoshou clapped his hands and said, “I know someone of the previous generation with the last name Li, who wrote the famous lines,The flying stream is descending 3,000 feet; I wonder if it is the milky way coming down from the heaven. I admire him greatly!”

“Do you know him”

Li Seven, “Umm…”

He felt a tightness in his chest and wondered if the young man was mentally ill.

Telling him all of that was tantamount to playing the piano to a cow.

Yet, based on the two more meaningful verses, he was more convinced that the young man with the conical hat had a profound background.

The young man had to come from one of the four famous families in Tiansang County rather than a regular wealthy family.

Furthermore, he might have been the eldest son of the city lords mansion, who was rumored to like poetry and swordsmanship and worshipped the Eighth Sword Immortal to the point of obsession.

“Dont know him,” Li Seven replied casually.

The young man, whether he was the eldest of the lords mansion or a famous family, had nothing to do with him, and he did not need to befriend him shamelessly.

After all, they lived in different worlds.

“You dont know him.

Thats okay.

As long as I know him, I can introduce you two next time,” Xu Xiaoshou said cheerfully.

“Okay,” Li Seven nodded and said in a muffled voice.

“Okay Thats great.

Ill definitely arrange for you two to meet!”

Xu Xiaoshou slapped the table excitedly.

He turned his head to where the owner of the tavern was and called out, “You dont have to bring the wine I ordered! Ive met Brother Li today and feel like we are old friends! I wont leave the place until Im drunk!”

Li Seven was confused.

He thought, “What the hell is this feeling like old friends”

“Are you sure your intention is not to drink my wine”

Cursed, passive point, 1.

As soon as Xu Xiaoshou got up, he brought the jar with warmed wine over and set it on the tabletop with a thud.

He didnt even put the fire out.

“Ma Ma.” Ajes eyes glowed.

“Children cant drink!” Xu Xiaoshou held Ajes head down and pressed the conical hat tightly.

The expression on Li Sevens face changed slightly.

The dwarf looked unusual.

It was obvious that he had no trace of cultivation, but what about the sound of armor earlier…

He glanced secretly at the young man, thinking that a young master like him must have a guard at his side.

Yet, he had searched the whole place and failed to find any trace of guards or elders.

Was it possible that this short man was his guard

He was astonished.

He thought the guard who could protect the young master must have been powerful, but he had yet to detect his strength.

Was he above the Heavenly Image State

Yin Yang State

Star Worship State

“Are you kidding!” Li Seven was shocked by his own thoughts.

Masters were not distinguished by the Innate and Acquired stages.

As long as one reached the cultivation level that was close to the great Dao of heaven and earth, their cultivation levels couldnt improve simply by breakthroughs of understanding and the help of magic pills.

Even in the Heavenly Image State, a small breakthrough from the early stage to the middle stage required several epiphanies.

Speaking of an epiphany, it was not so easy to have.

How old was this dwarf

Li Seven had the intention to use the spiritual thought to sweep the face under the conical hat, but he panicked when he thought of the indifferent style of the young man in front of him.

He looked outside at the people moving around in the spiritual array.

This young man had mentioned it.

In other words, he saw it but did not care.

It seems that he has ignored the spiritual array.

Who the hell were these two

Xu Xiaoshou had been readjusting his behaviors as he looked at the various messages in the information bar.

When he saw a series of Suspected, he knew that he had subdued the man in black.

Feng Kong II had appeared.

He emptied the wine in his glass before Li Seven and filled it up, saying with a laugh, “Brother Li, what are you staring at Drink the wine!”

Li Seven saw the young man drink the wine with his head tilted back and hoped that he was able to see his face.

Unexpectedly, the way Xu Xiaoshou drank the wine was like he had been trained for it.

Unlike his brisk temperament, he drank the wine elegantly by covering his face with the sleeve.

He had no way to see the young mans face, which was covered by the sleeve.

To drink or not to drink was a question for him.

Li Seven was no longer hesitant.

He picked up the wine glass since he thought the young man was seemingly from an outstanding family.

The only thing he had to do was drink a glass of wine.


Before he could drink the wine, the young man across from him put down the sleeve and sprayed out the wine in his mouth, which splashed into his face.

Some of the wine was sprayed directly into his mouth.

Some went into his nostrils.

Li Seven was extremely irritated.

The veins on his forehead bulged.

He looked at the young man in front of him in a daze.

“Sorry, Im sorry.

This is the first time for me to drink.

The wine is a little hot!”

The young man took off the conical hat and put it on the table gently.

He then took out the Hidden Bitter.

“Ill wipe it for you.”


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