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Chapter 259: Ajes Slap

“Is he Innate Stage” Li Seven wondered.

“The power of his Flame Expertise is even stronger than mine, and I am a Heavenly Image Stage Master!”

“Moreover, his power is much stronger than mine!”


Along with the extremely high-pitched hiss, the black energy bead instantly disappeared from Xu Xiaoshous lips.

When it appeared again, it had already arrived at Li Sevens back.

Li Seven was shocked.

Without any exaggerated movement or causing the slightest sound of wind, the black energy bead had arrived instantaneously like it could pass through space without any time delay.

His resistant strength and defensive measures were completely invalidated.

Nobody would have been able to react to such a high-speed attack.

Li Seven looked down at his waist and saw that his only valuable defensive spirit jade had been shattered.

Did that mean that he had already died once

The new Great Fireball Technique not only stunned Li Seven, but also shocked Xu Xiaoshou.

It had moved at such a high speed.

Xu Xiaoshou realized that using the opponents green jade as a storage compartment and wrapping the compressed Fire Seeds inside was truly a powerful attack method.

However, even though it was quite powerful, it had some shortcomings.

Li Seven was too weak, so the black energy beads pierced through him like they were piercing the air.

The silencing barriers force had not appeared, so how was the jade able to explode

The silencing barrier played no role in blocking the attack.

After passing through the two layers of obstacles, the energy beads kept ascending in a straight line up.

They showed no sign of descending after they reached the edge of Xu Xiaoshous perception range.

“My goodness.”

Even so, Xu Xiaoshou started to slightly panic.

When he saw Li Sevens silencing barrier, he felt incredibly pleased.

He thought someone was courting death, so he acted to cover himself at the same time.

It had turned out well.

Yet, he had announced it loudly after killing someone, which was tantamount to revealing his identity.

The two of them had been mesmerized at the same time by the energy bead.

After being freed from Xu Xiaoshous control, the destructive and rampant thing fused with all the energies around it.


Instantly, the higher floors of the Plenty Gold Company building darkened.

A majestic black cloud of destruction suddenly spread as if it was a black spectral lotus blooming in the sky.

It was a hundred thousand feet in circumference and inking the heavens.

This time, not only had the people on the black street beyond the back door seen it, but the people in Plenty Gold Company, and even a few in Tiansang City, had also seen it.



“No way.

Why does anyone dare to strike in Tiansang County Does this person really think that the swordsmen of the city lords mansion and four famous families are weak”

“Someone has broken the peace created by them and their alliance with the City Guards.

This person must be courting death!”

“Is it a battle between masters Judging by the power of the explosion, Im afraid it must be those top masters fighting each other!”

No matter whether they were spiritual cultivators or not, everyone was shocked by the explosion.

Some were shocked simply because of the power of the blast, but more people were shocked because of the commendable courage of the person who had unleashed it.

They felt sorry for the person on the other end of the attack.

They could choose anywhere to fight, so why did they choose Tiansang City

What could they achieve if they won

In the end, they would inevitably face death.

Xu Xiaoshou and Li Seven were both unsure of the blasts consequences.

One thing was clear.

They needed to leave and could not stay in their current location.

Staying there meant death.

“I must end the combat as soon as possible.”

Xu Xiaoshou wasnt the only one who had that idea.

Li Seven had the same thought.

The power of the black energy bead was simply beyond imagination, but it was obvious that Xu Xiaoshou couldnt control it yet.

The pain from it penetrating a body was not enough to kill a person.

Although Li Seven couldnt get rid of the ghost fire that went upward when he touched it, the fire couldnt do any tangible damage to him for the time being because of his rich spiritual source barrier.

“Your cultivation is obviously more than at the early stage of Origin Court Stage.

I finally understand why you are wanted by Three Incenses.

You are a dangerous and famous criminal.” A dangerous expression showed in Li Sevens eyes.

Xu Xiaoshou fell silent and gathered his energy.

His attack had used a lot of his spiritual source.

The wrapped Fire Seeds used more spiritual source than the individual Fire Seeds that had appeared at the same time.

He said with a mocking laugh, “Your silencing barrier is not working very well, and someone has to clean it up after the fight.

Isnt it a hassle”

“Dont worry,” Li Seven said in an indifferent tone.

“You wont be able to say a word soon.

The trouble wont find me.”

“No, no, no!”

Xu Xiaoshou wagged his finger and said with a laugh, “I meant that your trashy silencing barrier is very troublesome for me!”

Li Sevens eyes narrowed into a squint.

He thought, “What do you mean”

“Is he actually thinking about what to do after killing me”

“Ha-ha…” Li Seven hastily stopped before he could finish his laughter because the young man in front of him had pulled out a black scabbard.

It was hidden within the black sword that had previously appeared.

The terrifying Sword Will could hardly be concealed.

Just a few wisps of Sword Will had already communicated a sense of death to Li Seven.

“What the hell Is this guy also a sword cultivator”

Li Seven was confused, thinking that the young man who could send out such a pure fire spirit explosion had actually turned out to be a swordsman rather than a professional spiritual cultivator.

Judging by his aura, the lad had probably comprehended the Innate Sword Will as well.

“This is really a damned deal!”

Li Seven thought that the bounty of 50,000 spirit crystals was not enough and that nobody could kill the lad for a bounty less than 500,000 spirit crystals.

The bounty of one million spirit crystals asked by the Three Incenses was right on.

It was worth that much.

Yet, understanding that didnt mean much at the moment.

The Innate Sword Will was still the Innate Sword Will.

“I, Li Seven, am a master nevertheless!”

“And I am an extremely rare spirit array master!”

With one array plate remaining in his hand, Li Seven had completely calmed down.

Unlike the trapping array on the black street, the silencing barrier and array plate in his hand were pure killing arrays.

Not even mentioning Innate Sword Will, no matter whether they were a swordmaster or not, anyone would have immediately knelt when facing the best killing arrays from a spirit array master.

“Ma Ma.”

An abrupt and emotionless call by his side frightened Li Seven so much that he felt a chill run up his neck.

“Damn it!”

“I forgot that there was someone else here.”

It was the short guy with the conical hat.

He opened his eyes wide, staying alert.

After he turned around, he saw a child-like, tender face under the conical hat.


“Its really a child!”


When this last thought appeared in the last moment of his life, Li Seven was utterly relaxed, so much so that even his muscles were relaxed to some degree.

However, after being slapped by the palm of Aje, red and white stuff sprayed out.

Li Sevens big head burst.

The battle was over.

The silencing barrier that was supposed to suppress the sound didnt work, and no loud and fancy explosions happened.

Sometimes, a battle was just that simple…

One palm slap…

Burst the head!

“Ma Ma”

Aje tilted its head.

The conical hat fell off its smooth head.

Aje turned around and looked at Xu Xiaoshou as if asking why that guy had been so vulnerable.

When Aje had rubbed Xu Xiaoshous head into the ground in the killing field, it seemed to feel different in its hands.

It was not so brittle.


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