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Chapter 264: One Kick

“Big Brother”

Gu Qinger and Gu Qingsan were somewhat baffled.

The unpleasant remarks from the person in front of them didnt stir up any resentment.

After all, the people who had died by their swords were all usually very pompous.

The only thing they were curious about was that their big brother gave up on pursuing the target.

This was not his nature.

“Lets go.”

Gu Qingyi, likewise, ignored Xiao Sixteens rudeness.

He gazed through the man in front of him and at the conical hat on Mu Zixis head.

A cat was showing an enjoyable expression on its face, and the cat was not affected by the conversations between them.

The cat…

“Have you guys really not seen it” Qu Yingyi transmitted his voice.

The two junior brothers were baffled at the same time, not knowing what their big brother was talking about.

Seeing the reactions on their faces, Gu Qingyi received the most explicit answer and immediately made up his mind.

“If they cant see it, it must be a ghost beast,” he thought.

“This is a dangerous trip!”

“Its not yet possible to figure out the situation, but…”

“Its too dangerous to get involved!”

He commanded, “Lets go!”

He led the two to return to the road from which they came.

Gu Qingsan pulled on his second senior brothers clothes and pointed to the man behind them, “What about this guy”

“This is the city.

We cant kill him.

We are not here to cause trouble!” Gu Qinger glared at him.

Xiao Sixteen was amused.

It was because he heard the two swordsmen with Innate cultivation discussing whether to kill him or not.

He wondered, “Where did you guys get such courage”

He had immediately locked the energy of the three swordsmen.

For now, Xu Xiaoshou and this girl behind him were more important.

He decided that he would deal with the three swordsmen after he took care of the main target.

They were just a bunch of boastful juniors.

As Xiao Sixteen locked their energy, the three swordsmen paused at the same time.

Gu Qingyi, who was in front, didnt even turn his head around as he said, “Lets go.” It seemed that he was afraid to get in trouble.

Gu Qingsan didnt dare disobey the order.

He turned his head around and glared at Xiao Sixteen fiercely before he caught up with his second senior brother.


In the next second, he bumped into the sword wheel on his second senior brothers back.

His forehead turned red.


The swordless swordsman raised his head and saw that not only had his second senior brother suddenly stopped but also his big brother had paused in his tracks.

As he raised his line of sight higher, he saw two gray-robed figures walking over slowly among the surging crowd.

The person in front was a charming woman with an extremely thick purple chain around her body.

It outlined her delicate and well-shaped body, swaying as she walked.

Behind her was an ordinary-looking man with a golden Zen staff and very long hair.

The moment this strange pair showed up, they attracted the attention of many people in the surroundings.

Many interested people had already crowded the site because of the disturbance at the entrance of Plenty Gold Company.

With two more interesting people present, the crowd grew more excited.

“Who is she It seems that there will be a good show to watch after the explosion.”

“Stool, get a stool to sit on.

I cant miss the show this time!”

“Well, the woman looks… a bit too enticing…”

“Shut up.

Do you have a death wish She is a spiritual cultivator!”

“Why would a spiritual cultivator care about us ordinary folks Do you care what the ants are thinking”


Gu Qingsan was mesmerized when he saw the woman.

Staring at the attractive woman bounded by the purple chain, he felt his mouth become very dry.

“Second Senior Brother, is this the vixen our master talked about”

Gu Qinger, likewise, leaned forward, swallowing saliva nonstop.

He patted the shoulder of the person in front of him.

“Big Brother, what do you think”


Gu Qingyi felt his eyelids twitching wildly, thinking about his two junior brothers actions.

“We will be in big trouble, but you two are concerned about the trivial matters!”

However, he had no energy to chastise the two at the moment.

Seeing the strange clothes on the two newcomers, he couldnt help but think of the cat beast.

Gu Qingyi told himself that they might be in trouble.

“Purple chain, golden Zen staff… If their target is the white cat, then this thing might be the legendary beast control artifact.”

“Are they from Xu Yue Grey Palace”

“Its a large sect in the southern region, so how come theyve come to this remote area”

“What do you want”

The woman wrapped in the purple chain passed by Gu Qingyi.

She exhaled a breath of hot air the moment she walked past.

“What a handsome young man!”

Gu Qingsans jaw almost dropped to the ground.

He thought that his big brother must have an extraordinary temperament to attract the woman.

The man holding the Zen staff smiled coldly.

He glanced at the guy who was on the verge of drooling but found the swordless man had no intention to look his way.


“Brat, what are you looking at Do you think that I wont gouge your eyes out”

The swordless man ignored him.

The man with the Zen staff sighed.

He became instantly irritated.

He thought that the swordless man kept ignoring him and had no concern for his own life.

Were all the men in the outside world so careless about their lives

He subconsciously raised the Zen staff in his hand.

“Gugu, put it down!”

Hearing the yell from the woman, Xin Gugu came to his senses.

He scratched his head in embarrassment while putting down the Zen staff.

He thought, “Oh, yeah, we are in the city, so I cant do anything too ostentatious.”

He turned his head to look at the crowd of onlookers, wondering why people were surrounding them.

He took a deep breath and was about to roar, but he remembered the command of his senior sister.

“Get away! Get away! Clear the site!”



Xin Gugu wielded the large golden Zen staff, trying to drive away the crowd of onlookers.

However, seeing his childish action and previous fierce expression, which were so different, all the onlookers laughed out loud.

There was no way he could get rid of them.

“This person is so funny and cute!”

“Wow, is this guy a monk His Zen staff looks quite marvelous.

But why does he have hair”

“Perhaps, he is practicing Zen with hair.”

“No, no.

I dont think he looks like a monk.

My child also likes to play with the artifact he found from somewhere.

He and my child look quite alike!”

“Your child Shut up.

Do you have a death wish He is a spiritual cultivator.”

“Well, come on.

The City Guards will be here soon.

Do you think that he dares to kill people”

Xin Gugu suddenly paused and looked at the speaker.

His murderous intent was on the verge of bursting, but he remembered the command of his senior sister.

“Clear the site! Clear the site! Get the hell out of here! Get the hell out of here!”

Gu Qingyi held the sword in his arms, feeling frustrated.

He thought, “Whats wrong today The people I have met today are all misbehaved.”

“Here comes another idiot.”

The woman wrapped in the purple chain came before Xiao Sixteen.

She tilted her head, revealing an alluring smile.

“Can you step aside”


Though Xiao Sixteen had the heart of an assassin, he couldnt help but shiver once and swallow the saliva when he heard her charming voice.

The woman was very enchanting.

Every scowl and smile from her could make the onlookers feel like they were suffocating in a death kneel.

He hesitated for a moment and refused with difficulty.



A white flash came out from under the gray robe, sending Xiao Sixteen flying away.

He was unprepared for the kick.

As such, Xiao Sixteen looked like a wind and fire wheel with his navel as the central axis flying onto the big gold emblem of Plenty Gold Company.


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