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Chapter 266: Dreamed and Realistic Version of Senior Brother

The roof of Plenty Gold Company…

Xu Xiaoshou sat in this high location with his legs dangling.

Watching from a distance, one might suspect that he wanted to commit suicide.

However, the Plenty Gold Company building was too high, so ordinary people couldnt see him from the ground.

On the other hand, the spiritual cultivators, who were able to see him, had no time or energy to pay attention to such a matter or a person who was idle enough to come to the roof.

As such, it was certain that no one would come there to intervene.

Of course, Xu Xiaoshou was not desperate as to commit suicide.

He just couldnt figure things out.

In the midst of a strong wind, Xu Xiaoshou ate the beef with his hands.

He had almost finished eating one meal.

He witnessed the scene on the ground from the beginning to the end.

He saw Mu Zixi being confined the first time and then being trapped again.

As for why he didnt get down to save his junior sister…

“Hey, why did things end up like this I just killed one person, so why have so many powerful swordsmen come” Xu Xiaoshou thought with a worried expression on his face.

He fixed his gaze on the swordsman holding the sword, who was the leader of the three swordsmen.

To be precise, he gazed at the gray-green ancient sword in his hands.

There was an inexplicable pulsation in his heart.

The pulsation seemed to be a call from ancient times, or a tremor from the depths of the soul, which was mysterious, complicated, and inexplicable.

Xu Xiaoshou had experienced this feeling.

He had felt it when he encountered Su Qianqians Epitaph of City Snow and Lei Shuanxings Whipping God Staff.

“Is it another famous sword”

The young man covered his head with his hands in pain, thinking that it was another famous sword.

It meant that there was at least a swordsman as powerful as Xiao Qixiu backing the sword.

Worst of all, more terrifying characters, such as the masked man, might show up as well.

“I shouldnt get involved in such trouble!”

Moreover, there were more things Xu Xiaoshou couldnt figure out.

He moved his line of sight away and focused on the swordsman with nine swords standing behind the swordsman holding the sword.

“There are nine swords…”

“Cough, cough!” Xu Xiaoshou choked on the beef in his mouth and couldnt stop coughing.

All the nine swords couldnt be famous, but the red one in the center attracted Xu Xiaoshous attention, causing a pulsation in his soul.

“Damn, what the hell is the background of these guys Two famous swords among three of them”

“Does their family forge famous swords or specialize in selling famous swords”

“Are they from a famous sword specialty store”

Xu Xiaoshou felt envious.

“Its true that one can become very angry when comparing oneself with the others.

I dont even have one famous sword, but these three swordsmen have two.”

He took a deep breath and tried to forget the distracting thoughts in his mind.

Yet, the possessions and actions of the three swordsmen were no longer important because they seemed intent on leaving.

The other two powerful swordsmen were the problem.

“Tangtang and Gugu”

Xu Xiaoshou fell silent.

Seeing the purple chain and golden Zen staff, he recalled seeing the small copper stove Mo Mo always held.

The power sealed on them was the same as Mo Mos.

“So, are there two grey mist figures”

“Damn it!”

“My junior sister, have you done something that angered heaven and people”

“Your senior brother only left for just a little while, but you have made such a big mess.”

“Who can clean up the mess”

Although he was extremely reluctant and had millions of reasons to refuse, Xu Xiaoshou couldnt keep on sitting on the roof after he heard the heart-wrenching cry from his junior sister.

He threw the cooked beef aside.

He stood up.

“I shouldnt get hit from such a long distance, and the cause and effect wont be my problem either.”

Xu Xiaoshou had chosen to believe in mystics.

That belief was reinforced by the array wheel.

Seeing the vicious Jiao Tangtang approaching Mu Zixi, he cupped his mouth with his hands and roared, “Halt feet!”

Among the crowd below…

“Halt feet!”



The loud roar echoed in the sky.

Everyone was startled and lifted their heads.

Stared at, passive points, 342.

Suspected, passive points, 333.

Xu Xiaoshou was surprised to find that he seemed to have attracted more attention by doing so.

“Ahem, that wasnt my original intention…”

It always seemed to happen when he had no interest in earning the passive points.

Still, the outcome seemed to always be unexpected.

The crowd looked around, but the majority of them had no idea what was going on.

“Who is talking Come out.

Dont pretend to be a ghost!”

“Ha-ha, you cant see it.

He is on the roof.”

“Can you see him”

“I cant but look at the spiritual cultivators.

They are all looking up at the roof of the building.

He must be on the roof!”


Mu Zixi was delighted.

She swept the high altitude with her spiritual senses.

Xu Xiaoshou

She was on the verge of becoming starry-eyed.

The senior brother she dreamed of should have been someone who would caress her head and say, “Its okay,” when she did something wrong, or someone who would arrive from nowhere and say, “Im here,” when she was in trouble and helpless.

Xu Xiaoshou hadnt done any of those things before, so would he arrive by stepping on the colorful auspicious clouds this time

As expected, the girl who liked to dream usually had good fortune.

Mu Zixi was expectant excitedly.

Her twin ponytails stuck up in the air.

However, she saw Xu Xiaoshou on the roof of the high-rise building dilly-dallying.

He didnt come down.

Instead, he continued cupping his mouth with his hands.

“Junior Sister! If you did something wrong, you apologize first, and your senior brother will come to pick you up later!”

Mu Zixi was confused.

A shocked expression showed in her eyes, which was similar to the one she had when she witnessed Jiao Tangtang kick the Master Stage swordsman and send him flying.


At this moment, she was so angry that her head hurt.

Her twin ponytails were about to split.

“What kind of a senior brother is he”

“Actually, I shouldnt have expected anything from him!”

The beam in the little girls eyes dimmed.

Jiao Tangtang looked upward with a smirk.

For a spiritual cultivator, the distance between the roof of the building and the ground was nothing.

“Is that your senior brother”

She suddenly paused.

The mocking expression was frozen on her face.

Greedy the Cat Spirit…

How could Greedy the Cat Spirit be there behind this lad

Also, what was that thing in its mouth


Xin Gugu shouted incredulously by her side, his voice filled with panic.

“Are you kidding me” Jiao Tantang was furious.

She instantly left Mu Zixi behind, flew up, and landed on the roof of the Plenty Gold Company building.


Greedy the Cat Spirit was even faster.

With the stolen cooked beef in its mouth, it leaped boldly onto Xu Xiaoshou, whose body the beast cat had been craving for a while.


What happened next was unexpected.

The cat was totally enthralled.

It had weak knees and fell on Xu Xiaoshous conical hat.

It dropped the cooked beef and greedily inhaled the surging life force.


After inhaling once, the cat had spasms all over its body as if it had sucked on sour candy.

It completely lost consciousness.

It twitched nonstop and spewed out white foam.

“What are you, a poisonous person” Jiao Tangtang was baffled because it was the first time that she had seen Greedy the Cat Spirit act like that.

Was this lad really poisonous

She didnt believe that there was something special about the lad and gave it a try.

Once she tried it, the surging life force inside Xu Xiaoshous body was so strong that she was dumbfounded.

She thought it was lucky to have Mu Zixi, who had a great deal of life force, but the young man…

In comparison to the young man, the little girl below was nothing.

The two of them were like the difference between a lake and a sea.

No, it was the difference between a stream and an ocean.

One was much stronger than the other.

Before she could calm down, Jiao Tangtang saw the young man reach his hand to the top of his head with a bewildered expression on his face.

“What the heck is this”

Xu Xiaoshou brought down the cat beast.

When he found out that it was the cat, he threw it away without a second thought.

Jiao Tangtang couldnt believe it.

Her face turned pale when she saw the cat beast had been thrown away in such a casual manner.

She felt that her faith had been insulted.

“You, how dare you threw away Greedy the Cat Spirit!”

“Well, something is not right.”

“Can you see it” The woman displayed an alarmed expression on her face.


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