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Chapter 269: One Inhale and One Greedy Deity

Jiao Tangtang was shocked.

She was so angry that she had almost gritted her silvery teeth to pieces yelling, “Brat, dont get too greedy!”

“Do you want to exchange or not”

Xu Xiaoshou calmly put away the cat and hid it in his chest.

He found that this little creature was not as shabby as he imagined, and he could use it to exchange for more items by giving away a slight life force.

Giving away the life force was probably a life-and-death choice for others.

But it was not for him.

Eternal Vitality was a passive technique, so Xu Xiaoshous life force was unlimited.

As expected, after a long and struggled consideration, Jiao Tangtang spoke a word through her gritted teeth.


“Oh, my goodness!”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

He didnt expect her to agree to the exchange.

He thought, “After the exchange, you two wont have the items with you any longer, so you wont be able to suppress, right”

“Yet, you still want to exchange.”

The young man looked at the small cat in his hands and again realized the value of this little thing.

No, it was priceless.

He believed the cat was very precious, so its value was beyond his expectations.

With this thought in mind, Xu Xiaoshou released his hand and let the little creature with a painful expression on its face out.


The white cat roared fiercely before it turned its head toward Xu Xiaoshou.

Its purple eyes, however, showed a timid intent.

Obviously, the little creature was aware that if Xu Xiaoshou had tightened his grip a little more, it would have to seek a chance to be reborn, even though the creature was not yet intelligent enough.

“Sweetheart, its not hurt.


After realizing that he had a great treasure in his hands, Xu Xiaoshou changed his attitude toward the cat.

He puffed gently when he saw the aggrieved expression on the cats face.


The life energy was instantly puffed out along with the breathing method.

The little white cat couldnt help but inhale a mouthful of life energy.

Its body suddenly stalled and twitched violently as if it had an electric shock, spewing out the white foam again.

“Yeah, woo.”

Xu Xiaoshou was startled, thinking that the sound seemed rather familiar.


Suddenly, he heard an unexpected moan in his arms.

Xu Xiaoshou lowered his head in surprise and found it was Mu Zixi.

The little girl had inhaled the surging life force as well.

Her twin ponytails were sticking up.

She rubbed her head against his chest unconsciously.

Xu Xiaoshou muttered, “Uhh…”

“Wake up!”

He slapped the little girls face to bring her back to her senses.

After realizing what she had just done, the little girls face turned red.

It was engorged with blood.


There were many people.



“Xu Xiaoshou!”

“Why did you puff for no reason”

Mu Zixi roared and raised her fist.

Xu Xiaoshou grabbed her fist with a laugh and pushed her behind him.

“Stop it.

I have a serious business to take care of.”

It turned out that this trick worked very well with junior sister.

This trick needed to be remembered.

Xu Xiaoshou hid both Mu Zixi and the little white cat.

He looked at Jiao Tangtang, who had already collected the Zen staff and purple chain and was approaching him.

He outstretched his hand and said, “Sorry, Im not going to do the exchange.”

Jiao Tangtang was shocked.

She had the urge to charge him and pin him to the ground.

She thought, “Ive already taken off my purple chain, but you are telling me this now.”

“What do you mean” The suppressed anger could be sensed in her voice.

“I dont have any other meaning.

The meaning is what you heard.”

Xu Xiaoshou lifted the white cat and placed it on the back of his hand without any confinement.

“Kitten,” he said, “I give you a choice.

Do you want to go with them or me”

Jiao Tangtang was dumbfounded.

Xin Gugu was too.

Xu Xiaoshou shot a glance at them before he looked at the white cat on the back of his hand again.

The white cat turned its head and glanced at the two of them with some hesitation in its eyes.

Of course, the hesitation was probably imagined by the two.

As far as Xu Xiaoshou was concerned, the little white cat stretched its hair and leaped onto his head joyfully only a second after he asked the question.



The cat showed a look of, “You have finally taken me in!”

Jiao Tangtangs face turned green.

She felt that she had been betrayed big time.

The two of them had been raising Greedy the Cat Spirit for so long, but they couldnt beat one inhale from Xu Xiaoshous life energy.

She pulled out a turquoise spiritual medicine from her ring.

It was Eye of Flying Snake.

“Greedy the Cat Spirit, come here!” Jiao Tangtang leaned forward, her voice full of temptation.

The little white cat stuck its head out and seemingly smelled the life force of the spiritual medicine in the womans hand.

In the end, the creature gave a disdainful snort.


The white cat could obviously differentiate between one medicine and countless medicines.

Even though the saliva flowed in its mouth, the cat tried its best to restrain itself and kept lying on Xu Xiaoshous head to take a nap.

It was so comfortable.

This new vital home was really warm.

Jiao Tangtang staggered and had almost fallen on her knees.

It was over.

Greedy the Cat Spirit had been abducted.

It had been just one inhale, but it had betrayed her.

She wondered, “Are you going to elope, Greedy the Cat Spirit”

“Xu Xiaoshou, right” Jiao Tangtang put her hand on her chest because she had a hard time breathing due to anger.

“Ill give you one more chance…”

Xu Xiaoshou interrupted her.

“How about this Ill give you a chance too.”

Jiao Tangtang let out a groan.

“Can you let others finish their sentence”

Cursed, passive point, 1.

Xu Xiaoshou ignored her and murmured, “If Im right, this creature seems to need a lot of life force to grow.”

Jiao Tangtang raised her eyebrows.

“What do you mean”

“I think the reason this little thing ran away was because you didnt have enough milk for it,” Xu Xiaoshou said with a smile.

Seeing the paused expressions on the faces of the two, he knew that he had guessed right.

“Lets do this…” Xu Xiaoshou said, “Lets make a deal.

Ill help you raise Greedy the Cat Spirit, and you pay me regularly.

What do you think”

Jiao Tangtang was taken aback, as was Xin Gugu.

It seemed to be a good thing.

But it was not right.

Soon, the two of them came to their senses at the same time.

This lad had a very good plan for himself.

He would take Greedy the Cat Spirit with him and have them pay him regularly.

What kind of a brain would come up with such a plan Did he really think they were idiots

“You are not idiots.

” Xu Xiaoshou negated their idea directly.

The two of them were speechless.

Cursed, passive points, 2.

Xu Xiaoshou continued, “On the contrary, this deal is definitely good for you.

I am responsible for providing unlimited life force for it, and you only need to comply with some of my slightly… unreasonable demands.”

“Slightly unreasonable”

Jiao Tangtang felt that her whole body was about to start convulsing.

“Do you think that the nonsense you have said is reasonable now” she wondered.

“You must have reached a certain realm to make your nonsenses sound reasonable!”

Jiao Tangtang intended to refuse the deal subconsciously, but she saw Xu Xiaoshou wave at her.


“Come here.”

Jiao Tangtang took a step back subconsciously.

This lad might be setting up a trap.


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