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Chapter 273: Qu Qing-ers Guess

It seemed that the information had been suppressed.

Other than this minor information, Qi Qing-er could not uncover anything else.

But then, so what

Just because they invaded the Spirit Palace, could they shake the foundations of Holy Divine Palace

Qu Qing-er thought it was funny and did not think about it anymore.

Instead, she put all her thoughts on Xu Yue Grey Palace.

Regarding Holy Vassal, she still had some sources she could gather information from.

As for Xu Yue Grey Palace, she only knew its name.

“Old Man Jin, regarding these two organizations…”

“Go investigate by yourself! Treat it as a test from headquarters!”

Qu Qing-er paused for a moment before her face lit up with happiness.

Had the higher-ups at headquarters finally noticed her

She was so excited that she almost jumped with joy.

Realizing that this was a big opportunity, she immediately went to grab the old mans arm and started to swing it.

“Old Man Jin, just tell me please,” she pleaded with her eyes glimmering.

“It was not easy to get this chance.

I cant miss it!”

“No, this is a test!”

“Just a little bit A tiny clue is enough…” Qu Qing-er let go of Old Man Jins hand.

She moved her hand to his back and started massaging his shoulders.

Qi Qing-er had always been quite attractive.

With her acting cute, how could Old Man Jin resist her charms

“Alright, alright, just a little hint.

Those two guys from earlier should be from Xu Yue Grey Palace.”

“As for the rest of the information, you will have to look for it yourself!”

A sly look flashed across Qu Qing-Ers face as she started to process that information.

“Xu Yu Grey Palace, and that invisible demon beast… Are they somehow related”

Old Man Jin remained silent but was quite surprised.

He thought, “No wonder she was noticed by headquarters.

Her mind is rather quick!”

“Although it was just a guess by headquarters… To come to this conclusion, they had to have expended a lot of resources.”

Old Man Jin only arrived in Tiansang Citys branch after spending significant effort following this tiny hint about Xu Yue Grey Palace.

Now, based on a single incident that happened outside the windows, Qu Qing-er was able to come to some conclusion.

Then again, she had the advantage of seeing it in reality to affirm her guess and subtle hints from him that made it not that difficult to guess.

Old Man Jin shook this feeling of surprise away as he realized that his over-thinking might have affected his judgment.

However, Qu Qing-ers guesses did not end there.

She continued to pace around the room, counting with her fingers and muttering under her breath.

“Why would Xu Yue Grey Palace have any presence in Tiansang City There has to be a reason.”

“And Holy Vassal has been recently active in Tiansang City.”

“If these two are what you, Old Man Jin, mentioned to be one of those organizations hiding in the dark, it cannot be a coincidence that they are both present at the same time in this exact location.

There has to be a reason behind this!”

“What would that be”

Qu Qing-ers brows tightened.

She suddenly released them and clapped her hands in realization.

“The hint is… the three swordsmen!”

“Those three men are not ordinary since they have two famed swords in their possession.

Excluding the Fringe Moon Immortal City, the only other organization with this capability would be the Burial Sword Tomb.”

“Why would these men arrive in Tiansang City”

Qu Qing-er realized something was amiss.

Such thoughts were definitely scary.

Fringe Moon Immortal City and Burial Sword Tomb were very different organizations from Xu Yue Grey Palace and Holy Vassal.

They were well-known and established organizations in the eastern region.

There was an idiom that went, “Of all the eastern region swordsmen, half are from Fringe Moon Immortal City, and the other is from Burial Sword Tomb!”

Was the arrival of these swordsmen a coincidence as well


Qu Qing-er denied that thought immediately.

Suddenly, she recalled a rumor that she heard outside Tiansang City and all of it made sense to her.

“White Cave”

“Are the rumors about the Eighth Sword Deitys Fourth Sword true”

As the thought crossed her mind, Qu Qing-ers eyes widened with shock.

Meanwhile, Old Man Jin sighed in admiration.

This lady was indeed quite capable.

In such a short amount of time, she was able to understand and become enlightened.

She possessed a strong aptitude.

“Nobody knows if the rumors are true.

Since all these characters are here, it is inevitable that within the next two weeks, Tiansang Citys bound to get interesting.”

A flame ignited in Qu Qing-ers heart.

“If the rumors about White Cave are true…”

“No, whether they are true or not does not matter anymore.”

“Even huge organizations like Fringe Moon Immortal City and Burial Sword Tomb are putting a foot in this matter.

Once the news gets out, the entire eastern region will definitely be shaken.”

“Even false rumors will become a reality.”

“In these circumstances, if I were to be part of the game, even if I cannot get huge benefits, a small one would be sufficient for me to stabilize my position at headquarters!”

“The White Caves quota”

Qu Qing-er raised her head and looked at Old Man Jin, “According to convention, there will be a banquet at the city lords mansion where all the heads of Tiansang Prefecture will gather to divide the quota.”

“Im afraid that this time, it will be a bloody fight.”

Old Man Jin laughed and replied, ” Flesh that you cant get even if you beg with a bowl is bloody.

But flesh that you can get while eating with a bowl… Well, thats meat!”

Qu Qing-er smiled.

Based on strength, even if their company only had one branch in Tiansang City, they were not weaker than the four major families.

This meat was something she wanted to try.

Old Man Jin waved his hand.

“Go, make sure you are prepared.”

“Yes, I will not disappoint you!”

Qu Qing-er bowed and was about to leave when she remembered something.

“About the guy from earlier, Xu Xiaoshou…”

“He seems to be the one that No.

32 wants to blacklist.

The explosion in the back alley seemed to be related to him as well.”

Old Man Jin waved his hand without a care.

“You can investigate if you want to, but thats not important.

It is more of the City Guards matter than yours.

Remember your main task.”

As long as Xu Xiaoshou was involved with demon beasts, his ending would not be good.

The Holy Divine Palace was not just for show.

The headquarters guess was ultimately just a guess.

Even if there is a one-in-a-million chance, it was hard to say.

Even if the two organizations were up to no good, the Holy Divine Palace might not even pay them any attention.

At best, they were just two slightly stronger ants.

When it came to Holy Vassal and Xu Yue Grey palace…

Once the red-clothed and white-clothed were out, they could only become ghosts.

Old Man Jin shook his head and sighed.

The current world did not know what happened at that time, but he had the chance to be a small part of it.

He understood the Holy Divine Palaces strength.

It was a strength that could not be measured.

Hence, he tried to advise Qu Qing-er not to go near those people

Just like a swordsman hugging his sword and backing up immediately after seeing the demon beast, the people who came from large organizations had good intuition and foresight.

On the other hand, those who entered into the fray…


Qu Qing-er did not know what Old Man Jin was thinking about.

After responding to him, she left the room with many doubts.”

“Is it really ok”

Her womans intuition led her to feel a little lost.

In all that had happened, it seemed as if the young man called Xu Xiaoshou could not be overlooked.

Two killers, a demon beast, three swordsmen, and Xu Yue Grey Palace…

After thinking about it, she wondered why it seemed that they all had something to do with that young man.

Qu Qing-ers thoughts scared her.

She lightly tapped her cheeks to stop herself from over-thinking any further.

“Phew, headquarters is more important… Headquarters is more important…”

“It was not easy for Old Man Jin to get this opportunity for me.

I have to do well.”

“I have to perform well at the city lords mansions banquet and obtain a few quotas!”

As for that young man…

Qu Qing-er laughed as she found her thoughts were ridiculous.

She removed any thoughts about that unimportant passer-by in her life.

“He is just Innate Stage…”


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