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Chapter 280: Terrifying Combination Technique

‘Its not flexibility!

Toughness was the toughness of ones stamina, not flexibility.

It was similar to a dominant feeling, but not exactly the same feeling, or it was just a certain degree of toughness within the dominant state.

The rest was more like withstanding something.

Yes, it is none other than the withstanding.

It was the same as withstanding a violent windstorm while standing straight.

Once this Passive Skill was upgraded to Innate, Xu Xiaoshou felt like he could never fall on his face again.

It was as if his enemy could in no way drive him back, no matter how strong the attacks were, and the attacks would be dispersed easily by the Toughness.


‘I have the power of Recoil!

Xu Xiaoshou thought something was slightly wrong, but in the next second, he was excited by another one of his thoughts.

‘The Recoil and Toughness shouldnt have a conflict, and the combination of the two techniques might have an effect greater than that of one plus one.

‘Imagine that my opponent hits me with a powerful punch.

The opponent will be recoiled away flying.

At the same time, I will be knocked away.

‘But with the Toughness, will I be not knocked away

‘Where will the force that usually knocks me away be

A beam occurred in Xu Xiaoshous eyes as he thought that the force would no doubt return to the person who wielded it since it couldnt strike him.

‘Double hidden power!

As he thought about it, Xu Xiaoshou raised his fists and clashed both of his fists with a loud bang.

He remembered that he had done this with a Recoil experiment.

When he clashed his fists slightly, both of his hands recoiled violently and bounced away from each other.

This time, he clashed his fists and couldnt find any gap between his hands.

His fists looked like they were glued together and stopped.

Although his fists stopped moving, the Recoil force didnt stop.

A terrifying force passed through his body.

It was as if an electric drill entered his bones throughout his body.

His arms, which had lost the ability to absorb the force, received the entire force.

The repulsive and excruciating pain made Xu Xiaoshous face look twisted.


He grunted once and felt his forearms going numb.

However, the pain was not over yet because the second wave of the clash had arrived with a stronger force.


His elbows cracked, spilling out blood.

Xu Xiaoshou was dumbfounded to see this outcome.

“This is a bit scary!”

Apparently, the Toughness Passive Skill, like the Recoil, was augmented by the strength.

It would have a remarkable effect at mere Innate Level.

After he stopped the move, Xu Xiaoshou felt numbness in both of his hands.

Fortunately, the Eternal Vitality helped heal the injury, which recovered in no time.

“What a miraculous technique this is!”

After a brief pause, Xu Xiaoshou was excited again.

It was better for the wanted effect to occur at the right time rather than early.

If the Toughness occurred ahead of time, he would have been a helpless sufferer, and the technique wouldnt have been able to help at all.

Yet, the technique was obtained when he had a certain physical body foundation.

It became more powerful like a tiger having wings.

No, the increase of power was like thunder occurring on the ground from nowhere.

“Recoil and Toughness.”

Xu Xiaoshou murmured.

It seemed that he could see…

He could see the scene in which his opponent struck him with a punch, yet he stood on the same spot while his opponent was knocked away with a broken fist and exploded high in the sky.

If the opponent struck him with several punches at the same time…


‘The opponent would be a freaking boxer who can punch consecutively!

‘I think that even if the opponent could inflict one hundred punches per second, they would find their hands were broken before they could complete half of the punches!

‘What is this…

Xu Xiaoshou was dumbfounded, feeling tingling on his scalp.

‘This wont be a fight! The system has not only trained me to be someone who can cultivate while sleeping but also someone who can fight while sleeping.

‘No, its impossible.

Its impossible to have someone so strong in this world.

‘I must have some weaknesses too!

After thinking about it for a long time, Xu Xiaoshou clapped his hands.

‘Thats it.

As long as the opponent resists the first blow and realizes that I have the force of double Recoil, they will definitely not contact me again.

‘In that case, the combination of my Toughness and Recoil will be useless!

‘Well, no!

Xu Xiaoshou opened his eyes wide again.

‘Im not going to actually sleep during the life-and-death combat.

The opponent can retreat after the first strike, and I can also find a chance to strike back after their first strike.

‘After that, I dont have to do anything but catch the opponent.

‘When the opponent hits me, Im not going to be knocked away.


‘In other words…

‘The opponent will be knocked away flying.

‘But I will catch the opponent.

‘If the part I grab is his head…


Xu Xiaoshou felt sick for a moment.

‘Thats also not quite right.

Nothing is going to happen if the opponent doesnt strike!

However, Xu Xiaohu thought it over and figured that he could strike if his opponent didnt strike.

‘If I strike the opponent, the effectiveness of the combined technique will be invincible.

Xu Xiaoshou felt weakness in his feet.

‘Will I be invincible

‘Its impossible.

Absolute invincibility doesnt exist in this world.

I must have some shortcomings!

The young man held his knees with his hands, thinking about the issue.

After a long while, he clapped his hands with a thrill as something dawned on him.

‘Thats right.

As long as my opponent has a strong physical body, the opponent can also achieve the effect of Toughness and transfer the hidden double force back to me!

‘Wonderful, I will be… No, something is not right.

Xu Xiaoshou realized again that the physical body that could transfer the hidden double force back to him must be someone with a body stronger than the body of a Master.

‘How is this possible


After realizing this, Xu Xiaoshou could no longer support himself on his weak knees and fell to the ground.

The corners of his mouth twitched, and his eyelids flickered.

It was hard to tell whether he was excited or agitated, he was unconsciously murmuring.

“Its impossible!”

“Its impossible.

I could never be invincible!”

Nearly half a day had passed.

Hundreds of combat possibilities had been considered, but he still hadnt been able to find a way to solve the quandary.

Xu Xiaoshou felt his heart wrenching from time to time.

He covered his chest with his hands as his expression was continuously changing.

“Heh, heh, heh, heh…”

Xu Xiaoshou had recovered from near suffocation.

To relax his body, which was on the verge of cramping, he hastened to choose a magic pill from the ring and sucked it in fiercely.


A violent energy turned into two spiritual dragons passing through his nostrils and entering his energy reserve.

Xu Xiaoshou opened his eyes wide, realizing that something had gone wrong.

The spiritual energy…

How come it was seemingly many times stronger than the Spiritual Cultivation Pill

He lowered his head, picked up a bit of the pill with two fingers, and put it under his nostrils.

He smelled the odor of an Origin Court Pill.

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

“Oh, oh!”

The young man fell on the ground and suddenly clamped his legs together.

His face was turning red.


“Crap, no!”

Xu Xiaoshou turned his wrists backward.

His neck was sticking up high.

He struggled to roll over.

His body was too sensitive.

He only felt better when he stayed put.

If he moved his body…

“I… ah, ah, ah!”

“Oh, sh*t!”


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