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Chapter 281: Instant Active Technique

The tumbling and reverberating waves of spiritual energy hit every corner of the room, bounced back, and surged again.

A slight mysterious aura could be sensed in the air, which was the enlightenment of the heavenly Dao.

Xu Xiaoshou laid on the floor like a dead fish with his hands clinging to the sides of his thighs.

His whole body was straight.

However, his legs were apart from his knees down and looked like a twitching mermaid.

‘Did I have a breakthrough

Without checking the energy reserve, Xu Xiaoshou could tell that the obstacle for the mid-stage of Origin Court State had been knocked down.

The effect of his Breathing Technique to absorb magic pills was already a hundred times better than ordinary people at the acquired level.

Even cultivation geniuses could merely absorb one-tenth of what Xu Xiaoshou could absorb of magic pills.

With one Origin Court Pill and the help of the Innate Level Breathing Technique, Xu Xiaoshou almost thought that he had returned to the day when he got out of the Outer Yard.

He felt something that was no different from the feeling he had when he absorbed the magic pill the first time.

‘But Ive already been to Tianxuan Gate and had some experiences!

Xu Xiaoshou wanted to cry.

Yet it also occurred to him that Origin Court Pill, which was a seventh-grade pill, was incomparable to a ninth-grade Spiritual Cultivation Pill.

Unfortunately, his well-maintained cultivation progress was once again interrupted by an accident.

As expected, in this world, there were always uncertainties.

He had thought that the early and midstages were seemingly not so different.

Xu Xiaoshou checked the energy reserve and was a little surprised.

In fact, the difference was quite pronounced.

To cultivate from the early stage to the peak stage would take more time than to cultivate from the third realm to Innate.

The need for spiritual energy was the same.

After breaking through the mid-stage, the energy reserve had more than doubled.

Moreover, the solidification of the spiritual energy was once again greatly reinforced.

‘As such, if I employ spiritual techniques, my combat power will double, he thought.

‘No wonder those guys cultivate desperately and want to break through the stages.

It turns out that it is the best and fastest way to cultivate.

‘Unfortunately, this path is not suitable for me.

If Xu Xiaoshou could one day comprehend a Master spiritual technique or come up with enlightenment, he would be considered someone with full talent.

Yet it was still unsuitable for him.

At the moment, he had no choice but to put aside the matter of stages for the time being.

Xu Xiaoshou could do nothing about the consolidation of cultivation, which should have been left for the Breathing Technique to take care of.

He fixed his focus on the red interface in Yuan Mansion.

Passive Points: 82,020.

He remained silent for a while.

“Ive been impulsive.”

His original plan was to draw 10 in a row.

Unfortunately, there was no good result.

In a desperate state, he drew an extra 50,000 Passive Points, which Xu Xiaoshou didnt even realize at the time.

‘I shouldnt have drawn so much, and I have lost a single digit by doing so.

However, he was not too upset about it.

He thought it was useless to feel remorse.

‘Luckily I have won something.

If not, Xu Xiaoshou wasnt sure whether he would keep on drawing until he lost the rest of the remaining 80,000 points.

He thought that he was quite lucky to obtain a Passive Technique that he could use with other techniques to make himself stronger.

He still thought that it was not enough.

Though he had added an Innate Level Passive Technique and imagined it to be a wonderful skill, it might have limited usage in actual combat.

Xu Xiaoshou glanced back and forth at the dozen of main Passive Techniques before he finally paused.

Recoil Innate 1.

This was a marvelous technique.

Compared to a Passive Technique like Sharpness, which had yet to be developed, this technique was the only one able to play a major role during combat.

Once the enemy was close, they would be unexpectedly struck by the Recoil.

It would work both in theory and practice.

Xu Xiaoshou hadnt seen anyone who could maintain a calm expression on their faces after they hit him.

They all looked like they had just eaten sh*t.

It was disgusting to watch them.

He didnt deny the disgusting nature of this technique.

At the same time, he recognized its undeniable power.

With the newly obtained Toughness, it was natural for him to choose this Passive Technique.

In so doing, his opponent would have their sh*t recoiled out after they attacked him rather than looking like they had eaten sh*t.

Xu Xiaoshou acted immediately as he thought of it.

He ordered 10 skill points without hesitation.

Recoil Master 1.

With a strong resonation in his chest, Xu Xiaoshou felt that he had an endless surge of energy.

It was as if there was an additional force of ancient dragons and elephants in his simple and unadorned flesh.

He felt that he could crack the heavens with one punch.

‘Wait a second!

In a sudden flash of spiritual light, Xu Xiaoshou opened his eyes wide.

‘Crack the heavens

In the past, he couldnt achieve that.

He would have been knocked away due to the Recoil when he wielded his fist.

But it was different now.

With Toughness, the power of a punch could be completely channeled to his target…

Even if it was a part of empty space.

Xu Xiaoshou was agape in shock.

He had seen Ye Xiaotians Hand of Ripping Heaven and knew that spatial rules existed in this world.

It was not invisible and massless.

On the contrary, it was more like the major elements, such as water and fire, being traceable.

‘As long as Im powerful enough, or I can comprehend the space, then with one punch…

‘This… This is none other than the legendary…

Xu Xiaoshou was on the verge of drooling.

He hastened to come before the bronze mirror on the table to examine himself while stroking his chin.

His beard had grown out because he was too lazy to take care of it.

Fortunately, the beard was not white since he was very healthy.

Yet, it didnt stop his soul from burning with excitement.

With a fire in his eyes, he pointed a finger at the bronze mirror and chastised crossly, “Be my son then!”

“Bah, I shouldnt say so.”

“How should I say it Its something to do with a boat.”

Xu Xiaoshou scratched his head.

He could no longer remember it clearly since it was a long time ago.

“Forget it.

This sentence is also quite good.

If I said,Be my son, to 10,000 people, I might get a lot of Passive Points.” Xu Xiaoshou laughed.

Though he couldnt remember the lines, he still recalled the scene of the heavens cracking.

He believed that he could achieve that feat himself.

Xu Xiaoshou clenched his fist, wielded his arm in the air, and threw out a punch

The feeling was completely different.

Previously, he would only have such a feeling when he was attacked, even though he had Recoil.

With Toughness, there was a counter-push force in his body.

Even if he punched the empty space, he could still send out the striking force.


The door exploded.

Wood chips flew in all directions, and a hole appeared in the doorway.

Xu Xiaoshou saw the corridor outside the door.


He was filled with surprised happiness.

He had almost jumped up to celebrate.

‘Have I achieved it

‘Although I didnt break the heavens, the attacking effect was exactly the one I have been looking for.

‘This is not a Passive Technique at all, but an instant Active Technique!

Gazing at the distance between the shattered big bed and the doorway, Xu Xiaoshou was ecstatic.

‘Has my attacking distance increased

‘I now have something that can produce the striking distance!


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