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Chapter 289: A Heavenly Game


The gentleman wearing white robes was furious.

He finally realized that these two had to be in cahoots.

“You two… How could the two of you do this in Magic Pill Technicians Association”

“So what”

Xu Xiaoshou said, “We were just casually chatting.

Why dont you mind your own business and just leave”

The gentleman wearing white robes did not know what to do.

If he were to leave just like that, wouldnt it be very shameful for him

“What is your name” he seriously asked as he raised his sword.

“I want to battle you!”

“A battle”

Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyebrows.

“You cant be expecting to beat me and then embrace the beauty, right”

The gentleman wearing white robes was speechless again.

‘This guy…

‘How could he have known what I was thinking!


“I What I Theres no need for explanations,” Xu Xiaoshou replied with a wave of his hands.

“As the saying goes, explaining is trying to cover up, which makes it the truth.”


The gentleman felt a pang in his chest as if had choked on blood.

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

“No way.

Are you going to start spurt blood so easily”

All was well before he said that.

As soon as he did, the red-faced gentleman felt pain in his chest.


There was no blood being spurted.

Instead, the air was filled with saliva.


Xu Xiaoshou displayed a disgusted expression.

He immediately covered his junior sister and pulled her back a few steps.

The gentleman felt embarrassed and shouted while pointing his sword toward the sky.

“You rascal! Dont leave! Fight me!”

“What an idiot…” Xu Xiaoshou sighed.

“No one battles nowadays.

If you want to fight, lets have a deathmatch.

Do you dare”

The gentleman in white robes was shocked.

‘That is a little… straightforward, isnt it

‘It does not have to go to that extent!

He had chickened out a little, but the people in the hall had already started to gather into a sizeable audience.

Under these gazes, as someone who was still young and impulsive, who would be able to endure


“Wait a minute!”

Xu Xiaoshou interrupted before the gentleman could speak again and said, “You should consider carefully.

Dont be impulsive.

Impulse is the devil!”

The gentleman finally calmed down a little, but Xu Xiaoshou continued, “You cannot defeat me, so theres no need for you to give up your life over such a tiny thing.”


This time, there were some signs of blood in the saliva that he spurted.

‘As a cultivator with Upper Spiritual Level, do you think I cant defeat you




Cursed, Passive Points 1.

Xu Xiaoshou was baffled.

He raised his hand and pointed in a direction, signaling that this time it was not him who spoke.

The gentleman turned around.

He could not understand why he was so unlucky.

How could one trip become so unendurable

The one who spoke was apparently a guard that he knew.

He held his fists and greeted him.

“Master Fu, this is the Magic Pill Technicians Association.

Please be careful.”

With that, he looked at Xu Xiaoshou, walked up to him, and softly asked, “This gentleman, could you kindly let Master Fu speak a few words He looks like he is at his limits.”

Xu Xiaoshou hesitated to respond.

Master Fu

He felt that the surname was a little familiar.

Fu Yinhong

Recalling the female vice commander of the City Guards in the back alley of Plenty Gold Company the other day, Xu Xiaoshous face became weird.

‘It cant be.

This world cant be this small, right

‘Is it possible that the surname Fu is a prestigious surname in Tiansang City

He pulled the guard over and softly asked, “What is the mayors surname”

Sympathy flashed across the guards face.

He knew instantly that this guy came from outside the city.

What local would dare talk to the mayors son this way

“His surname is Fu.

This is the mayors son, Fu Xing!”

Xu Xiaoshous heart skipped a beat, and his legs were like jelly as he felt a pang of regret.

Fu Xing…

The mayors eldest son…

It meant that the Fu Yinhong he saw that day could be this guys sister.

Had both of them come from the mayors mansion

How could he, as someone who had just left the mountains, so coincidentally meet all these famous people

Was it just that all these famous characters lived within Tiansang City

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the gentleman and clarified, “Is your surname Fu”

“No, my surname is not Fu!”

The mayors son Fu Xing already hardened his resolve to battle Xu Xiaoshou.

He knew that if his real identity was exposed, Xu Xiaoshou might not dare to fight him anymore.


He could not always rely on the City Guards to help him settle problems whenever he ran into them.

“Do you want to fight me” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

“Thats right.”

“If that is the case, can I set the rules”

Xu Xiaoshou knew that he could not avoid this battle.

If he did not settle it now, it might bring even more problems in the future.

‘As for Fu Yinhong, there should not be much of a problem regarding that city guard I attacked the other day, right

Fu Xing was stunned.

This guy seemed to already know his identity, but he still dared to accept the battle invitation.

He started to see him in another light.

Glancing at Mu Zixi, Fu Xing raised his head and said, “Sure.”


Xu Xiaoshou clapped and said, “I have a way of battling that is totally up to the heavens to decide.

Do you accept”

“Why not!”

“What if you lose”

Fu Xing mockingly asked, “Do you think I will lose”


“Ha-ha-ha!” Fu Xing let out a big laugh.

“If I lose, you can do whatever you want!”

“If I can do whatever I want to you, then wont I become your master”

Once he said that, the faces in the audience all looked at him differently.

Xu Xiaoshou sensed something amiss and quickly added, “Your identity is too prestigious, so that would not be appropriate.

If you lose, you only have to call me a big brother.

You dont have to call me master!”

Fu Xing smiled coldly.

The fellow seemed to be really confident.

This game of unforeseen results had not even started yet, but he already seemed to know the results.

Would he win

“If that is the case, let us begin,” Xu Xiaoshou said vaguely.


Fu Xing had become weary of being tricked by Xu Xiaoshou and could see the loophole in Xu Xiaoshous words.

“You have not finished saying everything yet.

What happens if you lose”

Xu Xiaoshou was surprised.

Did this guy actually have brains

“If I lose…” He hesitated a while but did not want to lose himself in the end.

“If I lose, I will give you the thing you want the most.”

“Oh” Fu Xing was curious.

“Do you know what I want the most”


Xu Xiaoshou pushed Mu Zixi forward.

“Dont you want this”

Mu Zixi was shocked and speechless.

She realized that every time she watched Xu Xiaoshou battle, she was somehow dragged in to be a part of it.

Why does this keep happening

Cursed, Passive Points, 1, 1, 1, 1…

Fu Xings eyes flickered with surprise, but to agree to battle this way was too frivolous.

‘Should I not agree, it does not feel right…

“Stop pretending.”

Xu Xiaoshou exposed him.

“Let us start straight away.”

Fu Xings face was red, but he did not want to bring up the wager anymore.

He said, “You can explain the rules now.”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded and walked forward with hands behind his back.

“This is a simple Heavenly game.

The gamble here is based on luck and should not have been played in this world before.”

“It goes like this.

You open your palm and spread your five fingers.

This means your destiny.”

“At this time, to choose your own destiny, you can only show two fingers, which signifiesI can choose my own destiny, andNever bow down!”

“To counter this, you can only keep the heavenly way…”

“And show a fist” Fu Xing blurted out.

“Yes! Only with a fist can you stop those who want to defy destiny since destiny is something that should not be defied against…”

Xu Xiaoshou stopped midway as he noticed something was amiss.

He raised his head and saw Fu Xings darkened face.

He was instantly shocked.

“Do you know this game”


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