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Chapter 293: Help Me, Master President

Fu Xing coyly said, “I dont consider it a strike…”

He thought of the guy and remembered that he didnt seemingly strike either.

‘In that case, I still owe him a punch…

Fu Xing suddenly felt a headache.

“You do not need to be afraid.

The brazen person who dared to strike in my Pill Pagoda has no way to leap to the sky.”

Shi Ti thought that Fu Xing didnt dare to mention who the attacker was and spoke with a sneer.

Even with the sneer, his face was still somewhat benevolent, but his tone was not very pleasing to the ears.

“What is the cultivation level of the person who has made such a destruction here”

“The Master Level”

“The Throne Level”

Seeing the reticent expression on Fu Xings face, Shi Ti thought that the lad would have exploded on the spot if it was a Throne-level swordsman who had struck him.

According to the rules of the continent, Throne-level swordsmen could only fight against those at Throne level.

They were not allowed to attack Spiritual Cultivators at a lower level.

It looked like Fu Xing was taught a lesson by someone at the Master Level.

Yet, his sword work was quite outstanding, and the ordinary swordsmen at the Heavenly Image State couldnt hurt him at all.

Thinking of this, Shi Ti ventured, “Is he some in the Ying Yang State In the peak stage of the Ying Yang State”

“Or… someone in the Star Worship State!”

Fu Xing was panicked.

He couldnt let President Shi Ti keep brainstorming any further.

Honestly, he was afraid that he would be in a worse situation when Master President listed all the possibilities.

“Its not like that.”

The eldest young master blushed and tilted his head aside.

“Its the Origin Court State… The Origin Court State, and in the middle stage of the Origin Court State,” he said while staring at a crack on the ground.

He was truly inclined to hide in the crack.


After remaining silent for a while, the plate holding the magic pills in the hands of the female assistant dropped onto the ground due to the shock of hearing that fact.

As a matter of fact, the plate hadnt been knocked over by the blast earlier.

The rest of the group was dumbfounded as well and unable to speak.

After feeling astonished for a long moment, President Shi Ti had a slightly pale face.

“Origin Court State”

“Are you kidding me, lad”

Pointing to the big hole in the ground and looking at the crowd, who lifted their heads upwards, Shi Ti angrily asked, “Are you telling me that it was someone in the Origin Court State who caused such a big hole”

Fu Xing explained, “I cant say it was he who made the hole.

It was mainly because my Purple Dragon Chant was recoiled…”

As he mentioned the recoil, Fu Xing thought of the guys Recoil power again.

He found that he couldnt give a clear explanation any longer.

‘Maybe I could also knock a hole in this wall if I punched it.

“Ugh, I dont think I can explain it.”

Fu Xing had no intention to have himself embarrassed again.

At the moment, he would rather go back home and sleep with a quilt wrapped around his head.

‘Just consider it a dream…

Seeing him stop talking and his desperate expression, Shi Ti realized that there must be something else involved in the incident.

He waved his hand.

“Go down with me.

We will interrogate the culprit together face to face.

With the guards present, I dont think the culprit can escape!”

Fu Xing pouted and weakly said, “I dont want to go down there.”

‘What The lad doesnt want to face the culprit…

‘Does he want to shrink away from the confrontation

‘He wants to stay away!

In this world, one might be able to live a more comfortable life if one could learn to give up on facing reality.

“You dont want to.”

Shi Ti raised his voice by several decibels, saying, “This is not a question of whether you want to or not.

There is a big hole here.

If you dont want to go down to confront him, do you want your father to come here to confront him”


Fu Xings face turned green.

‘Where will I hide my face if my old father comes here


‘To go down and face the guy…

“No, I dont want to…”

Shi Ti rolled his eyes before he heaved Fu Xing into the hole and jumped in after him.

It was actually quite convenient.

There was no need to walk down the stairs now.


‘The damned attacker blasted my Pill Pagoda very badly! This old man will not let you escape, even if you have two wings!


The footsteps could be heard throughout the building.

Some of them were running down the stairs, and some chose to jump down the building one level at a time.

No matter whether they were the onlookers or the ones who were angered due to the explosion of the stove, none of them struck.

It was obvious that they were all from high society and had a cultivated temperament.

Cursed, Passive Points, 67.

Resented, Passive Point, 1.

Gazed, Passive Points, 233.


Xu Xiaoshou was worried.

With a group of people watching, any newcomer would be able to tell where their attention should lie.

Seeing the surprised and angry expressions in the eyes of onlookers, Xu Xiaoshou had the intention to leave the place.

After all, the matter of finding President Shi Ti could wait for a while, and the matter of taking the exam for the magic pill technician badge was not that urgent.

“Junior Sister, lets take our leave–”

“You cant leave!”

The guard interrupted him right away.

In fact, he was the one on the scene who was more panicked than Xu Xiaoshou.

However, as the duty of a guard, he could not let the culprit leave the scene like this.

“I didnt strike at all,” Xu Xiaoshou said genuinely.

“I know you didnt strike.” The guard let out a sigh of relief and continued, “Yet, I have no choice but to keep you here to explain what has happened.”

“Why cant you explain what has happened yourself Its not something that Ive done!”

He had caused quite a bit of destruction in the Tiansang Spirit Palace before, which he could admit, but he could not admit it this time because he didnt cause the destruction.

Here was in the Pill Pagoda, not Tiansang Spirit Palace.

No one would back him up, so he decided that he could admit nothing no matter what.

On the other hand, it was not his fault in the first place.

“Let Xu Xiaoshou go please.” Mu Zixi, who stood on one side, couldnt help but speak out.

The guard shook his head slowly while looking at her.

The little girl displayed a pitiful expression in her eyes.

“Are you sure you really want to keep him here”

The guard couldnt tell the meaning in her eyes and just nodded his head.

It was something that was out of his hand.

The guard thought that it might not be a bad thing for Xu Xiaoshou to stay put.

Mu Zixi signaled that she understood what the guard meant and took a step back.

The indifferent expression returned to her big eyes.

‘You are wrong.

‘The best thing you should do at the moment is to send the troublemaker away rather than keep him at all costs.


‘Ive tried my hardest.

She looked at her senior brother and found that he looked a little restless, moving his feet constantly.

However, his eyes revealed a thoughtful beam.

‘What is he thinking

Mu Zixi was alarmed and hurriedly retreated a few steps in an attempt to avoid being accidentally injured.


“President Shi Ti is here!”

Along with the surprised cries, an old man with white hair fell down from the sky.

Xu Xiaoshou looked in the direction of the falling old man.

He found that the old man looked extremely kind, which corresponded to the image of a respectful magic pill technician that he had imagined.

Judging by the appearance alone, he must have been a good old man.

President Shi Ti walked over slowly with anger showing faintly in his eyes.

He tried to make himself look a bit malicious, but he failed to do so.

Instead, he made himself look more like a funny old man.

Shi Ti came in the middle of the crowd of onlookers.

Following closely behind him was none other than Fu Xing, who lowered his head due to embarrassment.

“Are you the culprit”

Hearing the question, everyone present fell silent.

They had been all waiting for this moment, and the moment had arrived.

This young man dared to strike in the Pill Pagoda.

Did he think that he could do whatever he wanted because President Shi Ti was a nice person

“Are you the president”

Shi Ti nodded his head.

After receiving the affirmative answer, Xu Xiaoshou took a deep breath.

His eyes turned red instantly.

Xu Xiaoshou was like a child who had suffered a monstrous grievance and finally found someone who could do justice for him.

Watched by the shocked eyes of the crowd, Xu Xiaoshou threw himself to President Shi Ti and wrapped his arms around his leg with a grieved expression on his face.

In the next second, the tears came out of the young mans reddened eyes like a spring as he cried out with a howl.

“Help me, Master President!”


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