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Chapter 295: Elder Sang by Greater Goose Lake

Mu Zixi shivered, showing disbelief on her face.

‘Is he Xu Xiaoshou

If she hadnt seen the terrifying killing power of her own senior brother, she would have thought he was a guy with a pale face who was too weak to hold down a chicken.

‘But its not true!

‘He is actually a big bad wolf!

‘All this is a show he has put on!

As the little girl was about to say something, Xu Xiaoshou shot her a fierce look through the gap between the fingers of his hands that covered his crying face.

Mu Zixi chose to remain silent.

Admired, Passive Point, 1.

As expected, people were sympathetic to the weak ones.

Not everyone was aware of Xu Xiaoshous past formidable battle records.

After hearing the lads pitiful words, the expressions on the faces of the crowd had all changed.

They had changed, one by one, from indifference in the beginning to sympathy and finally to empathy and pity.

“Its too abominable.

I cannot stand it any longer.

I want to testify for this young man.

Indeed, he hasnt done anything from the beginning to the end!”

“Yes, yes, Master President should know the truth.

This young man didnt do anything wrong.

All of us can testify that it was Young Master Fu who struck first.”

“Baby, dont cry.

This big sister will help you!”

“Well, Young Master Fu, your words and actions were too over the top.

He is really pitiful!”


Fu Xing was confused.

‘What have I done

‘What did I say

‘He was the one who has been talking and insulting from the beginning to the end!

Questioned, Passive Point, 1.

President Shi Ti felt a severe headache coming on.

He had fully realized that Xu Xiaoshou perhaps didnt do anything although he had described it a bit too vividly.

Otherwise, so many onlookers couldnt testify for him.

On the other hand, could he blame Fu Xing for the hole in the Pill Pagoda and the explosion of the magic pill stove

Yet how should he blame him

He was none other than the son of City Lord Fu.

Can he take off his pants and hit his butt like he did when he was a child

‘Youre kidding!

‘But how can I put up with the destruction

Even if Shi Ti was well-known as a nice and kind person, who wouldnt get furious when they saw their own house being blown up

He looked fiercely at the guard, thinking that it was all this guys fault.

“Do you have anything to say”

The guard had almost pissed in his pants in fear.

He thought that nobody would dare hire him if he was driven out by Master President, not to mention that he would lose his job.

‘Will I have to become a foot soldier for those rich-and-famous families

He felt that his future was quite bleak.

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt stand it anymore and said, “You cant blame him entirely!”

“In reality, the fact is that Young Master Fu hasnt cultivated enough, so the low level of his cultivation is to blame.”

Fu Xing was shocked.

He opened his eyes wide and was about to refute, but Xu Xiaoshou simply ignored him and continued, “The guard has done a good job and protected the safety of the crowd.”

“The most important thing is that he told me the surname of the young man, Fu.


Xu Xiaoshou suddenly lowered his voice.

He intended to say that Fu Xing would suffer a feat worse than flying away otherwise.

However, he didnt dare say that.

Since they were all adults now, they all needed to save face.

Fu Xing felt like the skin on his face was totally gone.

He did not need to save his face.

Although Xu Xiaoshou didnt say it explicitly, the people present were not stupid.

‘Do you think that no one can figure out what you meant Fu Xing thought.

Fu Xing argued, “Dont feel so good about yourself.

The fistfight is not my strong point to begin with.

If you have the guts, lets fight with our swords!”


Xu Xiaoshou was taken aback and retreated many paces.

“No need… There is no need for that!”

Although the fists and feet had no eyes, one could still live after the fight.

If the Hidden Bitter came out, a corpse would be left behind.

‘I can definitely not use such a weapon indiscriminately!

“All of you shut up!”

President Shi Ti was so upset that his body was trembling in anger.

He looked at the lad in front of him, who could talk in a smooth and damaging manner, and asked sternly, “Whats your name”

“Xu Xiaoshou.”

Xu Xiaoshou replied hurriedly, “I came all the way here to find you!”

“There is no need to find me.” Shi Ti waved his hand to stop him from continuing.

“According to you, no one is at fault for this incident.

Who is responsible for it then” Shi Ti asked.

“He is, of course!”

Xu Xiaoshou pointed at Fu Xing.

“This guy is the main culprit.

Although you may feel uncomfortable to punish him, just let him compensate for the losses!”

Fu Xing felt like he had almost choked.

He couldnt breathe properly at the moment.

‘How come you want me to compensate for the losses Why dont you say that my money is yours

He then thought of the bet and the phrase, “The vegetables are the original sin.”


Fu Xing took responsibility.

Xu Xiaoshou added immediately, “Of course, you have to compensate for the losses.

But dont forget the bet between the two of us!”

Fu Xing was speechless.

Cursed, Passive Point, 1.

Hearing the exchanges between Xu Xiaoshou and Fu Xing, President Shi Ti felt tired deep in his heart.

“All of you guys, get lost.

The Pill Pagoda doesnt welcome you.

Hurry up and leave!”

“What about me” the guard asked with a sorrowful and miserable expression in his eyes.


President Shi Ti didnt have the heart to expel the guard.

He knew this guard.

He had guarded the Pill Pagoda for many years dutifully.

He would have felt bad if he fired the guard because of the incident.

“You can stay, but Ill watch you and see how you behave for a while.

Get out of here, all of you.”

He waved his hand, signaling for the others to leave.

After all, it was an incident related to the eldest son of City Lord Fu.

He had to take the face of Fu Xing into account.

Otherwise, a few people would feel embarrassed.

Ending the matter peacefully and repairing the Pill Pagoda later was the best outcome.

“President… President…”

Fu Xing followed him closely behind and said while rubbing his hands, “I came here to watch my young sister take the exam.


Shi Ti paused.

His eyelids twitched wildly as he helplessly said, “Go, go then.

Get out of here as soon as you receive her!”

As Shi Ti was to put down his step, he heard another voice behind him.

“President… President!”

Shi Ti sighed.

He turned his head around and saw Xu Xiaoshou.

“What else do you want” Shi Ti asked through his gritted teeth.

He could tolerate Fu Xing due to his father, City Lord Fu, but how dare this young speak to him now

The Pill Pagoda ended up like this, and he was partially responsible for it.


Xu Xiaoshou smiled embarrassingly and said, “I cant leave either because Im here to take the exam for the magic pill technician badge.”

“What” Fu Xing gasped immediately.

The crowd of onlookers was about to leave, but all of them paused suddenly after hearing that.

‘Taking the exam for the badge!

‘Are you sure youre here for the exam, lad

‘It seems that youve come here to blow up things!

Suspected, Passive Points, 66.

“Are you a magic pill technician” Shi Ti was equally stunned.

“Not yet, but I will be one soon.”

Shi Ti laughed, thinking that this lad was indeed naive and lovely.

‘No matter how kind and amiable my personality is, how can you ask to join my extended family after you have blown up my family

‘Its impossible!

‘Its simply ridiculous and absurd!

“Are you sure that you want to take the exam now Do you believe that you can pass” Shi Ti felt a pang of a toothache because the thought disgusted him so much.

Xu Xiaoshou replied seriously, “I am confident in my own ability.

At the same time, I also believe that Master President is not the kind of unforgiving person who will give me a hard time because of this trivial matter.”

Trivial matter… Unforgiving person…

The onlookers instantly felt a sense of awe about the young man, thinking that this Xu Xiaoshou was really full of guts.

Admired, Passive Points, 66.

Shi Ti was so angry that he felt amused.

As he was about to say something, Xu Xiaoshou changed the topic.

“If Master President wants to see something other than abilities…”

Xu Xiaoshou turned his head around and spread his hand in front of the girl with the twin ponytails, saying, “Give me the letter.”

A letter fell into his hand.

Xu Xiaoshou took a deep breath as he looked at the distance.

He then asked with deep emotion, “President, do you still remember Elder Sang by Greater Goose Lake”


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