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Chapter 297: Young Sister, You Passed the Exam

Was ones destructive power really calculable

Shi Ti fell silent.

He suddenly felt that he couldnt figure out his old friend from the Divine Hall anymore.

Judging by the letter and content inside alone, it seemed that Elder Sang had only guessed that Xu Xiaoshou might cause some kind of big commotion there that even Shi Ti could not withstand.

However, even though the Pill Pagoda had a hole in it, Shi Ti was not so narrow-minded as to hate a junior for the act.

But was it so simple

Looking at Xu Xiaoshou, Shi Ti suddenly asked, “What is Elder Sang to you”

The lad had mentioned that his junior sister was Elder Sangs disciple, but what about himself

The disciples at Tiansang Spirit Palace called each other by junior and senior brothers and sisters.

As such, Shi Ti didnt think Xu Xiaoshou was Elder Sangs personal disciple.

If he was, it was impossible for the lad to not claim it.

Xu Xiaoshou thought of the agreements he had with Elder Sang and answered solemnly, “Elder Sang is my vice dean.”

The answer was one he had expected.

Shi Ti felt relieved.

The letter seemed to talk about the lad only.

In essence, it was a scheme to divert his attention.

‘Your precious disciple came over for the examination, and you are afraid!

‘Youve used so many tactics in an attempt to focus my attention on this lad Xu Xiaoshou.

‘Ha-ha, how ridiculous you are

‘I will not fall for your trick!

‘Mu Zixi is the more important one.

There is no way to divert my attention!

“Do you two want to take the exam for the magic pill technician badge”

The two of them nodded their heads.

Shi Ti put the letter back into the envelope, placed it in his bosom, and looked at Mu Zixi.

“This old mans proposal was not a joke or to test you.

Little girl, dont rush to refuse my proposal yet.

You should take some more time to think it over.”

Having said that, he walked to the stairs and started going up.

“Come with me.

Lets go up to take the exam.”

Hearing this, the crowd was in an uproar.

“My god, judging by what the president has just said, he is going to forgive the blast of the Pill Pagoda and let the two guys off who did it.

He is also going to let him take the exam.

“Whoa, the president is such a good person.

Its hard to find another righteous and upright person like the president in this world.”

“You guys are focusing on the wrong point.

That letter is the most important factor.

What was written in it has changed Master Presidents mind!”

“You ask me what is written in the letter, but whom should I ask about it Do you dare check out the content of the letter”

“There is no need to focus on the letter.

Elder Sang, the person who has never shown up as the vice president of the Magic Pill Technicians Association but still has the title, is the most important factor.”

“Oh Since you mentioned it, Ive also heard that President Shi Ti and Elder Sang were lovers when they were young.”

Shi Ti stalled on the stairs when he heard that and almost fell down the stairway.

“All of you, get the hell out of here!”

“Okay, okay, okay.”

Everyone was so shocked that they retreated as quickly as they could.

Xu Xiaoshou and Mu Zixi looked at each other with shocked expressions on their faces.

Mu Zixi caught up with Shi Ti, but Xu Xiaoshou found a chance to walk away.

He grabbed the last speaker and asked, “Could you tell me about the young lovers more clearly”

“Xu Xiaoshou! Get your ass over here!”

“Oh, oh.” Xu Xiaoshou did not expect that Master President was paying attention to him.

He let go of that persons hand feeling disappointed.

Before he left, he lowered his voice.

“Whats your name Give me your address.

Im interested in your story very much.”

“Hurry up!”


Im coming.” Xu Xiaoshou took a step and continued while turning his head around, “I…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he found that he was suddenly floating in the air.

When he looked down, he was sitting on the shoulders of President Shi Ti.

Xu Xiaoshou was surprised.

It turned out that this old president was Throne State as well.

Everyone was stunned.

“Crap, what am I seeing Master President is carrying someone on his shoulders.”

“What kind of treatment is this”

“I also want to have such a treatment.”

Xu Xiaoshou gestured on the shoulders of Master President with his hands and twisted his mouth.

However, even though Xu Xiaoshou was not afraid, the speaker was terribly afraid.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at him expectantly, but the speaker shook his head silently as if a seal was put on his mouth.

Seventh floor…

Unlike the large floors below, few people were seen here strolling around and buying any magic pills.

All the people here were magic pill technicians.

They all wore the uniform for magic pill technicians.

They gathered in groups of three or five and discussed something around a table.

When they discussed an important issue, some of them would get so excited that they would slap the table and pull on their beards.

As a result, the noble impression Xu Xiaoshou had about the magic pill technicians was ruined by their action of pulling on their beards.

Some young ones, who obviously were brought here by the elders of the family, were standing respectfully outside the discussing groups taking notes.

“This is a strong learning atmosphere.”

Xu Xiaoshou commented sentimentally.

In the eyes of many others, the Magic Pill Technicians Association was probably just a place where they could purchase the most authentic magic pills.

Yet, as far as these old scholars were concerned, the site was a holy one.

‘If I can use my own method of making the magic pills to convince these old men, the feeling of accomplishment would be as much as impressing those national level Go masters when I occupied a large area in Go game.

The arrival of Shi Ti and the group didnt attract much attention from the crowd.

Xu Xiaoshou had been placed on the ground a long time ago.

The president had no intention of carrying him around on his shoulders in front of these old men, which would be very humiliating for him.

The group passed through the noisy hall and came before a row of slightly hot rooms.

They were the rooms for making magic pills.

Mu Zixi grew a bit nervous.

She might have felt at ease when she was told to fight someone, but it was the first time that she was going to tackle the cultivation of magic pills, which was technical work.

As such, she felt a little uneasy.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt have such a feeling.

He had already perfected the Infernal Heavens alchemy technique in the past 10 days.

He had basically mastered all the ordinary methods of magic pill making.

Theoretically speaking, the possibility of an explosion was nearly impossible.

He turned his head around and saw Fu Xing following behind.

Xu Xiaoshou was puzzled, asking, “Are you here to take the exam for the magic pill technician”

“No, Im here to watch my young sister.”

“Watch your young sister”


Xu Xiaoshou fell silent for a moment and asked, “Is your sisters name Fu Yinhong”


Fu Xing wasnt surprised that Xu Xiaoshou knew his sisters name.

It was because he thought it would have been more of a surprise if someone didnt know those surnamed Fu in Tiansang City.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt feel surprised either because he was already prepared for the answer.

Fu Yinhong… Vice Commander Fu…

“Your sisters name is Fu Yinhong, so whats your young brothers name”

“I dont have a young brother.”

“Oh, what about your older brother”

“I dont have an older brother either.”

Xu Xiaoshou snapped back with wide-opened eyes, “Yes, you have an older brother!”

Fu Xing froze.

He was totally dejected.

He thought of the bet with Xu Xiaoshou.

Cursed, Passive Point, 1.

“He-he.” Xu Xiaoshou smiled and asked, “What should you call me again”


Fu Xing remained silent.

He wanted to fulfill the agreement from the bet due to the justice in his heart, but looking at the person in front of him, it was good enough for him to hold back the urge to punch him in the face.

Calling him older brother



A nearby magic pill room was opened.

A woman with short red hair and a shapely figure came out.

The woman looked different from the soldierly aura Xu Xiaoshou had seen earlier.

Without the armor on her head and body, Fu Yinhong had more of a feminine air.

Xu Xiaoshou had almost thought that she was a different woman.

After all, he was impressed with the vice commander, who was inclined to imprison someone when she lost her temper.

Fu Xing felt relieved.

He had been an upright person.

After meeting Xu Xiaoshou, he had learned to escape from any situation as soon as he could.

At that moment, Eldest Young Master Fu passed Xu Xiaoshou by brushing his shoulders.

He approached Fu Yinhong and put a hand on the womans shoulder.

He looked excited.

“Have you passed the examination”

Fu Yinhong ignored him and fixed her beautiful eyes on Xu Xiaoshou.

He looked somewhat familiar.

Actually, he looked very familiar.

Who was he

Xu Xiaoshou took a breath, thinking that he had no way to escape.

To not be imprisoned, he put on a facial expression that looked even more excited than Fu Xing.

He walked over and patted on the womans other shoulder.

The young man was excited.

It was like blood was boiling in his veins.

“Have you passed the exam”


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