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Chapter 301: Stand Back While I Cultivate Magic Pills

“Yes, you may use your own,” Yun He said.

Xu Xiaoshou nodded in satisfaction.

This alchemy cauldron was too small and delicate, and the earth fire was too inferior and low grade.

He was not used to it.

After arranging these items to one side, he managed to create some space in the small alchemy room.

Xu Xiaoshou recollected the size of his small tub.

His tub was a little bigger compared to the regular tub sizes.

It was comparable to Elder Sangs.

He looked at Yun He and said, “Take a step back.”


Yun He did not understand his request.

Take a step back He had every intention of playing the role of a dutiful receptionist, down to handing each piece of herb and ingredient to Xu Xiaoshou.

“Yes, take a step back.

Im going to refine the pills.”

Yun He was speechless.

‘You certainly have your air when it comes to refining pills!

Though he was displeased, he withdrew a few steps back.

Xu Xiaoshou hesitated for a moment and said, “Retreat to the door.”

Cursed, Passive Points, 1.

Yun Hes expression showed a touch of anger.

‘How about I leave you to your own devices and close the door on you

‘You can take your exam and get your certificate without supervision.

Is that okay, Young Master

Criticized, Passive Points, 1.

Xu Xiaoshou wasnt sure what to think.

This old man had a rich imagination.

He could not figure out what this good-for-nothing old man was thinking.

‘I am doing this for your good! he thought.

Nonetheless, he did not explain his actions further.

Once he saw that Yun He had retreated to the side, he retrieved his gigantic tub from his space ring.

It was so large that it could fit several people inside comfortably.


When the gigantic tub hit the ground, Yun Hes eyes nearly fell out of their sockets.

“Is this an … Alchemy cauldron”

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled.

“Do you think it is a bathtub”

Yun He was rendered speechless.

It surely resembled a bathtub.

Suspected, Passive Points, 1.

He was a little stumped by seeing such a large bath– alchemy cauldron.

If he were honest, this was the first time he had seen one like that in his entire life.

But there were many exceptional and eccentric alchemists in the world, each possessing unique refining styles.

Hence, he did not spare a second thought on it.

Perhaps this bathtub was a high-level spiritual weapon and could increase the success rate of alchemy.

Yun He extended his spiritual senses to scan the tub.

Apart from being extremely thick and sturdy, this alchemy cauldron did not appear extraordinary.

As for its level …

It was eighth grade.

The corners of Yun Hes mouth twitched.

Eighth grade was not deemed low.

It was also an Innate stage alchemy cauldron.

For one with an impressive background, how much could the success rate be boosted by using an eighth-grade alchemy cauldron

Xu Xiaoshou watched the colorful expressions on Yun Hes face and could not help but feel amused.

With a flick of his finger, he sent a refined Fire Seed to the base of the small tub.

Its blazing heat instantly lit the tub to a warm red color.

Yun He was caught by surprise.

Although he could not see anything with the naked eye, how could he not recognize this familiar scorching aura

He further extended his spiritual senses and saw the refined Fire Seed that was flying around at high speed.

“An invisible flame”

His mouth fell open slightly.

He was unable to hide his surprise.

To be honest, Xu Xiaoshous extensive preparation efforts took his breath away.

He had seen many alchemists with distinctive styles, but one that was so unconventional… This was a first.

Xu Xiaoshou looked over and reached out his hand for the ingredients.

“For the tenth-grade elixir, Ill choose the Red Gold Pill.

I have more confidence in this.”

Though he had mastered the condensing method of infernal heavens, he was not too familiar with it.

After all, it was not on par with his self-concocted Boiling Soup method.

This technique had little to do with the control of the fire.

However, it put his mastery of spiritual techniques to the test.

The good thing was that he finally learned it through hard work and effort.

When it came to refining the Red Gold Pills, he was quite confident in his ability.

Yun He didnt think much about it as this was practically the first choice of all alchemists.

He took out the spiritual ingredients from his space ring and was about to deliver it.

Xu Xiaoshou hurriedly stopped him.


“Youre fine standing there.

Theres no need to come over.

My alchemy method is rather unique.”

Xu Xiaoshou was, of course, familiar with his method of cultivating magic pills.

If this guy was Elder Sang, then he would not mind if he came closer to help himself keep a lid on any unexpected incidents.

Yun He was only Voidness State.

If he simply stood back a little farther, he would need to protect himself in the event that any accidents occurred.

Yun He, however, did not know that Xu Xiaoshou was showing consideration toward him, and his face turned dark again.

He knew that some alchemists were infamous for having obsessive-compulsive disorders, and some went to the extent of not even allowing others to watch them cultivate magic pills.

Thus, he decided to put up with it.

However, this was a special privilege extended to only high-grade alchemists.

For a mere tenth-grade test, this young man was putting on ridiculous airs.

Rebuked, Passive Points, 1.

Yun He sent over the tray with the spiritual ingredients by air.

Xu Xiaoshou smilingly accepted it.

With a wave of his hand, he poured all the spiritual ingredients into the cauldron and sent the tray back.

The old mans face instantly turned purple.

“Why… This is alchemy!”

“What are you doing A smorgasbord”

He felt his heart going into spasms.

Though the ingredients for the Red Gold Pill were relatively cheap, they were not for him to cook like a big stew.

Other people who refined magic pills did so step by step, one herb after another, to distill it into the elixir.

‘You, on the other hand… I dare say you have stepped foot into the Pill Pagoda for the alchemist examination to waste these ingredients!

Xu Xiaoshou said nothing.

Actions spoke louder than words.

His Infernal Heavens alchemy technique for cultivating magic pills was unconventional.

It was normal if one could not understand it, but for those who could, they had some substance.

After Yun Hes exclamation, he quieted down.

No matter what Xu Xiaoshou had intended to do, the alchemist examination had commenced.

If he were to cause a commotion, it would be his misdoing.

With that in mind, he settled down and soon realized that something was amiss.

This kid did not seem to be destroying the elixir.

Was he really cultivating magic pills

Dozens of medicinal herbs were divided.

Part of them were wrapped with spiritual sources and left untouched.

The remaining seven or eight medicinal herbs, surprisingly, were being refined at the same time.

Yun He almost cried out in shock once again.

Was he being taken on a ride

Even he did not dare to refine magic pills like this.

However, as time passed, the intrigued look on his face turned into one of astonishment.

This lads alchemy technique was extremely rudimentary.

It was fair to say that he had no technique at all.

Despite that, his control of the flame was so exceptional that it seemed to obey his every bidding.

When the temperature needed to be increased, subdued, set to a fiery blaze, or engulfed in a snug warmth…

He had done it all with absolute control.

Though this seemed straightforward and clear, there was a nagging strangeness he could not dismiss.

He looked at the crackling fire.

How could a formal alchemist examination exude a vibe of a haphazard cook fest


‘Is it an illusion

Yun He rubbed his eyes.

He was somewhat unconvinced.

The elixir fragrance that was gradually wafting out of the furnace fire seemingly bore a waft of a food aroma.

Even if it were vegetarian, it still succeeded in triggering his appetite.


The old man looked at Xu Xiaoshou very solemnly.

His brows creased together in a frown.

He possessed such a domineering invisible flame, a grand way of refining the elixir, and a large cauldron.

It reminded him of a certain legend of the Pill Pagoda.

However, there was a big difference.

He continued to watch him.

This lads hand was constantly waving in the air.

Even after staring at it with beady eyes, he was still completely unable to tell what technique he was using.

It was as if he was simply waving around.


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