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Chapter 303: The Pill Pagoda Was an Ominous Place Today

Meanwhile, in another alchemy room…

Mu Zixi was staring at the alchemy cauldron in front of her.

Her first choice was also to make a Red Gold Pill.

Her technique and method were adequate and passable, and she did not make mistakes at all.

Relying on her strong intuition of the wood element, she could grasp the best medicinal properties of the ingredients.

From refining the elixir to condensing the pills, every single step was in order.

It was a smooth alchemy practice.

Not surprisingly, this process produced a cauldron of excellent quality magic pills.

However, President Shi Ti frowned.

There was naturally nothing wrong with her alchemy process.

However, the technique this little girl used to condense the magic pills was very problematic.

Wasnt she the successor of Elder Sang

Why was her alchemy technique so rigid

It had to be wrong.

Since Old Man Sang was looking for a successor, how could he not pass on his Infernal Heavens alchemy technique knowledge to this apprentice

Moreover, if he did not intend to pass on his Infernal Heavens alchemy technique knowledge, why had he waited so long and invested so much effort in training so many prodigies

Shi Ti could not be more puzzled.

He had every intention of revisiting the alchemy of the infernal lineage and experiencing its overbearing power, but he never thought that this little girl would fail to surprise him.

“Could it be… Is the Red Gold Pill too simple and not worth the effort to reveal the existence of alchemy of the infernal lineage”

Shi Ti thought of this possibility.

He was a little speechless when it came to Elder Sang.

That lousy old man was indeed wicked.

If he did not intend to reveal his precious apprentice, why did he bother bringing a letter to see him directly

Now that the individual and her identity were exposed, what else was there to hide and conceal

‘How disheartening!

Shi Ti was deeply offended.

He likened this behavior to that lousy old mans ability to irritate others.

He did not give it further thought and continued to observe Mu Zixis alchemy.

It was a feast for the eyes.

Even if she didnt use the Infernal Heavenly alchemy technique, this little girl was a prodigy.

In the tenth-grade alchemy examination, there were not many people who could reach this step.

It would not come as a surprise if this girl could take the ninth-grade examination later.

‘What a treasure!

Shi Tis eyes glittered in excitement, and a strong yearning filled his heart.

No matter if it were people or objects, as long as Elder Sang approved of them, he wanted to seize them for himself.

‘Ill have to wait until the end first…

As he thought, the process of alchemy had come to an end.

Mu Zixi shook her head and focused her spirits.

She was about to condense her magic pill.



There was a violent explosion in the next room, which directly caused her heart to palpitate.

Under her trembling hands, the flames could not be controlled.

The alchemy cauldron suddenly throbbed.

The elixir within instantly turned into ash.

A burning smell wafted out.

“This is bad!”

“Its going to explode!”

The little girls face instantly turned pale.

She thought she had it all calculated carefully, and she even deliberately sent Xu Xiaoshou away.

She did not want him to watch her perform alchemy because she was afraid of being disturbed.

The Pill Pagoda was very intuitive and separated everyone into individual rooms.

Each person had their own room.

There were no such things as dangerous events arising from a crowd watching one person performing alchemy.

Even though she thought she had it all planned out, she still failed to escape the fate of being forcibly disturbed.

That explosion sound couldnt be more familiar.

Relying on her powerful ability to control medicine, the little girl worked up a sweat to salvage the situation on hand.

She managed to prevent the pill from exploding in the furnace and let the air cool down.


There was another violent blast.

Mu Zixi turned her head and looked to the other side.

She succeeded in controlling her alchemy cauldron, but it was evident that the alchemist in the room next to the neighboring room did not seem to be able to accomplish that perfect control.

“Be careful!”

President Shi Tis exclamation made her look back.

The little girls eyes widened.

She only caught sight of the alchemy cauldron trembling violently again because of her momentary distraction.

This time, no one could stop it.



Mu Zixi was scorched from head to toe.

She looked at the president, whose clothes were no longer resplendent, and hair was no longer white.

A passing silence loomed over them.

The air was quiet.

Many old men in the court looked sideways.

What was going on today

Was there no end to it

Every so often, an explosion sounded from the Pill Pagoda.

Was it even capable of withstanding the blows

“By the way, those candidates in the three rooms were all brought over by President Shi Ti, right”

“It seems that President Shi Tis judgment is declining day by day!”

“Shhh, dont say anything that shouldnt be said! Im curious how there could be explosions one after another, and each louder than the one before.

Wouldnt it affect alchemists in other rooms”

“Yeah, perhaps the door isnt closed.”

As everyone was deep in discussion, Xu Xiaoshou rushed out of the alchemy room where the door had been blown up with an anxious expression on his face.

“Where is Old Man Yun He”

Everyone stood up in shock as he shouted.

“Whats wrong Whats wrong with Elder Yun”

“Didnt the old man facilitate you for the alchemy examination, yet youre still asking us”

“Senior Yun He…”

A faint female voice suddenly spoke, which instantly attracted everyones attention.

She blushed and silently pointed in the direction of the stairs.

“Is that him”

Xu Xiaoshous spiritual senses prompted him to look over instantly.

That was an old man with a scorched body and dried blood coated his face.

He was moaning for help.

The short intervals between the three consecutive blasts had attracted everyones attention, hence, no one could hear him.

Xu Xiaoshou was taken aback.

At the foot of the staircase…

How did this old guy get there

An entire court separated the alchemy rooms and stairs.

If he flew this distance over, how could no one have noticed

Xu Xiaoshou soon discovered a clue.

He closely examined the alchemy room where it all started.

There was a red and black mark on the ceiling from the door panel upward.

The answer was quite obvious now.

Old Man Yun He was sent flying from the impact of the explosion.

His body was too frail to be blown through the ceiling.

Under the suppression of the barrier, he suffered from a bloody injury.


“This is rather inconceivable!”

Xu Xiaoshou ran over quickly and helped him up.

The old man was still groaning.

Xu Xiaoshou hurriedly moved closer but could only hear a few words intermittently.


“Snake” Xu Xiaoshou was taken aback.

“What snake”

“Snake, snake puppets…”


“The technique…” Yun Hes eyes were still blazing hot.

Finally, he uttered the two words he wanted most.

Xu Xiaoshous face turned dark.

This man was nearly killed, but he was still thinking about the technique.

He quickly took out some honey to feed him, and the old mans breath became more stable.

“I told you to stay away, yet you didnt listen.

Are you satisfied now”


The old man could not catch his breath and passed out instantly.

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

Voidness State

How weak!

This old man probably achieved the Voidness State by consuming magic pills.

Everyone was still busy discussing and pointing out their views, though they were clueless about what was going on.

Since when did facilitating alchemists become a life-threatening event

Some old friends of Yun He came over.

Xu Xiaoshou quickly passed him to them.

The old guys took over with unfriendly faces.

They seemed to want to say something, but when they saw that this lads cultivation level was at the mid-state of Origin Court…

Never mind.

What kind of tricks could one pull with a mid-stage Origin Court cultivation

Alchemy was not even sword practice.

Its destructive force was nowhere on par with that.

They guessed that the lad had no intention of causing an explosion.

Yun He must have fallen into this state to save him.


If he was saving someone, how could he get injured so badly

Suspected, Passive Points 32.

Sure enough, a thousand words could paint colorful stories.

If one was to summarize the days events into a single sentence, it had to be:

The Pill Pagoda was an ominous place today.


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