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Half of his body felt like it was frozen in a vault of ice, while the other half felt like it was being dipped into a volcano.

Comfort and pain assaulted him at the same time.

While his body was being destroyed by the scorching energy, it was doubly restored by the effects of the Red Gold Pill and Eternal Vitality.

The extreme energy of fire and ice intertwined as they entered his body.

Xu Xiaoshou, who was merely the vessel of the energy, could only feel pain.




Xu Xiaoshous teeth chattered.

He had completely lost control over the energies.

In fact, he could no longer control the Breathing Technique.

The energies that were coursing within his body tore past his meridians and instantly entered his energy reserve.

His energy reserve sizzled, threatening to rip apart.

The pain was enough to make a person go insane.

There was a charred smell in the surroundings.

The grass Xu Xiaoshou was sitting on instantly died from the heat.

Around him, the willow trees gradually changed from a tender green to yellow, then black, and the white jade railings around the lake were covered in a layer of soot.

The plump geese ran around in fright, as if the water in the lake was about to cook them alive.

In Xu Xiaoshous body, the scorching energy wanted to continue rampaging after it entered his energy reserves.

However, the forceful activation of the Breathing Technique suppressed the scorching energy right after it had started burning again.

Xu Xiaoshou took out another Red Gold Pill and took a deep breath.

The high instantly suppressed his pain and quickly repaired his ravaged body.



A red and gold ripple spread out into the surroundings, and the mud and grass around him were sent flying into the air.

The willow trees bent and snapped, and some segments of the white jade railings exploded.

Gurgle, gurgle.

The water of Goose Lake was almost boiling.

Bubbles rose to the surface, and dead fishes floated to the surface.

The plump geese that had escaped the crisis gathered at a faraway corner, shivering.

The old man wearing a straw hat flew into the air and quickly dived into Goose Lake.

Xu Xiaoshou opened his eyes.

Cold sweat mixed with his blood was dripping down his body.

He couldnt help but pat on his chest.

“I survived…”

The Infernal Fire Seed had become much smaller with his one breath, and his cultivation level had also increased considerably from his original Spiritual Cultivation Level Seven.

The scorching energy had been suppressed, and the injuries in his body were recovering at a visible rate.

Xu Xiaoshou felt numb and limp.

The terrifying regenerative capabilities of Eternal Vitality and the Red Gold Pill that the Red Gold Pill absorbed were being displayed to their fullest.


Xu Xiaoshou wiped off his blood and sweat and noticed that other than his haggard expression and drained energy, his condition was no different from that of an ordinary person.

“Oh my God…”

“This regenerative capability is really strong!”

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt help but shiver when he thought about the pain hed gone through just now.

Above his energy reserve, the Infernal Fire Seed now looked rather indignant.

It had gotten much smaller, and its rate of destruction had been completely suppressed by Eternal Vitality.

Xu Xiaoshou took a few breaths of fresh air.

Seeing that his body was gradually recovering, he clenched his teeth and sat up once again, a determined look in his eyes.

So what if its painful!

Hed been tortured in his previous life.

Furthermore, even though this process was extremely painful, the pain was only temporary.

Since it would become a threat sooner or later if he left it alone, he might as well tolerate the pain now and completely refine the seed tonight!


He took out a Spiritual Cultivation Pill and inhaled it in one breath, restoring himself to peak condition.

With a ferocious look on his face, Xu Xiaoshou once again exhaled a large orb of red energy out of his nose and mouth.

Even the air was rippling from the heat.

Xu Xiaoshou swallowed the energy along with a Red Gold Pill.

Under Goose Lake, the old man held onto his straw hat and looked at Xu Xiaoshou in shock.

Completely forgetting that he was underwater, he swallowed a few mouthfuls of water on accident.


Hed had an experimental mindset when he first heard that there was a person with an Innate-stage physical body in the Outer Yard and forcibly made the young lad swallow the Infernal Fire Seed into his body.

He might be able to create a fire-element genius if he succeeded.

If not, it would only cost him a life if he failed.

That was no big deal.


However, observing Xu Xiaoshou throughout the day had touched him a little.

This person, who wasnt able to tolerate the pain from the start, had managed to forcefully suppress the pain just with Red Gold Pills later during the day and even get into the arena to battle.

The crowd might mock him for taking drugs before the contest because his body was burned red, but he, a person who had also consumed the Infernal Fire Seed, knew how much pain this lad was hiding behind his smiles and jokes.

Thus, when this lad tried to extort Xiao Qixiu, hed taken advantage of the opportunity and lent Xiao Qixiu ten bottles of the Red Gold Pills hed refined.


He was shocked by the training that the young man was now going through at Goose Lake under the moonlight.

That young man had given up a little on refining the seed and was starting to devour the energy in large gulps.

“Is he not afraid of death” he thought.

The old man wearing the straw hat couldnt tolerate it any longer and wanted to stop Xu Xiaoshou.

However, he didnt expect that while he was flying over to him that Xu Xiaoshou would manage to use a unique technique and his immense willpower to fight through the first wave of pain.

It didnt end there.

He managed to sit up after just a few breaths…

Hes going through it again!” he thought.

“What kind of monster is he!

“Does he not feel pain”

The old man was shocked and felt like hed unintentionally discovered a treasure.

Just with his willpower alone, Xu Xiaoshou had immense potential.

He was going to get Xu Xiaoshou as his disciple!


The explosions around Goose Lake naturally attracted the attention of the law enforcers from the Spiritual Law Division, and a group of black-robed men soon appeared around the lake.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt even notice them.

“Back down!” The old man suddenly flew out of the lake.

His temperature rose and instantly evaporated the moisture on his body.

He pressed down on his straw hat.

His voice was a little raspy.

The law enforcers stopped in their tracks and looked up to see a somewhat withered and ordinary figure under the clear, round moon.

However, some of the law enforcers felt the faint scorching energy emanating from that persons body and were a little shocked.



“Elder Sang”

The people in front looked at each other.

They didnt understand what was going on and were a little confused.

“When did he come…”

The law enforcer leading the group slapped the head of the person who said this, and the law enforcer lowered his head and obeyed the order, quickly leaving.


The people behind quickly followed the command, and all of the law enforcers disappeared in a flash.

Elder Sang took off his straw hat and stood atop the white jade railings.

The night wind ruffled his creased shirt and blew away the few strands of withered grass on his head.

The plump geese gathered under his feet and cackled, desperately searching for a sense of safety.

However, there was only one man in his large, black eyes.


Elder Sang smiled.

It was impossible to know what he was thinking.

There was destined to be no peace at Goose Lake that night, and the white jade railing was in desperate need of repair.

Because… the scorching waves that were coming from the young mans body in the distance had extraordinary destructive capabilities.




Noon the next day the disciples of the Outer Yard lethargically entered the spectator seats.

“Darn it, were they renovating the spirit palace last night The explosions were so noisy.

Did you guys hear it”

“It came from the direction of Goose Lake, right My yard is near the area.

It was extremely noisy.

If not for the fact that nothing happened, Id have thought an enemy had infiltrated the spirit palace.”


“What noise My yard is also near Goose Lake!”

“How did you not hear it Are you deaf”

“Oh, oh, sorry.

Now that I think about it, I have a soundproof barrier at home.

Sigh, it cant be helped that Im rich.”


“… F*** you!”


Xu Xiaoshou also entered the Chuyun Platform with dark circles under his eyes, looking like another victim of the noise.

No one knew that this person was the true culprit.

He hurriedly entered the waiting area and finally managed to feel at ease.

On an average day, his training usually consisted of sleeping in his yard.

He didnt have to worry about the noise he made disrupting his neighbors because of his soundproof barrier.

“However, this method instantly backfired when I trained at Goose Lake,” he thought.

“I wonder if the noise I made affected my opponent or not…

“If so, that would be great!”

The Infernal Seed had completely disappeared after his full night of refinement, and his cultivation level had also reached the peak of Level Seven.


He could advance if he wanted, but there was no need to.


Through the constant burning, Xu Xiaoshou had even managed to repeatedly consolidate what hed learned from his past levels.

Now that he thought back on it, move people wouldve been moved by the process.


Xiao Qixiu continued the advancement matches for the top 16 candidates as if nothing had happened.

Xu Xiaoshou gave the attendant a few instructions, then started to doze off.

“Im so tired!” he thought.

He normally trained by breathing in his sleep.

However, hed gone two consecutive days without sleeping.

He wasnt used to it.


He soon fell asleep.

In his dreams, an attendant was running toward him with two bottles in his hands.

The attendant slapped him on both his cheeks.



“Wake up.

Its your turn!”



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