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Chapter 311: Can you give me a chance

Xu Xiaoshou thought,I believe I have the right to explain.

Before he could say what was in his heart, the mild-tempered President Shi Ti had exploded in rage.

He raised his hand to slap him, attacking in anger.

“Calm down!”

Xu Xiaoshou hurriedly ducked, narrowly avoiding the blow.

He stepped forward to restrain the old president with his body.

“Xu Xiaoshou, I will teach you a good lesson on behalf of Old Man Sang.

If I dont beat you up today, I, Shi Ti, will not bear theTi family name!” Shi Ti roared.

Xu Xiaoshou grabbed the old mans wrist in defense.

He also realized that this old guy must have recognized his Infernal Heavenly Flames and knew his identity.

It was evident from the moment he struck out in anger, yet still exercising restraint, that it would not be a fatal blow for Xu Xiaoshou.

It was just Shi Tis levelheadedness.

He guessed that there was very little left of it now.

Xu Xiaoshou clamped on him.

After a moments hesitation he said, “President, your original family name isntTi either.”

With darkness looming in his eyes, Shi Tis actions halted midway.

He almost passed out.

“If you can exit the Pill Pagoda standing today, I, Shi Ti will not bear theShi family name!”

He roared again and pulled his hand from Xu Xiaoshous restraint in another attempt to slap him, only to find that he did not use spiritual strength.

He could not move at all.


He tried to use his spiritual strength to launch a tremor, but he realized that a tremendous force emanated from his palm near his thumb.

The strange counter-shock and tearing force almost caused him to bleed on the spot.

At this moment, Shi Ti suddenly understood why Fu Xing could fly so far.

“Kid, do you have a Master Physique”

He managed to suppress his anger.

One can only imagine how terrifying this discovery was.

Across the continents, Innate Level Physiques were already rare.

A Master Physique…

To tell the truth, after he left the Holy Palace and bade farewell to Old Man Sang and Demi-Saint Infernal, he had never seen another Master Physique again.

How old was this kid

How had he already reached heights that ordinary people could not achieve in their lifetime

Xu Xiaoshou watched the shock in President Shi Tis eyes and nodded helplessly.

Though he did not want to expose himself, his Master Physique was a result of the Passive Skill Strengthen.

As long as he did not come into physical contact with anyone, his level would remain undetected.

However, at this moment, apart from inching closer to Shi Ti, Xu Xiaoshou did not dare to take any other actions.

If he made his escape now, he would become easy prey for Sovereign State Spiritual Cultivators.

As long as Shi Ti could still keep his wits with him, that would be for the best.

If he could not keep his wits, it would just take one person to be killed there for the matter to blow out of proportion.

Shi Ti could not die.

Yes, the puppet child in Xu Xiaoshou arms was almost breaking out of his control.

Under an actual covert attack, it was still unknown who would emerge victoriously.

He obviously would not allow such accidents to happen.

He spoke a few words with Shi Ti and watched him calm down again.

Seeing that he had regained his senses, Xu Xiaoshou let him go.


President, this was an accident…”

When Xu Xiaoshou mentioned the cauldron explosion, Shi Ti could no longer hold back his emotions.

He immediately wanted to avoid the topic.

After beating around the bush unsuccessfully, he guessed that he could no longer evade it.

He immediately started speaking.

“President, you must be aware of the power of this Infernal Heavenly Flames.

It is completely normal if I cant control it.”

“You will be affected…”

Xu Xiaoshou thought,This was really beyond my control.

He did not dare to say that out loud.

Moreover, he had already told the old man to stay away in the first place.

Since Shi Ti did not believe him, what could he have done

He dared not say that either.

When the words left his mouth, they did not sound right.

Xu Xiaoshou plastered a contrite expression on his face.

“Although this explosion was indeed a little too strong, it also revealed that the various protective measures of the Pill Pagoda are rather lacking…”

Shi Tis face grew darker and darker.

Xu Xiaoshous voice became smaller and smaller.

Finally, he muttered his suggestions softly, “Prevention is better than cure.

It would do good to repair the Pill Pagoda…”

“You shut up!” Shi Ti hollered.

He had acknowledged all kinds of explosions at this point.

Investigating the cause was only a matter of time, and restoration was another issue to be dealt with.

But a Master Physique, the apprentice of Elder Sang, and the strange power…

At this moment, Shi Ti only wanted to resolve the mystery shrouding the young man in front of him.

However, with the chaotic aftermath of the Pill Pagoda, his heart was numb from the events.

He was unable to collect his thoughts properly.

Xu Xiaoshou observed his silence and grew nervous.

He attempted to break the ice again.

“President, there are three chances for the examination.

I still have left…”

“You shut up!”

Shi Ti roared again.

Now the young man had brought up the examination.

He felt that not only was his body was going to collapse, but his soul also was in turmoil.

How could anyone sit for a tenth-grade or a ninth-grade examination and blow up the Pill Pagoda like that

If he were to let him use up his three chances, wouldnt the Pill Pagoda completely disintegrate

Should he pass the ninth grade and then proceed with the eighth grade with his three chances…

Then wouldnt Shi Ti lie dead on the ground before him in the end

The old president was so angry that what little left of his beard almost fell off.

He waved his hand.

“Get lost!”

“Where should I go” Xu Xiaoshou was at a loss.

“I dont care where you go! Just leave the Pill Pagoda! Go back to the Spirit Palace or go to another city for the examination, but never come to the Magic Pill Technicians Association in Tiansang City ever again.”

Xu Xiao was flustered.

How did it escalate to this

Could the Magic Pill Technicians Association refuse entry of new alchemists

If the headquarters knew what Shi Ti did, would he not be punished

Xu Xiaoshou wanted to ask Shi Ti this but did not have the guts to do so.

He looked at the door and pleaded, “Am I really disqualified from taking the exam Can you give me a chance Im extremely confident now that I just finished upgrading…”

“Get lost!”

Shi Ti roared thunderously and flared his nostrils.

Xu Xiaoshou was stricken with bitterness.

He thought of his gamble and accumulated favors, but…

He dared not bring that up.

He had nothing to fear when he faced peers like Fu Xing because he could always rely on the elders to judge the events.

But he was now facing the old president.

Moreover, this was a fuming president.

“Then, let me get my junior sister so we can leave together,” Xu Xiaoshou said.


In the next second, he watched the surrounding scenery rewind rapidly.

He felt his body being sent flying backward.

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

His heart was cold from the injustice in the world.

He fell steadily onto the ground.

He squatted and thought deeply.

The outside world was cruel.

He had only caused one cauldron explosion and was not given even half a chance.

It was better in the Spirit Palace.

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly thought of Elder Sang.

Though he caused so many explosions in the Spiritual Library Division in the past, Elder Sang helped him shoulder the responsibility.

His teacher had even sent back the law enforcement officers who came to arrest the offender.

He never thought that this lousy old man was any good before, but now that he recalled the past events, he felt a slight warmth in his heart.

And Ye Xiaotian…

He almost blasted Tianxuan Gate, but he was still very friendly with him.

Although occasionally his temper was short, at least he never chased him away.

“Sniff sniff…”

Xu Xiaoshou was touched.

It was not until he got out of the Spirit Palace and experienced the coldness of the society outside that he missed the kindness of the elders in the Spirit Palace.

“President Shi Ti, alas, though he appears gentle and kind-hearted, in terms of temperament, he is no match for the dean and the elders!”

Xu Xiaoshou sighed ruefully.

From the corner of his eye, he suddenly caught sight of the Pill Pagoda swaying precariously.

He instantly lowered his head.


‘Just now, I did not see anything.


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