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Chapter 317: Sister, Please Watch Your Words

The Eighth Palace…

In the endless wilderness, a few desolate weeds sparsely adorned the barren ground, tenacious yet helplessly swaying to the wind.

In the afterglow of the setting sun, a few wisps of smoke curled up, adding some life to the dead silence.

This was a small town.

Well, it was originally.

It could no longer be called a town because the average population that settled there all year was estimated to be less than 50 households.

At best, it was considered a poor little village.

Although scarcely populated in the past, this village had seen better days.

The past Spiritual Cultivators were countless beyond measure, each with their respective unique abilities, saying the least.

It was because those who came to this place stayed on forever.

Among the ordinary people who did not qualify to live in the city, the Eighth Palace was the most famous among tens of counties nearby.

There was no other reason than that there was an extradimensional space there.

It was called White Cave.


A golden staff wedged to the ground.

Xin Gugu stroked his hair back and raised his head with his eyes facing the sun.

Under the gray sky, only one large wild goose was flying south.

“Is that White Cave” he asked.

Jiao Tangtang held a gray geomantic compass in her hands.

She nodded her beautiful face.

Her expression was serious.


“The sect sent us over this time.

Naturally, the main mission is to find a ghost beast host body for Greedy the Cat Spirit.

I didnt have high hopes originally, but Xu Xiaoshou appeared out of nowhere.”

Jiao Tangtang shook her head.

She did not continue the conversation about that guy but said, “In fact, the second task is what we should complete.”

“What is it” Xin Gugu was curious.

He had always known that although Greedy the Cat Spirit was important, it was only a side quest to this mission.

Even if they could not find a good ghost beast host body, they would not face punishment upon their return.

When assigned to Jiao Tangtang, she did indeed accept the mission.

Even he did not fully know the contents of this secret mission.

Jiao Tangtang glanced at him, her eyes glinting dangerously, and asked, “Do you want to hear about it”

“Of course.” Xin Gugu nodded emphatically.

“I have already come this far.

How can I still betray you We siblings must work on this mission together!”

Jiao Tangtangs lips curled into a sneer.

“So, you are aware of the term betrayal.”

However, knowing Xin Gugus character, she did not mind too much.

After her statement, her gaze fell on the geomantic compass again.

“I will not hide this mission from you because it is indeed very likely that I will not be able to complete it by myself.”

Xin Gugu had a look of surprise in his eyes.

Jiao Tangtang was one of the rare gems amongst their peers who could hold back her murderous nature.

Given her abilities, how she could not settle it

Xin Gugu looked forward to it even more and urged, “What is the mission”

“Finding a person!”

“Who are you looking for”

Jiao Tangtang glanced toward the abyss and declared firmly, “Feng Yujin, Elder Feng!”

Xin Gugu looked at her gravely.

His eyes were finally showing confusion.

“Who is that”

“Hehe, obviously you wouldnt know who it is, kid!” Jiao Tangtang chuckled, “When people were conquering the five domains of the continent, you were still screaming and crying in your diapers!”


Xin Gugus complexion darkened suddenly.

A threatening smile formed on his mouth.

“Har har har.

What! Did! You! Say!”


A long white leg swept across and collided directly with his head.

A gush of blood sprayed out from Xin Gugus neck.

“I was talking to you, you piece of trash!”

Jiao Tangtang glanced at the bloodstains on her calf with a look of disgust evident in her eyes.

“Cant you control your strength How disgusting!”


Xin Gugu hugged his head and squatted down, yelling loudly.

From his swollen temples and the distorted expression on his face, it was evident the amount of pain he was in.

After a long time suppressing the pain, the man picked up his staff and stood up.

His face twisted in ferocity.

“Large Woman, how many times have I told you not to deal a blow to the head It hurts terribly…”


Jiao Tangtang swept one leg across again and launched into another kick.

This time, the effects were symmetrical.

He was red on both sides of his head.

“Large Woman” she sneered as she stuck out her heaving chest, “Although I like your prefix very much…”

“But its called Big Sister!”

“Sniff…” Xin Gugu cradled his head in his hands and sobbed, “Big Sister…”


At this moment, there was a vibration coming from Jiao Tangtangs chest.

She frowned and reached to take out a jade scroll from her robes.

“What happened”

Xin Gugu immediately looked up with curiosity.

“Does it not hurt anymore Are you no longer pretending” Jiao Tangtang rolled her eyes and extended her foot menacingly.

“Hey, dont mess around! Your communication jade scroll!” Xin Gugu dodged quickly.

Jiao Tangtang snorted coldly and looked at the communication jade scroll in her hand again.

“Xu Xiaoshou”

That day, they respected the Greedy the Cat Spirits choice and chose Xu Xiaoshou as the ghost beast host body.

Whether it was successful or whether it could create good fortune, no one knew.

But it was a fact that the price was a communication jade scroll.

Deep down, Jiao Tangtang did not want to answer this communication jade scroll.

She did not like talking to that young man…

Well, she could not exactly say that either.

Perhaps she just did not enjoy having to swallow the words on the tip of her tongue when she talked to him since he rendered her speechless every time.

After all, no ordinary person would like that.

But she had to answer it because Greedy the Cat Spirit was there.

If there was nothing urgent, he probably would not look for her.

Was it possible that something happened to Greedy the Cat Spirit


She answered the jade scroll.

“Moxi Moxi” A deep magnetic voice came from the other side, “Is this Miss Jiao Tangtang”

Jiao Tangtangs mouth twitched.


She did not beat around the bush and got to the point.

“What is wrong with Greedy the Cat Spirit”

Xu Xiaoshous voice rang again, “Greedy the Cat Spirit is fine.

I just wanted to find you.”

Jiao Tangtang was speechless.

This guy… Could he not

Was he so idle

He had so much free time and did not spend it on cultivation.

Did he think that she gave him this communication jade scroll to answer his life problems and cure his boredom

Her temper flared, and she instantly hung up the jade scroll.

Xin Gugu raised his eyes.

“Whats the matter What did you say”

“Its nothing.

That guy is too idle!”

As Jiao Tangtang spoke, she was about to reinsert the jade scroll back into her chest, but the jade scroll vibrated again.


“Answer it” Xin Gugu watched her in amusement.

This guy was gifted.

After only a few words, he could already drive her up the wall.

That was indeed impressive.

If he could find an opportunity to learn from him, would he impart this skill

“If youre not answering it, may I” Xin Gugu asked, extending his hand.

Jiao Tangtang gave him a sideways glance but paid no attention to him.

She pressed the receive button on the jade scroll and hollered.

“Xu Xiaoshou! If you have nothing serious, dont call this–”

Just then, a pitiful squeal interrupted her from the other end.

“Meow! Hiss!”

Was this…

A cat meowing

Jiao Tangtangs face turned green.

How much pain did the cat endure for it to cry like this

Was Greedy the Cat Spirit being abused

At this time, the womans murderous intent surged to the sky.

Beside her, Xin Gugu was taken by surprise as well.

She coldly asked, “Xu Xiaoshou, do you have a death wish”

On the other end, Xu Xiaoshou remained cool as a cucumber.

He was not affected by her emotions at all, and his voice was level and even.

“Sister, please watch your words.”

“The cat is in my hands.

If you dare to hang up on me in the future, you may never hear this meow again!”


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