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Chapter 322: The Giant Returns



It was as if the Ghost God battle drums from the ancient battlefield were sounded, and the demon king, who had been silently asleep for thousands of years, was awakening in the twilight.

His heartbeat was louder than ever.

When Xu Xiaoshou was mercilessly pummeled by Red Dog, a primitive lust for violence surged from the bottom of his heart.

In a heartbeat, this desire gushed out like a waterfall.

It destroyed the clarity that one saw in their final moments, engulfing humanity into inexistence.

The fury within and a thirst for release…

Became Xu Xiaoshous sole yearning.

Boom boom boom—

Red Dog was euphoric with joy.

He had not encountered such an interesting person in a long time.

He could even say that this kid ranked the top three on his hit list of people he had abused and killed.

He was that intriguing.

It was the first time he met a human with the attributes of a ball.

When hurled to the ground, he would bounce back.

If he slung him twice, he would bounce twice.

It would never run out of air.

“This is so much fun!”

After taking so many shots, Red Dog discovered that this kid had a remarkable vitality.

It was a force that even he could not attain.

How rare was it that both of these astonishing abilities could appear on this kid at the same time

If it were not for this mission, Red Dog would not even want to kill this kid.

He would bring him back and train him.


It was impossible.

“You must die today!”

With a bang, he tossed the young man to the ground.

Xu Xiaoshous body rebounded in a countershock, and it flew into the sky.

“Its time to put an end to this.”

Red Dogs eyes glittered teasingly.

Sovereign Stage cultivators were not allowed to attack without reason.

Now that he had initiated his bounded domain in the city, he was sure those guys must have sensed it.

If he delayed it any longer, he was afraid someone would arrive.

“One minute…”

“It took me a minute to kill this kid!”

Red Dog smiled and shook his head.

He faced the young man, who was falling from the sky, and slowly raised his right hand.

A bountiful spiritual source burst out from his five fingers.

“Sky Stab.”

He spoke in an impassive tone.

This technique was an amalgamation of Red Dogs aspirations from the past few decades.

He thought,There will be another life on my hands after today!


However, the expected piercing sound did not materialize.

When Red Dogs raised right hand collided with the figure, a deafening sound thundered.

A ray of golden light pierced blindingly from the sky, blanketing Red Dog whose face was one of astonishment.

“What is this”

Red Dog was thunderstruck.

“Is this a spiritual technique”

“What on earth is this kind of spiritual technique”

The spiritual techniques this kid possessed were incredible.

How did he get them

There was no time to think about it.

At this distance, even he could not avoid it altogether.

The golden light that fell… Wait, was that a foot

The area that it had covered was too large, and the suppressive force contained in it even blocked all possible escape routes around him.

Red Dog only reacted with the skill of a finger to protect his head.


The gigantic golden foot stomped on the ground.

Red Dog did not even have time to use any moves and was kicked into the deep pit on the ground in one strike.

Crack, crack—

The sound of broken bones originated from his fingers and spread into his arms and body.

Red Dog could perceive that under this stomp, a violent golden energy source force raged free.

It aggressively infiltrated his energy reserve and provoked his spiritual source into turmoil.

He laid at the bottom of the pit.

He was a sorry sight.

His mask had cracked, and his face was crooked from the stomp.

Red Dog licked the corners of his lips.

He froze when he tasted metal.

Was this an Innate Stage


Suspected, Passive Point 1.

The giant foot lifted and suspended in midair.

Beneath the cover of the mask, Red Dogs bare graying face was etched with ugly scars as if they were sliced piece by piece with a dagger.

It was a face with a story.


Red Dog smiled and reached out his hand to wipe his cheek.

He felt the uneven marks on it, and his body began to tremble.


Was he trampled so severely by a mere Innate Stage that he bled

“Heh, haha, hahaha…”

Red Dog seemed to have encountered a ridiculously hilarious incident and let out a sickly laugh.

In the next moment, the gigantic foot above his head stomped down again.

Boom boom boom!

Dozens of blasts exploded in an instant, and the ground looked nothing like it did before.

Under the wild plummeting by this violent giant, the four corners shattered, and the earth mourned.

“Little guy, you, you are too interesting!”

“Hahaha, Im roused up!”

Red Dogs mad laughter suddenly came from the sky.

He was a Sovereign Stage.

How could he possibly let Xu Xiaoshou have the upper hand after the first stomp

That was just an Innate Stage.

So what if this kid could change forms

If he missed his target, what was the point


As soon as his laughter escaped, a golden palm struck him so hard that he was sent flying.

The massive force, which was akin to the strength of God of War, sliced through the sound of the wind and swept Red Dog into the abyss.

When his figure reappeared, he crashed headfirst into his bounded domain as though he was forcefully teleported.

The bounded domain quivered with a buzz.

The energy in it could not be contained and leaked out from the cracks.

At this moment, the ground in Tiansang City trembled and sent everyone into a panic.

“What happened”

“Is it an earthquake”

An anxious and uneasy feeling sprouted in everyones hearts.

Although it was just a trivial earthquake, everyone felt their hearts palpitate.

“Somethings off!”

The crowd looked around and saw black figures flying out of the direction of the City Lords Mansion.

They were…

“City Guards!”

“Did someone launch an attack in the city”

The people on the streets of Tiansang City panicked.

An outburst of this degree would not be a Master Stage battle anymore.

Since it was not a Master Stage battle, it could only be…

“Sovereign Stage”

Although everyone was not convinced, they heard a roar from a middle-aged man leading the City Guards.

The sound instantly spread all over the nearby streets.

“Everyone, stand back! Keep a distance of 10 miles from the Pill Pagoda!”

For the Sovereign Stage, 10 miles was just a blink of an eye.

But this was the very last resort and the only way to protect everyone.

City Guards Commander Chong Dong gazed into the distance.

Apart from him, no one could see that a Void Bounded Domain was tightly wrapped around a few streets.

“A Sovereign Stage made a move…”

He could not believe it, but he had to believe it.

As he flew, a Void Bounded Domain on his body also unfolded from his energy center.

It wrapped and covered the little domain that was quivering in its original position.

He intended to prevent the energy inside from leaking out and hurting the public.

The energy emanating from the violent encounters inside only shocked Chong Dong.

“Two Sovereign Stages”

Only a Sovereign Stage could beat up the master of the Void Bounded Domain in the domain masters realm.

Those two people were crazy.

Did they choose to launch into an attack in Tiansang City

Was the outside world not big enough Was Tiansang City so appealing that they had to fight within the city

“They are courting death!”

He gritted his teeth and guided the people under his command to evacuate the crowd and walked away by himself.

Outside the city…

The whistling wind sounded from the top of Xin Gugus head.

It was not until the power in the city leaked out that Xin Gugu changed from his casual attitude into a full-fledged battle mode.

‘Is someone making a scene in the city and beating up that kid

Xin Gugu felt that the world was going bananas.

No matter how convincing his promise was, from the bottom of his heart, he still did not believe that a trifle Innate Stage could provoke a Sovereign Stage to make a move in the city.

That was something that even he dared not do.

But at this moment, the situation forced him to believe it.

Perhaps there would always be some people in this world who had no regard and acted recklessly.

‘Damn it!

Thinking of the gap between the Innate and Sovereign stages, Xin Gugus head throbbed sharply.

Xu Xiaoshou could die, but they only gave Greedy the Cat Spirit to him a few days ago.

If he was dead, what would happen to Greedy the Cat Spirit

This time, he despised that his legs were too short, and he had no wings.

In his haste, he turned into the color of flesh and disappeared instantly.

“Xu Xiaoshou, hang on!”

“You have to wait for me!”


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