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Chapter 327: The Scruffy-Looking Man

At one glance, the estimated number of people floating in the void was no less than tens of thousands.

These people were hung upside down by a powerful force, and they were dumbfounded.

They were merely passers-by taking a stroll on the road who did not spot anything amiss.

Some were not even aware of the spectacle that was happening, and then…

Were they floating

The isolation of the dual bounded domain had absorbed most of the power.

But the instantaneous outburst of Passive Fist was far too intense.

Even if Chong Dong were to spread his bounded domain in time, he was still unable to protect most people.

“Am I in heaven”

Someone uttered aloud in surprise, only to realize that he could not even hear his voice.

The force of the punch emptied the air of all tangible and intangible objects and created a vacuum.

Everyone who had realized this phenomenon panicked.

Even if the earth had withstood most of the power from the Passive Fist, they would have only jolted away.

But it fell from this height…

Not everyone was a Spiritual Cultivator.


The moment the vacuum restored to its original state, tens of thousands of exclamations and screams filled everyones ears.

“Damn, it seems like it is 10 stories high! Ive never flown in my entire life, and suddenly… God…”

“Commander, help!”

“Spiritual Cultivator, save me…”


Some people called the City Guards.

Some hugged the thighs of the Spiritual Cultivators next to them, and some dragged another person nearby to serve as a cushion.

During the chaos, the floating fragments of the ground finally crashed and fell.

Tens of thousands of people also fell to the ground.


Suddenly, three figures flew over the horizon.

There was a man, a woman, and a senior.

As soon as these three arrived, a triple bounded domain flew out from their energy center.

Under the convergence of the bounded domains, the realms merged into an immense world.

In the blink of an eye, it enveloped everyone who was about to land on the ground.


The senior, who carried a massive knife on his back, lightly made the command.

It was the decree of the Way of the Heavens, and it instantly suspended the tens of thousands of people in the void.

With the situation suspended, the turbulent crowd was lunged into the void, creating a spectacular scene.

The people watching from a distance were stunned.

This vivid scene in the void was like the Spiritual Gods colored in ink.

All displays of human emotions were seen.

Panic, uneasiness, admiration, and shock…

Diverse emotions colored the faces of the people.

Their thoughts were distracted.

In the void, the senior who carried a big knife on his back was a contrasting sight.

With two fingers to the heavens, he decreed the Way of the Heavens.

“Yuan Sandao, Elder Yuan”

How many years had this scene not materialized

Did the battle of the Sovereign Stages in the city draw Elder Yuan out of retirement

Even the City Guards Commander Chong Dong could not help but feel shocked at seeing this old man and the sight before him.

“Did Elder Yuan come”

“City Lord is such a clairvoyant.

How could he have guessed that the wave that just broke out was not the last”

At that moment, he was a little terrified of how the events would have unfurled if the three reinforcements he had sought did not show up at this time.

Or if just Qiu Xuan and Liu Qing came, how much more severe would the situation have been

Sovereign Stage cultivators were enlightened by the Great Path, but they could not cut the Path.

How could one manipulate the lives of tens of thousands of beings with merely their fingers

“Save the people!”

Yuan Sandao did not hesitate.

Even with his ability, it would not be an easy feat to control this 10-mile radius.

Since he did not possess a space attribute, he could only achieve this purely by his superior cultivation base.

Once he gave the order, the other three Sovereign Stages immediately dispersed, each taking charge of an area.

They led the City Guards to stop damage in time and save people trapped under the rubble.

Yuan Sandao did not move.

He glanced at the center of the blast.

It was a blurred spatial surface and not as empty as one would have thought.


Yuan Sandao frowned.

He observed that the power from the earlier blast could blow up the bounded domain.

However, the person who cast it had no control of the attack range.

That meant the person was already at his limits.

If that person was a Sovereign Stage, it would be impossible to cut the Path.

If it was not a Cutting Path, how could it interfere with his spiritual senses

“Is there any outside interference”

There was only one explanation left.

Perhaps it had even escaped Chong Dong, but someone had managed to slip into the battle scene toward the end of the explosions.

Moreover, it was a strong cultivator.

Yuan Sandao carefully scrutinized the rippling surface of the void.

Logically speaking, the bounded domain was the best shield against prying eyes, so why would one bother

Distorted space

It was even more energy-consuming than the space he resided in.

‘Is it possible that the person inside is not a Sovereign Stage and does not know how to cast a bounded domain, and is simply… gifted in the space attribute

Yuan Sandao quickly discarded this thought.

He suddenly noticed that on the irregular surface of the space, there was a very faint…

‘Sword Intent

“Are you going to die”

Xu Xiaoshou collapsed to the ground, unable to lift a finger.

He appeared to have a broken body.

The truth was that his insides were already blown to pieces by the Passive Fist.

Eternal Vitality coursed tirelessly in the background, but the smell of death was getting stronger and stronger.


He laughed at himself.

He had never expected to be sent to his death by his own hands.

Indeed, he was as strong of a cultivator as the Sovereign Stage.

Even Red Dogs repeated slashes at the end still could not kill him on the spot.

Given time, he could recover.

But Passive Fist would not allow it.

This punch was too strong.

It was not something that he could execute at his current level.

To put it another way…

He had held in this Passive Fist technique for far too long.

He had initially thought that more than three charge points were nothing.

He had never imagined that these three charge points would kill him.

He slowly closed his eyes, and his six senses gradually disappeared.


On the ground below, the rubble moved.

A half-dismembered body stood up.

What kind of person was that

One could not even call him a human anymore.

The right arm and the entire torso were blasted to pieces.

There was only half of the skull left, and the remaining body joints hung limply.

Even with such an injury, he still stood up.

Red Dogs smile looked like a grimace.

His laughter was indistinguishable from a human sound.

“Xu Xiaoshou…”

“Ha-ha, you are too strong!”

“I am a prodigy who has killed tens of thousands! But you are the only one who can put me in this state with an Innate Stage cultivation level!”

“But… so what”

He had only one eye left.

Even his eyeballs had fallen out.

At this moment, his spiritual source shrank and converged crazily.

“The power of Sovereign Stage is beyond your imagination!” he roared.

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked to reality by this statement.

Based on the vision conjured from Perception, was Red Dog still alive

“Is he still alive”

Xu Xiaoshou could not be more thunderstruck.

What kind of persistent vitality was this He had such a strong will to live.

Based on this alone, Xu Xiaoshou was at a loss.

He had beaten Red Dog into this mutilated sight, yet he was still determined to live.

How could he allow himself to give up because of a punch he had executed

“Stand up!”

His strong determination to survive drove him to try to move his fingers.

It was because Red Dog crawled over to him.

This mad dog first touched the fragments of the dagger and then squirmed slowly.

Step by step, he made his way closer.

Xu Xiaoshou was in such a weak state that even if a baby stumbled on him, he might drop dead instantly.

How could he bear a blow from this dagger


A soft sound interrupted the dispute between the two disabled people.

They turned their heads in unison and saw an elderly male figure walking out from the smoke.

His hair was greasy and shaggy like noodles.

Though his face was chiseled-looking, it was filthy.

He was dragging a big sack in his hand.

As he moved forward, the scrap-like things inside bumped and clanged dully.

“Who are you”

Red Dog was astounded.

This man was only at the Innate Stage.

No, he had not even reached the Innate Stage.

He was at the peak of the Acquired Stage, so how he could enter the battlefield

What was going on in this world The lower the cultivation base, the more defiant they were.

Red Dog was furious.

This battle belonged to him, and the spoils of war could only be his to claim.

No one could lay a finger on Xu Xiaoshou.

As soon as his energy center moved, the bounded domain unsealed.

It would send away the scruffy-looking man from the battle in an instant.

However, when the bounded domain was about to touch the man, it seemed to hit an Infinity Sword Armor and was instantly torn to shreds.

Red Dog was speechless.

Was this the Acquired Stage

“I said thats enough.”

The scruffy-looking man spoke.

From within his extremely fat sleeve robe, he reached out a palm that only had four fingers.

He curved his four fingers to extend two of them and affixed a faint sword cognition to them.

It took one stroke.

Red Dog was beheaded.


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