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Xu Xiaoshou currently had five Passive Skills, three of which had reached the Innate-stage.

The remaining two were at Level Six and could be leveled-up.

If he set aside 10000 Passive Points to have a reserve, hed still have a whopping 38000 Passive Points that he could use.

He had obtained three Passive Keys when he got Eternal Vitality.

Thus, Xu Xiaoshou purchased seven keys, intending to make ten consecutive draws with the wheel.

He put his palms together and silently prayed for good fortune.

The red wheel in the merchant interface was still covered in fog.

Xu Xiaoshou placed the keys into the slot one by one.

He hesitated a moment, then decided to shout as usual, “RNGesus, bless me!”


Bad luck can be reversed with rituals!

This was something Xu Xiaoshou had always believed in.

The two attendants in the waiting room heard Xu Xiaoshous shout and looked at each other at the same time.

“Its here again!”

The two of them went to the corner, and one of them squatted while the other stood.

They silently observed Xu Xiaoshou with looks of curiosity.

The squatting attendant hit the attendant above him with his head.

“Go prepare the resuscitation equipment.”


“Wait, let me have a look too!”

“Quickly, what if something happens later”

Xu Xiaoshou was squatting on the rest chair, and his gaze fell on the notification panel.

“Better luck next time!”

“One extra key!”

“Better luck next time!”

“Better luck next time!”

“Better luck next time!”

“Better luck next time!”

“Better luck next time!”

“Better luck next time!”

“One extra key!”

“Better luck next time!”


Behind the wall, the two attendants looked at Xu Xiaoshou, who seemed petrified in his praying state, fall headfirst onto the ground.

They both looked like theyd expected this to happen.

The standing attendant immediately turned to retrieve the medicine and equipment, while the other attendant immediately rushed out.

While he ran, he thought about whether mouth-to-mouth resuscitation was needed here or not.

Xu Xiaoshou, who had fallen to the ground, suddenly turned his head to look at them.

“What are you doing”

The two attendants pouted and slipped into a daze.

The attendant who had put on heatproof gloves and had two bottles of medicine in his hands stopped in his tracks.

“Youre fine” the two attendants exclaimed in shock.

“Hehe, why wouldnt I be”

Xu Xiaoshou laughed coldly.

It was getting harder and harder to get anything from the system.

Hed been prepared for this.

At least this time he didnt faint from shock.

He waved his arm at the two attendants and said, “Youre making a mountain out of a molehill.

Go back first!”

“Oh, okay!”

The two attendants turned back to look at Xu Xiaoshou every three steps.

“His body doesnt seem warm today,” they whispered to each other.

“So theres probably no need to wear heatproof gloves.”


“Who knows.

You should keep them on.”

Xu Xiaoshou watched the two attendants disappear behind the wall, and his expression immediately twisted.

He abruptly clutched his heart.

“Its toying with me!

“This broken system.

Thats another 10000 Passive Points down the drain.”


Even though hed been prepared for the outcome, it still fazed him, as it would anyone.

“Hehe, two keys for 10000 Passive Points…”

He remembered that the first time he spun the wheel, hed gotten Sharpness and another key with just three keys, but now


Xu Xiaoshou once again purchased eight keys to make it a nice round number, then stabbed one of the keys fiercely into the red wheels hole.

There are still nine keys…

Stab it in again!


“Hah! RNGesus bless me!” Xu Xiaoshou roared in fury.

He looked furiously at the notification panel, as if concentrating harder would give him better items.

“Better luck next time!”

“Better luck next time!”

“One extra key!”

“Better luck next time!”

“Better luck next time!”

“Better luck next time!”

“Better luck next time!”

“Obtained Extended Passive Skill: Sense!”


“Better luck next time!”

“Better luck next time!”

With a boom, the rest chair he was sitting on was instantly crushed.

Xu Xiaoshou was so excited he lost control of his Innate-stage physical body and hit his head on the ceiling.

“It feels good… Urgh!”

Pieces of wooden shrapnel fell onto the ground, and Xu Xiaoshous face crashed into the ceiling.

The two attendants behind the wall looked at Xu Xiaoshou, who was propping his hands against the ceiling and trying his best to pull his head out of the hole hed created, and glanced at each other.


“Hes generous, but hes definitely sick in the head.”

“Yes, yes!”

“After all, we took the medicine from him.

Lets repair the chair and the ceiling later.

We dont need him to pay.”

“Yes, yes!”

“Sigh, hes a decent man.

What a pity hes only half useful…”


“Yes, yes!”


Xu Xiaoshou was halfway through pulling his head out of the ceiling when he suddenly stopped moving.

The two attendants behind the wall became a little anxious.

“He cant pull it out” they thought.

“Does he need help”


Xu Xiaoshou could naturally pull his head out of the ceiling if he wanted to.

He only froze because even though he couldnt see anything with his head stuck inside the wood, hed managed to “see” the two anxious figures of the attendants behind the wall.


More accurately, the faint outline of every figure within a several-mile-radius had appeared inside his mind.


Xu Xiaoshou could even discern the emotions of these two people.

This was…


Xu Xiaoshou was elated.

This passive skill was too powerful.

He could conjure the image of his surroundings in his mind.

Not only would this prevent his enemies from assassinating him, but hed even be able to peep on young girls…


Cough, cough.

Its a great technique!

“Can you come down” a concerned voice questioned from below.


The hazy image in his mind told him that the attendants had brought a ladder over.

Xu Xiaoshou nearly fainted.

This was a trivial matter.

Why did they have to bring a ladder

He quickly pulled his head out of the ceiling and jumped down.

Then, he waved his hand to signal that they didnt need to go through all that trouble.

The two attendants sighed, feeling exhausted.

Theyd never encountered such a weird candidate before.

He would have bouts of insanity and mutilate himself.

He would jump around.

He had every devious technique imaginable in his arsenal, and frequently showed off his antics.


The two of them had silently brought out the ladder, and now they were silently taking the ladder back.

It was as if theyd lost the ability to talk.

“Got cursed.

Passive Points 2.”

Xu Xiaoshou hit his head.

“Theres only the two of you here,” he thought.

“Do you have to be so obvious”

He found another chair and squatted on it, then immediately purchased ten Skill Points and used them all on Sense.

“Sense (Acquired Lv.




“Sense (Innate Lv.


The visual range in his mind expanded to nearly ten meters.

This was decent.

What shocked Xu Xiaoshou even more was that the image had become much clearer.


Xu Xiaoshou closed his eyes, and the formerly mosaic-like image became much clearer.

He could even clearly see the two squirmish attendants heads against the wall behind him.


Xu Xiaoshou suddenly turned around and looked them in the eye.



The two attendants abruptly pulled their heads back and accidentally knocked each other.

They toppled the teapot on the table and whispered to each other in shock, “Does this Xu Xiaoshou have eyes on the back of his head”

“Darn it, that scared me to death.

How did he know that we were looking at him”


Xu Xiaoshou was startled.

Whatever the two attendants were doing and saying… It was all presented clearly in his mind!

In the past, he wouldve noticed the two attendants spying on him.

However, he wouldnt have heard what they were talking about or seen their movements.

This situation was akin to him having a surveillance camera in the back of his head that could present the image directly into his mind.


“My God!” Xu Xiaoshou said, as if hed seen Wen Chong launching another surprise attack on him.

However, this time he wouldnt need to turn his head around.

He could just directly kick his foot backward and tear his opponent into two with his Innate-stage Sharpness.


“Its another sinister technique…” Xu Xiaoshou was very excited.

His Passive Points had reduced by 20000 in an instant, but he still had 20000 points left.

He clenched his teeth and decided to go all out and purchased nine keys.

Along with the key hed gotten previously, he now had 10 keys left!

“Ive never tried spinning the wheel again after obtaining something.

What if I get consecutive skills…”

Xu Xiaoshou calmed down his wildly beating heart and carefully slotted the keys into the red wheel.

“Hah! RNGesus bless me!”

Make it rain even harder than last time!

“Better luck next time!”

“Better luck next time!”

“Better luck next time!”

“One extra key!”

“Better luck next time!”

“Better luck next time!”

“Better luck next time!”

“Better luck next time!”

“Better luck next time!”

“One extra key!”




The teacups in the two attendants hands trembled from the deafening roar behind the wall and almost spilled over.

The two of them looked at each other and gulped down their tea.

They moved quickly.

One of them put on the gloves again and grabbed the medicine.

The other pouted as he put up three fingers…





“Hes acting up again.

Secure him!”

The next second, another fearful voice rang out, “Oh f***! What are you guys doing”

“F*** you, shut up!”




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