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Chapter 342: Master Swordsman of The Eight Earthworms


The three stared at Xu Xiaoshou in disbelief

Were all the theatrics just to look at the famed sword

Gu Qingyi squinted and suppressed the anger in his heart.

Since it was their party that was at fault, no matter how disrespectful Xu Xiaoshou was, he should not have lost his temper

However, this suggestion was brewing the rage within him.

To him, ones personal sword was akin to ones beloved partner.

If anyone attempted to ask one to give up their beloved partner, especially to someone they had just met on the street, for their partner to be held and touched by the person, they would be furious.

In this case, for the person to remove the swords sheath and admire the sword with great detail…

How could anyone allow this to happen

Gu Qingyi held back his anger and replied with a calm voice: “We can repay you in other ways, but this suggestion Im afraid I have to refuse.”

Xu Xiaoshou was confused.

“Cant I just look”

“Im not stealing or snatching it, or will I be doing any sword-swallowing technique.

Dont worry.

Just let me see.”

Gu Qingyi remained silent.

Cursed, Passive Points, 1

“Arent you taking this too far rascal” Gu Qingsan could not bite back his words and yelled at Xu Xiaoshou.

The personal sword of an ancient swordsman was not something that anyone could simply pick up and look at.

Xu Xiaoshou was naturally shocked by the sudden scolding.

His anger instantly returned to him.

“Taking this too far”

“I was just asking.

Is that not okay”

“You broke my door, and I let it go.

All I wanted was to look at the sword as reparations…”

“But you said no”

“Then, whatever!”

“Leave, get out of here.

Its not like I need to look at it…”

Xu Xiaoshous attitude was fueling the rage within Gu Qingsan.

What did he mean by simply looking at the sword

It was obvious to him that Xu Xiaoshou was insulting the three of him.

He moved forward.

His body was inches away from Xu Xiaoshou.

“Brethren, no!”

Gu Qinger called out immediately.

The eldest was about to stop Gu Qingsan as well.

Gu Qingsan stopped in his tracks.

“What Do you want to fight”

Xu Xiaoshou was amused.

He did not expect an incident about the door panel to escalate into the state that it was right now.

He was more taken aback by the others anger.

All he wanted to do was to look at the sword.

He wondered if he had committed some kind of taboo in the way of the sword.

Was he not allowed to look at a sword

Xu Xiaoshou was confused.

When he had asked Su Qianqian to look at her famed sword, he had asked casually as he did.

She gave it to him without anyway question.

There should not be any taboo about this.

Even if there was a taboo, the other party had torn down his door, and they were in the wrong from the beginning.

Xu Xiaoshou laughed in his mind.

In times like this, those were simply insignificant excuses.

Young people often fight over bizarre issues.

To stop someone who was about to be engaged in a fight was impossible.

Any confrontation between two parties would not end without an exercise of hostility.

Gu Qingsan was not afraid.

He charged toward Xu Xiaoshou.

The eldest disciple could swallow his pride and maintain his composure.

However, as the younger disciples, they felt responsible to defend the honor of their brother.

“Fight Youre just at the Innate Stage, do you think you can win”

Gu Qinger, who was behind Gu Qingsan, had spoken.

He had already expected how the fight would go down once he finished his words.

Gu Qingyi remained silent.

Suddenly, it occurred to him that whenever there was an appearance of sword cognition, he could see the image of the unreasonable man before him.

Moreover, Xu Xiaoshou was the only one in the place.

Could it be that the sword cognition belonged to him

The idea may have sounded far-fetched, but he kept his hopes up.

He hoped that he could use this fight with the younger disciple to confirm his suspicions.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the two in the back, who did not seem to interfere or hold Gu Qingsan back.

He felt angrier than ever.

‘These people must think they have the advantage in numbers, he thought angrily.

“Innate Stage”

He sneered, “You havent been beaten by an Innate Stage, have you Also, is your head made of steel Why are you so close Do you want to hit me”

The words triggered Gu Qingsan once again.

He glanced over to the leader, who seemed to not hold him back, and took it as a sign that he was right to stand out.

With this, he felt that he had some support in his actions and replied, “Hit you Do you think that I dont dare to do it”

“Oh Do you dare Do it! Or are you all talk but no action Whats the point of what you said” Xu Xiaoshou snorted.

“Ho, you! If I hit you, arent you afraid that you will crumble on the spot” Gu Qingsan retorted.

“Ho What do you mean ho All that thunder just for a few drops of rain So, you really just dont dare, huh”

Gu Qingsans eyes were red from all the provocation.

He replied with rage, “Dont dare You say I dont dare”

“Yeah! You dont dare to do it! Do it! Hit me! Do it!”


Gu Qingsan could no longer hold back.

With a yell, he ran forward and bumped his head into Xu Xiaoshous forehead.


The sudden noise scared the two who were standing at the back.

It was a simple knock on the head and nothing else.

they wondered what could have caused the sound.

Before they could pursue the matter, Gu Qingsan, who had just knocked into Xu Xiaoshous head, bruised immediately and was sent flying.

Suspected, Passive Points 1

He had crashed to the floor.

He had an expression of disbelief.

“What happened”

Gu Qingsan could not believe that he was the one who flew.

With such a close distance, and Xu Xiaoshou not activating his spiritual source, Gu Qingshan should have been the winner.

If it was a battle of physical bodies colliding.

He should have had the upper hand in terms of his body, which was sculpted by the grueling training of multiple Sword Wills.

He was as sturdy and sharp as the blade of a spiritual sword.

Gu Qingsan was sure that even with his Supreme Sword Body on its own, it was capable of sending an ordinary Spiritual Cultivator into the clouds.

Therefore, he was thoroughly shocked that he was the one who fell.

Upon receiving the flood of suspicion in his notifications, Xu Xiaoshou was so amused that he could have jumped up and down.

‘The guy really is a meathead, he thought.

It was his first time witnessing someone use his physical body to knock him down.

He had to be the fool of the century.

His level of foolishness was the equivalent of more than ten Zhou Tianshens.

If Xu Xiaoshou could award him with the title of being the biggest fool of all, he would.

There was no one else like him.

Though Xu Xiaoshou was having fun on the inside, he maintained his cold expression to the two who were reluctant to approach him.

“What The younger one is down, so is it your turn now”

“Its like I said, right Youre all just taking turns.

Now that you have run out of saliva, are you using your bodies”

“Come, care to continue”

The two stopped dead in their tracks.

They were unsure whether to move or remain where they were standing.

Gu Qingsan, who had been knocked to the floor, was deeply enraged.

“Im not done yet!”

He roared and straightened his body.

The chilling presence he carried exploded in that split second.

Objects in the room began to shake and vibrate at high speed.

It was almost as if they were about to take flight into the air.

The spiritual swords of the swordsman, about ten in total with an exception for the two famed swords, had levitated into midair.

All of them congregated from all directions toward Gu Qingsan.

“Master swordsmans Sword Will”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

Were the fools before him actually at the Master Stage Sword Will

‘This is absurd, he thought.

Even within the Tiansang Spirit Palace and all of his peers, Su Qianqian was the only master swordsman that he knew of.

It was unbelievable that the person he had viewed as inferior was a master swordsman as well.

Xu Xiaoshou carefully looked over to the two who stood at the side.

If the most foolish one of the lot had the potential of a master swordsman, what about those two famed swords…

Xu Xiaoshou felt a sudden drop in his confidence.

However, he was not going to let his lowered confidence get the better of him.

He glanced toward the spirit sword that was flying midair and remarked mockingly, “Master swordsman”

“Others would summon the All Swords to the Master, but you summoned the Eight Earthworms”

“Retract it immediately.

Dont embarrass yourself like this!”


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