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Chapter 348: Void Solidifying Sword Technique

Xu Xiaoshou returned to Yuan Mansion.

After he had leveled up the Sword Technique Expertise, his mind was full of non-stop knowledge washing through his brain like tides of waves.

The knowledge had not only seeped through his soul but also his appreciation for the way of the sword had been elevated to the highest height after the impact of knowledge.

‘This is…

The young man slanted his head.

His eyes were full of many realizations of the Great Path, but he also had many more questions and things he could not understand.

The Sword Technique Expertise for those at Master Stage greatly differed from those who were Innate Stage.

Though it seemed to be just one step ahead, the overwhelming emotion of experiencing the thousands of swords returning themselves to him gave Xu Xiaoshou a sense of pride.

It proclaimed that he was one of all swords in his heart.

The profound meanings of the way of the sword that was once endless and limitless in his mind had immediately condensed into an easily comprehensible knowledge.

Simultaneously, the parts he could not understand in the Sword Observation Manual had also become clear as day.

Even the Sword Worship Technique he was on the watch for in the fantasy realm had seemingly unraveled itself and appeared before his eyes.

However, he had failed in accomplishing the full actualization process.

It was clear that the Sword Will of the Master Stage was not enough to realize a sword technique that was of that terrifying level.

The particular sword technique had accompanied the Sword Observation Manual in its creation.

If those who were master swordsmen were incapable of fully realizing the technique, he would obtain an absolute upper hand if he was able to master it, and he would be able to eliminate any master swordsman in his way.

His eyes lit up.

Xu Xiaoshou stared into the void.

As he stared into it, he subconsciously activated the sword observation.

All he had learned before reaching the Master Stage of Sword Will was applicable at this very moment.

Xu Xiaoshou felt as if he was seeing the world in a new light, and his Sword Will level was rapidly rising with every second.

Although it may have seemed like a normal glance, he had already experienced the essence of sword observation.

It was clear that sword observation was not for the sword alone.

It was to observe all of heaven and the earth as well.

The void seemed to change suddenly with that natural gaze from Xu Xiaoshou.

After a wave of the loud and forceful clattering of swords, the space caved in and abruptly transformed into thousands of Sword of the Space.

The body of the swords was delicate.

They had a translucent and iridescent appearance and seemed to flicker between existence and nonexistence.

They were between the border of space.

If he had not looked in detail, this wonderous scenery of swords that emerged from the heavens and the earth would have seemed to have manifested from eternal nothingness.

As Xu Xiaoshou moved his eyes around, the environment began to change.

A strong gust of wind had stirred up in the world.


The clear chimes of the swords rang.

The thousands of swords merged into one entity.

It then followed Xu Xiaoshous gaze and tilted to the side.


The majestic surge of Sword Will congregated at one spot.

It had struck into the Chaos Space and pushed it outward, leaving behind a mile-long impact.

The chaotic grey mist moved turbulently in the space.

Xu Xiaoshou felt like his heart had swelled up and was beating like a stormy sea.

“Void Solidifying Sword Technique”

He mumbled under his breath.

His words were laced with extreme disbelief.

Almost all of the impeccable techniques of the ancient swordsmen were recorded in the Sword Observation Manual, and Void Solidifying Sword Technique was one of them.

According to the manual, for a sword technique of this caliber, even those who were successful master swordsmen would not have been able to actualize this sword technique.

It seemed to be that the author of the Sword Observation Manual must have been a person of madness.

He had held strict form to record all forms of techniques by every swordsman in this world as well as a strict criterion to evaluate them.

“Those who do not actualize the Void Solidifying Sword Technique should not call themselves master swordsmen!”

This was quoted verbatim from the ancient text, and it was the opinion of the author of the Sword Observation Manual.

From the perspective of the average person, All Swords to the Master was the technique that had to be realized by extraordinarily strong Master Stage swordsmen.

This was achievable by everyone who had attained the Master Stage Sword Will.

Therefore, for the average person, only those who had a physical sword were able to attain the level of All Swords to the Master.

From the perspective of the author of the Sword Observation Manual, this was not enough.

For a master swordsman to active All Swords to the Master, they needed to have a physical sword at hand.

If not, they had to borrow other items, such as leaves or gravel.

It was an undesirable process.

Hence, the author concluded that those who were incapable of the Void Solidifying Sword Technique should not falsely claim themselves to be master swordsmen.

Xu Xiaoshou had to suppress himself to remain calm as he traveled along this train of thought.

He was aware that the author was merely stating his or her own opinions.

In ancient times, the Void Solidifying Sword Technique was something that was out of the leagues of the ancient swordsmen.

This point was evident from Gu Qingsans actions.

He had displayed the master Sword Will before Xu Xiaoshou, yet he was ridiculed as the Master Swordsman of the Eight Earthworms, a scene that had greatly embarrassed him.

However, Xu Xiaoshou was completely different.

He gazed upon the Sword of the Void before him.


As he called out the order, the 10,000 swords of the Sword of the Void moved on his command.

They were under Xu Xiaoshous control be it to fly, strike, or attack.

All of the swords were able to transform in any state that would realize even the craziest ideas from Xu Xiaoshou.

Instantly, the 10,000 swords paused and proceeded to waltz around Xu Xiaoshou.

“Sword-draw Technique!”

Xu Xiaoshou called out lightly.

The void before him shook with a jerk.

White Sword Aura emitted from the body of the sword.

It moved with great difficulty within the spaces.

From the never-ending silt, it successfully pulled out the Sword of Space.

Within a second, the aura of the 10,000 swords called out in the Chaos Space

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The horrifying wave had almost torn a layer of the earth apart.

The chaotic grey mist had been pushed back by more than 10 miles or so.

It took an exceptionally long time for it to slowly return to its original position.

‘What incredible power!

Xu Xiaoshou clenched his fist tightly.

His face was filled with excitement.

When he only had Hidden Bitter in the past, any of his attempts to use Sword-draw Technique were limited to one form.

However, as his Sword Will had advanced to the Master Stage, he had not only completed this form and the unshackling of the spiritual source, but he also now had the addition of All Things Are Swords and Void Solidifying Sword Technique to be used at any time.

‘Are there 10,000 forms of the Sword-draw Technique

‘How can anyone stand against something so powerful

Xu Xiaoshou thought about how Hidden Bitter could only execute a form of Thousand Leaves Style, Sword-draw Technique, and Black Pattern after it had combined with the Black Scabbard.

The form had already become part of the past.

Xu Xiaoshou was able to pull the technique whenever he desired.


He felt a sudden sense of anxiety in his heart.

Xu Xiaoshou held his head and shook it slightly.

This was when a realization dawned upon him.

To execute the form, he still had to burn something within him.

However, it was simply transforming the spiritual source into mental strength by consuming the spiritual source.

Even so…

After the continuous strengthening from his Perception, Xu Xiaoshous mental strength had advanced to become immensely powerful.

All he had to do was grit his teeth and withstand the consumption of his spiritual source.

This should pose no problem, even after dozens of attacks.


Xu Xiaoshou laughed manically.

He had his head and could almost picture the scene when Zhang Taiying was eliminated with a single cut of his blade.

Suddenly, he pulled out Hidden Bitter in a maddening manner.

He casually summoned the aura of the sword and returned the sword into its sheath determinedly.

Ring… Ring… Ring…

The Sword of the Space shadowed his sword as if it had been guided by a spiritual force.

It fell from the sky and transformed into a stream of light.

It swam into the sword like a fish and merged itself into the Black Scabbard.

A strong wave of wind came over.

It blew through Xu Xiaoshous black hair and green clothes.

The young man felt the corners of his lips tug upward.

He was unable to hold back his emotions.

“Whoa, this sword is too cool!”

“Are my dreams of becoming a swordsman coming true”

He unsheathed the sword.

The shadows of thousands of other swords followed suit.

He shifted his concentration.

The Sword of the Space transformed into a dual ray of sword presence, one high and one low, as it struck down from the sky.

The sword body was glimmering with light as if the sword soul had possessed it.

“Awakening Effect, Earth-shattering Chop… Wait, this isnt the name.

What was it again”


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