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Chapter 364: Zhang Taiying Has Given Up


The air was so silent that it was terrifying.

As if silenced by the Way of the Heavens, everyone looked at the half-disappeared ancient tower on the ground and collectively went silent.

Even Xin Gugu was shocked by Xu Xiaoshous actions.

Earlier, he had obtained a spiritual pond that caused Xin Gugu to be drenched from head to toe.

That one thing was fine.

Now, he had taken away half of their possessions right in front of their faces.

What kind of a person was this

Yuan Mansion was supposed to be used to escape from the enemy, but it was now being used as a magical tool for robbery.

What if the Chaos Space in Yuan Mansion was fully developed Was he going to take the whole world under his belt

Suspected, Passive Points 66.

Impressed, Passive Points 222.

Not only were the Zhang Mansion people shocked but also the crowd surrounding them to watch were all equally shocked.

“Im afraid this will be a case of bad blood that will never end.”

No matter whose family inheritance was taken by half, the situation would definitely become one that could no longer be peacefully resolved.

Moreover, the half of the ancient tower that fell to the ground was the top half of the Hidden Scriptures Pavilion.

Needless to say, the top half of ancient towers were usually the most valuable and significant.

When selecting their spiritual techniques in the tower, ordinary family disciples could not even enter the second floor.

Those who struggled and managed to reach the Innate Stage could only go up to the third and fourth floors.


Looking at the remains of the Hidden Scriptures Pavilion, it only had four and a half floors left.

The ability to go up…

And choose spiritual techniques…

What the f*ck was this

If there was nowhere to go up, how could they choose better spiritual techniques

The first to explode with anger was Zhang Taiying, who had been suppressing his fury for a long time.

After clearly being reminded of what the Hidden Scriptures Pavilion meant for the Zhang Family, his pupils disappeared.

Magic weaves could be seen forming in his bloodshot eyes.


With a loud roar, the man who had already transformed into a mini giant earlier expanded again after ingesting a drop of Sovereign blood essence.

Black fur rapidly grew on his body.

Zhang Taiying now looked like a gigantic beast.

He shook off his two companions, who were restraining him, and stepped out.


The space shattered as he flew forward straight for Xu Xiaoshou.

“Go to hell!”

Zhang Duoyu immediately tried to grab him.

This time, he could not catch up to Zhang Taiyings speed and grabbed onto nothing.

“Big Elder!”

She looked to the side with great urgency only to see Zhang Zhongmou shaking his head.


With one word, Zhang Duoyu understood.

No matter how much they wanted to avoid it, Zhang Taiying had to fight in this fight.

The inheritance could not be broken.

The young mans actions seemed simple, but they could possibly cause future generations of the Zhang family to lose their inheritance.

As a family that was still growing and developing, it would inevitably be destructive for them.


Zhang Duoyu mumbled and clenched her fists as she glanced at the young man, who looked so proud that it was as if he was going to start floating.


The two of them followed closely behind and rushed toward Xu Xiaoshou as well.

“Come at us!”

The fighting spirit in Xin Gugus eyes ignited as he shouted and was about to receive Zhang Taiyings blow.

Xu Xiaoshou almost fainted at the sound of his loud voice.

“Hold… Hold me.”

His body swayed as he turned back and spoke.

Xin Gugu was surprised.

He looked at the back of Xu Xiaoshous head.

He hesitated a moment and said, “Im over here.”

Xu Xiaoshou did not turn back.

Even though his senses were blurred and he could not receive any information from his Perception, he still used All Things are Swords and managed to feel that murderous intent.

‘Did Zhang Taiying still dare to attack

Still feeling shocked, he did not know that his one sword had quelled the enemy.

It was his unreasonable robbery of their inheritance that led them to attack again.

There was no time for any thinking now.

“Dont attack!”

Xu Xiaoshou looked back after stopping Xin Gugu.

If they were to attack, all that he had worked for would be wasted.

Struggling to look in the direction of the murderous intent, Xu Xiaoshou smiled coldly.

He drew a Sword Aura in the air with his fingertip.

“Cross the line, and you die!”

His cold and crisp voice resonated with the wind.

That bold Sword Aura caused Zhang Taiying to wake up.

It was obviously just an ordinary Sword Aura that was Innate grade.

Yet, there was a small hint of faded sword cognition on it.

It was this thing that had torn the skies like a piece of cloth earlier and destroyed a super-strong Sovereign defense spirit-gathering array.

‘Can I withstand the attack Zhang Taiying thought.

Just when his toes were about to cross that weak Sword Aura, Zhang Taiying subconsciously stopped in his tracks.


“Keep moving!”

Flames of anger ignited in Zhang Taiyings heart as he looked at the frail Xu Xiaoshou.

Even if he was blind, he could tell that this young mans condition was not right.

Besides, he wasnt blind.

He practically shouted at the young man standing behind the Sword Aura, “At your current state, you cannot execute that one sword attack anymore!”

Swish! Swish!

Two figured stopped behind him.

Zhang Duoyus eyes were filled with shock.

Had the bold and fearless Zhang Taiying been stopped

Could he still be stopped by someones words even when he was in his berserk mode

In the past, this was totally not possible at all.


Zhang Duoyu used to think that this word was never in Zhang Taiyings dictionary.

Now, she was not so sure anymore.


Zhang Zhongmou looked at the scene.

Despair momentarily flashed across his eyes.

Different from Zhang Duoyu, this situation of having to stand at the forefront alone for the family at the risk of his own life…

As someone who had been there before, Zhang Zhongmou could understand.

He did not speak at this point.

No matter how many differing opinions he might have had with Zhang Taiying on normal days, he would not interfere regarding the decision he made now.

“My state…”

Xu Xiaoshou closed his eyes, but his unstable senses seem to completely envelop everyone.

He laughed bitterly.

Without denying it, he said, “You are right.

I am indeed in a weak state right now, but how hard is it to release one sword attack”

Doubt was written on everyones faces, including that of Xin Gugu.

Considering Xu Xiaoshous state, he seemed to be bluffing.

“Ha-ha, ha-ha!”

Zhang Taiying stared furiously.

He raised his head and laughed wildly.

” If releasing one sword attack is not difficult, then you could have already done so.

Why all the talk now”

Xu Xiaoshou did not waver.

He asked, “If you think that one sword is hard, why do you still not dare to cross the line”


The scene was extremely silent.

Xin Gugu was shocked.

At this point, he had to admit some things to himself.

In terms of thinking capabilities, even after adding up everyones, they would still lose to Xu Xiaoshous.

That would be so no matter in terms of reaction time or the ability to twist words.

“Roar!” Zhang Taiying let out a furious roar that shook the surrounding area.

He punched his chest, felt his blood boil, and almost turned insane.

His rational side stopped this impulse.

The thin veil that covered his embarrassment had been broken.

Zhang Taiying felt his face turn burning red.

He had been scared, but…


“Stop making excuses for yourself.”

Xu Xiaoshou calmly spoke.

Relying on Eternal Vitalitys ultra-strong recovery speed, this short span of time was sufficient for him to recover to the point that he could move.

He waved his hands and ushered Aje and Xin Gugu behind him as he dragged his weakened body to be exposed in front of the Sovereigns.

“I will give you one more chance to choose for yourself…”

“A step or a sword”


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