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Chapter 367: The Devil Box and The Letter

Without a doubt, if there was anything in this world that would bring more joy than earning Passive Points, it would be looting.

The largest loot that Xu Xiaoshou had the pleasure of pocketing came from Li Seven and Xiao Sixteen.

The formers wealth in the form of spiritual arrays was still lying in the spatial ring.

The latter, on the other hand, had helped to transform him into a legendary multi-millionaire.

His only regret was that Red Dog was beaten up so miserably by the Raging Giant that even his spatial ring was gone.

Otherwise, he estimated that the net worth of that Sovereign Stage killer was 10 times of Xiao Sixteens.

“One billion…”

He would be lying if he said it was not a pity.

Xu Xiaoshou sighed regretfully.

However, he also knew that he was lucky enough to survive.

A smile spread across his face as he looked at the ancient tower before him.

“Who knows, this thing might be able to top Red Dogs.

It could even be more than that!”

It was practically half the inheritance of the Zhang Mansion.

Before last night, Xu Xiaoshou could not have imagined that it would fall into his hands.

After all, his original intention was only to blow it up.

Even if the Sovereign Stage fought, the moment he took out his sword, all he could think was, “I should do something…”

“Nothing is certain in this world.”

Xu Xiaoshou sighed and stopped thinking, leading Aje into the collapsed tower.

Although the barrier of the collapsed tower was intact, it had already been disengaged.

The cut was not as smooth as he imagined.

Rather, it was jagged and hideous with crisscrossing ravines and deep pits.

Xu Xiaoshou knew this feeling.

He felt this way when the sword cognition of that man wandered into his body.

He stepped into the ancient tower from the battered end.

There was a dark, shadowy atmosphere inside.

“Spiritual techniques!”

“All of them are spiritual techniques!”

Xu Xiaoshou felt his eyes lighting up.

His reaction was different from the past.

Now, spiritual techniques were no longer useless things.

He likened them to spirit crystals and wealth, and it was not too farfetched to say that he could exchange them for priceless treasures.

For him, their existence was of little significance.

For the world, spiritual techniques were a crowd favorite.

It was only the first floor, yet before his eyes was a display of rows of jade scrolls and ancient books.

The space was not very large, and there were not many shelves with spiritual techniques.

The quantity was very impressive for a single person.

Xu Xiaoshou also knew that this collapsed tower was the upper half of the Hidden Scriptures Pavilion of the Zhang Mansion.

Even if it was the first level that he had entered, it was the upper-middle level of the entire Hidden Scriptures Pavilion.

The setup here was very similar to the first level of the Spiritual Library Division in the Tiansang Spirit Palace.

There was nothing special about it.

The value of the contents within it was entirely different.

Xu Xiaoshou randomly flipped through a book.

It was about Innate Stage Spiritual Techniques.

He flipped another book.

It was the Peak of Innate Stage.


“I am guessing that everything here is Innate Stage Spiritual Techniques!”

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

With a rough sweep of his gaze, there were no fewer than hundreds of Innate Stage Spiritual Techniques.

It was indeed a considerable inheritance.

If he brought out the contents of this level, he estimated that he could open a small Spirit Palace.

“How come the quantity here feels like more than the Spirit Palace…”

Xu Xiaoshou made his way inside, getting more and more stunned as he walked in further.

The categories of spiritual techniques included were simply numerous.

Whether the spiritual techniques were for the formal path or the deviated path, they were all available.

What was more, the options were abundant.

The Spiritual Library Division could not live up to it.

“This is impossible.

Its only a Zhang Mansion.

How can they have more things than the Tiansang Spirit Palace”

“How many families have been robbed of their inheritance Could it be that the Spirit Palace conceals its treasures”

Xu Xiaoshou thought as he crossed the floor and walked up to the next level.

To him, Innate Stage Spiritual Techniques held no attraction at all.

The second level was full of jade scrolls, and the number was fewer than the first level.

There were probably only dozens of them within sight.

However, Xu Xiaoshou was astounded.

Logically speaking, the sudden reduction in the number could only mean that their level had increased sharply.

“Master Stage Spiritual Techniques”

Xu Xiaoshou was eager to touch a jade scroll.

Before he could reach it, he was blocked by a light barrier.

“A barrier”

It stunned him for a while.

He reached his hand out and gave it a sharp jab, breaking open the barrier instantly.

“Is it that weak”

In reality, the barrier was not weak.

Xu Xiaoshou possessed abnormal qualities in his body.

Without thinking, he put something on his forehead, and his heart jumped wildly in his chest.

“I have struck the jackpot!”

“There are dozens of Master Stage Spiritual Techniques!”

“I have only recently attained Master Stage proficiency in my Sword Technique Expertise.

If I can cultivate it, wouldnt it be equivalent to having dozens of Passive Skills”

Xu Xiaoshou was drooling over this thought, but he also understood that even a Spiritual Cultivator who was a genius could not learn all the spiritual techniques in this world.

Specialization was the key.

Putting down the jade scroll in his hand, Xu Xiaoshou made no further attempt at verifying the contents here.

He turned his gaze to the upper level.

“If there are five levels, there are still two levels above if I exclude the top level of the tower.”

“This is already the Master Stage Spiritual Technique, and there are so many of them…”

“What could the levels above contain”

Thinking of this, Xu Xiaoshou made a quick dash for the upper level with a swoosh.

An illuminated gate blocked his way, but the function of its existence meant nothing to Xu Xiaoshou.

Relying on the strength of Toughness, it only required a bump.

Xu Xiaoshou did not have to move at all.

The illuminated gate suddenly trembled and exploded under the force of wave after wave of increasingly powerful countershocks.

“It has the strength of the Peak of Master Stage.”

Xu Xiaoshou estimated the energy of the illuminated gate.

He guessed that if the collapsed tower was intact, the illuminated gate should behave the same as the array, which had the level of the Sovereign Stage.

That way, it would require some effort if he wanted to enter.

At that moment, he did not see it as an obstacle.

He took a step forward.

It was silent inside, and the space contained only one long table.

There were seven light clusters on the long table.


Xu Xiaoshou sucked in cold air, only to feel dizzy in his head.

“Seven doors”

At this moment, he wanted to point out his realization quality again.

If he could comprehend the spiritual technique…

Were they Sovereign Stage Passive Skills

“Thats a little scary!”

Suppressing the alarm in his heart, Xu Xiaoshou decided not to trigger them.

He instead headed straight to the last level.

“What will it be”

“Beyond the Sovereign Stage… Cutting Path, Higher Void”

“Or Demi-Saint Stage”

Xu Xiaoshou felt that his imagination went too far.

If the Zhang family had such a powerful ability, they would have slashed him in half on the spot.

In any case, he would not even be able to put on a show before them.

As he stepped into the fourth level, unexpectedly, no bookshelf stood before him.

Instead, there was a black square table and a rocking chair.

Clearly, someone had lived here.

“Was it that old man”

Xu Xiaoshou thought of Zhang Zhongmou.

Not surprisingly, these should be the traces left behind by that old man.

He was a little disappointed.

He thought that the highest level would contain the best treasure.

He did not expect that he would only collect a pile of domestic garbage in the end.

“This cant be right!”

Xu Xiaoshou allowed his gaze to wander.

He suddenly settled on the square table.

On top of it were a hanging light spirit pen holder, a black inkstone, and a purple box.

There was a letter under the box.

“An unfinished letter”

Xu Xiaoshou did not care about this as the purple box had attracted his attention.

Along the way, even the Sovereign Stage Spiritual Techniques did not trigger an emotional roller coaster in him.

But that box made Perception report an urgent warning with a dangerous throb.

This throbbing only emerged on occasion in the past.

Every time it materialized, it could only signal a catastrophe or a blasphemous event.

“This… What have I collected”

Xu Xiaoshou had a weird look in his eyes.

Although he was surprised to be opening a devil box, he was full of worry.

“Forget it.

When we get to the mountain, there will naturally be a way through!”

Now that he was in his Yuan Mansion, Xu Xiaoshou could not refrain from opening it.

He paced forward and moved the rocking chair.

He sat on it with his hands hovering above the purple devil box.


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