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Chapter 373: I, Xu Xiaoshou, Can Still Make Things Work

‘I got played!

Xu Xiaoshou rested for a while.

He still did not believe that the Expertise Passive Skill he had obtained this time was the Weaving Expertise.

He looked at Cooking Expertise and suddenly felt that this Passive Skill was actually perfectly normal.

‘Weaving… Ah… Ah!

Xu Xiaoshou almost went insane.

He had wanted Spirit-gathering Array Expert, not this broken thing.

‘Thats not right!

‘Calm down!

‘Now that I think of it, when Cooking Expertise first came out, I seemed to be also like this, right

Xu Xiaoshou ran around the perimeter of Yuan Mansion for a few rounds before coming to a stop.

‘In this world, there do not exist any weird and useless skills.

There are only those that the inventors did not… Never mind!

‘If I think seriously for a moment, this thing and the spirit-gathering array… Ugh… Spiritual veins could actually be related!

‘Weaving is just using strings, right There should be some relation between strings and spiritual veins!

Xu Xiaoshou nodded with a lack of confidence.

‘Uh, that must be it!

Without thinking anything further, he immediately raised the level of this Weaving Expertise to Innate Stage.

A large amount of knowledge instantly entered his mind.

Xu Xiaoshous face darkened.

‘Was it really just weaving

In that great amount of knowledge, there were detailed explanations of different types of stitches, needles, and plaits…

Including how to use strings, their thickness, and arrangement, as well as tips that affected the whole…

Including colors, collocation, composition…

Aesthetics, perception, artwork appreciation…

Lastly, there was a part on…

‘Rhythmic gymnastics

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

He looked at the part about gymnastics and was left speechless.

‘Is this asking me to move and stretch more to prevent me from being overly addicted to weaving and having diseases of the vertebrae

With a plop, Xu Xiaoshou could not control his movements and fell onto the ground.

He looked at the vast sky and deeply exhaled a breath of air.


He felt a little helpless, with which he struggled.

With mixed feelings and a heavy heart, Xu Xiaoshou squatted.

‘There is still some use for Innate Stage Weaving Expertise.

At least, it taught me in detail about the Weaving Technique.

‘If that is the case, when I use this method on a spirit-gathering array, can I also easily control spirit veins

Xu Xiaoshou tilted his head as he trembled.

He took out a piece of Qingming Celestial Rock from his ring.

It was a foundational rock for array wheels.

By carving spirit veins on the rock to gather spiritual energy, the spirit-gathering array was formed.

He took out a carving knife, had a second thought, and put it back.

Innate Stage Weaving Expertise was honestly very useful and practical.

It taught Xu Xiaoshou how to gather his spiritual source to form a needle, which could be used on anything to practice the Weaving Technique.

Xu Xiaoshou pinched his fingers as a delicate spirit needle started to form.

Different from its calm appearance, this spirit needle had a spirit core within it vibrating at high speeds.

It allowed this needle to carry huge destructive capabilities.

The moment he pinched the spirit needle, Xu Xiaoshous hand stopped trembling immediately.

As if he had undergone strict and intensive training, the young man raised his pinky finger.

His face looked strange.

He was just about to start weaving when he subconsciously glanced at Aje.

The expression on his face seemed as if he had been forced to do something but was seen by a familiar person.

It was quite embarrassing.

“Ma Ma…”

Aje called out softly as his line of sight shifted to land on Xu Xiaoshous lifted pinky finger.


Xu Xiaoshou tried to retract his finger, but it bounced back by itself.

“Never mind.”

He slightly relaxed as he gave the rock a little poke.


The Qingming Celestial Rock exploded.

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

‘As expected…

The small explosion did not make Xu Xiaoshou disappointed.

On the contrary, his eyes showed signs of deep thought.

‘Its very strong!

‘Even the Qingming Celestial Rock could be instantly broken, and it looked like it was filled… Uh… It exploded like a filled balloon…

‘What if this was used on a person

Xu Xiaoshou waved his hands.

Tens of thousands of spirit needles appeared in the sky.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

With a casual movement, the spirit needles made frantic noises.

Xu Xiaoshou was excited.

‘Who could defend against this

‘As long as that person did not guard against this, wouldnt I be able to poke him to death

The attack power was not the main point.

The main purpose of a spirit needle was not to be used with Qingming Celestial Rocks.

Xu Xiaoshou pondered this for a while.

He immediately gave up on the physical form of carving spirit-gathering arrays.

Since the road he had taken had already gone astray, he decided to run wildly on this road ahead.

Perhaps it would be a totally new style.

He kept the tens of thousands of needles and left just a dozen.

This was the limit that the Innate Stage of Weaving Expertise could control.


Using his spirit senses to control it, Xu Xiaoshou viewed the sky and earth as the array wheel, used the spirit-gathering array as a carving knife, and started carving in the air.

Even though Weaving Expertise did not bring the way of spirit-gathering array carving, in the past few days, Xu Xiaoshou had already studied and memorized the stuff that Li Seven had left behind.

The key to spirit-gathering arrays was in the spirit veins.

When drawing spirit veins, their thickness and depth, including the layout, all had a direct relationship with the actual formation of the array.

Regarding that point…

Weaving Expertise had it.

As the spirit needles danced in the air, Xu Xiaoshou used his spiritual source and condensed them into spirit threads.

At this point, these spirit threads had replaced spirit veins.

The thickness of the thread, its outline, the interactions between threads, and their attraction and repulsion, were all within Xu Xiaoshous mind.

This was only the most basic study of the Weaving Technique in Weaving Expertise.

As he swayed according to his mood, Xu Xiaoshou slowly realized that his thoughts and ideas might become reality.

Using the air as his array wheel, Xu Xiaoshou threaded his spirit needles and weaved a beautiful pattern.

The pattern started to develop and become more structured.

If there was a Spirit Array Caster present, that person would shockingly realize that…

This pattern was actually a basic spirit-gathering array.

Beads of sweat rolled down Xu Xiaoshous forehead.

He completed his last weave without even shifting his gaze.


The spirit-gathering array in the air did not explode or become damaged like the Qingming Celestial Rock when it was being carved.

After a hum, it started to shake and vibrate.

‘Is it working

Xu Xiaoshou was in a daze.

He had never thought that a random passing thought would work.

He replaced the peaceful and prosperous family pattern within the Weaving Expertise into the spirit-gathering array and successfully weaved it.

At this point, he was over the moon.

Xu Xiaoshou examined the sight in front of him.

After the array was formed, it finally overcame the period of instability and shone brightly with brilliance.

Foosh… Foosh… Foosh…

Since Yuan Mansion was a small, tight place, he was able to feel the power and intensity of this spirit array even more.

As the rich and surging aura of vitality gathered, it was as if a storm had met a black hole and was pulled straight toward it.

Xu Xiaoshous clothes were almost ripped off his body.

This young man, who had found hope in despair, was tearing up profusely at this point.

‘Hard work will always be rewarded!

For the third time, he sat on the ground with a plop.

It was caused by the fact that his spiritual source had been used up.

More so, it was from the fact that…

‘If I had already found the entrance to spirit arrays, I wouldnt have to worry about not being able to become a spirit array master anymore, right

‘Weaving Technique…

‘So what if it was weaving technique I can still make things work!

The edge of Xu Xiaoshous mouth twitched.


He could not hold it in any longer.


He sprawled on the ground with his hands on his stomach, as he let out a crazy bout of laughter.

“He-he, ha-ha, ha-he, ha-ha…”


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