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Chapter 379: The Famous Xu Xiaoshou

Xu Xiaoshou hid at the corner of the banquet.

He watched and judged the many strong men in the crowd as he stuffed himself with food.

‘Master, the highest stage of Master, a Sovereign, another Sovereign!

‘These old men are kind of terrifying!

He paid little attention to the young and handsome men at the east.

His goal was to determine the strongest individual in the proximity, find Zhang Taiying in the crowd of people, and lock his sights on him.

This full moon would be a prickly one.

His vision encircled the many tables of the banquet as he searched for his target.

His ears were full of various sounds of conversations and noises from the event.

One banquet table suddenly caught Xu Xiaoshous attention.

He glanced over at the table.

Sitting at the table were two middle-aged men.

They were well-dressed and commanded an impressive presence.

However, their way of talking was rather strange.

“Ho, isnt this Master Zhao Did he finally decide to leave the house”

The voice who spoke first was at the highest level of the Master Stage, but Xu Xiaoshou could not recall who the man was.

“Oh Brother Wen”

The voice who replied belonged to the man of the Sovereign Stage.

The voice sneered and added, “I heard that someone in the Wen family passed recently.

What was it about Was it Old Wen Chong, or the Old Wen snake”

“Or was it someone younger A shame for someone old to send someone young off.”

“Ha, a tease as always,” the familiar-looking old man retorted.

“Enough about me.

Hasnt the Zhao family lost a disciple of the Spirit Palace as well”

“Same as always.

It was the foolish actions of the rascal.

This matter is of no significance to me!”

“Ha-ha, it seems like lives have little value in the eyes of Master Zhao!”

“Some do, at least yours.

I would love to buy it if I could.”

The other replied with silence.

Halfway through their conversation, Xu Xiaoshou felt that something was amiss.

The topic that the two men were discussing stood out to him.

He coughed.

Xu Xiaoshou pulled Mu Zixi over as he made his way to depart from the place and relocate to a different place.

An unexpected situation had occurred.

Zhang Taiying was not the only enemy present at the banquet.

“Xu Xiaoshou”

The sudden voice came from a lady who had walked past the two.

The lady jerked her head back and looked toward him with great curiosity.

Xu Xiaoshou stopped in his footsteps and looked over to where the voice came from.

He had too many enemies around him, and he was afraid to expose himself.

“You are…” With a glance, he realized he had never crossed paths with the individual before.

Qu Qing-er was donned in a purple evening gown with a champagne wine glass in her hand.

She presented herself in a dignified manner, but the alcohol caused a flush in her cheeks made her appear extra charming and attractive.

She bowed and spoke with a smile.

“Qu Qing-er of Plenty Gold Company.

Ive met Master Xu before.”

Xu Xiaoshou was puzzled.

‘Weve met

He paused.

It struck him that this was the technique that was only spoken of in legends: striking up a conversation.

The thought lit up Xu Xiaoshous eyes.

He was someone who had the power to woo others in a banquet setting as well.

He swept his fringe aside immediately.

“Yes, weve met!”

Qu Qing-er did not say words in response.

“Youve met me before Master Xu.”

“Of course!”

“Oh” Qu Qing-ers expression broke into a slight excitement.

She had researched Xu Xiaoshou after the incident with Old Man Jin.

Moreover, in her days of working in the higher levels of Plenty Gold Company, she had witnessed the fight between Xu Xiaoshou and others she had suspected to be strong forces.

However, he should not have met her before.

“When did we met” Qu Qing-er tilted her head in curiosity.

A strand of her black hair fell from the back of her ears and slid down onto her shoulders.

Xu Xiaoshou had to maintain his proper front, so he did not dare to let his vision drift.

He scanned the physique of the other with Perception and swept away the hand of his junior sister before continuing with a deeper voice.

“We met often.”

He stared into the eyes of the lady.

“You look so strikingly similar to the woman in my dreams!”

“Though I have never met you personally, I believe we are spiritually connected.

Hence, you must have met me in this way as well.”

The abrupt obscene talk had turned Qu Qing-ers face as red as an apple.

She was thrown off and speechless.

Cursed, Passive Points 1, 1, 1, 1…

Xu Xiaoshou turned behind him casually.

“How about you go have fun on your own I just remembered some business I have to attend to!”

Mu Zixi was taken aback.

She could barely this was her own disciple brother.

Her brother had always been a blockhead.

She wondered why he had suddenly decided to be open-minded.

Mu Zixi looked toward Qu Qing-er curiously and wondered if she was the reason for the change in Xu Xiaoshous behavior.

Her eyes wandered to the bosom of the woman.

Her eyes narrowed, and she understood what was happening.

Cursed, Passive Points 1, 1, 1, 1…

“You went too far Xu Xiaoshou!”

Xu Xiaoshou nearly jumped from Mu Zixis yell.

Xu Xiaoshous mind raced.

His name was not something that could be boldly declared, especially in a room that had his many familiar enemies in every corner.

He rushed forward and held down the mouth of the young lady.

He looked at Qu Qing-er apologetically.

“My bad, something came up I will take my leave now.”

If he had wanted peaceful relations with others, he had to have a peaceful relationship with those within his family.

If he had known this would have happened, he would not have brought Mu Zixi along.

The scheme was a lost cause.

Qu Qing-er smiled happily.

She did not mind the situation.

From the words, she had already seen through what kind of person Xu Xiaoshou was.

He was a simple loafer, and that was all there was to him.

She nodded with agreement and was about to take her leave with her glass of wine.

At the same time, voices of suspicions could be heard from the far side of the banquet.

“Xu Xiaoshou”

Another voice that belonged to a woman called out.

However, the tone that it carried was not a voice of doubt but rather a factual statement that the other had confirmed his identity.

‘Damn, do I know so many people

In a rush, Xu Xiaoshou cast his gaze over in that direction and discovered he knew the owner of the voice.

“Fu Dianhong!”

The woman was covered head to toe during their first meeting at the back alley of the Plenty Gold Company where she tried to capture him.

The second time they met was a sheer coincidence at the Pill Pagoda.

She was donned in the robes of a Spiritual Cultivator.

However, seeing her now in the red dress changed her presence as a warrior completely.

She had the aura of a princess.

The description was not far from the fact.

She was the princess of the City Lords Mansion.

Fu Dianhong was often the center of attention of many young and handsome men.

As she approached from the west side of the stage, she brought with her a hoard of young and strong men.

The yell had brought the eyes of everyone at the banquet into the direction of Xu Xiaoshou.

Some of the elders had begun to ponder the name and remembered events that had happened.

Watched, Passive Points 172.

Xu Xiaoshou felt every hair on his body stand up.

He had been so caught up in his pride that he had slipped up and caused all the attention on himself.

Xu Xiaoshou tried to calm himself down.

There had to be a way that he could easily brush this under the carpet.

He joined on the gaze of the masses and turned his head around as well.

“Xu Xiaoshou”

“Who is Xu Xiaoshou”

Qu Qing-er laughed with a scoff.

Her laugh was an obvious signal to others who he was.

She wanted to make a few jokes about the situation.

At that moment, another voice of surprise and suspicion arose in the room.

“Xu Xiaoshou”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned for words.

‘What is going on he thought.

‘Am I known by so many people Why does everyone know me

Not only did Xu Xiaoshou turn to the source of the voice with panic, but Qu Qing-er, Fu Yinhong, and many others in attendance also turned simultaneously to the direction of the voice.

All of the individuals in the masses had picked up on the cue in the voice.

The cue had carried unwell intentions.

The instant Xu Xiaoshou turned and showed his face, Wen Song matched his face with the one in the wanted poster.

His face sank immediately.

“Are you Xu Xiaoshou”

Beside Wen Song was Zhao Nong, who was at the highest level of the Master Stage.

Zhao Nong locked eyes with the young man a distance away.

He could not believe the young man who was a mid-stage of the Origin Court was able to eliminate Zhao Shu.

Suspected, Passive Points 1.

Between the elders present, the younger men, or anyone from Tiangsang Spirit Palace, those who truly knew Xu Xiaoshou could be boiled down to a handful.

The meeting planted a seed of doubt in the hearts of everyone.

“Who is this Xu Xiaoshou”

“Is he strong Many people seem to know him, but hes just of the mid-stage Origin Court.”

“Xu Xiaoshou… That name is quite bizarre!”

The talented young men watched as an unhappy expression surfaced in the eyes of Fu Dianhong and Qu Qing-er.

They did not care much about the attention from the elders, but for someone as weak as Xu Xiaoshou to catch the attention of the two beauties in Tiangsang City was rather unbearable.

At this moment, everyone in attendance had an intention to challenge him in their hearts.

Everyone present always wanted to show off their abilities.

How could they let an individual of the Innate Stage take all the attention


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