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Chapter 402: Swallowing and Awakening

“Did she swallow it”

No matter how unbelievable it was, this thought floated at the back of Xu Xiaoshous mind.

Mu Zixi could not possibly be drunk with vitality for no reason.

It was even more unlikely for the Source of the World in this space to avoid Xu Xiaoshous scrutiny on purpose.

No matter how much it tried to hide, nothing could hide from Perception.

There was only one possibility left.

Fu Zhi originally planned to seal the person who had been smuggled into the sea of flowers but had unexpectedly shut in a girl with a silly-looking appearance and a ravenous stomach.

Had she swallowed the Source of the World with her entry

‘How is that possible

Xu Xiaoshou had a look of surprise on his face.

The Source of the World was the foundation of the birth of an extradimensional space.

When he had listened to Fu Zhis description and introduction, he could already predict how colossal the energy of this thing was.

Had Mu Zixi swallowed it

How could she survive

Xu Xiaoshou stepped forward and looked closer.

He found that the little girls delicate body was trembling and sweating, but she did not seem like she had stuffed herself to the brim.

Would she explode

There was no sign of this at all.

At best, she was so satiated that she had become comfortable and passed out from eating.


‘She is stronger than me!

Xu Xiaoshou was amazed.

He already knew that his junior sister was no ordinary person.

Nonetheless, he never expected that her ability to swallow a life force could reach such a high level.

After this episode, did she need even need to use what tricks in battle

She could just lunge into an attack, bite down the neck of her opponent, and even suck a Sovereign Stage dry.

‘This is too frightening.

‘Maybe she hasnt realized that her abilities are so terrifying.

‘Its a waste for her to use her energy to absorb Life Generating Pills on regular occasions.

In spite of his grouses, Xu Xiaoshou did not dare to stay any longer.

He had no idea how long Xu Xiaoji could hold on outside.

If he wished to investigate further, he had to carry this girl to the Yuan Mansion to examine her.

“Wake up.”

He slapped the girl on the cheek.

With two slaps, he was amazed at the elasticity of her delicate cheeks.

It was as if only a pinch would squeeze water from this collagen-filled face.

Xu Xiaoshou was taken aback for a moment.

‘She is different already…

It was not the first time that he had pinched his junior sisters face.

This time, he felt as if she was younger and felt better to the touch.

‘I also had this illusion the last time I saw her at the Senluo Woods by Tianxuan Gate.

‘She seems to be… Smaller

Mu Zixi woke up with a “hmm” and saw Xu Xiaoshou pinching her cheeks with both hands.

She was taken aback at that sight.

“Xu Xiaoshou”

“Why are you here”

“Ah.” Xu Xiaoshou retracted his hand in time and teased her, “You are quietly eating behind my back and wont even allow me to see you.”

Mu Zixi blushed instantly.

“How can it be”

“Did you really not eat anything”


“Then, where did Source of the World go”

Mu Zixi was stunned momentarily, “What Source of the World…”

It suddenly occurred to her that she had just entered this space.

In her daze, she ran headfirst into the fist-sized vitality cocoon.

She swore to herself…

She had never seen such a pure vitality source in her life.

It was purer than the aura on Xu Xiaoshous body.

She had been in contact with Xu Xiaoshou for a long time and could barely bear it, but this vitality cocoon…

Who could stand it

She consumed the delicious fruit in one bite and even swallowed the outer seal directly.

After she had digested it a little, Mu Zixi was immediately on cloud nine.

She felt like she had turned into a carefree bird, freely flying in space.

However, at the end of space was a slap.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at her with a smile, causing Mu Zixis face to blush more and more deeply.

Finally, she could not stand it and wanted to launch into an explanation, but Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand at her to cut off her words.

“Remember, if someone asks about Source of the World after you go out, you will answer that way too.”

“Knowing nothing is the safest.”

“Huh” Mu Zixi tilted her head in confusion.

Xu Xiaoshou did not offer further explanation.

According to Fu Zhi, too many people had their eyes on the Cardinal Wheel.

Those people were obviously not there for the Divine Secret, so they could only be after the Source of the World.

Xu Xiaoshou did not know what effect the thing had.

If that many people were flocking to it, it must have had extraordinary uses.

In addition, it was from White Cave.

‘The Source of the World…

‘If there is no source point in a world, can it still exist…

Xu Xiaoshou did not know if the source that his junior sister swallowed was the same, but it was beyond his control at that point.

According to Perception, the teleportation light curtain in the close distance had started to flicker, which was a sign that it was becoming unstable.

“Well talk about it when we get out.”

Xu Xiaoshou tugged Mu Zixis hand to lead her to the light curtain.

However, as soon as he moved his hand, he was struck and sent flying mid-air.

He was almost cut in half by the black hole of the void.

“What are you doing” Xu Xiaoshou asked in surprise.

Given his Toughness attribute, was he also bounced

How strong was this power

Nonetheless, he was not hurt at all.

It was as if this rebound was only telling himself not to touch the person in front of him without consent.

Mu Zixi felt taken aback as well.

She glanced at her hand and rubbed it.

She asked a little dubiously, “Why… Why did you fly”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly became alert.

Was she unaware of it

Did that mean the force behind it was the doing of the Source of the World

Was that force resisting him


Xu Xiaoshou was puzzled.

He had not done anything to this World Source.

He had not even seen it before.

Had it already rejected him

That could not be right.

Perhaps this World Source was not repelling itself but repelling the Fourth Sword and Cardinal Wheel that had sealed it.

Xu Xiaoshous eyes flashed with recognition, and he realized something.

He had come into contact with those two items.

When he realized that, he wanted to verify his theory immediately.

However, the teleportation light curtain seemed more unstable.

It was flickering rapidly like a falling star about to disappear.

Xu Xiaoshou did not dare to wait any longer and waved his hand.

“Follow me.

We will talk when we get out.”

Mu Zixi nodded absently, suppressing the inexplicable resistive sense in her heart.

She only felt that she had not completely digested the vitality cocoon that she swallowed earlier.

Looking at Xu Xiaoshous back, her mind was suddenly dizzy.

It was as if she had lost her consciousness.

At that moment, no one noticed that Mu Zixis beautiful eyes suddenly lost their color.

Her left eye flashed black, and her right eye flashed white.

They resembled the yin and yang of the Tai Chi Fish.

The black was pure black, and the white was pure white.

There was no other variation of remnants or any dust.

The contrasting black-and-white colors only appeared for a fleeting moment before her eyes shifted and fused back into their regular appearance, leaving no trace of the strange occurrence.

As Mu Zixi felt a blur in front of her eyes, Xu Xiaoshou almost disappeared into the fog.

“Are you daydreaming Hurry up!”

Xu Xiaoshou focused his attention on the shadowy-looking light curtain, and he was vaguely aware that something was subtly amiss.

When he turned his head, he saw the girl shaking her head as she ran toward him.

He frowned slightly.

Was there something wrong

No, that was not right.

He should rephrase that thought.

Nothing was right about the girl who could swallow the Source of the World.

“Be careful.”

“Dont touch the crack of the black hole,” he reminded her helpfully.


Mu Zixi grasped her double ponytails and squinted her big eyes twice with all her might.

She shook her head hard.

Only then could she see the direction a little clearer.

Had her vision blurred just now


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