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Chapter 403: Junior Sister Grew Up and Learned to Lie to Senior Brother

“Big Brother Aje!”

“Big Brother, can you stop crushing me Im going to break!”

Xu Xiaoji wailed piteously and was utterly powerless in the face of Ajes brutal suppression.

His body was completely drained of its power.

Although Yuan Mansion had a lot of vitality spiritual energy, it still could not sustain the power that the Divine Array had consumed.

Gradually, Xu Xiaoji felt a little lightheaded.

The vitality remaining in his body was about to be drained dry.

“Ah, stop it! Xu Xiaoshou, come back soon.”

“Help me…”

There were two swooshing sounds.

When Xu Xiaoji was about to close his eyes in helplessness, the two sounds finally popped out of the extremely unstable teleportation light curtain.

Xu Xiaoji watched as Mu Zixi and Xu Xiaoshou came out one after another.

He was so excited that he passed out flat.

“Ma Ma…”

Aje finally stopped at this time.


The Divine Array dimmed in good time and completely lost its luster.

The teleportation light curtain shattered, and it had altogether dissipated before everyones eyes.

‘Was it so dangerous

Xu Xiaoshou was terrified after realizing his narrow miss.

He pulled out the Ji Sword instantly and realized that Xu Xiaoji had completely lost his consciousness.

‘Has this guy been drained

He caught Ajes eye, but he could not tell anything from it…

Xu Xiaoshou was a little worried at first and was contemplating how he could rescue Xu Xiaoji.

However, after leaving the Divine Array, that guy started to absorb the vitality spiritual energy from Yuan Mansion again and started to recover slowly.

‘He is something indeed…

‘Come to think of it, after this guy lost consciousness, shouldnt he morph back into his original form

Xu Xiaoshou tsked in wonder at that discovery.

He also wanted to take this opportunity to see what Xu Xiaoji was made of.

He never expected Xu Xiaoji to maintain his disguised form even after passing out.

He was indeed the “human” who could steal the Cardinal Wheel right under Fu Zhis nose.

Xu Xiaoshou cast Xu Xiaoji aside for the time being and turned his attention to Mu Zixi.

He gave her a deep look.

“Where is this”

The girl had noticed the difference in this world.

She was aware that she had not yet returned to Shengshen Continent but instead was in a different space at that time.

Xu Xiaoshou smiled faintly.

“As I told you, its a small shelter from life-threatening incidents.

Unfortunately, you hadnt been involved in a life-threatening incident before, so you did not have the opportunity to see this.”

Mu Zixi was speechless.

Did he have to talk like that

She did not respond but opened her arms widely and tried her best to inhale the flourishing vitality breath here.

Her discovery filled her with joy.

She loved this place.

When she looked back, she saw the Spirit Mark of Life suspended in the void.

It was the life source of this small world.


“Is the Spirit Mark of Life here”

Mu Zixi opened her lips hungrily, and her drool almost trickled out.

Her eyes were glittering so brightly that one could practically see the light shining out of them.

She had been coveting this for a long time.

“Focus on the present! That is not the point.”

Xu Xiaoshou quickly grabbed her, but he felt the resistive force within her once again rearing its head to attack him.

This time, he squeezed her tightly.

However, the girl cried out and was shocked into retreating.

Mu Zixi was surprised.

Cursed, Passive Points 1.

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless for a while.

He had forgotten that he was loaded with Passive Skills.

If the power did not shock him, Mu Zixi must have suffered.

The power seemed to be in a weakened state than before.

Had it been digested

“Are you okay”

“Im not okay!” Mu Zixi breathed out angrily.

Xu Xiaoshou said airily, “Its good that youre okay.

Whats the situation with the power in your body Did the Source of the World bestow it upon you”

Mu Zixi gave him a sideways glance and rolled her eyes at him.

“I have no idea! I did not swallow it!”

“Hehe, do you still need to pretend with me If you did not swallow it, where did your cultivation level come from”

Xu Xiaoshou exposed her directly.

He always felt that there was something strange about the little girl.

He now understood it a little better.

He daresay that not only did her temperament become weird after that incident but also her cultivation level.

Mu Zixi, who was originally at the Peak of Origin Court, had soared to the Peak of Occupied Void.

The way she broke through her cultivation levels was like riding a rocket.

It flew straight up.

“What is wrong with my cultivation level”

Mu Zixi was surprised after hearing his question.

She probed her energy reserve and found out that she had experienced a breakthrough.

Not only that, but she had also broken through several levels in a row.


She was too overwhelmed to speak.

Xu Xiaoshou sighed with emotion.

His junior sister was just too strange.

The last time he saw her, she had also experienced a breakthrough like this.

Before entering Tianxuan Gate, she had just entered the Innate Stage.

When they met again at Senluo Woods, she was already at the Peak of Origin Court.

This time, it was even more rampant.

Mu Zixi had only disappeared for a moment.

After coming out, her cultivation level was drastically different from before.

Who on earth had such a unique ability

It went against the laws of nature.

“By right, even if you ingested the Source of the World, your cultivation level cant possibly rise so fast.”

“After breaking through to the Innate Stage, no matter how powerful the energy is, you will only explode and die if you do not have the realization of the Way of the Heavens.

You really shouldnt break through so many levels every time…” Xu Xiaoshou touched his fingers together.

Mu Zixi frowned at him indignantly.

“Xu Xiaoshou, what do you mean”


Xu Xiaoshou paced back and forth.

He looked at the girl up and down again and stroked his chin.

“You are too strange.

Tell me the truth, what secrets are you keeping from me”

“It happened before as well when you broke open the deans seal without reason.”

“Is that something an Innate Stage like you can do”

“Even I cant do it!”

Xu Xiaoshou brooded and stopped pacing around.

He shook his head, murmuring to himself, “It is not right.

You are not right!”

Mu Zixis face flushed red as she watched him stare at her thoughtfully.

She also felt that something was wrong with herself.

In the past, she did not know what was strange about herself.

Nevertheless, since she heard a voice that spoke to her in her mind when she had her last headache, the mystery behind the strangeness started to unravel.

“I dont have any secrets,” Mu Zixi retorted defiantly.

Xu Xiaoshou squinted his eyes.

A brilliant idea struck him like lightning.

He suddenly exclaimed, “Ive got it!”

“If you already reached this cultivation level before you were sealed, then this explanation will be fully plausible.”

“As soon as the energy is absorbed, it would break through the seal.

You wont need to realize the Way of the Heavens, and your cultivation level will jump up.”

Mu Zixi felt her heart thumping in her chest.

That guy…

Before she could ponder what Xu Xiaoshou said, he gave her a sinister smile and said, “Tell me the truth.

Did some old grandpa possess you Or are you the reincarnation of a demon who is slowly awakening”

Xu Xiaoshou felt that his guess might not be purely nonsensical.

At least, he had heard the legend of a Spiritual Cultivator who had spent three years realizing the Great Path before eventually becoming a Sword Deity.

However, he had never heard of a story where one only needed to consume vital energy reinforcement supplements and become powerful after that.

If it was proven true, what was the point of realizing the Great Path

They would only need to take drugs, and everyone would become the Sovereign Stage.

“What possessed or not possessed, and the reincarnation of a demon… Xu Xiaoshou, are you asking for a beating” Mu Zixi raised her palm threateningly, her face looking incensed.

“You can beat me, but you dont stand a chance against me.”

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled lightly and suddenly probed her again.

“Are you sure you dont have any secrets”

“No!” Mu Zixi declared confidently.

“Are you sure You arent lying to me, are you”

“I am sure!”

“Dont say sure, sayNo.”

“Huh” Mu Zixi was taken aback at his request.

She looked at the serious expression on Xu Xiaoshous face and hesitated, not knowing whether to continue to hide the truth from him.


She finally made a choice.

Deceived, Passive Points 1.

Xu Xiaoshou sighed deeply.

“Sure enough, junior sister grew up and learned to lie to senior brother…”

“I worked so hard to enter the Cardinal Wheel to save you, and it was all in vain…”

“Oh, how sad is this.”

Mu Zixi flushed a deep red.

She could not understand how Xu Xiaoshou could be so sure.

She wanted to exclaim, “I did not lie to you” out loud.

She looked at Xu Xiaoshous sad expression, which did not seem to be fake, and she could not utter those words to him.

“Never mind.

It is alright.”

Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand carelessly and did not want to pursue these small matters.

Who did not have their secrets

No matter how big Mu Zixis secret was, could it be more jaw-dropping than his own

He highly doubted it.

“We should go out now.”

He turned his gaze to the Chaotic Fog and seemed to see the sky outside.

Out there, Zhang Taiying was still waiting for him.

“At this time, the opening ceremony of the banquet dinner should be over soon.”


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