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Chapter 404: The Person Fu Xing Was Waiting For

Xu Xiaoshou brought Mu Zixi out of Yuan Mansion.

The little girl clearly liked the place very much.

Although the vitality spiritual energy was more than enough, Xu Xiaoshou did not plan to keep this girl with a whale of a stomach inside.

She could even swallow the Source of the World.

What if she did not watch her mouth and ate the Spirit Mark of Life as well

His Yuan Mansion relied on that to hold the space intact.

Once they exited Yuan Mansion, the communication jade scroll on his body vibrated nonstop.

Xu Xiaoshou answered it quickly.

“Xin Gugu”

“Yes, its me.”

Xin Gugus lifeless voice rang from the communication jade scroll.

It was obvious that he was annoyed after failing to reach Xu Xiaoshou after several consecutive attempts of calling him.

But this guy was also considerate.

He knew that if Xu Xiaoshou would not answer, he must have been busy with something.

Thus, he did not inquire further.

“Are you done at Zhang Mansion” Xu Xiaoshou asked.


There was a hint of amusement in Xin Gugus voice.

“I wandered around outside and took two rounds.

The old man could hold it in, but the woman couldnt tolerate it and almost exchanged blows with me.”

“But those two were still too restrained, so we didnt fight in the end.”

“If Zhang Taiying was there, perhaps I could fight him first and expend some energy.”

Xu Xiaoshou thought that if Xin Gugu had fought with them first, it would be a three-on-one situation.

He guessed that Zhang Taiying was already on his way when the Zhang Mansion people found Xin Gugu.

Otherwise, with his temperament, he might not tolerate Xin Gugus sauntering at the entrance of Zhang Mansion.

That was a vital part of his plan.

If Zhang Mansion had any Sovereign Stage who would accompany Zhang Taiying to the City Lord Mansion, then maybe he would not be able to get rid of him tonight.

However, if he could hold both of them back, Zhang Taiying would attend the banquet alone.

He was concerned that it would be extremely dangerous.

“Have you arrived” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

After Xin Gugu delayed the two of them, they did not dare to leave Zhang Mansion.

At this time, he had unleashed another combat power on his side.

If he was going to bury Zhang Taiying tonight, Xin Gugu had to come help him.

“I was here for a long time.”

Xin Gugus voice took on a dejected tone again.

“People are guarding the door, and the array is launched.

If I were to force it open, it might be a little challenging.

The City Lord Mansion seemed to have an explosion just now.

Are you okay”

“Im fine.”

When the other party heard his relaxed tone, he was silent for a while before asking, “Did you trigger it”

Xu Xiaoshou grinned mischievously but did not respond to that question.

He changed the topic instead.

“I will first find Fu Xing, and then I will pick you up.”

According to the conduct of those door sentinels, he was concerned that without Fu Xings appearance, it would be an arduous task for him to bring someone in.

“So it was you…”

“Thats it.”

Xu Xiaoshou did not chat too much and hung up the phone.

He did not have time to waste.

“Where are we going” Mu Zixi raised her eyes.

“The banquet room.”

Xu Xiaoshou replied with a smile and then looked back at the now desolated sea of flowers.

Even if Fu Zhi had reacted to stop it at the last moment, not many of the multiple layered Nested Spiritual Arrays had remained after the previous explosion.

Furthermore, the explosion had damaged most of them.

It would be tricky to reactivate them in a short time.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at them and fell into deep thought.

Even if there were not many left, it was enough for him.

When he thought about it from another angle, those residual spiritual arrays were ready-made, high-end array wheels that did not require any modification.

What was more, they were the kind that was interlinked and interconnected.

If he blasted one of them, all of them would explode like a sacrificial rite to the heavens.

Just as the Exploding Alchemy Method did not require a complete grasp of the alchemy technique, the Exploding Weaving Technique by Xu Xiaoshou also did not require a fully formed spiritual array.

He only had to rearrange them to his purpose and use them, which was more than enough.

“Moreover, this place has been bombed once.

Logically speaking, the people of City Lord Mansion, even Fu Zhi, will not necessarily return here in a short time.”

Xu Xiaoshou noticed plenty of footprints using Perception, indicating that someone had come to search this area when he had disappeared earlier.

Fu Zhi should have ordered a search party to find Xu Xiaoji, but it must have been to no avail.

‘Its even more impossible for these people to come here again…

Xu Xiaoshou thought for a while before his expression finally began to waver.

This place was excellent.

It was the perfect place to bury bones.

Mu Zixi panicked wildly.

The most terrifying thing in this world was Xu Xiaoshous explosions.

What was even more terrifying than that was Xu Xiaoshous conspired explosions…

Looking at his expression, she could tell that he was planning something again.

“Xu Xiaoshou, dont you want to go to the banquet room”

Mu Zixi gazed at the moon.

“After such a long delay, the banquet should start soon.”

“There is no hurry.” Xu Xiaoshou spread his hands.

“Didnt we talk about digging a hole I havent even touched the hoe yet!”

“Didnt you just say that you want to pick up someone”

Xu Xiaoshou paused, and then thousands of spirit needles flew out behind him with a forceful momentum.

“Its okay.

I can let Xin Gugu wait for a while.”

The entrance of the City Lord Mansion…

Xin Gugu retreated behind the trees and looked at the 36 armor-clad door sentinels in front of him with a glum expression on his face.

He had struggled a while trying to get in, and he also said he was with someone inside.

Unfortunately, he was still ruthlessly rejected.

He also thought about the idea of forcibly entering and even attempted it once.

However, before he succeeded in getting in, he heard the sound of weapons inside, which caused him to turn back in fear.

Fortunately, he escaped unscathed.

‘No one seems to be arriving anymore.

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt have gotten involved with Zhang Taiying inside already, could he

‘That explosion…

Xin Gugu was a little worried.

After quickly finishing his mission at Zhang Mansion and rushing over, he occasionally spotted a few latecomers.

At this moment, no new guests were arriving.

If no one was here, it meant that the banquet dinner was about to begin.

‘Why is this guy still here

Xin Gugu gazed into the distance and saw a handsome young man standing at the entrance of the City Lord Mansion.

He recognized this person.

It was Fu Xing.

He was the actual person in charge of the City Lord Mansion.

‘Shouldnt he start hosting the banquet dinner Why is he still here

If Fu Xing was standing at the entrance, he could not possibly be refused entry.

The only possibility was that he was waiting for someone.

‘What kind of guy is so important that the banquet dinner has to be postponed while waiting for his arrival

‘The person in charge of the banquet dinner even has to go out to welcome him in person.

Unlike Xu Xiaoshou, Xin Gugu had put in a lot of effort to get to know the participants for this trip to the City Lord Mansion.

Based on his recollection, it seemed that there was no such important person.

At the entrance, Fu Xing was indeed waiting for someone.

However, even if he knew that the banquet dinner was going to be delayed, he did not appear to be anxious.

There was even a trace of sincerity and apprehension in his expression, which rarely appeared during regular occasions.

It did not take long for the crowd at the entrance of the City Lord Mansion to suddenly cry out.

“Has he arrived”

Xin Gugu raised his brow.

He wanted to see what person could be so sacred to command such a reception and put on such airs.

Unexpectedly, the Golden Staff in his hand trembled violently.

At this moment, Xin Gugus pupils dilated.

‘How come…

He clutched his staff tightly, desperately suppressing his breath.

Cold sweat instantly soaked his back.

With a face full of disbelief, he turned his head and looked.

He saw an old man with unruly white hair slowly walking toward the City Lord Mansion from the horizon.

He exuded a wild and unrestrained demeanor.

The most eye-catching feature was the blood-red robes the old man was wearing, which had no trace of variegation.

It was so red that it seemed that blood was about to trickle out.

There was a seal on the shoulder of his red robes.

It was a white sword on a black background with a sea of blood spreading.

‘It really is…

Xin Gugus heart instantly sank to the bottom.

He almost turned and ran away.

However, his feet seemed to have turned to lead.

They had frozen on the spot, and he could not pull them out.


“Nephew Fu, long time no see!”

The red-robed old man on the horizon laughed heartily and flew over a few miles in a heartbeat, reaching Fu Xing instantly.

It was not until this person had reached the entrance that he revealed his terrifying murderous aura.

One by one, the door sentinels, who had exceptional cultivation levels, were shocked into retreat when they felt the imposing aura from the old man.

“My apologies, I just came from the White Cave and had to take care of a little matter.

I hope I didnt scare you.”


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