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Chapter 409: The Little Lamb Su Among the Wolves


Fu Xing gestured with his hand and stopped the restless crowd.

At this time, Xu Xiaoshou had already returned to his seat from cloud nine and went to Mu Zixis side, but the Red Coat Night Guardian chose a seat at the main table.

“Presumably, everyone cant wait, so Ill get to the point.”

“You should all know that the White Cave is about to open.

Because of the birth of the Fourth Sword, everything has changed this time.”

“The opening of the extradimensional space is no longer just a simple trial or tribulation of a dozen counties and cities around you.

For this, everyone must be mentally prepared.”

Everyones expressions got more serious.

They knew that the preparation Fu Xing said was a choice between life and death.

Unlike in the past, it was highly likely that the mission of entering White Cave this time would send their entire army to their deaths.

Other counties and cities, as well as some foreign forces, had also waded into these muddy waters.

At this time, their abilities were still unknown to others.

However, once White Cave opened, it was likely that these guys would immediately go for the kill.

‘One less competitor would give them one more chance of winning the final prize.

Someone was thinking that as his eyes were unconsciously glued to the three swordsmen at the table in front.

That was a typical representative.

All of the people present were experienced veterans.

Naturally, someone had already seen these three swordsmen, who even carried two famed swords.

In the past, it was unlikely to even see a few famed swords in a lifetime.

However, due to the opening of White Cave, two of them were collected.

One could imagine how terrible the fighting in the future would be.

Everyone was whispering in low voices.

Fu Xing paused for a while and spoke with a solemn expression.

“Given White Cave opening this round, the Holy Divine Palace has released more than a thousand places.

It sounds like a lot, but…”

“Tiansang Prefecture has received no more and no less than one hundred places!”

Although they were mentally prepared, everyone was still a little bit upset when they heard that number.

One hundred…

The number of people present was more than a hundred, and even more than a thousand.

Moreover, this was the number of talents that each family could bring after being restricted.

If there were no restrictions, let alone the talents…

There would easily be more than a thousand forces going there.

How were the places going to be divided

It was a problem.

Everyone felt their hearts collapse.

A hundred places meant that many in attendance would be killed tonight, and they might not be able to get any of them.

“Naturally, the allocation of places is determined by the old rules.”

Fu Xing knew what they were thinking and smiled as he said, “As usual, Tiansang Citys four major families, plus City Lord Mansion, should take up a quarter of the quota.

That is…”

“Twenty-five people!”

The people at the banquet tables seemed to have heard the sound of heartbreak, but they were helpless.

Among the cities in Tiansang Prefecture, these five forces were the strongest.

It was reasonable to occupy these places in the past.

But a quarter…

It was supposed to have been a mutual agreement, but suddenly there was another wave of argument on the scene.

“If we said that we divided it into a quarter in the past, naturally, everyone would not object.”

“After all, the five giants of Tiansang City possess this strength.

If the distribution of places were not conducted in this way, they would likely take up more places.”

“But right now, things seem to be a bit wrong…”

Some people spoke offhandedly, but they attracted a lot of peoples approvals.

Everyone looked sideways and saw the person at the main table, a girl sitting at the end.

It was a little girl who had not even touched the ground while sitting.

On other occasions, she would not even have the courage or qualifications to enter the banquet room.

At this moment, she was able to win a seat at the main table among the many old guys.

Everyone sneered with disdain, and some straightforwardly spoke outright.

“After the previous difficulties the Su family went through, just asking them to pool the five geniuses before entering White Cave would be a tall order, not to mention their strength in securing the five places!”

“Oh, I think the same is true.

The Su family is over.”

“The dignified sword-bearer noble family is in such a poor state that their famed sword was even seized, and all the senior members of the family were beheaded.

This kind of strength… I want to say that there needs to be a reshuffle for this years four major families!”

“Yes, if there is only one Su Qianqian without the famed sword… Im not hiding it from you.

The Qiu family of Tianyun City has also recently featured a 17-year-old Innate Sword Intent!”

“Oh Congratulations…”

“Hey, 17, huh What can he fight Im afraid that he cannot even bear a single sword from Su Qianqian!”

This untimely sneer appeared, and everyone could not help looking over.

It was an old man with a young man of 25 or 26 next to him.

Seeing the eyes of everyone focusing on him, he proudly took the glass and drank it.

“The Cao family of Tianfeng City, Master Stage Threshold, plus Master Stage Threshold Sword Will… I believe you guys havent seen my grandnephew Cao Yue yet.”

Everyone was shocked and immediately glanced at the young man beside the old man.

“Peak of Upper Spirit.”

“No, looking at the divine air about him, I believe that the Master Stage cultivation level is just around the corner.”

“This Cao family has hidden deep enough.

How long did they prepare before they brought this young man out”

“Coincidentally, they have caught up with the timing of White Cave opening!”

Suddenly, the scene was in an uproar again.

The crowd publicly acknowledged that the Su familys downfall could no longer match their strength.

When a tiger left the hills, it was bullied by dogs.

This time, it was natural that other families would want to take their position.

After learning that the Su family was in trouble, other aristocratic families besides the Cao family had secretly rushed to attend the banquet with the strongest talents in their clans.

Even if they did not say anything, it did not mean that there were no talents.

All their preparations were only for this moment.

The Red Coat Night Guardian glanced at the girl at the end of the table from the main table.

Unlike other women who were brightly dressed, this Lolita was in a white outfit.

She lowered her head silently and held a full wine glass in her tiny hand.

She had clearly attended the banquet with the intention to fight.

Xu Xiaoshou sat at the end of the table.

Mu Zixi was sitting in front of him.

A group of talented young men had surrounded her, but he did not move.

Obviously, these young guys only had their way with words and did not possess the necessary skills.

After being nurtured and lectured by him, Xu Xiaoshou was confident that Mu Zixi would not even spare them a reply if they could only provide lip service.

“Su Qianqian…”

Xu Xiaoshou murmured to himself.

He had vaguely heard about the downfall of the Su family these past few days.

Not surprisingly, the cause of this incident was none other than the first Saint Servant who was obsessed with the famed sword, the masked man.

Who could have imagined that the guy who once invited himself to the Spirit Palace would be so vicious when he made his attack

‘No wonder this is a terrorist organization, and no wonder Old Man Sang has repeatedly emphasized not to approach them and does not even want to attack them…

Xu Xiaoshou frowned and lowered his eyes in worry.

He knew that the Su family had collapsed, but he did not expect it to be so terrible that a little girl had to represent the entire clan to attend the banquet.

In such a large setting where all the old foxes had gathered, how could this girl stand it

He recalled that innocent lass who followed him around calling him Big Brother Shou.

She had turned into such a withdrawn person in such a short time.

‘Everything is impermanent…

Xu Xiaoshou sighed.

When the sheep entered the wolfs den, how could it escape alive

There was no miracle, even if Su Qianqian had become the master swordsman.

Tonight, even he could not handle this round of challenges against the top talents from major cities.


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