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Chapter 421: Kill Me With Your Eyes


Gu Qingsan seemed to have heard the funniest joke for him to almost fell from the sky.

“Xu Xiaohe, are you kidding me”

“Kill me with your eyes With your current injuries, Im afraid you can only use your eyes to attack!”

“Questioned, Passive Value, 1.”

“Questioned, Passive Value, 894.”

The audience was also confused by Xu Xiaohes words.

Suddenly, some sharp-eyed people focused their eyes on Xu Xiaohes chest, and their pupils contracted.

“No, look, this guys injuries…”

When Xu Xiaohe came out of the pit just now, there was a bloody hole on his body.

However, in just a short while, the bloody hole was almost healed.

“Whats going on”

“What kind of spirit skill has such a terrifying effect”

“Or could it be that Xu Xiaohe consumed some kind of medical pill down the hole”

There was no lack of alchemists present.

After all, there was the need of alchemy in the upcoming competition.

Immediately, someone retorted, “It cant be a medical pill.

There isnt even the slightest hint of medical strength.”

“Besides, to recover in such a short period of time, one would have to use a minor body recovery pill.

But… this is too extravagant!”

“Grandmaster Body”

A voice suddenly sounded, causing everyone to remain silent.

“Perhaps, this is the only explanation”

No matter how uncommon a Xiantian physical body was, everyone still had some idea.

If it was only at this level, this kind of injury wouldnt be able to recover so quickly.

The only possibility…

Xu Xiaoshi really did not have an innate physical body, but a grandmasters body!

“I told you, I told you long ago that this guys physical body is so strong that it has completely surpassed the advanced stage of the innate physical body realm.

You guys still dont believe me!”

“But this…”

“Grandmasters body, am I freaking dreaming”

Everyone who finally chose to accept the truth felt that their worldview had collapsed in an instant.

A sword master, a grandmaster, and a yuan court-level cultivator had an extremely powerful spiritual skill that could instantly kill a grandmaster…

Was this something that could be done by one person

How old was this Xu Xiaohe

“Respected, Passive Value, 1212.”

“Admired, Passive Value, 1000.”

Some people were shocked, while others gritted their teeth.

Zhang Taiying, who was at the side of the banquet, had gritted his teeth so hard that they almost shattered.

He could not imagine how miserable his death would have been if Zhang Xinxiong had faced such a Xu Xiaohe at that time.

How was he going to fight

How could anyone in the younger generation reach such a height

“You shouldnt be alive…”

Zhang Taiyings eyes narrowed, he muttered softly.

At this moment, he, who was still not very firm on the idea of burying Xu Xiaohe in the Lords mansion in the city, suddenly became extremely decisive.

This child can not be allowed to live!

Xu Xiaohe felt another wave of passive value entering his account and knew that these people had the wrong idea.

The body of a grandmaster was indeed powerful, but to have such a recovery ability, it was impossible to achieve it without theEndless Growth of a grandmaster.

However, this was also good.

If he only revealed his grandmaster body, he could hide his other passive skills and not be noticed by others.

Perhaps this was also a good thing.

“Gu Qingsan, right”

He raised his eyes and looked at the man in front of him.

He was clearly still a person, but in Xu Xiaohes eyes, he seemed to have transformed into a human-shaped sword.

“All things are swords…”

“Man is a sword…”

Although he hadnt upgraded his mastery of the sword, Xu Xiaohe suddenly felt that he had been enlightened at this moment.

Because of Gu QingsansNon-existent Sword style, the enlightenment of the sword style embedded in his mind seemed to have opened a door to a new world.

Half of his foot stepped in.

Xu Xiaohe felt that the remaining half was probably due to the limitation of the mastery of the sword style.

Perhaps the mastery of the sword style after the grandmaster level would be upgraded to theThree Thousand Swords style,Eighteen Swords style, or theNine Swords style that Gu Qingsan had mentioned earlier

If that was the case, Xu Xiaohe felt that he could see the future again.

It was even very clear!

“I dont need anyone to teach my Dao.

I already know it!”

After looking at Gu Qingsan in front of him, he took a second look at the enormous eye in the sky.

The violent sword Qi cut through the pupil without any rules.

The lifelike enormous eye that was drawn out by the illusory sword arts was once again reflected into the shape of a sword in Xu Xiaohes pupil.

“A sword doesnt have a shape to begin with!”

Xu Xiaozhus eyes lit up again.

“If even stones and leaves can be used as carriers to receive sword intent, then isnt the sword itself just a carrier”

“And Gu Qingsan…isnt this fellowsNothing andHave also the Sword Dao that uses humans as carriers”

“Heaven and Earth dont have a sword in the first place.

They exist because they need it.”

“If I dont need it, then even the namesword will be destroyed immediately!”

Everyone was confused when they heard Xu Xiaozhus muttering that was getting more serious by the minute.

Only Gu Qingsan, who was standing opposite to him, had already sensed that something was seriously wrong.

When such a crazy moment appeared, it was either true madness or true enlightenment.

If it were anyone else, they would have immediately interrupted the other partys enlightenment when they were in the middle of a battle.

But Gu Qingsan did not.

As a true swordsman, he yearned to fight with even stronger sword cultivators.

Even if Xu Xiaohes enlightenment was far superior to his!

The pure true meaning of sword Dao was enshrouded around Xu Xiaohe, and everyone could sense the existence of the great Daos rules.

It was clearly a “Dao” that only grandmaster cultivators could come into contact with, but Xu Xiaohe, who was only in the Yuan court realm, had already begun to understand it.

When the true solution was condensed, Xu Xiaohes eyes immediately burned with a bright light.

“I understand!”

He threw his head back and laughed loudly.

He actually stood up alone and charged into the giant pupil in the void.

“Damn, is he crazy”

Everyone was shocked.

The Shura sword Qi that emerged from the giant pupil was already so terrifying, but Xu Xiaohe still imprudently charged into its main body

As expected, after a loud explosion, the giant pupil was instantly tainted with blood.

The blood that spurt out in all directions made peoples scalps go numb.

Even Gu Qingsan suddenly hesitated about whether he should withdraw his divine ability.

“As expected, I knew that it wouldnt be so simple to comprehend.

Its very obvious that Xu Xiaohe has walked the wrong path with a high probability of driving himself mad.”

After a moment of rumbling inside the giant pupil, a “Keng Keng” sword clashing sound emerged from within, as if there were countless spirit swords clashing at once.

“Whats the situation”

“This sword chime…When Xu Xiaohe entered, he had rightfully put away his spirit sword.”

“Of course, if he hadnt put it away, he would have been chopped into pieces if he went in together with it!”

“But whats with the sound”


There was no answer to this question.

After all, no one could imagine that a human body could be as sharp as a sword.

In just a short moment, the clashing of swords suddenly dropped.

The sound transformed from dense to accidental and finally returned to calmness.


This was clearly a situation where the human body was cut into nothingness without a single movement!


Passive Value: 1,234.”

Gu Qingsan looked at the giant bloody red eye and was equally stunned.

Suddenly, he realized something.

“No, he might not be dead.”

“If he really comprehended the transformation betweenNothing andThere and could control all the sword Qi in theHeavens Path true eye to achieve assimilation…”

“So he rushed in to comprehend the Dao”


“Assimilation How could he comprehend it so easily”

Gu Qingsans eyes were suddenly filled with blood.

He did not believe that Xu Xiaohe could comprehend so much after just a battle.

However, in the next second, the voice that came from theHeavens Path true eye shocked everyone.

“Gu Qingsan, yourSword-less Art is only medium!”

“So your transparency is really the assimilation of your own sword into this boundless sword Qi”


Along with a loud laugh, Xu Xiaohes entire body shot out.

He had never fought with an ancient sword cultivator before, and he didnt even think that theMan Is a Sword technique could actually be used on himself.

But when this train of thought was pointed out, with Xu XiaohesSword Mastery, he completely comprehended it with no effort at all.

Humans are swords, and I am also a human.

Why cant I become a sword

Xu Xiaohe, who shot out from his huge eyes, didnt leave completely.

Instead, he suddenly froze in the air.

In the next second, he shifted his body and abruptly inserted his hand into the heavens path true eye.

“Gu Qingsan, is that so”

Gu Qingsans entire body started to tremble.

This starting stance was clearly theNot Nothing Switch in theNo Sword Flow”!

Just now, he had used this stance when he broke away from Xu XiaobeisMan Is Sword and turned it into his own sword!

Outside the arena.

Gu Qingyi and Gu Qinger could no longer sit still.


Just one fight and theNo Sword Flow in the sword burial mound was stolen by this Xu Xiaohe


Gu Qinger shouted.

But soon, despair appeared in his eyes.

With a loud boom, the “Heavens Path true eye that was embedded in the void was completely pulled out by Xu Xiaohes right hand.

Another explosion.

The shattered pieces fell from the void.

The “Heavens Path true eye that had lost its cover erupted with unstoppable sword intent.

In an instant, its sword intent spread across dozens of miles.

At this moment, even the many factions outside the Lords mansion in the city could feel the sword Qis sudden outburst.

“The battle in the Lords mansion in the city has already reached this level”

Everyone raised their eyes and looked over, sighing in amazement.

“Is this thing so terrifying”

The people in front of the banquet couldnt help but shrink back.

The interior of theHeavens Path true eye was actually such a terrifying sword tide

Just what exactly did Xu Xiaohe endure during his entering process

Everyone looked at the bloody Xu Xiaohe in the sky and thought that he was truly a madman.

Perhaps the two people in front of him had reached such a high level of swordsmanship because they were absolutely eccentric.

“Just to test his point of view Isnt he afraid of death…”

Everyone fell silent.

Suddenly, a faint exhale reached their ears.

“Unfortunately, he still succeeded.”


Xu Xiaohe succeeded.

Under Gu Qingsans shocked expression, he raised his right hand.


The violent spherical sword Qi directly cut off the connection with Gu Qingsan under his own assimilation, turning into the resplendent sword Qi that pointed directly at the sky.

A long beam of light connected the nine Heavens, and half of the city heard the sword chime.

This was Xu Xiaohes sword!

Even without a sword, there was still a sword!

“Assimilated, assimilated…”

Gu Qingsans eyes were still filled with disbelief.

Even though he had witnessed Xu Xiaohes success with his own eyes, he still could not accept it.

He had used a whole year to comprehend theNon-existent Sword Style, but his master said that it had already surpassed 99.9% of the swordsmen.

But Xu Xiaohe, in one night

No, this was clearly just a martial arts battle!

“I did give you a chance, but you freaking succeeded”

Gu Qingsan felt like tears were about to burst out of his eyes.

At this moment, his heart was filled with grievance.

He just wanted to turn around and leave, to throw himself into the arms of his two senior brothers.

This battle was too difficult to fight!

Not only was it tiring, but it was also annoying!

It just so happened that Xu Xiaohe was able to comprehend one of the solutions to hisNon-existent Sword Style.

However, he was unable to see through Xu Xiaohes exquisite “Sword Plucking Form”.

“Damn it…”

“Cursed, Passive Value, 1.”

“Its about to end!”

Everyone looked at Xu Xiaohe with anticipation.

As long as this sword was slashed down, Xu Xiaohe, who had also comprehendedNon-existent andExistent, would definitely be able to seize the moment when Gu Qingsan assimilated the sword Qi and split this person into two.

However, as everyone was watching, Xu Xiaohe casually crushed the sword Qi in his hand.


It was like a deflating rubber ball.

After the surgingHeavens Path true eye was comprehended, it died in the most grievous way.

There were no bright explosions or deafening noises.

Just like Xu Xiaohes calm words at this moment, there were no fluctuations.

“Youve lost.”

“My reasoning is correct.

You wont be able to escape my eyes anymore.”

Xu Xiaobei spread out his hands.

His torn sleeves could no longer absorb the blood covering his body.

However, his poised and relaxed traits made everyone standing below the stage gasp in admiration.

He closed his eyelids and opened them again.


A melodious sword chime resounded into the unknown, causing everyone to wake up.

Gu Qingsans entire body suddenly began to twitch.

He lowered his head in shock and opened his hands.

It was as if he could feel a swords resolve, that did not belong to him, being born inside his body.


“Sword intent”

He was completely terrified.

Suddenly, he thought of the sword intent that he and his senior brothers were searching for outside of Tian Sang city.

He entered the city and touched Xu Xiaozhu.

When he entered the inn, the sword intent appeared again and also touched Xu Xiaozhu.

However, after a few exchanges, this guy had managed to hide it well.

And when the sword intent appeared again, it was actually born from his own body

“Tsk, tsk!”

His body began to crack and blood began to drip.

Gu Qingsan wasnt the only one stunned, every single person below the stage was in awe.

“What kind of sword technique is this”

Everyone knew they had probably asked this question more than ten times on the same night.

However, every time one appeared, it resembled a new technique.

“He didnt touch anything, but with just a glance, he was able to cause Gu Qingsans body to crack”

“This Xu Xiaohe must have cheated!”

At this moment, everyone thought of Xu Xiaohes words.

“I could kill you with my eyes.”

Everyone was shocked.

“Xu Xiaohe…Hes not joking.

Hes really killing people with his eyes!”

“Oh my God, whats wrong with this world”

“A joke can become real”

“Damn! This is impossible!”

“Using his eyes”

Even the elders below the stage felt that they had gained some knowledge.

Even though they were on night watch, this wave of attacks was completely baffling.

This was because Xu Xiaohe really did not move at all.

He drew his sword, and its spiritual essence remained still.

Even his fingers did not tremble in the least.


Gu Qingsans pupils dilated, and his eyeballs seemed as if they were about to split open.

It was as if he had endured the most unbearable pain in the world.

The pace at which blood dripped out of his body began to worsen, it was now leaking like a burst water pipe.

His condition worsened by the minute.

As time passed, it was as if his entire body was about to split open.


Seeing that his junior brothers body was still resisting, Gu Qing wanted to stop him, but he could not bear to do so.

After all, if he could keep going, he might be able to comprehend something from Xu Xiaoes inexplicable move.

However, when he smelled the scent of the sword intent.

Gu Qing couldnt stand still.

“Sword intent”

He suddenly looked into Xu Xiaoes eyes.

The pupils of this guy had completely disappeared.

What replaced them was a black sword scar that seemed to have split open.

“Watch, watch the sword.”

Gu Qing felt as if he had been struck by lightning and was dumbfounded.

Did Xu Xiaohe actually know how to observe swords

Wasnt this the secret technique of the Celestial Moon City

Didnt he, Xu Xiaohe, say that he had no way of being able to do it and only relied on one person to cultivate it


There must be someone behind this guy!

“Stop, we admit defeat!”

Almost at the instant he saw theSword Observation Eye, Gu Qingyi realized that his little junior brother couldnt withstand this wave.

Although he had never personally experienced how terrifying the pain of theSword Observation Technique was, he had heard about it from others.

That thing was simply not something that a person could endure.

It was rumoured that even in the Immortal Moon Tower city, there were still not many people who dared to practice this technique.

As the foundation of theEndless Sword Body, if one did not have the conviction that they would be reconstructed after being torn apart under that excruciating pain, any person would choose to die immediately!

“Little junior brother…”

“He doesnt understand the Dao at all.

Hes already in so much pain that he cant speak.

He cant even begin to struggle!”

Xu Xiaohe looked at Gu Qingsan, who was still pump up earlier.

Under his observation of theSword Observation Manual, the situation had changed in the blink of an eye.

Those protruding eyeballs, those twitching lips, that trembling body…

“It cant be”

“Could it be that he cant hold on any longer”

“This is just the beginning…”

Suddenly, Xu Xiao was astounded.

When he was cultivating the sword observation manual, he had sent the sword will into his body for the first time.

However, he gave up.

The struggle and the pain were too intense even before the swords resolve could reach his elbows.

Gu Qingsan did not have the body of a grandmaster, nor did he have “Endless Life”.

It was even more likely that he had never been tested by Elder Sangs perverted “Ember Flame”.

Under such circumstances, it was entirely possible that he would die on the spot if he was directly subjected to the highest level of torture!

“Damn, Im sorry!”

“I didnt expect you to be so weak that you might not be able to withstand my gaze…”

Xu Xiaohe immediately retracted his divine ability.

However, the sword intent that was born in Gu Qingsans body could no longer be dispelled.


His body that was floating in the air was shaking like a leaf.

Blood was continuously leaking out of his mouth and his teeth were shattering.

It was as if a chainsaw continuously and wildly cut pieces of his heart.


Xu Xiaohe was a little agitated.

How could such a good person lose so easily

The situation had happened so suddenly, and he couldnt even take a glance at it.


“Ive already withdrawn my divine ability.

Hurry up and transform intoNothing!”

It was useless.

Gu Qingsan seemed as if he could no longer hear what the others were saying.

Xu Xiaohe finally felt the true strength of the sword intent at this moment.

As long as this thing was visible, it would have the property of being indestructible.

As long as it had a physical carrier like the sword, and a supply of sword intent, it could continuously strengthen and regenerate.

Coincidentally, Gu Qingsan was cultivating theSword-less Technique.

And theSword-less Technique was essentially turning itself into a sword.

At this moment, Gu Qingsan was the carrier of the sword intent.

As for the sword intent…

The scale of the sword intent on this fellows body was only larger than that of Xu Xiaohes!

One was a mature sword master, while the other was a novice grandmaster of theSword Mastery level.

It could be said that this sword intent had been formed and lost its control.

The degree of madness it wreaked on Gu Qingsan was even greater than Xu Xiaohes.


A figure snatched over and the referee immediately caught sight of Gu Qingsans body.

However, his hand only managed to press down on the guys chest.


That awe-inspiring sword Qi directly passed through the back of his hand.

Not only did it cut through, it also brought out a handful amount of blood.

The referees face instantly turned green.

“Xu Xiaohe, stop at once!”

“Ive already stopped…”

Xu Xiaohe wanted to cry but had no tears.

He also rushed forward, hesitating.

He could see the sword intent, but every time he saw the limit, he would shove it out.

He didnt know how to retrieve it at all!

“Give it a try”

“Maybe it can recognize the owner”

Xu Xiaohe thought as he pressed his palm on Gu Qingsans chest.

“Klink –”

A loud and clear steel sound was heard.

‘Sharp andRecoil entirely covered the surging sword Qi.

Xu Xiaohes hand wasnt injured, but the recoil of the sword Qi almost caused Gu Qingsans entire body to split open in an instant.


He opened his mouth, and his internal organs were stained with blood,

some splattered all over the referees face.

The referee was baffled, “Wha...”

Xu Xiaohes expression remained still, “…”

“Cursed, Passive Value, 1.”

Everyone below was shocked.

“Damn, this Xu Xiaohe…youre a devil, right Hes already in this state, and you still want to stab him”

“My God, I thought Gu Qingsan was so strong that he would definitely be able to cut Xu Xiaohe off the stage.

I didnt expect that in the end he would still lose, and even…”

“Is he going to be ruined by Xu Xiaohe”

“Oh my God, its so tragic.

Please give him a clean break!”


“Fear Inflicted, Passive Value, 1111.”

“Fear Inflicted, Passive Value, 898.”

“Curse Inflicted, Passive Value, 232.”

“Get out of the way!”

A cold voice suddenly came from the side.

Xu Xiaohe turned around.

It was the head of the three swordsmen, Gu Qingyi.

“Save him!”

Xu Xiaohe felt that Gu Qingsan should not have died.

“I tried my best.

He is a good person.”


Gu Qingyis face turned black.

“I dont know how I have to save my little brother”

Was there a need for you to say that

“Why doesnt he change intoNothing”

Xu Xiaohe retreated out of curiosity and watched as the swordsman finally took out his sword instead of hugging it.

Gu Qingyi felt as if he was being ridiculed.

“Do you think he can still be conscious in this state” He gritted his teeth.

“Yes, I can feel it.

He still has a hint of life.”


“Get lost!”


Passive Value, 1.”


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