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Chapter 432: City Lord Mansion Struck, Fu Zhi Lost for The Second Time

In the banquet room.

A cacophony of discussions could be heard.

“Shameful, too shameful!”

Someone looked at the battle arena with hatred.

“This Master of Wei Family is too shameless.

He looks like hes almost 30 years old, how could he challenge a young lady like Su Qianqian”

“Shameless, shameless, this is too much!”

“Hmm… Correct me if im wrong, this should be the 17th round, right”

“Su Qianqian is indeed a descendant of the four great families in Tiansang City.

Its not in vain for her to be known as a rare genius in Tiansang Prefecture.”

“All challengers below the Master level were defeated in one strike! Perhaps, even a half Master cant make her strike twice, right”

“This is too terrifying.

Even Masters who are below the Heavenly Image State wouldnt be able to withstand three strikes from her, let alone the Innate challengers.

Is this…how terrifying a master swordsman is”


The entire arena was in an uproar.

All of them were excited by this final challenge.

The swordsman with nine swords, Gu Qinger, had his eyes fixed on Su Qianqian, who was panting heavily on the stage.

She was the second sword genius he discovered after Xu Xiaoshou.

Who knew how old this girl was

She was still underage, right

Was she a master swordsman

It was also said that she was the sword-bearer of the famed sword “Epitaph of City Snow”

Gu Qinger was speechless.

With such talent, she would still be unprecedented in the Burial Sword Tomb!

In fact, among the three swordsmen, only Gu Qingyi, the eldest swordsman could be her rival in terms of talent.

To be exact, judging from the achievements when they were at the same age…

Perhaps, they were really incomparable to her!

As for the others, at such a young age, it was a shame to say that they hadnt even learned the Innate Sword Will yet!

But looking at the current situation…

“Its difficult!”

Gu Qinger could see the completely undisguised hostility from the scene.

This battle would be too difficult.

From the beginning of the challenge, everyone focused on this weak little girl instead of anyone else.

The families of the major prefectures took turns fighting in the battle.

Each time, only one family would be the representative, and only one person would be sent out from each family.

Up till now, there was repetition.

Despite being in such a tough battle, Su Qianqian wasnt afraid and accepted it all.

The challengers include those who were at the Peak of Innate Stage, Masters, and some middle-aged Masters who should be deemed ineligible, but still not too old in terms of age qualification.

These shameless battles were down one by one.

Although Su Qianqian was a master swordsman, it was still too hard to take!

Gu Qinger thought it would perhaps be better for Su Qianqian if the attacks happened simultaneously, but these people were draining her out bit by bit…

If this continued, Su Qianqian would die sooner or later!

“Damn it.”

With a sword in his hand, Gu Qinger couldnt stand it anymore.

But this was the rule of the challenge.

He couldnt help.

If he were to participate, he would have to help these shameless guys to challenge Su Qianqian.

“What to do”

There was no solution!


The ground trembled slightly, but it couldnt catch Gu Qingers attention at all.

In fact, everyone had no time to care about it because of the continuous battle.

Only the Night Guardian sensed the slight movement under his feet.

He could faintly smell something wrong.

However, Su Qianqian was too miserable.

In addition, she was someone he cared for.

He had to keep an eye on her in case these guys really killed her.

In the worst scenario, he would take Su Qianqian away forcefully.

He wouldnt allow her talent to be wasted in this chaotic scene.

As a result, no one paid attention to the tremors on the ground.

In the arena.

A stiff-faced man walked onto the arena right after a body was carried away.

“Su Qianqian, surrender yourself!”

“There are more than a dozen families coming up.

Each family has more than one Master.”

“How long can you last”

“The Su Family is already down.

If you give up the five White Cave quota, you can leave here and enjoy your life being a genius.

Why do you have to stay and suffer like this”

He tried his best to persuade her.

However, Su Qianqian pursed her lower lip and didnt say a word.

She used up more than half of the spiritual source in her body.

Her physical strength was almost depleted after the continuous fight with more than ten shameless old Masters.


Su Qianqian looked at the Snow White Spiritual Sword in her hand.

It was the final fifth-grade spiritual sword of the Su family.

Even if she lost the “Epitaph of City Snow”, there was no way she should give up so easily as long as the sword was intact!

This was the will of the Swordsman!


As if sensing the owners battle intent, the huge sword flipped along Su Qianqians tiny hand and made a loud, deep chime.

Su Qianqian could be chatting happily and innocently with Xu Xiaoshou usually, but she would turn violent facing an enemy.

The killing intent was prominent.


At that moment, there was a sudden earthquake.

The entire banquet room began to shake vigorously.

“Dong Dong!”

The man on the opposite side of the arena immediately took two steps back with a shocked face.

“You, you…”

“Why arent you giving up”

“Have you really gone mad At this point, how dare you spend so much effort to fight against me”

“Theres still a long queue behind!”

The man looked fierce on the outside, but he was weak on the inside.

There was nothing he could do despite being a Master.

In this continent, most of these Masters were just trash if they werent from large cities or counties.

With his strength, he could easily defeat those Innate challengers (except for Xu Xiaoshou).

However, he was on a completely different level from Su Qianqian.

Had this girl gone mad from the battle and wanted to show her strength by killing others

Coincidentally, she encountered him at this moment

The flustered man didnt realize the surprised look on Su Qianqians face when the ground shook.

However, it only lasted for seconds before Su Qianqian raised her huge sword.

No accident could not stop her fighting spirit!

She was not in the mood to waste her breath on this man.

Her energy was meant for the battle against the challengers!


Right then, another world-shaking tremor happened.

This time, even the new slab stones that had just been laid around were shattered.

Everyone was stunned.

“What, what kind of spiritual technique is this”

“Aura-type, large-scale attack”

Everyone looked at Su Qianqian raising her sword in confusion.

“Theres clearly no spiritual source fluctuation, yet shes able to suppress the entire field with her aura.

Isnt this attack going to tear the Master of the Wen Family apart”

“Boom Boom Boom…”

The violent tremors on the ground didnt stop with Su Qianqians aura after the shock.

On the contrary, as the little girl withdrew her sword in surprise, the tremors continued.

“Whats going on”

At that moment, everyone realized something was wrong.

This tremor was clearly not caused by Su Qianqian raising her sword, but it came from the outside!

An earthquake

A natural disaster

This was the first thought that came to everyones mind.

After all, if the City Lord Mansion was under attack and caused a tremor, how terrifying that would be!

However, everyone thought differently in the next second.

Along with the rumbling noise on the ground, there seemed to be a trace of burning aura in the air.

It was just very mild.

Nevertheless, everyones expression changed.

“Xu, Xu Xiaoshou”

The scene was petrified, falling into a dead silence.

Everyone recognized this familiar burning and explosive aura.

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt stand it anymore, was he going to make a move

Everyone knew that Xu Xiaoshou was close to Su Qianqian.

Yet, when they turned around, he was nowhere to be seen.

“Wheres Xu Xiaoshou”

“Is he gone”

“Could it be that the burning aura just now…”

“Was it an illusion”

Fu Yinhongs expression changed immediately.

Others might think that it was an illusion, but she wouldnt.

Even the slightest bit of this faint burning energy felt different from ordinary fire-type abilities.

This was definitely Xu Xiaoshou!


“Isnt he under Elder Suns watch”

Fu Yinhong suddenly froze, as if she had been struck by lightning.

She recalled when Xu Xiaoshou said he was going to blow up the City Lord Mansion the last time they met.

She didnt believe it back then but seeing the earthshaking scene now, it wasnt impossible!

“Elder Sun… Yes, Elder Sun!”

Fu Yinhong became anxious.

She immediately took out the communication jade scroll and connected it with her spiritual sense.

However, after a while, the jade slip remained quiet.

Fu Yinhongs heart sank to the bottom.

When she told Elder Sun to watch after Xu Xiaoshou, she reminded him to keep in contact at all times.

If the communication jade scroll was not connected within three breaths time, it showed that the guard had failed!

Xu Xiaoshou caused trouble!


Fu Yinhongs pretty face immediately turned pale.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshous joking tone echoed in her mind again.

“Killing the Sovereign”

Could it be that Xu Xiaoshou was fighting with one of the Sovereigns in the City Lord Mansion

He went insane!

“Thats not right!”

Fu Yinhongs thoughts quickly came to a halt as she realized there was a misunderstanding.

What if Xu Xiaobei meant to actually kill the Sovereigns instead of challenging them

She looked around quickly.

To her surprise, there was indeed one Sovereign missing.

“Zhang Taiying”

Fu Yinhong instantly widened her beautiful eyes.

Her red lips were opened wide apart.

There was disbelief in her eyes.

She knew that Zhang Taiying and Xu Xiao were enemies.

But these two…

Were they fighting in the City Lord Mansion

Fu Yinhong suddenly turned her head to look at Red Coat.

“Senior Night Guardian…”

Without her finishing the sentence, the Night Guardian could see the pleading in her eyes.

Indeed, there was no other Sovereign in the banquet room that belonged to the City Lord Mansion.

She could only ask for help from Red Coat.


The Night Guardian glanced at the four Great Spirit Array Masters on the side.

The four of them had already known about the Double Nesting structure of the Threshold Spirit Array in advance, and two of them had already solved it.

At that time, they were learning the true White Cave Spirit Array in the jade scroll, the Thirty-Six Heavens Sealed Array!

As the Red Coat, he came here with a mission.

The mission was to ensure the progress of learning the spiritual array.

As for the matter of the City Lord Mansion, it was obvious that he could not get distracted for the time being.

“Dont panic.”

The Night Guardian comforted Fu Yinhong calmly.

After all, she was also his niece.

Even if he couldnt help, he could use his spiritual sense to have a look.

The City Lord Mansion was very big.

But no matter how big it was, it wouldnt be bigger than the spiritual sense of the Sovereign.

The Night Guardian watched the situation from a distance by simply closing his eyes.

“Senior, hows it going” Fu Yinhong asked anxiously.

“Its not a big deal.”

“However, there is something going on.”

The Night Guardians spiritual sense focused on the sea of flowers.

An ordinary Sovereign might be blinded by the faint domain aura with the coverage of the spiritual array.

However, he wouldnt be blinded.

He was the Red Coat who had been crazily attacking the spiritual array in the White Cave for several months!

Something was going on there!

“There is a scorched land with an aura of the domain.

Obviously, the chaos came from there.

You can send someone to have a look,” said the Night Guardian.

“Scorched land”

Fu Yinhong frowned.

Suddenly, a light flashed in her eyes.

“The back garden”

Wasnt the scorched land the sea of flowers that Xu Xiaoshou blew up

Were Xu Xiaoshou and Zhang Taiying fighting there

Fu Yinhong never expected it.

She took out another jade scroll hastily and was about to call Liu Qing over.


At that moment, the Night Guardian let out a surprised cry.


Fu Yinhong paused.

Instinct told her that the situation might have changed.

“Nothing much.

The spiritual array there suddenly exploded and a domain appeared.”

The Night Guardian nodded, “Thats right.

Its right there.

You should know it, it is your home.”

“Spiritual array”

Fu Yinhongs mind was muddled.

Wasnt the spiritual array in the back garden destroyed long ago

It could actually be destroyed again

This wasnt right.

Could it be that the Night Guardian saw another side in the City Lord Mansion

But the scorched land… There was only one back garden in the City Lord Mansion!


While she was thinking, the Night Guardian made another nasal sound.

Fu Yinhongs heart missed a beat.

Even when the Night Guardian made the slightest move now, she would think that the situation was getting worse.

The ground shook even more violently.

Fu Yinhong felt her guts wrenching and asked in a trembling voice, “What, what is it now”

“No way.

It shouldnt be a big deal…”

Night Guardian frowned and raised his arm.

He casually created a domain that enveloped the entire banquet room.

Fu Yinhongs legs immediately went weak.

Was that not a big deal

If it was not a big deal.

Did he have to envelop the banquet room with a domain

Looking at her questioning gaze, Night Guardian smiled awkwardly.

“I was being superfluous.

That domain is actually turning red.

Its very magical.

Its as if its going to explode in the next second…”

Fu Yinhong was confused.


It was turning red.

It was going to explode.

Wasnt that a symbolic presence of Xu Xiaoshou!

With a beep, she immediately opened the communication jade scroll of Guardian Liu Qing.

“Holy sh*t!”

At that moment, the Night Guardian let out a fearful scream beside her.

Instantly, Fu Yinhong felt a chill down her spine.

Did the Red Coat Night Guardian cursed

“Hey, what did you see”

The Night Guardian had no time to explain.

He shouted at everyone in the arena.

“Get down, the domain has exploded!”

Everyone was confused.

Fu Yinhong and the Night Guardians conversation was not a telepathic communication.

Thus, everyone could hear the Red Coat Night Guardians text broadcast.

Meanwhile, the Red Coat who just claimed that it was fine actually said, “Get down, it has exploded”

Everyone had yet to react.

The boiling heat in the air suddenly rose and a majestic wind swept past.


Through the domain boundary, the deafening explosion nearly shattered everyones eardrums.

The Red Coats domain suddenly dented.

It wasnt manmade.

It was compressed!

The people inside were clearly not swept by the storm, but they were suddenly thrown into the air.

The floor inside the domain was clearly protected as well, but it completely exploded at that moment!

“Bang Bang Bang…”

The newly installed stone table, the newly built battle arena, the new challenge battle…

Everyone and everything was blasted into the sky by the explosions heat wave!

Fu Xings unconscious body crashed into the domain barrier.

Blood dripped down his body.

Then, with the howling of the wind, countless stone tables were smashed into pieces.

Fu Yinhong looked at everything floating in shock and despair.

Her delicate body froze on the spot.



Before she noticed, the Night Guardians domain cracked with a loud noise.

With that, Night Guardian was stunned.

Abruptly, he increased his spiritual source and tried hard to protect this small region of the banquet hall.

As the Red Coat, his main duty was to hunt ghost beasts.

However, tonight, if he were to watch all the talents of Tiansang Prefecture getting killed by a mysterious explosion, it would be an irreverent sin!

“What the hell!”

“Did the domain explode”

“Was it the Cutting Path attack”

Night Guardian was stunned.


Right after the explosion, a faint light curtain enveloped the entire City Lord Mansion.

“Great Mansion Protection Array!”

Everyone showed hope on the face.

This was the second line of defense that would only be formed when the City Lord Mansion was attacked.

No one could break through if his strength did not exceed Cutting Path.

However, hope did not last long.

Despair reappeared in everyones eyes.


The next second, the second line of defense, the Great Mansion Protection Array was shattered by the searing explosion energy like firecrackers.

“How is this possible”

Everyone was in complete disbelief.

How could the explosion be so bad

It might look powerful, but was it more powerful than the Cutting Path

The Night Guardian was certain that it wasnt!


Suddenly, a shocking scene from a few days ago appeared in everyones mind.

At that time, a huge axe that was powerful enough to destroy the Cutting Path fell from the sky.

That was the Great Mansion Protection Array!

“In other words, this great array isnt in perfect condition.”

“Its still recovering, but its attacked by someone whos close to the peak of the Sovereign”


Those who fell from the sky and were lucky enough to survive under the protection of the domain were all stunned.

At that moment, even Night Guardian was no exception.

Unlike others, he knew how great the foundation Fu Zhis City Lord Mansion was.

However, even the array as great as such couldnt withstand the explosion.

“This aura…”

“This burning energy…”

The Night Guardian sensed the intense heat and a flash of panic finally appeared in his eyes.

“Xu Xiaoshou”

In front of a spiritual array, in a courtyard, Fu Zhi was still spinning.

He could neither understand nor believe it.

In just a few years time, he totally forgot about the method to solve the Nested Spiritual Array in his own place.

That was equivalent to locking the door after leaving the house, but losing the key elsewhere!

“But how is this possible” Fu Zhi couldnt believe it.

The key to the Way of Spirit Array was in his mind.

How could he lose it

The more he solved it, the more abnormal it became.

Fu Zhi finally discovered the abnormality of the spiritual array.

“Nested Spiritual Array”

“Plus, it is six-layered”


Fu Zhi was stunned.

A few years ago, it was impossible for him to know this six-layered Nested Spiritual Array.

What the hell was going on

This spiritual array was clearly altered by someone!

“Who could it be”

“Who has the ability to sneak into my place and even change my spiritual array”

“This is crazy!”

Fu Zhi was certain that the security of the City Lord Mansion wouldnt have such a problem.

The only explanation would be…

“Fu Xing”

“This guys Way of Spirit Array has achieved such a level”

“This, this, isnt he even more of a genius than I am”

The Nested Spiritual Array here wasnt perfect.

With Fu Zhis strength, he could easily break through if he wanted to.

However, after realizing that this might be his sons masterpiece, he chose to break the array unwillingly.

Then, his effort lasted for an entire night.

“Elder Fu, you dont have to do so.

Shall I go in and meet you”

“There might be something going on in the banquet room!”

Standing outside, Feng Ma could neither enter nor retreat.

Right now, he hated himself for telling Fu Zhi that Fu Xing had been here more than once to study the spiritual array.

But this…

This was too exaggerated!

Why didnt he go to the banquet room Was he addicted to solving the array here

He was trapped in the sea of flowers for a few years.

Wasnt that enough to solve his addiction

“Give me another 15 minutes.

15 minutes.

I will definitely be able to solve that stupid childs array!”

“Heh, its just a spiritual array!”

Fu Zhi sent a telepathic communication message through the Nested Spiritual Array.

Feng Ma facepalmed.

He stood there for many hours.

He heard similar words like “give me another 15 minutes” countless times.

If it werent for the fact that Fu Xing didnt give any order from the banquet room, he wouldnt have been able to play here with the Old City Lord.


The ground suddenly trembled.

Feng Ma immediately noticed something wrong.

He turned around.

With his spiritual sense, he saw the spiritual array in the back garden explode.

Then, that terrifying searing energy directly exploded.

It swept through the entire City Lord Mansion!

“What the hell…”

Feng Mas eyes instantly became blurry.

That familiar energy, wasnt it the flame aura from Xu Xiaoshou

This guy, did he go insane just when Feng Ma missed an eye on him

“But this energy… how is this possible”

Feng Mad immediately bent his body to cast a barrier on himself.

Then, he quickly dialed Fu Xings communication jade scroll.

There was no response.

There was no response!

“Fu Xing… was killed”

Feng Ma instantly came to this shocking conclusion.

This was his and Fu Xings special jade scroll.

Even if they were in Death Seclusion, they had to pick it up!

Nevertheless, there was no response from this kid

“Old City Lord!”

“We cant fool around anymore.

The City Lord Mansion is finished!”

“Your son, Fu Xing, he, he…”

Feng Ma ran out of words.

After keeping the domain aside, he saw the Nested Spiritual Array that was destroyed by the explosion.

Following that, there lied Fu Zhi, whose hair and clothes were burned on the spot.

“You, are you the City Lord”

“Elder Fu”

Feng Mas lips were dry.

Fu Zhi was dizzy.

He felt the deafening roar.

The scene of the sea of flowers explosion appeared in his mind again.

However, this time, it seemed to be even worse

“Shou, Brother Shou”

“Is that you, Brother Shou”

The sea of flowers.

The light of the Yuan Mansion flashed.

Xu Xiaoshou appeared from within.

He saw a boundless desolation with his “Perception”.

So-called sea of flowers, so-called back garden…

There was no such barrier at all.

Even the far-reaching area covered by his spiritual sense appeared to be a wasteland.

“Oh my God, did I blow up the City Lord Mansion”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

He swore that this was not his original intention.

His original intention was only to blow up Zhang Taiying.

He never thought of the City Lord Mansion at all!

“Ive caused trouble, Ive caused trouble…”

Where did Zhang Taiying go Xu Xiaoshou did not care at all.

Under such an explosion, who else could survive

Not to mention Zhang Taiying, even if it was Night Guardian…


A gentle cough interrupted Xu Xiaoshous train of thought.

“Watched, Passive Points, 1.”

“Resented, Passive Points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou froze.


He turned his eyes.

Not so far away, a staggering figure came out from an obviously manmade large crater.

However, it was completely different from before.

Xu Xiaoshou was struck by this figure that had no arms, no legs, and only half a body left.

However, he saw a blurry figure that could not be stared straight.

It was as if a phantom with majestic Holy Power.

“Virtual Image”

Xin Gugu, who was also staggering out of the Yuan Mansion, froze on the spot.

There was a hint of fear in his unbelievably high-pitched voice.

“How could it be a Virtual Image”

“Zhang Taiying…Is Zhang Taiying from the family of Higher Void”


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