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Chapter 439: Waiting and Waiting, the Family Head Was Gone


Although he roughly knew this number, when Mu Zixi said “Eighteen,” Xu Xiaoshou couldnt help but smile.

“If there are eighteen White Cave quota…”

“Doesnt that mean Ive made a fortune”

Xu Xiaoshou crossed his fingers.

If he remembered correctly, Tiansang Spirit Palace only had a total of ten White Cave quotas!

Tonight, his harvest had unconsciously doubled.

What was more important was that he had accomplished his basic goal, “Kill Zhang Taiying”.

Xu Xiaoshou felt relieved as if he had accomplished great success.

“If its the White Cave quota, how do you want to take it Do you remember it verbally”

Ignoring the covetous gazes of the crowd, Xu Xiaoshou directly looked at Fu Yinhong who was standing on the ruins of the high platform.

“Of course not.”

Fu Yinhong rolled her eyes.

How could a dignified City Lord Mansion have such a shallow and perfunctory method

With a wave of her hand, an injured attendant brought over a jade plate covered with a greenish-yellow cloth.

“This is the exquisite stone.

Its embedded with a special array.

Its the only thing that can sense the white cave spiritual array and the sensing stone inside the Red Coat.”

“Everyone knows how dangerous the White Cave is.

With the exquisite stone, you can crush it when you encounter danger.

Then, you can activate the spiritual array carved inside and directly teleport away.”

“You can leave the White Cave with this” Xu Xiaoshou asked.


Fu Yinhong glanced at him with her beautiful eyes.

“This thing can only be used for long-distance teleportation.

However, your destination may still be filled with killing intent when you land.”

Xu Xiaoshous expression froze.

Was it that terrifying

The onlookers were also a little scared.

After all, not everyone had advanced information about the dangers of the White Cave.

Most of them were the same as Xu Xiaoshou.

Their eyes were completely blank and they didnt know anything.

“It seems like the White Cave is really dangerous.

Why do we need to use the exquisite stone to divert the dead”

“Its more than just a little.

I heard that thewhite skeleton in there can kill a Sovereign with a bone staff!”


“Are you serious”

“I dont know.

Ive only heard about it from hearsay.

Hehe, Hehe, dont beat him up!”

There was a flurry of discussion in the audience.

When it came to the safety of everyones lives, everyone exchanged information that they didnt know much about.

Of course, these relatively smaller forces basically had limited information.

How could someone who truly knew the secrets say it out in public

Fu Yinhong signaled for everyone to be quiet before continuing.

“The existence of the exquisite stone is only an opportunity.”

“Once you enter the White Cave, if you want to come out, you can only wait for the next opening of the realm in Red Coat.”

“If you miss this opportunity, you have to wait again.”

“Opening the realm… to open the alternate dimension” Xu Xiaoshou muttered and asked again, “Then, in the White Cave, if you enter, how long will you need to stay”

Fu Yinhong said, “A few weeks at least, a month or two at most.”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded to indicate that he understood.

Obviously, even if it was a Red Coat, to forcefully open a large-scale alternate dimension like the White Cave, the amount of energy required was also very considerable.

Fu Yinhong lifted the cover and revealed many crystal-clear green jade stones inside.

She pinched one of the jade stones with her green fingers, and the radiance of the spiritual energy created a beautiful shadow.

“The exquisite stone is not only a chance to escape from the White Cave but also the only way to enter the White Cave.

It has an extremely important meaning.”

Fu Yinhongs beautiful eyes swept across the crowd once again, and her red lips opened slightly.

“Everyone knows that the Red Coat of the Holy Divine Palace is responsible for the matters related to ghost beasts on the continent.”

“As for the White Cave, as a large-scale dimensional space that has given birth to ghost beasts, the dangers hidden in it are extremely terrifying.”

“But at the same time, such a magnificent small world and such a huge treasury, is it true that only so few people can enter every time it opens”

Fu Yinhong paused, and everyone was stunned, not understanding what she was trying to say.

Xu Xiaoshou thought of something.

After all, he had come into contact with Xin Gugu and caramel.


Immediately, he revealed the secret in one sentence.

Fu Yinhongs pretty face stiffened.

At any time, those who kept people in suspense were always extremely unhappy with those who could break the trap with one kick.

“Cursed, Passive Points, 1.”

“Well said!”

Fu Yinhong began to lose interest as she praised emotionlessly.

“Every time the dimensional space opens, other than those who enter through the proper channels, there are also those with ulterior motives.”

“For these people to be able to sneak into the White Cave under the nose of the Red Coat, one can imagine their strength.”

“If you enter the White Cave, the greater part of the danger you face will not come from the dimensional space itself, but these people.”


Some people in the audience could not help but ask.

After all, if they were to sneak into the White Cave, shouldnt they be keeping a low profile

If they were to kill people in public, wouldnt it be easier to attract the Red Coat over

Wasnt this simply courting death

Fu Yinhong obviously knew what these people were thinking, and she shook her head lightly.

“As I said earlier, the exquisite stone is the only proof that one can enter the White Cave.

These words have a deeper meaning.”

“The Red Coat has asensing stone inside.

With this thing, they can sense everyexquisite stone specially developed inside the Red Coat.”

“In other words…”

Throwing the exquisite stone gently upwards, Fu Yinhong said with a smile, “Only with this thing can you prove that youre not a stowaway!”

Everyone below the stage came to a sudden realization.

But immediately, another voice came out in panic.

“Then what if in the White Cave, because of danger, you crushed this exquisite stone”

Fu Yinhong still smiled and looked at this person.

“The Red Coat only recognizes the exquisite stone, not the person.”


The stage was instantly shocked.

Didnt this mean that even if he took the exquisite stone into the White Cave, if it was gone, he would still be a stowaway

“This is too…”


Fu Yinhong suppressed the clamor in the hall.

To be honest, these things that would probably cause controversy should have been said by the Night Guardian.

But this old man had already left early.

He could only be the bad guy himself.

“There is no fairness in this world.”

“In your family and influence, someone has set rules for you, which is why there is the so-called fairness.”

“Outside, this time, its a large-scale dimensional space like the White Cave.

Is it fair”

“Ha.” Fu Yinhong sneered.

“If you want fairness, you dont have to go in.

Pass the opportunity to someone else!”

There was a moment of silence.

Xu Xiaoshou, however, didnt feel anything at all towards such a comment.

Was it cruel

It was alright!

All the ideas that Elder Sang had instilled in him were more exaggerated than this

Xu Xiaoshou didnt think that it was fair at all.

“Do you mean that if those smugglers can get the exquisite stones from us, they will become a regular army”

“And we will change our identities”

Xu Xiaoshou was more interested in this.

Hearing this, everyone suddenly felt shocked.

They turned to look at Fu Yinhong, waiting for a negative answer.


“Otherwise, why do you think they want to kill you”

Fu Yinhong mercilessly destroyed everyones fantasy.

Everyone exploded.

“Even if this is a trial, this is playing with ones life!”

“The opening of the White Cave this time, or rather, its not meant for the younger generation to gain experience.

I feel that if I, an old grandmaster at the peak of the Heavenly Image State, were to enter, it would be a matter of life and death.”

“Grandmaster Hehe, to be able to sneak in right under the nose of the Red Coat, do you think that he would only be a Master”

“Im afraid that when the time comes, one batch of people will enter, and another batch will come out.”

“But this… isnt this too scary The Red Coat really doesnt care about these things Hes just letting these smugglers be so casual”

“Who knows Maybe their responsibility isnt these things in the first place!”

Everyone repeatedly lamented.

Suddenly, a faint voice sounded from the side:

“You guys are dreaming too much.

Perhaps the ones who have the exquisite stone now are a batch of people.

When the time comes, there will already be a new batch of people who will go in.”

Everyone was dumbfounded on the spot.


What kind of contestant was this

He had already been beaten black and blue all over his body, and it was difficult for him to let go of it.

Now that he had received such a critical hit, wasnt he intentionally trying to disgust people

He turned around.

Xu Xiaoshou

Everyone kept quiet.

“Cursed, Passive Points, 1211.”

“Resented, Passive Points, 569.”

Sensing the panic in the crowd, Xu Xiaoshou laughed with interest.


“Red Coat, stowaway, regular army…”

“And ghost beast, and the Fourth Sword…”

“Who is the cannon fodder”

Just by listening to the introduction, he felt that the danger of the White Cave was a little too much.

But under such an excessive situation, why did Red Coat still release these quotas, using the name of experience to let so many young people go to the White Cave to die in vain

“This is a problem.”

The others should have also heard of it, or they should have already known the drawbacks of the White Cave.

However, under the drive of profit, there were really not many people who could remain clear-headed.

Just a singleFourth Sword was enough to summon even ancient sword cultivators who were far away on the horizon…

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at the swordsman with nine swords and calculated in his heart.

It was true that a strong sense of danger would make people anxious.

But he was a person who was both afraid of danger and adventurous at the same time.

As for the White Cave, since he was destined to be sent by Elder Sang, he had to learn how to protect himself.

Those hidden dangers were indeed dangerous.

But after successfully killing Zhang Taiying and discovering Ajes new combat strength, Xu Xiaoshou suddenly felt that everything was not so scary anymore.

Just by himself and Xin Gugu, they might be able to run all over the White Cave.

And with Aje…

“It can be done.

Theoretically speaking, it shouldnt be a big problem.”

“Most importantly, in the previous battles, whether it was the Tianxuan Gate or killing Zhang Taiying, they had to be sneaky to prevent others from seeing them wreak havoc.”

“But if its the White Cave…”

“Its normal for ghost beasts to appear.

Its not too much to add a Berserk Giant.

Its also reasonable to add Aje whose battle prowess is off the charts!”

“Thats the White Cave.

There are no rules.”

“Killing exists at all times.”

Xu Xiaoshou felt that he could relax and play with his heart.

But then she suddenly thought of something.

If all of this was still within the expectations of the Red Coat, Elder Sang, and the other higher-ups

“We cant be careless.

We cant be careless.”

“We still have to proceed cautiously.”

Like a chess piece, Xu Xiaoshou had a deep understanding of what Elder Sang had said about chess pieces.

Many hidden cards had not been exposed until now.

Xu Xiaoshou himself only had a rough idea of the lethality of his stacked cards.

But that was not enough!

One Night Guardian was probably enough to make him suffer.

Not to mention that White Cave was a place that could bury many Red Coats.

After calming himself down, Xu Xiaoshou did not dwell on the secrets of this place anymore.

When the boat reached the end of the bridge, everything would be fine.

Let fate decide.

“Oh right.”

He stared at the exquisite stone in Fu Yinhongs hand and said, “According to what you said, I did indeed feel better after getting eighteen exquisite stones.”

“But those who only had one, wouldnt they just go in and die”

Xu Xiaoshou felt that as a person who had taken the lions share, he needed to stand up and speak up for his comrades.

But when he said this, everyone looked at him angrily.

“What do you mean is Xu Xiaoshou mocking me again”

“Eighteen pills are amazing.

Although we only have one, but…”

“It seems to be quite amazing indeed.”

They had wanted to say a few words, but they realized that they couldnt.

They could only use their gazes to kill this hateful fellow.

“Attention, Passive Points, 895.”


Passive Points, 686.”


Passive Points, 942.”

“I did forget to mention it.”

Fu Yinhong seemed to have thought of something.

She slapped her forehead and said, “The exquisite stone has one last function.

It can communicate with the Red Coats around you at any time.”

“If you encounter any danger, theoretically speaking, if you are not doomed, you can use the exquisite stone to call the Red Coats over to help you out.”

“Of course, there is a price to pay.”

“You must give half of what you have gained in the White Cave to the Red Coat.”

What you have gained.

It should be the treasure you encountered when you were in danger.



Half a second ago, Xu Xiaoshou still thought that Red Coat had a conscience.

He did not expect that the so-called helping out was actually a huge demand

Wasnt this in the name of helping, allowing these regular soldiers who had entered the White Cave to help the few Red Coat men in search of treasures

Everyone began to curse.

A small number of forces who knew the inside story had long since let go of these minor details.

If they could really enter the White Cave if they could really find treasures if they could really survive…


It was equivalent to fighting for at least ten years against the influence of a large family outside!

Sometimes, in terms of long-term influence, it was far more than that.

“Stop talking, give me the exquisite stone!”

However, Xu Xiaoshou felt that if he continued to listen, Red Coat would probably become the representative of evil in his heart.

He would never hand over half even if he was beaten to death.

Yes, because if he could really beat himself to death, perhaps calling Red Coat would be useless

Fu Yinhong nodded her head indifferently.

The waiters began to carry the plates one by one, walking towards the front of the various factions that had obtained the White Cave quota.

When the armored guard carrying the extremely large plate walked over, even Xu Xiaoshou could not help but feel his heart skip a beat.

“Eighteen, count them.”

The gazes of the surrounding crowd basically could not leave this large plate.

Since when did the number of White Cave quota reach the level of “Counting”.

This Xu Xiaoshou was…

“Begrudged, Passive Points, 666.”

“Envied, Passive Points, 232.”

Xu Xiaoshou accepted the plate of exquisite stones with a smile.

She picked one up and looked at Mu Zixi.

“Ill give it to you.”

“Cursed, Passive Points, 899.”

Darn it…

Everyones eyes were wide open.

Xu Xiaoshou could actually give away the exquisite stones that they couldnt get.

This was too annoying.


Sigh, after all, she was his junior sister.

It was understandable.

Who asked him not to have such a strong senior brother


Mu Zixi grabbed her twin ponytails and was also jumping for joy.

The preciousness of the exquisite stone could be seen from Fu Yinhongs introduction just now.


Xu Xiaoshou still had such a big plate…

“Just one”

When this question was asked, everyones bodies swayed.

Listen, is this human language

“Begrudged, Passive Points, 1212.”

Xu Xiao was stunned for a moment.

He looked at the exquisite stone on someone elses plate and also felt that his plate had so many that he didnt know how to deal with it.

“Thats true.

One is indeed a little too little.

Give me another one.”

He picked up another exquisite stone and handed over the pearl that was suffused with spiritual energy.

Mu Zixis eyes were curved with laughter.

She pinched each of her small hands.

She couldnt put it down.

“Just two” She asked again.

With a click, everyones body froze.

“Whats the use of having so many When you die, wont you die” Xu Xiaoshou didnt pamper her junior sister anymore.

Having two was already not bad.

Do you have so many hands

Be careful not to be snatched away by others!

The little girl immediately pouted, but when she saw that the other peoples hands were empty, her anger also dissipated.

Yes, I still have two, but the others dont.


“No, I cant continue watching.

This pair of senior and junior are too infuriating.”

The onlookers expressions were no longer acceptable.

This one carried a large plate and used the exquisite stone to dazzle everyones eyes.

Each of them had a stone in each hand, and they had even started to dish it up.

This was simply too much!

“If you want to split the exquisite stones, you can do it privately.

What are you shouting here for Youre so darn naive.

You dont even understand the principle of not revealing your wealth.”

Some people were resentful, while others voiced their doubts.

“Reveal Is there a need to reveal this”

“Doesnt everyone know Eighteen.”

“Even if they really dont know, what can they do now that theyve revealed it Do you dare to snatch it”

“Thats Xu Xiaoshou!”

At this moment, everyone fell silent.

Thats right!

Thats Xu Xiaoshou.

Everyone had a rough idea as to why he was able to obtain eighteen exquisite stones.

Snatch it from him

Although they didnt know if Xu Xiaoshou could withstand the Sovereigns construction.

However, when they looked at the direction that Xu Xiaoshou had come from, they realized that he had come with the Night Guardian!

In addition, there were several Sovereigns behind Xu Xiaoshou.

If they were to say that the explosion just now had nothing to do with him…


“Disperse, disperse.”

Everyone forcefully held back the tears in their eyes.

They turned their heads sideways, enduring the pain, and no longer looked at the large plate of shining pearls.

“Cursed, Passive Points, 1056.”

“Begrudged, Passive Points, 588.”

“Wheres the family head”

The Zhang familys forces formed a small circle.

As one of the four magnates of Tiansang Prefecture, they were able to bring a total of five people into the City Lord Mansion.

However, after losing the leader of the throne, Zhang Taiying, the four old grandmasters were still at a loss even after they obtained the five exquisite stones.

“Why is the family head still not back after leaving for so long”

“What time is it now The exquisite stones have all been distributed, and the banquet is about to end!”

“Even so, the explosion just now…”

The few of them hesitated.

“If Im not mistaken, that aura from the realm should belong to the family head, right”

“That seems to be the case…”

“But, how dare the family head make a move in the City Lord Mansion Could it be some other secret plan”

“Doesnt he still have to give gifts”

The four of them discussed and fell silent once more.

Finally, someone glanced at the old man and spoke.

“Since things have come to this point, theres no need to hold back.

Of the family heads other plans, one of you must know about it.

Tell us.”

The few of them looked at one another, not remembering what other secret plans they had.

“Its already so late, why arent you telling us”

The Old Master who spoke first flew into a rage.

“Since youre not telling us, does that mean that this is an accident Could it be that the family head was assassinated in the City Lord Mansion and died”

The few of them shook their heads.


“But we cant contact the jade scroll either…”

While they were still in a daze, they suddenly saw that among the many barbarians present, there was an extremely wild, large-scale barbarian walking up to the ruins of the high platform.

He actually placed a hand on Fu Yinhongs shoulder.

Everyone was puzzled

“Who is this person”

“He doesnt want his life anymore.

He actually dares to touch the Little Princess”

“Oh my God, this guy must have gone crazy from the explosion.

How dare he do such a thing…”

“No, this face”

Fu Zhi shook his hair.

After shaking his loose-fitting clothes, he said softly, “I am Fu Zhi.”

The whole place was dead silent.

“Old City Lord Fu”

Everyone was stunned.

Fu Zhi knew that his current image was not related to the city lord, but since they were all little savages, it was understandable for him to transform into a big savage as the city lord.

“The battle at the banquet is about to end.

Originally, everyone should sit down and enjoy a few drinks.

However, there was a small accident tonight, so the program will be canceled!”

The corners of everyones mouths twitched.

They glanced at Xu Xiaoshou at the same time.

“In Awe, Passive Points, 1111.”

A small accident.

As expected of the Old City Lord Fu.

His mind was resolute!

At this moment, seeing that Fu Yinhong did not resist at all, everyone understood that this was indeed the old city lord who had been missing for many years.

Fu Zhi continued, “Before we leave, I have something important to announce.”

Everyone was looking forward to it.

The small group of the Zhang Mansion was the same.

At this moment, they saw Fu Zhi glance over and his cold eyes directly stared at the four of them.

Their hearts skipped a beat.

The four of them had a bad feeling about this.

Fu Zhi said solemnly, “Zhang Taiying, the head of the Zhang family, was found colluding with the ghost beasts in the City Lord Mansion.

He has been killed.”

“This is the reason for tonights situation.”

“Everyone knows the consequences of colluding with the ghost beasts on the continent.

To put it simply, other than the investigation by the Red Coat…”

Fu Zhi raised his eyes and looked at the moon that was approaching the edge of the horizon.

“After tonight, there will be no more Zhang family in Tiansang City!”

Dong dong!

The sound of a few buttocks landing on the ground could be heard.

The small group of Zhang family members fell to the ground, and disbelief could be seen on their faces.

“This is impossible…”

“Family head, how could the family head die”

The only Old Master who knew a little about Zhang Taiyings motives suddenly looked at Xu Xiaoshou.

“He isnt.

Didnt he go to kill…”

Wasnt he going to kill Xu Xiaoshou How could he die!

The Old Master felt as if his already shattered world had completely collapsed at this moment.

Fu Zhi narrowed his eyes, thinking that this was indeed the case.

Xu Xiaoshou was indeed innocent!

“Watched, Passive Points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled indifferently.

“Kill me”

He pointed at himself.

“If you want to kill me, you can come over and give it a try.”


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