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Chapter 445: If You Get Beaten up by Me

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“Is there a situation”

Xu Xiaojis reaction was so intense that it was out of his expectations.

This time, even the dispirited Xin Gugu and the serious student Aje couldnt help but cast sidelong glances at him.

“Screech –”

Following an extremely strange cry, Xu Xiaojis blurry figure seemed as if it was about to disperse.

However, when he was close to the edge of collapse, he suddenly regained his calm.

The scene was deathly silent.


A gust of wind blew past, and Xu Xiaojis figure turned into a phantom and disappeared before everyones eyes.


However, the other three people present could see his movements.


Bronze carving piece!

Xu Xiaoshou was able to react.

However, he didnt move and allowed Xu Xiaoji to grab this thing.

He really wanted to see what the weak Xu Xiaoji would become if he touched this bronze carving piece that had the terrifying power of the Monstrous Power.

A cold wind whistled past.

When Xu Xiaoji grabbed the bronze carving piece, the sword will that filled the sky spread out.

“This concept…”

Xu Xiaoshous heart trembled.

This strange sword will seem to have completely surpassed the “Innate” and “Master” stages that ordinary people used to measure their levels.

It seemed to have formed its own faction.

Xu Xiaojis sword will was completely unexplainable.

It was, even more, the level of the sword will that the current Xu Xiaoshou couldnt judge.

“Buzz –”

With a trembling sound, the bronze carving piece instantly demonized Xu Xiaoji.

The black devil veins instantly imprinted on his face, followed by his limbs and body.

The bronze carving piece in his hand actually turned into a black sword after a light sound.

The body of the sword was long, and the power of the Monstrous Power was imprinted on it for a moment, so the details of the sword couldnt be seen clearly anymore.

Xu Xiaoshou narrowed his eyes.

“Somethings strange!”

This time, he was completely certain.

Even if Xu Xiaoji wasnt the sword spirit of the “Fourth Sword”, it must have something to do with that thing.

Of course, all of this was based on the premise that the bronze carving piece had indeed fallen off the body of the “Fourth Sword”.

“So, was it really theFourth Sword”

Xu Xiaoshou thought to himself.

However, even though he had activated his “Perception” to the extreme, he was still unable to discern the true form of the sword that the bronze carving piece had transformed into from the terrifying Monstrous Power.

The black murderous intent that filled the sky interweaved with the awe-inspiring sword will.

The poison flower and poisonous grass that had been created with great difficulty in the Yuan Mansion space was unable to withstand such a great force and directly shattered into dust.


A furious roar sounded.

Xu Xiaoji seemed to have changed into a different person.

He raised the sword in his hand and directly jumped and hacked at Xu Xiaoshou.

A black shadow flashed through the void, and the half-moon demonic arc suddenly flashed.

The sword that carried the Monstrous Power seemed to have the power to split mountains and seas as it slashed down on the young man.

“What is this”

This unexpected change was really out of Xin Gugus expectations.

He couldnt care less about his mental state.

He directly flashed in front of Xu Xiaoshou.

This guy couldnt die.

Not to mention the scruffy-looking mans orders, just the fact that Greedy the Cat Spirit liked the ghost beast host body, he couldnt just sit and watch what was happening to the young man in front of him.

However, Xin Gugus actions were still a little slow.

There were many “people” who were faster than him.

Like a ghost, Aje appeared directly below the black demonic arc, as if he had stood in front of the two of them since ancient times.

Facing such a terrifying attack in front of him, his face remained calm as he slowly raised two fingers.

“Keng –”

The sound wave directly forced the spiritual pond water to splatter everywhere.

And that monstrous sword from Xu Xiaoji seemed to have completely lost its offensive power in front of Aje.

Two fingers.

Easily pinched!

“Ma Ma…”

Aje tilted his head.

The air froze.

Even the demonized Xu Xiaoji was stunned for a moment.

It was as if he had never thought that such a shocking attack of his could be easily pinched.


There was a soft sound.

The black devilish energy from the bronze carving piece flowed directly into Ajes body through his two fingers.

The black devil veins on Xu Xiaojis body also disappeared.

He shook his head as if he had just regained his senses.

However, when he saw the scene in front of him, his entire face instantly turned white.

“Oh my God, what happened”

“Brother Aje, I didnt do it on purpose…”

The sword in Xu Xiaojis hand had returned to a simple bronze carving piece and he immediately retreated.

Aje was not someone who would allow himself to be trampled on.

After receiving a sword, he returned a punch.

With a bend of his two fingers, his body instantly disintegrated.

When he reappeared, he was already in front of Xu Xiaoji.


Xu Xiaoji let out with a heart-wrenching cry.


Xu Xiaoshou also shouted.

However, it was too late.

Ajes fist had already struck out.


A muffled sound rang out.

Xu Xiaoji immediately bent his body into a shrimp.

He has blasted away like a cannonball and instantly disappeared into the chaotic mist.

“Zi Zi Zi…”

The sound of corrosion immediately rang out.

Following that, Xu Xiaoji let out a strange cry of pain.

“Ah –”

“Uh oh –”

“Keke, help –”

Xu Xiaoji held his forehead.

This was too tragic!

What kind of courage was it that made Xu Xiaoji dare to make a move in front of Xin Gugu and Aje

Was it the bronze carving piece


The devilish energy would only magnify the obsession in a persons heart.

In other words, this fellow wanted to kill himself from the bottom of his heart.

“Tsk tsk…”

Xu Xiaoshou deliberately waited for a long while.

After a long while, he waited for another long while.

When the strange cries in the chaotic mist were about to die down, an incomparably thick spider web spiritual thread shot out from his hand.


In just an instant, the spiritual source that was as thick as a bucket was corroded into fine threads.

However, in just an instant, Xu Xiaoshou had already pulled Xu Xiaoji out from the catapult, saving him from the sea of suffering.

“Good fellow.”

Looking at the blurry Xu Xiaoji, Xu Xiaoshou immediately called out “good fellow”.

This fellow was really blurry now.

The power of the chaotic mist was not to be underestimated.

It directly corroded the defenseless Xu Xiaoji until he was about to melt.

It was dripping with blood, like a monster that had just been fished out of a furnace.

“Youre truly gutsy!”

Xu Xiaoshou said with a smile.

Xu Xiaoji was already speechless.

Fortunately, this fellows recovery ability was not inferior to Xu Xiaoshous.

Even with such a severe injury, he was still groaning in pain as he gradually recovered.

In a moment, he regained his human form.

“Brother, I was wrong.

I really didnt do it on purpose just now.”

Xu Xiaoji was really frightened as he said with tears and blood flowing down his face.

He was scared!

Why was he still so impulsive

That was Brother Aje!

The scene of him being beaten up like a meat bun was still vivid in his mind.

Why didnt he learn a lesson now Why did he suddenly feel that he could do it

“Were you conscious just now” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

Xu Xiaoji immediately shook his head.

Even if he had a little bit of consciousness, he wouldnt dare to admit it at this moment.

“What the heck… there was a thread… uh, what I mean is, I didnt have consciousness.”

“When I saw that thing, I couldnt help it and be forced!”

Xu Xiaoji was being careful with his words.

He didnt dare to anger the person in front of him.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the bronze carving piece in his hand.

Yes, he didnt see wrongly.

This guy was holding it purely with his body.

He was in a frenzy!

“Do you recognize this thing”

“I dont.”

Xu Xiaojis eyes flashed with confusion.

To be honest, he really didnt recognize this thing.

To have such a big reaction to this, he expressed that he didnt know why.

“You dont know anything about it”

Xu Xiaoshou muttered.

Xu Xiaoji was so scared that he stumbled back on the ground.

“Brother, my dear brother, I really dont know.

I wont lie to you on purpose.”

“If I knew anything, I would have told you everything by now.

Theres no need for me to lie to you.”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

“You better be.”

“Its true…”

Tears immediately flowed out of Xu Xiaojis eyes.

Just what kind of terrifying devil den was this!

If he had known earlier, he wouldnt have come out of that small space.

At the very least, he would still be able to see the void crack every day and have some hope.

At present.

Yuan Mansion.

Without Xu Xiaoshous permission, no one would be able to leave this place!

They had changed to two different places.

After successfully escaping from the tigers den, they would then enter the wolfs den!

“Ma Ma…”

Xu Xiaoji moaned in a daze.

He did not realize that he had already given up.

“Fourth Sword…”

Xu Xiaoshou had not been very interested in this sword at first.

After all, with so many big shots fighting over it, how could he possibly succeed in obtaining the saber of the Eighth Sword Deity in the White Cave

However, things were so unexpected.

The Cardinal Wheel, the bronze carving piece, Xu Xiaoji…

All sorts of things that were closely related to White Cave and the Fourth Sword fell into his hands one after another under his casual attitude.

“Was it unintentional”

To be honest, under continuous stimulation.

Xu Xiaoshou indicated that he was really a little tempted by the Fourth Sword.

What if

What if he was also the legendary chosen one and could rely on so many prerequisites to successfully obtain the “Fourth Sword”

“No, no, no.”

Xu Xiaoshou quickly denied his own thoughts.

This world was dangerous.

Looking at his experiences along the way, he knew that he was definitely not on the path of the chosen one.

In fact, he was not even the chosen one.

Therefore, even if he could get Fourth Sword in the White Cave…

What if he came out

That was the relic of the Eighth Sword Deity!

Who knows, when the time came, he might provoke an expert who had completely surpassed the level of the Sovereign or Cutting Path.

Even if the Sword Deity did not come, he would still be dead if a random higher void came!

And would there be a higher void who wasnt interested in the relic of the Eighth Sword Deity

Xu Xiaoshou felt that it was not the case.

The Fourth Sword was a hot potato and whoever took it would die.

Other than those big families and forces who were qualified to send people to fight for it, any ordinary person who was interested in this thing would be brainless.

“You can stay here for now!”

After deciding on Xu Xiaojis life and death with one word, Xu Xiaoshou was too lazy to say anything more.

He couldnt get anything out of him at all.

The valid information that he could get was all inferred from his words, actions, and external information.

Of course, according to his own speculation, Xu Xiaoji was indeed very likely to be a new sword spirit of the “Fourth Sword”.

In that case, he couldnt die yet.

It could even be said that after entering the White Cave, the person with the greatest value would probably be Xu Xiaoji.

Xu Xiaoshou stared at Xu Xiaoji and couldnt help but stroke his chin.

“When the time comes, even if I find someone to sell him off, it would still be more worth it than killing him with one sword, right”

Xu Xiaojis tears immediately turned into blood flowing out of his eyes.

“Brother, brother, dont look at me like that, Im afraid…”

“Received Plea, Passive Points 1.”

“What do you plan to do”

“Leave, or stay”

After ending Xu Xiaojis speculation, Xu Xiaoshou once again came to Xin Gugu.

He did indeed have a plan for coming in this time.

Xin Gugu hesitated for a moment.

“If theres really nothing else on your side, I might have to leave first.”

“After all, I have a mission to complete this time.”

“You know, Jiao Tangtang is waiting for me.”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

Of course, he knew about this.

“I can call Jiao Tangtang… I mean, a communication jade scroll.

That wont be a problem.”

“And if your goal is to enter the White Cave, maybe you dont have to leave so early.”

“We can hide people inside the Yuan Mansion.”

“If not, I still have sixteen White Cave quota.

I can give you any one of them and give you one as a bonus.”

“What do you mean”

Xu Xiaoshou had a harmless smile on his face.

“Instead of struggling and thinking about sneaking in, why dont you call Jiao Tangtang over Ill bring you guys in.”

Xin Gugus face darkened.

How could he not know what Xu Xiaoshou was thinking

This guy was a Sovereign level fighter, and he was addicted to ordering people around!

He didnt have enough, yet he still wanted Jiao Tangtang to come over to play

“She probably wont be able to come.”

“She has our own internal channels.

She will enter the White Cave.”

“On the contrary, now that she is in the Eighth Palace, Jiao Tangtang will definitely be targeted by the Red Coat.

Even if there is no evidence, once she suddenly appears beside you.

In the end, if we still want to enter the White Cave together, you will be in danger instead.”

Xin Gugu was serious.

He could not joke about the matter regarding the Red Coat.

The Xu Yue Grey Palace had its own channels, but they were also filled with danger.

And his mission was to protect Xu Xiaoshous safety.

How could he bring danger to this fellow

“If thats the case, then its a pity.”

Xu Xiaoshou sighed.

But he didnt have much hope.

After having such a way out, he asked again, “What about you You shouldnt have much to do with me, right Follow me, well conquer White Cave and kill those guys together.”

“Cursed, Passive Points 1.”

That was your ultimate goal, right!

“Im afraid I cant…”

“A man shouldnt say no, you can do it!”

Xu Xiaoshou patted Xin Gugus shoulder and said firmly, “You werent discovered by Red Coat.

On the contrary, with the evidence from the Night Guardian, it might be safer for you to stay by my side.”

“On the contrary, if you suddenly appeared by Jiao Tangtangs side at this moment, I think that unless the Night Guardian was kicked in the head by a donkey, he would definitely suspect you again.”

“Your appearance will only bring trouble to Jiao Tangtang.”

“Following me is the best plan!”

Xin Gugu was stunned.

Why were these words so familiar

Werent these the same words that he used to reject Xu Xiaoshous attempt to persuade another Jiao Tangtang

He suddenly had a headache.

Xu Xiaoshous words were too reasonable.

This was something that he had never thought of.

According to what he said, it seemed that it was really the best choice to stay by his side.


He kept feeling that something was wrong

Had he been tricked again

Why did he feel that being Xu Xiaoshous bodyguard was the best of both worlds

What about me!

Who had considered my feelings

So, in the end, everything had to be borne by me, Xin Gugu

“I can stay by your side.”

Xin Gugu let out a long breath and said helplessly, “But not for long.

When we enter the White Cave, you have to let me out.”

Xu Xiaoshou let out a sigh of relief and nodded vigorously.

“I know, I understand.

You have a mission.”

Xin Gugus face stiffened.


Xu Xiaoshou was so easy to talk to

There must be a trap!

“Dont tell me youre only planning to let me out when we encounter danger in the White Cave” he questioned.

“How can that be”

Xu Xiaoshou rolled his eyes.

“Do I look like this kind of person”


Xin Gugu snorted coldly.

“But you are!”

“Dont worry!”

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled.

“I will definitely let you go.

But when we enter the White Cave, you might not be willing to leave my side.”

“Of course, I dont like to force others.”

“To leave or stay, you can do whatever you want.”


Xin Gugu rolled his eyes so hard that he almost couldnt unroll.

I believe you!


I cant wait to leave right now!

Who would want to stay by your side

It was a little exciting, but his little heart couldnt take it.

He had never met a Red Coat, but because of him, he almost fell head-on.

If he continued, wouldnt he be a goner

“So youre not leaving now, right”

Xu Xiaoshous expression changed.

“What do you want to do”

Xin Gugu subconsciously took a step back.

“I have an idea…”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at his alert expression and smiled.

“Dont worry, its not against you.

I just want to help you train.”

“Help me to train” Xin Gugu raised his eyebrows.

“I dont need it.”

He rejected directly.

As long as it was something that Xu Xiaoshou said, it wouldnt be anything good.

Train what

How to train

No need to ask.

Asking meant that he didnt want to know!

“Why are you doing this”

Xu Xiaoshou was displeased.

“This is a great opportunity! Its not easy for the two of us brothers to live together.

If we dont do anything, how can we live up to this short period of time together”

Xin Gugu subconsciously tightened his butt.

“What are you trying to do”


Xu Xiaoshou rubbed his hands.

“Its like this.

I have a plan.

You saw it the other day.

I can transform into a golden giant.”

Xin Gugu frowned.

“I remember it a little.”

“But Im still not familiar with this spiritual technique.

I cant completely control it,” Xu Xiaoshou continued.

“You mean, you want me to stay here and help you beat the golden giant until you can control it”

Xin Gugu immediately understood.

This guy really didnt want to leave behind any resources!

Cant you allow me to rest here for a while

My current mental state isnt very good either!

“You have Brother Aje.”

Xin Gugu pointed at Aje.

“Ma Ma”

Aje tilted his head, and his tone became doubtful.

Xu Xiaoshou immediately pursed his lips.

“That guy That guy didnt hit me lightly.

Im afraid Ill be slapped to death by him.”

“Youre very nice, gentle, and you know your limits.

I like you a lot.”

“Of course, the prerequisite is that you dont transform.”

Xin Gugus eyes turned white.

He looked at the sky.

Only then did he realize that there was no sky in the Yuan Mansion space.

Darn it…

Was he going to be squeezed again

“Come on!”

It was just a mere spiritual technique.

Even if he became a giant, with his cultivation level of the Sovereign, he still couldnt take it down

Did he really think that he could be invincible in the world just because he was at the Origin Court

There was still a Master between us!

Of course, Xin Gugu was not careless.

After all, he knew that this young mans battle strength could not be measured by ordinary cultivation.


Xu Xiaoshou picked up the bronze carving piece and paused for a moment before saying, “When the time comes, if you are beaten up by me, you must know that I am unconscious.”

“You must not activate your ghost beast form!”

Xin Gugu sneered.

“I wont.”

Xu Xiaoshou was still a little worried.

“No, youd better swear an oath.

Im afraid that youll be impulsive.”

Xin Gugu was so angry that he was amused.

Darn Xu Xiaoshou, youre really conceited!

To you, why would I need to activate my ghost beast form

“What oath If you want to fight, then fight.

Why are you talking so much nonsense If youre really afraid that Ill use my ghost beast form to kill you, then hurry up and control that lousy spiritual technique of yours.”

“There are so many tricks up your sleeve…”

“Stupid and annoying!”

Xu Xiaoshou understood that Xin Gugu had misunderstood.

“Its not killing me.”

“What I mean is that if I lost control and you cant hold on anymore, just ask Aje to help me calm down.”

“If you also activate your berserk state, Im afraid that when the time comes, you wont be the one to kill me, and I wont be the one to kill you.”

“It might also be possible that two more corpses would appear here.”

Xin Gugu was stunned.

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at Aje.


He suddenly felt a toothache.

That was so logical.

If he really lost control, Aje would hit him with one palm and send his head flying

“Dont worry, I know what to do.”

“Its good that you know what to do.”

Xu Xiaoshou weighed the bronze carving piece.

Without saying anything, he withdrew her spiritual source and grabbed it.


With a furious roar, the Berserk Giant appeared again.

Xin Gugu was directly sent flying when that roar was sounded.

The clothes that were instantly torn apart left him completely dumbfounded.

“Is that the golden giant”

At that time, he was also out of control, so Xin Gugu did not have many memories.

The Berserk Giant appeared once again.

The energy fluctuations that he observed while he was awake were simply breathtaking.

“What is that”

Xin Gugu barely managed to stabilize his body in the void to prevent himself from being blasted into the chaotic mist.

When he focused his gaze again, he saw that the Berserk Giants body was releasing some golden light spots.


A whooshing sound appeared.

His face was instantly covered by the golden light.

Xin Gugu was shocked.

“With such a size, it could move so swiftly”

He did not dare to be careless.

He directly loosened his Golden Staff slightly.

“Blood Sea…”


An explosion sounded, and the void mist surged.

The Berserk Giant swept his palm over, and Xin Gugus entire body directly collapsed into the chaotic mist.

“What the heck…”

Xin Gugus state of mind exploded.

He subconsciously became bloodthirsty, wanting to transform into a ghost beast of the same size.

But at that time, Xu Xiaoshous exhortation suddenly surged into his mind.

“This guy is doing it on purpose, right He wants me to get beaten up!” Xin Gugu gritted his teeth.

But it had to be said that Xu Xiaoshous words still had some sense.

If Aje were to watch…

Forget it!

He barely used his blood energy to cover himself and tried his best to shield himself from the damage of the chaotic mist.

Xin Gugus body, which had been thrown away, stopped in the mist.

He wanted to rush out and teach Xu Xiaoshou a lesson.


The sudden appearance of the golden light blinded his eyes again.

Xin Gugu was stunned.

Darn it!

You even charged in


“Cursed, Passive Points 1.”


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