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Chapter 455: Big Brother ~

“Ill throw!”

The shocking words were thrown directly onto everyones eardrums.

The entire place was in an uproar.

This time, whether it was those who were purely watching the scene unfold, those who looked annoyed, or those who had fallen behind by a step, or even those who were still hesitant, all of them raised their eyes to look for the first person who dared to take the lead.

Xu Xiaoshou also looked over in surprise.

He really didnt have any hope left.

The concept of 998 and 1000 was different, and he knew it very clearly .

On the same logic.

100 million, this kind of slogan sounded like a dream just by listening to it.

Xu Xiaoshou actually shouted it only to fulfill his dream.

He didnt expect that there was someone in the world who could materialize his dream.

And this person would actually appear in front of him, and even help him fulfill his dream

However, when his line of sight came to a stop, Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

The person who spoke was a young man.

He was neither tall nor thin.

He had a medium build and was holding a walking stick in his hand.

He looked to be only a few years older than Xu Xiaoshou.

On one side, there was a woman in white who was half a head shorter than him.

Both of them had spiritual artifacts that prevented others from prying.

Spiritual senses would not be able to see through it, and even the mask itself was blurry.

However, Xu Xiaoshous “Perception” gave him an extremely familiar feeling.

His gaze was fixed on the mans walking stick.

Even if this thing had been changed into a completely different appearance.

As a true ancient swordman, how could Xu Xiaoshou be unable to detect the unique and immutable aura of the famous sword

“Lei Shuangxing”

Xu Xiaoshous heart tightened.

Xu Xiaoshou recognized the master through his famous sword.

Furthermore, the Lei Shuangxing he met then was someone who could rely on all sorts of treasures to fight against the Spirit Palace tycoon Ye Xiaotian with his Master Swordsman cultivation.

It was impossible for such a person to make the famous sword change its master in such a short period of time.

Therefore, he must be the Lei Shuangxin who belonged to theSaint Servant!

If that was the case, who was the woman next to him

Xu Xiaoshou could guess it even with his toes.

“Luo Leilei!”

“These two guys…”

Xu Xiaoshou felt uncomfortable.

The difficulty of the White Cave was already scary enough.

If these two guys also joined in, it would undoubtedly make things worse!

One could say that the others were here for a trial.

But if one were to say the two from “Saint Servant” who appeared here were here to train themselves…

Who would believe that!

If they didnt turn White Cave upside down, would it be in line with the personality of theSaint Servant

Looking back at Lei Shuangxings actions in forcefully tearing open a void rift and escaping with Luo Leilei.

If they were to f*cking enter and complete the mission, would there be no one to pick them up when they came out

Xu Xiaoshous heart sank to the bottom of the valley.

At that time, Lei Shuangxing had come to pick up the undercover, Lorelei.

Now that the White Cave was open to the public, with these two as the ones carrying out the mission, who else could the felloe who would appear last be

“Masked man!”

“Or Cen Qiaofu!”

Xu Xiaoshou felt very tired.

The White Cave had not even f*cking started, how could he already foresee the arrival of a World War

“Brother, are you serious”

If it was anyone else, Xu Xiaoshou would definitely not have asked this question.

After all, if he gave the other party a way out, perhaps his 100 million would really go down the drain.

But Lei Shuangxing was different.

Xu Xiaoshou thought that if he could really reject 100 million as the price of preventing these two unstable factors in…

It seemed to be not bad

But then he thought, if they did not have the exquisite stone, would they not be able to enter


It was unsolvable!

“Yes, Im serious.”

Lei Shuangxing did not even hesitate as he spoke directly.

As soon as he finished speaking, there was not the slightest movement but a golden light flew out from his sleeve directly in the direction of Xu Xiaoshou.


Xu Xiaoshou pinched with both of his fingers.

It was a card.

Xin Gugu leaned his head over at the right time.

However, after his pupils contracted, he abruptly withdrew.

When Mu Zixi saw this, she couldnt help but stand on tiptoe.

Then, she paused.

“Cursed, Passive Points 1.”

She had no choice but to cover her hand in spiritual source to press on Xu Xiaoshous shoulder, indicating for him to lower his height.

Only then did she see the contents of the card.

Her heart skipped a beat.

Mu Zixi quietly withdrew her foot.

She and Xin Gugu looked at each other, the shock in their eyes obvious.

Nine digits!

“Envied, Passive Points 2.”


Aje turned its head around and stood on tiptoe.

Then, it looked at the back of Xu Xiaoshous head and obediently stood properly with its arms crossed over its chest again.

It didnt understand what the two people beside it were looking at.


Xu Xiaoshou held another Plenty Gold Company card in his hand, and his heart began to feel anxious.

He originally thought that he would be so happy that he could fly if he really got 100 million.

But now, he was not happy at all.

But to say that he should return this card…

It was not to the extent of it.

Quietly putting away the Gold Card, Xu Xiaoshou took out the two exquisite stones on his chest, raised them, and then withdrew them.

“Brother, is your walking stick for sale”

This sudden question caused everyone to be a little stunned.

Involuntarily, everyones gaze focused on the ordinary walking stick of Lei Shuangxing.

Lan Ling and Xin, who were in the air, were the same.

They were different from the onlookers below who could not see what was going on.

With just a glance, the two of them felt that something was off.

However, neither of them were swordsmans.

Even if they sensed that something was wrong, they could not immediately see what it was.

“A sword”

Xin scratched his bald head.

He had killed too many people to the point that he actually felt a faint sword will on the walking stick for the first time.

It was simply ridiculous.

A walking stick and a sword, how could they be the same thing

Lan Ling suddenly had a look of realization.

She was a little puzzled at first, but Xins words really opened up her train of thought.

“A famous sword!”

“If my guess is correct, its the famous sword, Divine-extracting Crutch!”

Xin was stunned for a moment, then immediately felt relieved.

“It seems… thats right!”

“I have indeed heard of the legend of the Divine-beating Crutch.

It seems that this thing doesnt look like a sword, but a thin awl, and is extremely sharp.”

“However, the scariest thing about this thing is that it is not used to stab, but to beat.”

“It is said that the compatibility between the previous sword wielder and the Divine-extracting Crutch was perfect.

After the Heavenly Unravel, one move from the crutch could even beat a fully condensed power of the Higher Void apart!”

Xin mulled over it and said, “So, the walking stick is just an outer shell.

The real mystery is inside”

Lan Ling nodded.

Although she was only guessing.

However, with her experience with many famous swords, it would be still have been fine if Xu Xiaoshou did not say anything.

Once he said that, she took note.

Even if there was only a trace of Aura coming from the walking stick, one could still see a hint of it.

Lan Ling was a little surprised.

“How many has it been”

“The first two undisguised famous swords should be from the people of the Burial Sword Tomb.

Its understandable.”

“I still havent seen the Xu Yue Grey Palace.

They probably wont come.

If they do, they must be preparing to sneak in.”

“But this one…”

Lan Ling frowned.

“Which family is the owner of the Divine-beating Crutch”

Xin pondered for a moment and said hesitantly, “If I remember correctly, the previous owner of the Divine-beating Crutch was from the Higher Void family of the Central Region, the Lei Family”

“The Lei Family” Lan Lings heart skipped a beat.

Xin nodded and said uncertainly, “But wasnt the Lei family destroyed…”


Lan Ling instantly used her spiritual source to silence Xin.

Xin was stupefied.

He turned his head and saw Lan Ling slowly shaking her head and not saying anything.

He was a little surprised.

He had long heard that the change in the Lei family was somewhat mysterious.

Otherwise, the Continent would not have been so tight-lipped about this matter.

Lan Ling seemed to know something

Xin did not ask.

Since the other party had already done so much, it was likely that there were some things that could not be said.

“Perhaps the owner has changed.”

He speculated, “After all, the famous sword recognizes people.

If… There was no one left in that family who could inherit it, it would be understandable if the famous sword was to go out into the world.”

Lan Ling nodded, but did not reply.

She did not dare to discuss further.


Lei Shuangxings face which was hidden under the spiritual artifact was very ferocious.

It was like a malicious spirit that had run out of the abyss, even its facial features were blurred.

Others could not see his expression, but Luo Leilei, who was at the side, felt this short silence.

Something was not right.

Luo Leilei frowned.

The two Red Coats above seemed to be communicating with their spiritual senses, so she could not hear anything.

But the masked man in a straw hat which was opposite them…

How did this guy see through Brother Shuangxings Divine-beating Crutch

That was something that the Chief had personally sealed.

At the very least, it would only be exposed if they encountered a pure swordsman from the Red Coats.

Theoretically speaking, before entering the White Cave, it definitely wouldnt attract any attention.

But judging from this guys voice, he wasnt very old.

His cultivation base was definitely not at the Sovereign or Cutting Path Stage.

How could he be so sharp

It was fine if he was just sharp…

“Did he do it on purpose”

Luo Leilei did not use her spiritual sense, but her eyes slightly darted towards the two Red Coats above her.

“Is he reminding the two of them”

Although she did not know why Big Brother Shuangxing suddenly fell silent just because his famous sword was recognized.

It was not a big deal.

However, Luo Leilei still gently touched Big Brother Shuangxings arm slightly, indicating that there should be some reaction.

If he continued to be motionless, something would really happen even if initially there was nothing.

Lei Shuangxins ears moved slightly, and he came back to his senses.

“Its not for sale.”

His words were still flat, or even emotionless.

“If thats the case, then its a pity.”

Xu Xiaoshou sighed softly and said enviously, “I just feel that you look very imposing when youre walking with that walking stick.

Next time, Ill get one too, Hehe.”

“Cursed, Passive Points 2.”

“Belittled, Passive Points 1,310.”

“Criticized, Passive Points 2,118.”

No matter how the other party reacted, Xu Xiaoshou still threw the two exquisite stones in his hands over to them.

Since the purpose of the reminder had been achieved, then it was fine.

At least, the Red Coats knew that this guy had a famous sword, so they would be aware that he was also a strong contender for the “Fourth Sword”.

They would definitely pay more attention to the two of them.

In this way.

Firstly, it would be able to suppress the unknown actions of these two guys after they entered the White Cave.

Secondly, comparatively speaking, less attention would be paid on him.

“Are you really not selling it”

Xu Xiaoshou watched as the people opposite catched the exquisite stones and was somewhat unsatisfied.

“I have a lot of money.”

“Even if you want to exchange them for exquisite stones, I still have…”

“Cursed, Passive Points 2.”

Lei Shuangxin led Luo Leilei into the teleportation portal without looking back.

“Still have”

The onlookers were shocked.

He had already sold three exquisite stones, and in this small area, the news of the battle at the gate of the Eight Palace Town had spread.

Everyone knew that the “Straw Hat” organization in front of them was definitely the real deal in selling exquisite stones.

“He has already sold six exquisite stones, and theres more”

“You must be joking!”

“Suspected, Passive Points 2,480.”

However, no matter how much doubt they had in their hearts, the fellows who were upset that they didnt get the exquisite stones couldnt help but look forward to it.

“Expected, Passive Points 2,261.”


As expected, the information bar was flooded with messages.

Xu Xiaoshou was not in a hurry either.

After everyones restlessness had subsided, he slowly took out two more exquisite stones from his chest.


This time, even Xin who was in the air felt that his eyeballs were sent flying.

Lan Lings body in the air swayed abruptly, almost doubting her life.

Was this the exquisite stones sent out by the Red Coats

Which fellow sent it

Could it be that he had used his connections

Needless to say, the people below him.

“Marveled, Passive Points 2,666.”

“Envied, Passive Points 2,410.”

“Loathed, Passive Points 2,298.”



Xu Xiaoshou said with a smile.

Before he could say anything, a cold and elegant voice came from above.

“Theres no time left for you to trade.

Hurry up and enter the array.

The teleportation portal will be closed immediately!”

Xu Xiaoshou looked bitter and raised his head.

“Cant we wait just a little longer”

This time, even the people around looked over with hope.

One wanted to sell, and a group of people wanted to buy.

How good would it be to have the best of both worlds!



Lan Ling suddenly felt that she had become a sinner.

Those resentful eyes almost dismembered her on the spot.

However, rules were rules.

Even if the masked man in the straw hat took out ten exquisite stones, it was still impossible for him to break the rules.

“Hurry up and go in!”

As she spoke, she turned her gaze to the other people.

“As for the rest, as long as you are Spirit Array Casters above the Master Stage, immediately follow me to another position.”

“Remember, you can also go in.

However, before the “Thirty-six Heavens Sealed Array” is unsealed, you are not qualified to leave the Red Coats and move around as you please.”

“Follow me!”

With that, Lan Ling flew up, and the attention of the people below her was immediately diverted.

In an instant, a large group of unknown Spiritual Cultivators from all over the world followed her with the mentality of participating in the battle and being lucky enough to break the formation and gain their freedom.

Xin stayed where he was and picked up an array talisman.

His gaze fell on Xu Xiaoshou.

He was just short of this guy who was stalling for time.

“Lets go!”

Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand helplessly.

It was over.

This wave of leeks could only be harvested until here.

He moved his foot.

The cold voice from above immediately struck down.

“Two exquisite stones.

You can only bring one more person!”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately stopped in his tracks and looked behind him.

Indeed, he had only brought Mu Zixi one human alone.

There was nothing wrong with that!

However, such a terrifying truth could not be said directly.

Without saying anything else, he nonchalantly threw out four exquisite stones and disappeared at the entrance of the spirit array along with everyone in the “Straw Hat” organization.

“F*ck, what did I just see”

Although it was only for an instant, the four stones flew up as if four blazing suns had suddenly risen in front of their eyes.

It was so glaring.

Everyone was stunned.


“How many did he sell just now”


“Yes, he also sold three at the entrance of the town.”

“Does that mean that this guy alone has at least ten exquisite stones”

“Oh my God…”

With a few thuds, those fellows who were still stuck at the entrance of the spirit array and could not enter directly offered up their knees.

“What the f*ck is going on How can it be so infuriating”

“One person taking ten White Cave quotas”

“Is this something a human can do”

“Who exactly is this guy”

The entire place was silent.

Suddenly, a rebuttal that didnt fit in rang out in the arena.

“Actually, this guy isnt even the most disgusting one.”

“Do you know, I heard that in Tiansang Prefecture, Tiansang City, there seems to be an even more terrifying freak.”

“Whats wrong” Someone asked.

That person swallowed his saliva and said uncertainly, “He alone took eighteen White Cave quotas!”


Xin felt the coolness of the air and rolled his eyes.

He pinched the array talisman in his hand and the teleportation portal was instantly closed.

His figure also disappeared in an instant.

“Eighteen White Cave quoats”

“Who are you kidding!”

“Even the Eighth Sword Deity wouldnt dare to be so awesome!”


There was a small path in the ancient city, where snakes and insects hid in the withered grass.

Three figures slowly walked out of an unknown abandoned city gate in the desolate area.

The last rays of the setting sun shone down, and the blood stains on the bodies of these three people could be vaguely seen.

The leader was a masked man who had clothes tightly wrapped around him, as if he was afraid of being cold.

Even as he walked his eyes were narrowed, as if he was suffering from a serious illness.

His eyes were turbid and yellow, as if he was about to die.

“I really didnt expect that this shabby place could hide people!”

“And this famous sword, its name is really impressive.”

“Crazy Eagle Sword, hehehe…”

Next to him was a man who was holding an ancient book in one hand that was covering his mouth as he laughed softly.

In the other hand he held the sword and sized it up curiously..

A man

The person was wearing a long red gauze skirt.

Even his long and slender fingers were curved and well-defined, looking very delicate and pretty.

His makeup was very elegant, with willow-like eyebrows and eyes that seemed to be filled with water.

Continue looking down, and one could see he had a graceful chest and a slim figure.

Even when he spoke, he looked like a young lady from a noble family.

If it wasnt for the protruding Adams apple at his neck that couldnt be concealed, perhaps everyone would have a wrong understanding of his gender.

“Storyteller, can you shut up for me Im freaking out just listening to you.”

“Why did you come back Isnt the Central Region fun Did you have to come and get involved”

“Im here.

Isnt that enough”

The person by his side was an old man with a small axe at his waist, who was enduring the goosebumps as he roared.

This old man looked very ordinary, and there was nothing much to say.

All the woodcutters on the mountain looked like this.

“You dead woodcutter, what would you know”

The man in the red dress who was holding an ancient book in his hand tilted his head slightly and gave the old man a look.

Then, he said coquettishly,

“Arent I just worried about Big Brothers safety”

“If Gou Wuyue hadnt come to the Eastern Region, would I have had to suffer so much”

As he spoke, he moved closer to the masked man and gently placed his delicate hand on him.

Only then did he exhale gracefully, “Big Brother, dont you agree”

“Cough Cough Cough!”

The masked man violently coughed a few times, and the air immediately began to smell of blood.

The two people beside him immediately panicked.

The old man cursed angrily, “Storyteller, get your dirty hands off him!”

The man in the red dress instantly became angry.

He pointed a finger at the old man, his decibel rising.

“Cen Qiaofu, you damned ghost, what did you say! ”

“How am I dirty”

“I even took a bath after I killed someone just now.

Its fine if Big Brother didnt join me, I dont mind.”

“You old fart, you havent even washed up, and youre calling me dirty”

Even though he was angry, his eyes were still like autumn water and his eyes were filled with tears.

No matter how high the pitch of his voice was, the volume of his voice was not loud at all.

Instead, it was as if he was being bullied and was about to conveniently fall on the masked man.

“Big Brother, the old woodcutter is bullying me…”

No matter how sick the masked man was, he still quickened his pace by a step.


The man in the red dress who trusted his “Big Brother” so much was not prepared at all.

He had planned to lean all his strength on the latters body.

He was caught off guard and fell to the ground.

Cen Qiaofu looked straight ahead as if he did not see this person at all.

He stepped on his chest.

“Eh What is this A stone Why is it so hard”


The man in the red dress was so angry that his face turned red.

He panted and said, “You old fart, I will fight you to death!”

After saying this, he flipped open the ancient book in his hand.

With a boom, the void directly exploded.

The surging heaven and earth spiritual energy was instantly sucked dry.

In the blink of an eye, countless glowing hieroglyphs converged within the book.


Accompanied by an angry roar, the words merged and transformed into a dark dragon head.

It passed through the boundary of the book and whistled towards Cen Qiaofu.

For a moment, the heaven and earth were blocked, and the sunset faded, directly entering the night sky.

“A mere insect dares to be so arrogant”

Cen Qiaofu coldly snorted.

He did not dare to hesitate and directly took a few steps back, pulling out the small axe at his waist.

However, the moment he raised it high, the dragon head that was hundreds of thousands of feet in size exploded and turned into endless light spots that scattered.

Cen Qiaofus old face did not even have the time to be stunned.

With a “puke” sound, the red-dressed man who was still lying on the ground spat out a mouthful of blood.

He pointed at the old man in front of him in disbelief.

“You, you actually launched a sneak attack”


Before he could finish his words, the clothes on the red-dressed mans heart directly split open.

He suddenly clutched his chest.

“Big Brother, save me!”

The masked man was in front.

Even through the mask, one could see that his face was twitching.

A hint of gloominess flashed in his eyes, but it was replaced by helplessness.

“Stop fooling around,” he said weakly.

Cen Qiaofu shivered.

His body trembled, but he did not say a word.

He returned the axe to his waist and directly walked away from the two of them.

“Big Brother.”

The man in the red dress saw the masked man turn his head, and his pretty face turned bitter.

He covered his chest and cried, “It hurts…”

“Get up.”

“I cant get up.”

“Get up!”

“I can only get up if you pull me.”

He reached out his hand.

The masked man took a deep breath, stepped forward, and slowly extended his hand.

The man in the red dress then broke into a smile.

He carefully avoided the thumb and held the masked mans hand.

The intoxicating temperature spread, and his pores relaxed.


“Get up!”

“I cant get up unless you pull… Ungh!”

The masked man suddenly pulled, and the red-dressed man felt that his wrist was almost broken.

Even his breathing broke for a beat.

“Big Brother, you…”his breathing was rapid, and he suddenly smiled sweetly.

“Youre so powerful.”

The masked man:”…”

He left without turning his head back.

“Hey, wait for me!”

The man in the red dress picked up the ancient book and rubbed his aching wrist.

“Humph, devil!”

Seeing that the person in front had no intention of stopping, he put his elbows near his chest and jogged over.

“Brother, this place is so far away from the White Cave.

Do you want me to carry you on my back and fly”

“No need.”

“But, it will take a long time to walk!”

“No rush.”

“I will be tired!”

“Thats your business.”

“Humph! I wont talk to you anymore!”

The red-dressed man put his hands on his waist and added, “I wont talk to you for fifteen minutes!”

It had not even been a second.

Seeing the masked mans footsteps, his heart ached so much that he spoke again.

“Big Brothers injuries havent recovered yet Youve already fallen to the Spiritual Cultivation Eighth Level.”

“It wont recover.”

“Later, Ill treat Big Brother, it should be able to stop the decline.

At the very least, youll be able to return to the Innate Stage, and well be able to fly together!” He jumped up in joy.

“No need.”

The masked man shook his head.

“If we walk over like this, when we reach the White Cave, itll be just about time to pick up the other party.”


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