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Chapter 462: Xu Xiaoshou the Fly

“Someones coming.”

Just as he was thinking, within the limits of Xu Xiaoshous “Perception” range, he suddenly discovered a figure speeding towards them.

He gritted his teeth and did not choose to directly pull out the famef sword.

Instead, he pulled Yu Zhiwens hand and abruptly retreated.

“Youre not taking the sword”

Yu Zhiwen lowered her head and raised her head again, asking in surprise.

She struggled for a moment, found that it was indeed unable to break free, so she immediately said: “Let go.”



Xu Xiaoshou retreated by the speed of light, and athe same time, array patterns flew out from his hand.

With a suddenly a pause, he looked at the girl next to him.

“Create an array and hide first.”

With his half-baked spiritual array level, although his grasp of theoretical knowledge was better than most Spirit Array Masters.

However, when it came to actual operation, it was clear the arrays created by the Divine Sorcerers who had an entry threshold of the Master Stage would be many times better than his.

Yu Zhiwen also saw someone coming over.

With a wave of her hand, Xu Xiaoshou didnt see any array patterns appear, but was surprised to find that he had actually become one with the heaven and earth in an instant.

If one didnt deliberately carefully observe this space, he might not even be able to know that two people were hiding here even if he walked past them.

“Such a brilliant technique”

Xu Xiaoshou exclaimed in shock.

If this Divine Array was combined with his “Stealth”, it would definitely be invisibility!

“Its not very brilliant either.

Its just a small trick to stealing the Divine Secrets.”

When Yu Zhiwen saw that the other party had let go, she clutched her wrist.

Her beautiful eyes shifted as she looked at the Flame Python that was trembling in the air.

“This is a famed sword.

Are you sure you want to give it up”

She felt a little incredulous.

Just a second ago, Xu Xiaoshou had said to her that “the famed sword is mine”, but now, he was suddenly so magnanimous as to give up such a treasure and choose to hide instead.

“When did I say that I wanted to give it up”

Xu Xiaoshou rolled his eyes.

“Do you know the saying “two dogs strive for a bone, and a third runs away with it””

“The famed sword has just resurfaced, its aura is so strong that even if it was hidden in a ring, others would be able to instantly determine the where it is.”

“At this time, whoever takes the first shot will definitely be the first to die.”

Apart from me… Xu Xiaoshou silently added this sentence in his heart.

He had the Yuan mansion.

As long as he threw the sword in the moment he took it.

As a small world that was born after the fall of an extradimensional space.

The Yuan Mansion and the spatial rings were on completely different levels.

A mighty figure might be able to sense traces of a fames swords aura through the ring.

However, with the separation of a small world, even if a Cutting Path or Higher Void were to come, they wouldnt be able to notice anything strange.

Of course, there was a reason why he didnt want to take it yet.


If there really was someone controlling everything behind the scenes, then the first person to take the sword would definitely have a special reaction.

Xu Xiaoshou really wanted to see what was hidden in the dark.

The famed sword had obviously been born and wanted to fly freely, but it was trapped in the same place by an unknown force.

“To be the one to gain the last laugh”

Yu Zhiwen secretly sized up Xu Xiaoshou and looked at the extremely solemn expression on this guys face.

How was this the stature of a fisherman fishing for the last benefit

It was clearly that he didnt dare to take it…

She secretly rolled her eyes and her gaze returned to the famed sword.

If others were so fearful, she could understand.

But at this moment, she couldnt see at all how a mere famed sword could make such a fearless person that was by her side to not dare to take it.

“Really, is it very strange”


A black corrosion mark streaked across the sky, and the surrounding void distorted as if it was about to melt.

Zhong Qu landed in front of the famed sword that was imprisoned by Heaven and Earth.

“Is this it”

He froze as if he was answering his own question.

No one answered.

However, the abyss-like sunken land and the only dark red sword in the void told him everything.

This was the famed sword!

He looked around, but no one was around.

In other words, he was the first to arrive.

Sure enough, other than the Red Coats, no one in the White Cave was his opponent.

Zhong Qu smiled coldly and stepped forward.

“Wait, theres someone!”

A deep voice sounded from his chest.

Zhong Qu stopped and opened his spiritual sense again.

Although he was displeased with this fellows existence, his hints never went wrong.

However, after scanning the surroundings again, he still did not find anything.

“Hes so good at hiding”

Zhong Qus expression was a little gloomy.

This was a person that he could not find at all

In other words, the other partys strength might not be inferior to his

“Over there.”

A guide appeared in his mind.

Zhong Qu snorted coldly and turned his head to look.

There was nothing in his sight, but that did not stop him from speaking.

“Sir, theres no need to hide.

Arent you tired of hiding”

“Youve been discovered”

Yu Zhiwen turned her head in surprise, her big eyes full of surprise.

“Its impossible for my Divine Array to be…”

No matter how impossible it was, it had been seen through.

She looked a little embarrassed, realizing that she had hindered and ruined Xu Xiaoshous fishing plan.

“Im sorry, I…”

“Its none of your business.”

Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand and interrupted her.

As a Spirit Array Caster, he knew very well how terrifying Yu Zhiwens Divine Array was.

But no matter how terrifying it was, it was nothing compared to the person in front of him.

“Ghost Beast Host…”

Xu Xiaoshou felt completely powerless.

The person in front of him was one of the three ordinary men he had seen at the entrance of the teleportation array in the Eighth Palace.

Each of those three fellows had an aura similar to Mo Mos.

As expected, as soon as this fellow approached, Xu Xiaoshou was completely certain.

Ghost Beast Host!

Without a doubt!

Never would he have thought that the first person who came to snatch the sword would be a legendary Ghost Beast Host.

Xu Xiaoshou felt that his plan had been beaten to a pulp.

If it was someone else, he was confident that even if the famed sword was snatched, he would be able to forcefully take it back and even reap a wave of Passive Points.

But if it was a Ghost Beast Host..

This fellow in front of him seemed to only have the cultivation of a Master Yin Yang realm, but when he thought of Xin Gugu, who was an existence that was enough to topple a Sovereign in the form of a Ghost Beast!

Even Xu Xiaoshou had to cower a little when facing a Sovereign alone.

Moreover, at this moment, Aje and Xin Gugu were not by his side at all.

What should he do

“Stay here and dont move.

Ill be back in a moment.”

Xu Xiaoshou suppressed Yu Zhiwens body that was trying to straighten up.

He knew that if it was a Ghost Beast, it would definitely be able to discover the two of them.

However, it was still uncertain whether this battle would happen or not.


Stepping out of the scope of the Divine Array, Xu Xiaoshous figure suddenly appeared.

“How should I address you”

With a smile that made people feel as if they were bathing in a spring breeze, he greeted him cordially.

“Zhong Qu.”

The man said coldly, and doubt appeared in his eyes.

This guy…

Was somewhat different from the vicious hunters posture that he had imagined.

Why was he so harmless

“Theres one more.”

The voice in his chest sounded again, reminding him urgently, as if it was afraid that he would be tricked.

Zhong Qus expression darkened.

Indeed, one could not judge a book by its cover.

“Come out, I said theres no need to hide.

Being so secretive, are you a rat”


Werent you the rat Xu Xiaoshou thought to himself.

The person that arrived came with ill intentions.

He finally understood this saying.

There was clearly no deep enmity between the two of them, but Xu Xiaoshou was certain that as long as a chance was given to this fellow, he would definitely kill him.

“Perhaps this is the normal state of this world, and also the normal state of a Ghost Beast Host…”

Xu Xiaoshou felt that he had been spoiled by Xin Gugu and Jiao Tangtangs gentleness.

Faced with a Ghost Beast Host with no good intentions, his first reaction was not that it was a matter of fact, but rather, he was a little surprised.

“This friend of mine is a little afraid of strangers, so theres no need for him to come out.”

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled.

Without waiting for the other party to speak, he continued, “After all, this is a business.

A seller and a buyer are enough.

Whether theres one more person or one less person, theres nothing to worry about.

Isnt that right, brother”

Zhong Qu was stunned for a moment.


He only wanted to kill the person in front of him and take the sword.

What business

Are you stupid or do you think Im stupid, to talk business in front of the famed sword

Zhong Qu snorted coldly and did not speak.

“Scorned, Passive Points 1.”

“Of course.”

Xu Xiaoshou laughed happily.

He did not care about the other partys reaction at all and continued to speak:

“Im the first to come before the famed sword.”

“Of course, I also know that I dont have the ability to take the sword.

So my idea is to borrow the swords fame to sell my treasures as I want to empty my stock.”

He casually took out two exquisite stones.

“Brother should know that White Cave is extremely dangerous.

With one exquisite stone, its only a chance to escape death.”

“But if you have three, then its different.”

Xu Xiaoshou was slightly excited.

He raised three fingers and said loudly, “Thats three chances to escape death!”

Zhong Qu froze.

His face twitched.

He felt the awkward silence in the atmosphere.

At this moment, even the sound of breathing coming from his chest stopped.

It seemed that the two of them could not believe that there was really a seller in front of the famed sword.

And he wasnt even selling the sword…

“A seller of exquisite stones”

Zhong Qus brain finally came to its senses and reacted.

“What will you do if you sell this thing”

“Since you are so weak, you will need this thing even more.

I dont believe that you will sell it to me like this.”

“Tying to trick me” He sneered, as if he had seen through the schemes of the person in front of him.

“Ridiculed, Passive Points 1.”

“Im wronged, my Lord.”

Xu Xiaoshous chin stretched down immediately, and his expression was very exaggerated.

“Brother Zhong, this speculation of yours is a bit too much.

Do I need to trick you Im really selling it!”

As he spoke, he took out two more exquisite stones.

Holding four exquisite stones in his hand, they almost fell off.

“Is it enough”

“If its not enough, theres still more.”

“One is 20 million.

Since us meeting each other is fate, Ill sell one to you for 15 million, as a token to be friends”

Zhong Qus eyelids twitched.

This time, he was not so sure.

This person was crazy!

Was he really here to sell goods in front of the famed sword

“Whats the situation”

He asked the question in his mind, and a reply only came after a long time.

“An idiot.

Dont worry about him.

Take the famed sword first.”

Zhong Qu:”…”

He was a little shocked.

How could such a hothead like him enter the White Cave

If not for the fact that he did not need the exquisite stones at all, he believed that any normal person would definitely fight a battle with the fellow when they saw the number of these four stones.

And he still wanted to sell them

Stupid thing!

“Belittled, Passive Points 1.”

When Xu Xiaoshou saw this notification, he knew that the guy in front of him had completely believed in him.

He concentrated his strength and watched this person fly towards the famed sword.

He said temptingly again, “Brother, are you really not going to consider it”


“Not only is it four chances of teleportation, but its also a good four chances to call for the Red Coats!”

“This opportunity is now or never!”

Zhong Qus flying figure immediately staggered.

Red Coats…

A sense of fear arose in his heart.

He almost flew over and slapped the young man to death.

He didnt even have the time to hide when he encountered the Red Coats, how could he call them over to help

And even four times

Did he think that he did not die enough

“Ignore him.

Take the famed sword first.

If you delay, something will happen!”

The deep voice stopped Zhong Qus actions.

He gritted his teeth and suppressed the hatred in his heart.

He flew over and pressed the famed sword in his hand.

As if attracted to it, Xu Xiaoshous eyeballs were fixed.

He was very afraid of the duck that should have been in his hands would fly away because his speculation that might not exist.

One breath.

Two breaths.

Three breaths..

Unexpectedly, there was no reaction.

“He cant pull it out”

Xu Xiaoshou was astonished.

The sword was still trembling in the air.

However, Xu Xiaoshou could already see the veins on Zhong Qus neck popping up.

But in the end, there was still no reaction from the sword at all.

“Thors Hammer”

He shifted his gaze to Zhong Qu in amusement.

In the end, the fellow seemed to feel his laughter as well and turned his head his way.

If it was anyone else, they would have probably fainted.

But it was impossible for Xu Xiaoshou to be so faint-hearted.

He laughed cheekily.

“Brother, you cant do it, right”

“Now do you know why Im selling goods here”

“If I could pull this thing out, you probably wouldnt even be able to see me anymore.”

Zhong Qu felt as if his heart had been bitten by a fly.

This fellow, why was he so noisy! !

He scolded fiercely, “Shut up.”


Xu Xiaoshou zipped his mouth and quickly unzipped it.

“Are you sure you dont want to consider the exquisite stones Maybe you can ask the Red Coats to help you pull out the sword”

“Four chances…”

“Shut up!”

Zhong Qus face turned green.

Damn it, Red Coats, go to Hell, okay

He suppressed his anger and focused on drawing the sword.

However, no matter how much force he exerted on his hand, the sword seemed to be stuck by the space, it didnt budge at all!

“Whats going on”

He asked in his heart.

“The famed sword… Flame Python” The deep voice was also somewhat uncertain.

“Not very clear…”

“Ha, there are things in this world that you are not clear about Were you not an omnipotent God” Zhong Qu mocked.

“Who told you that Im an omnipotent God”

“Heh, dont you always think of yourself as such Now youre stumped by a mere famed sword”

“Its just a little strange.

Dont move, Ill focus my energy and study it first.”

“Hurry up.”

“Dont rush me!”

“Are you sure you dont want to buy it”


“Four chances thought”

“Four… Hmm”

Xu Xiaoshou had suddenly joined the conversation, and Zhong Qu could not react in time.

He even replied a few sentences.

When he realized this, Zhong Qu almost went crazy with anger.

“Shut up!”

He held his sword while he turned around and roared with a ferocious look on his face, “Believe it or not, I will kill you!”

“Brother, are you so hot-tempered”

Xu Xiaoshou patted his own chest.

After hesitating for a moment, he took out a bottle of pills from his ring.

“Not only do I have the exquisite stone, I also have the Calming Pills.”

“This is a ninth grade pill.

Its purely handmade and non-toxic.

I refined it myself.

The materials and manual fees add up to a total of two… as a token to be friends, 10,000 spirit crystals”

His voice gradually weakened.

This was because not only was Zhong Qus body trembling, even the top of his head was seeping out black gas.

“Shut up! ! !”

Zhong Qu bared his teeth, and black spots appeared on his face as he roared.

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

It cant be!

Just like that

He went berserk just like that

Then youre just too unprovokable!

As expected of the Ghost Beasts host, theres something wrong with his mind…

“Calm down.”

The voice in his chest appeared impatiently, “Its just a few sentences from others, and youre already finding it noisy If you really want to transform on your own, dont rely on me to transform back for you!”

“We havent even gotten the famed sword yet, whats the rush!”

Zhong Qu suppressed the anger in his heart, and his entire being was anxious.

His lips trembled, and the fingers holding his sword started to tremble slightly.

“This fellow is too noisy and annoying.

Wait for me to kill him first, then Ill come over to retrieve the sword for you.”

“Dont move!”

The low voice denied him, “There will be more people coming over soon, itll be over soon.

Endure your bad temper.”


Zhong Qu exhaled deeply and turned his head away.

But as a result…

Xu Xiaoshou hesitated for a moment before boldly walking over.

“Brother, I see that your ophryon has turned dark.

Do you wan to detoxify”

“I refined theNone Black Wheel Pill.

Its used for clearing heat and detoxifying poison, in the ninth grade.”

Zhong Qu was shocked.

He looked at Xu Xiaoshou, who walked from behind him to opposite of him, and his shock was at its height.

Dont you know that youre very annoying

Dont you know that its very easy for you to die like this

If it wasnt for someone suppressing me and protecting you..

You wouldve already seen Meng Po, finish her soup, and walk through the eighteen levels of hell.

Do you even f*cking know that!

Zhong Qus eyeballs were shaking violently, and his eyes were about to pop out of their sockets.

The restlessness in his heart due to being unable to sleep well for six hours because of mosquitoes, turned into the most primitive desire to destroy.

It was about to burst through the dam and burst out.

However, the young man in front of him did not realize it and approached him step by step.

“10,000 spiritual crystals for you”

He held the pill and said patiently,

“If you buy it, I will give you another Calming Pill for free.”

“You look like you will easily encounter cultivation deviation if you cultivate.

I think this pill is very suitable for you.”

“Give me a chance.

10,000 spiritual crystals to be friends”



.”Zhong Qus eyes rolled up again and again, his neck twitched repeatedly, and his hand unconsciously let go of the famed sword.

“Resisted, Passive Points 1, 1, 1, 1…”

“F*CK, hold it in!”

The voice in his chest did not expect that with just a moment of negligence, he would lose control so seriously.

Feeling that the contract with the famed sword was built halfway, but the connection had been cut off, he immediately shouted angrily, “Zhong Qu, hold it in, take the famed sword first!”

“Ill take your mother!”

“Ill be your f*cking friend!”

Zhong Qu exploded!

Roar —

In front of Xu Xiaoshou, black mist surged all over his body.

He roared at his head, and an earth-shaking black wave swept past.

The void rumbled, and the world directly distorted.

But even with such an earth-shaking sound wave, it only blew Xu Xiaoshous hair into the air.

The fellow dug out his earwax slightly, revealing a look of disdain.

Then, he used the back of his hand to cover his mouth and nose.

“What a big breath.”

“Resented, Passive Points 1, 1, 1, 1…”

“Zhong Qu, hold it in!”

The Ghost Beast in his chest panicked.

“Are you f*cking crazy If you enter the Ghost Beast form here, and the Red Coats arrive, how are you going to… Hngh.”

Clearly, its power was being extracted again.

“Roar! ! !”

An even louder sound wave swept out.

This time, rocks were sent flying, and the earth cracked.

This place was originally already a scene of abyss purgatory.

At this moment, it exploded once more, and dust filled the sky.

Xu Xiaoshous body only leaned back slightly.

Even though the blood in his heart was reversed and churning due to the roars, he only showed a hint of disdain on the surface.

When he realized that this fellow in front of him couldnt take provokes and that his mentality was very problematic, he had already given up on the idea of selling goods.

In this world, not all Ghost Beasts were organized, disciplined, and well-mannered.

It was very obvious that Xu Xiaoshou had encountered a Ghost Beast Host that very much looked like it would recklessly disregard human lives.

Xu Xiaoshou did not have the heart of a Saint.

However, that did not stop the way this fellow spoke from annoying him.

Zhong Qu was displeased.

To be honest, Xu Xiaoshou was even more displeased!

“It stinks even more.”

With a slight wave of his body, he saw that the person in front of him had not completely broken down.

Xu Xiaoshou once again waved his hand gently, trying to sweep away the stench in front of him.

“Stop, this fellow, something is wrong with him!”

The voice in his chest could no longer hold its calm.

There was something wrong with Xu Xiaoshou, that it could already tell.

However, at this moment, Zhong Qu was clearly even more off.

This fellow actually wanted to forcefully fuse with me

The problem was that the Ghost Beast Host Body didnt want to come out at all, not in this lousy place where Red Coats could appear at any moment.

It had only come in for the Fourth Sword and the inheritance.

How could it be exposed here


It tried its best to stop Zhong Qu.

Zhong Qu couldnt hold it in any longer.

If he couldnt get extra power, he could do it by himself!

He raised his head and roared furiously.

His body suddenly expanded, and in an instant, he transformed from a well-proportioned and elegant young master into a small giant with dark power.

“Fly, go to hell!”

As his heavy fist swept past, Zhong Qu believed that after this blow, this noisy voice in front of him would never be heard again.

“Ive given you face.”

Xu Xiaoshou narrowed his eyes.

At the instant that this fellow completely lost his consciousness, he attacked at the speed of light.

With a light slap, he placed his hand on Zhong Qus bulging right arm and slightly pressed it down.


It was a direct fracture.


Zhong Qus eyeballs immediately bulged out.

He had never thought that he, who had already half-transformed into a Ghost Beast, would lose to the human in front of him so easily in terms of Physique strength

However, this was not the end.

Xu Xiaoshous broke his elbow, then he leaned back.

With Recoil, Zhong Qus huge body was easily sent flying.

Following this force, Xu Xiaoshou gathered all his strength and directly did a forward somersault, somersaulting the big toy in his hand before abruptly smashing it into the ground.


A shocking explosion sounded.

This fight that was a battle against muscles, caused Yu Zhiwen,who was watching the battle from the side, feel her scalp explode.

It wasnt over.

Zhong Qu, who had just landed and was about to fight back, inexplicably felt a hidden force in his body explode a second time.

It happened to happen at the instant when he came into contact with the ground, causing him to suffer a lot of damage before he was sent flying into the air again.


The Ghost Beast in his chest was stunned.

They had met a real opponent!

As expected, it was impossible for someone who would hide near the famed sword to be an ordinary seller!

However, it was useless to complain.

Zhong Qu, who had lost control of his body, shot straight up.

His speed was so fast that he even left afterimages.

After Xu Xiaoshou flipped over, he gave a big whip kick and pressed down hard.

“Stop the ball.”

“Bang –”

The ball Zhong Qu, which was charging ferociously, felt the force that was slyly pushing him away was neutralized with the force from Xu Xiaoshous whip kick.

It directly exploded in his body.

This time, air currents shot through the air along with his blood, dyeing the surroundings with blood!

Xu Xiaoshou had perfect control over the two forces that he sent out.

Zhong Qus body directly stopped in mid-air.

He stopped for a second and was completely unable to move.

Taking advantage of this gap, Xu Xiaoshous printed the Seeds on all five fingers , and directly pierced into the opponents head.

Then, he lifted his foot again.

Golden light spots danced on the bottom of his foot.

— Explosive stance!


Xu Xiaoshous expression was frozen as he unleashed all his power.


The afterimage under his feet shattered.

When Zhong Qus body reappeared, he had already been smashed into a small pile of gravel a few hundred feet away and was fiercely embedded into the ground.


The exquisite stone was connected.

Xu Xiaoshou knew that this thing also had the function of contacting the Red Coats.

“Whats the matter”

A muffled voice came from the other side.

Clearly, the Red Coat was also very impatient with the owner of the exquisite stone who needed his protection.

However, in the next moment, the Red Coat on the other side was somewhat stunned.

“Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!”

The violent explosion almost broke his eardrums through the exquisite stone.

One could imagine how anxious the battle there had become.

There was still time to make a call at this critical moment

Following the explosion, a neutral voice was heard from the exquisite stone.


“Excuse me, I remember that there are three different merit levels for discovering Ghost Beasts, reporting them, and capturing them.

Am I right”


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