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Chapter 463: Ill Give You Ten Breaths to Escape

“Youre up”

Xu Xiaoshou hung up the phone and looked at Zhong Qu who was climbing up from the small pile of rubble.

He took a deep breath.

“Xiaoyu, run!”

After he shouted, he ran away at the speed of light in the opposite direction without looking back.

Yu Zhiwen was completely dumbfounded.

A moment ago, she was still squatting down while admiring Xu Xiaoshous sharp tongue that was capable of killing people.

She couldnt help but laugh.

In the next second, she was shocked beyond words by this guys sudden burst of powerful combat strength.

If it was someone else, they would have to have a second life to survive this round of absolute suppression of muscles!

The problem was that this guy didnt even check the opponents injuries after had finished this short wave of attacks.


“Shouldnt we finish him off”

Yu Zhiwen turned her head and looked in the direction of the Zhong Qu.

In an instant, her pupils constricted.

A thick black fog exploded, and in an instant, the Heaven and Earth became gloomy.

Corrosive aura flew in all directions, and even the ground beneath Zhong Qu disappeared as soon as it came into contact with the aura.

“Ghost, Ghost Beast”

Yu Zhiwen felt a chill run down her spine.

She completely understood why Xu Xiaoshou wanted to escape.

But how did this fellow know that the other party was a Ghost Beast

Her star eyes did not even notice this abnormality.

Xu Xiaoshou was able to tell with the naked eye that this was a Ghost Beast


A voice in her heart urged.

Yu Zhiwen did not dare to be negligent.

If it was a Ghost Beast, then even if she used her Divine Secrets to assist Xu Xiaoshou, they would still definitely be in a bloody situation.

With a swoosh, she wanted to follow Xu Xiaoshous footsteps.

However, when she saw Xu Xiaoshous figure that was far away, he even took the time to place his hand behind his butt and shook it at her.


Yu Zhiwen immediately understood.

Run in relative directions

“For me, he is going to lead the Ghost Beast away by himself”

This time, Yu Zhiwen had mixed feelings.

Although it was true that only Xu Xiaoshou made a move on Zhong Qu, but they were still a small team after all.

To have a teammate like Xu Xiaoshou who did not forget his teammates safety in the face of danger, it simply gave too much of a sense of security to the teammate.

Gritting her teeth, Yu Zhiwen did not hesitate and instantly burst into speed, running in the opposite direction from Xu Xiaoshou.

However, she only ran two steps before she stopped.

Looking at the Zhong Qu the Ghost Beast that completely ignored her and kept attacking in Xu Xiaoshous direction, she instantly understood.

“So Im superfluous.”

“Why is it only chasing me”

Xu Xiaoshou was conflicted.

After Zhong Qu was beaten up by him, it was obvious that the Ghost Beast in his body was also enraged.

With him changing into the Ghost Beast Form, even Xu Xiaoshous “Perception” was unable to detect this fellows figure.

The black mist was simply an enhanced version of the grey mist figures.

In an instant, it blotted out the sky and covered the Sun.

“Corroding figure”

If one was touched by it, even a Master Physique wouldnt be able to withstand this corroding power, right


“Why are you only chasing me”

“Xiaoyu is also a human.

Must I be the one chosen between us two”

Although he was complaining.

It was obvious that even though Zhong Qu had transformed into a Ghost Beast, the hatred in his heart was still there.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt panic.

His Master level Agility wasnt to be messed with.

He had long prepared for the possibility of escaping.

However, the moving speed of Zhong Qu in his Ghost Beast form wasnt any slower than Xu Xiaoshous.

In fact, it was even slightly faster.

Seeing that the distance between them was pulled from hundreds of feet to tens of feet in an instant, Xu Xiaoshou turned around and flicked his finger.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Two small fireballs smashed toward the face behind him.

With two booming sounds, Zhong Qus momentum stopped, and the distance between the two of them was pulled apart again.


Zhong Qu went crazy.

His eyes were completely red.

His hatred towards Xu Xiaoshou who was in front of him was simply overwhelming.

This fellow even had the mood to use this lousy method to tease me right before he falls into the abyss of Death

“Boom Boom!”

Another two explosions rang out, and Zhong Qu was once again sent flying.

The explosions were clearly insignificant to him, but the thrust of the explosions was just like Xu Xiaoshous words, so very annoying.

“Roar! ! !”

He roared angrily at the sky again.

With this roar, the void distorted, and black fog began to seep out from everywhere.

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

A moment ago, he was secretly rejoicing that his method was effective.

There was probably no need to use “Take the Easy Way Out”, and he could save his spiritual source to prevent accidents from happening.

In the next second, this guy activated AOE damage

“Damn it, the support speed of the Red Coats is too slow.

Even if they were to come over to collect the corpses, they wouldnt be able to catch a fresh corpse.”

“Tsk, tsk~”

His muscles were corroded by the black fog.

As expected, a sharp pain came over him, and even the steel-like physique of a Master began to corrode.

“Attacked, Passive Points 1.”

“Attacked, Passive Points 1.”


The information bar was quickly flooded.

Xu Xiaoshou knew that he couldnt afford to be conceited and arrogant anymore.

He had to persevere until the Red Coats arrived.

He casually took out a handful of pills and swallowed them.

“Take the Easy Way Out!”

The spiritual source in his body was immediately depleted.

However, after some spatial ripples appeared, Xu Xiaoshous figure suddenly disappeared.

“Hiss –”

Zhong Qu was stunned for a moment.

The target had suddenly disappeared

“Hes still here!”

With his powerful Hunters perception ability, he instantly discovered Xu Xiaoshou, who had teleported away from the black fog but still could not avoid the gaze of a Sovereign.

“You cant escape!”

A deep voice came out of Zhong Qus mouth.

Obviously, at this moment, the Ghost Beast corrosive figure had completely taken over Zhong Qus body.


Xu Xiaoshou bent his waist and lowered his eyebrows.

He held Hidden Bitter with both hands and positioned it on his left waist.

He nodded and said to himself, “Do I look like the kind of person who will run”

He abruptly raised his hand as the black fog man rapidly approached within the surging corrosive fog.

Five thousand feet!

Three thousand feet!

One thousand feet!



Just as the two sides were about to meet, the sword will of a Master suddenly rang out, filling the sky.


A white sword energy exploded on Zhong Qus body.

It only paused the fellow for less than 0.1 milliseconds, but Xu Xiaoshou had already drawn his sword.


With a swoosh, the sword pierced through the clouds, and the pressure was immemorial.

In the greyish black corrosive fog that blotted out the Sun, a freezingly cold sword suddenly appeared, and the sound shook the nine heavens.

It was as if a crack in the Void had suddenly appeared at the spot where the two of them were about to meet, the churning black fog was directly sucked backwards into the middle point.

Meanwhile, the sword light struck Zhong Qus leg and went up to his face.


The ground several miles away was directly blown away by the sword power.

Then, after Zhong Qus face received the sword cognition, it was split into two!


Yu Zhiwen, who was watching the battle from afar, was completely dumbfounded.

The battle situation was simply a shocking reversal that was out of everyones expectations.

The Zhong Qu Ghost Beast that was still threatening until just now with its large-scale corrosive black fog, used its body to receive Xu Xiaoshous sword attack

“No, this guy doesnt even know that the person in front of him is actually a swordsman !”

This time, Yu Zhiwen felt an inexplicable ecstasy in her heart.

It was no less than killing the Ghost Beast herself.

Did Xu Xiaoshou win


“One sword strike”

Xu Xiaobei was also numbed by the sight of the two halves of his body flying backward from his side.

He knew how strong the scruffy-looking mans sword cognition was.

It was an attack that could forcefully slash and hurt the Night Guardian till his face was covered in blood, even though the Night Guardian was already on guard.

However, he had never thought that if it was used for a sneak attack, this sword move could actually turn his defeat into victory on the spot


Joy surged in his heart.

Before he had time to think, the sword cognition that was slashed out returned like a son who loved his home.

As expected, it flew over once again and slashed into Xu Xiaoshous body.


As he spat out a mouthful of blood, Xu Xiaoshou was even forced to take a few steps back due to the force.

If he could, he would have wished so badly for this damn thing to gradually dissipate till it disappeared one day because of his high usage.

However, this sword cognition got even more powerful under his repeated “sword observation”.

Following that…

It became even more homesick!

“Thats fine too.

If I can have the power of a one-hit kill, then since its useless to reject it, I might as well accept it.”

After witnessing the power of this sword cognition, Xu Xiaoshou felt that he could completely accept the existence of this thing in his energy reserve.

If nothing else, even if he wanted to remove this thing, he reckoned that his strength would have to be shoulder-to-shoulder with the scruffy-looking mans level!

“With one sword strike, the Ghost Beast is gone…”

The battle that was more bark than bite left caused Xu Xiaodhou to be on tenterhooks, yet the ending was so absurd.

Just as he wanted to look in the direction of Yu Zhiwen and report the good news.

“Watched, Passive Points 1.”

In that instant, goosebumps instantly rose all over his body.

Xu Xiaoshou could not see it with his spiritual sense, but with his “Perception”, he could vaguely sense Zhong Qu who had been cut into two halves completely disappear after spraying out a large amount of blood.

Then, another Zhong Qu slowly walked out above the vast and void sky.

“A clone”

“Body Substitution Technique”

“Or teleportation”

Xu Xiaoshou was terrified.

Since the message was “Watched”, it meant that this guy had been watching him for a while.

But he had clearly died under his sword just now..

“So, I missed”

“Hiss chachachacha…”

An eerie low laugh came from behind him.

Xu Xiaoshou immediately understood that this guy wanted to pay him back after being teased by him just now!

Such a childish thought should not have appeared in his judgment of the enemy.

However, Xu Xiaoshou felt that this round of speculation, if it was based on Zhong Qus character, it was definitely correct!

He forced himself to calm down.

If he was not wrong, the moment he turned around, he would most probably be faced with the opponents long-awaited ultimate attack.

No matter what he said, he could not move!

Forcefully suppressing the fear in his heart and his flustered soul, Xu Xiaoshou let out a light breath.

He used an extremely calm tone and slowly said, “Was it fun”


The strange laughter behind him suddenly choked.

He said in disbelief, “You discovered me a long time ago”

“Suspected, Passive Points 1.”

The situation was steady.

As long as the other party was willing to speak, he would have a chance!

Xu Xiaoshou probed his energy reserve.

After using “Take the Easy Way Out”, his spiritual source was completely depleted, even the remaining was replenished by the elixirs he took in time.

Therefore, at this moment, he could not teleport at all.

Xu Xiaoshou sheathed his sword slowly.

He straightened his back and gently brushed his messy bangs.

“Isnt that obvious”

Only then did he slowly turn around and look at his opponents face, which could not be seen clearly at all.

There was only the figure in thick black fog.

His gaze moved downward.

As expected, a black energy that emitted a thick scent of death was compressed.

As long as it was released, Xu Xiaoshou estimated that he might not have much chance to withstand it.

However, he was not diffident.

He only said slowly, “Your death is at hand, and you vainly attempt to struggle”

“Hiss chachacha…”

The other party was amused.

Two scarlet eyes shone out from the black fog.

He laughed creepily and said, “Kid, you didnt really think that your attack could have caused effective damage to me, did you”

Xu Xiaoshou did not reply.

His pupils dilated slightly and his focus was fixed on the distance.

His gaze fell behind the corrosive figure.

He bowed slightly.

“Senior Red Coat, its your turn to make a move.”


With this, even the naked eye could clearly see that the mass of black fog in front of him clearly trembled for an instant.

Immediately after, the corrosive figure turned around at the speed of light.

He did not even have time to think before throwing the mass of black energy in his hand straight ahead.

“Writing Shadow Crippled Heavens!”

The compressed black energy ball pushed open a black line in the void.

After reaching the highest point, it suddenly exploded.


The black energy ball that was blooming like a black lotus only appeared for a flash.

In the next second, it pulled everything in the surrounding void, along with the space debris, and then shrank back.

“Tsk tsk~”

There was no explosion, no rumbling.

There were only a few sizzling sounds.

All the things that were pulled into the black energy ball were directly destroyed on the spot.

There wasnt even any residue left.

They followed the spatial fragments and disappeared without a trace.

“Theres no one”

All the things were indeed destroyed.

However, of all the things, other than rocks, grass, and wood, there were no human figures involved.

The corrosive figure was stunned.

The black fog that covered his entire body started to tremble violently.

Only then did he realize that he had been deceived by Xu Xiaoshou, again!


With a crazy roar, the body of the corrosive figure suddenly swelled up and directly showed up from the black fog.

This was the first time that his completely inhuman and savage form was exposed in this world.

His body was thirty meters tall.

He had the head of a lion and the body of a man as well as the savage horns of a bull, with four claws and four legs.

The black liquid that looked like demonic liquid dripped down slowly along his dark red Armor of the Netherworld.

It seeped into the ground and corroded countless deep holes.

However, even though its figure covered the sky, it still could not hid its body that was trembling because of its unsuppressible anger.

Even the ground was shaking because of its trembling movements.

“You lied to me! !”

He turned around and roared.

With a loud explosion, the ground was shattered again and gravel flew in all directions.

However, Xu Xiaoshou was nowhere to be seen.

“He, he ran away”

The corrosive figure felt that his IQ was once again being crushed.

He was actually stopped by this guys false alarm.

He used the “Writhing Shadow Crippled Heavens” that was enough to kill Xu Xiaoshou to block the attack of a non-existent Red Coat.

And when he turned around, this fellow had run away

“Hiss chachacha…”

The corrosive figure laughed towards the sky.

Thats right!

How could he not run

He was lying.

It was impossible for him to hit him.

If he did not run, was he waiting to die


“Can he run away”

He looked at the figure that seemed to have completely disappeared from his line of sight.

The corrosive person raised his four claws.

The black fog that had only covered a few thousand feet instantly expanded to a few miles.

All of a sudden, Xu Xiaoshou had nowhere to hide!

“Pitch Black World, Blank Escape.”

With a swoosh, a figure that was still laughing maniacally was still on the original spot, but the real body of the corrosive figure had already appeared above Xu Xiaoshou.

The bounded domain was omnipotent!


“Attacked, Passive Points 1.”

“Attacked, Passive Points 1.”


The information bar was crazily flooded.

Xu Xiaoshou stopped in his tracks.

Feeling the intense corrosive power coming from his body, his muscles were rapidly melting.

“This is the true strength… of a Ghost Beast that possesses intelligence”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled bitterly.

He felt that his understanding of Ghost Heasts had deviated due to some special reasons.

The first time, the grey mist figure was suppressed by the Small World of Tianxuan Gate.

The most he could feel was strength that was only a little more than that of a Master.

The second time, Xin Gugus Ghost Beast form did not have any consciousness at all.

It could only attack recklessly.

And the opponent was the virtual image behind Zhang Taiying.

In the end, this virtual image was shattered by Ajes kick.

Therefore, Xu Xiaoshou also felt that he could do it.

Against a Ghost Beast, although he was diffident.

But in his heart, he felt that if they were to really fight, he could rely on his passive skills and powerful sword will.

Even if he lost, it shouldnt be a big problem for him to run.

“I made a mistake.”

“This isnt something that a mere Innate like me can touch!”

It was true that in the envelope Elder Sang had given him, he said “There are no rules in the White Cave.”.

However, this sentence wasnt just for him.

The Ghost Beast wasnt suppressed here either!

The strength of a Ghost Beast that was not suppressed by the world and still had a sober mind could not be calculated with a simple one plus one.

Every single move of his was a damn sure kill!


When the corrosive figure reappeared, he had already teleported in front of Xu Xiaoshou.

He looked coldly at the person who had frozen in front of him.

His body suddenly swayed, and another corrosive figure appeared.


The two corrosive figures looked at Xu Xiaoshou and swayed again, turning into four.

“Run How about you run!”

“Hiss cancancan… Why arent you running!”

“Even if you have four legs today, even if you can teleport, just run!”

“Can you run out of my territory”

The four corrosive figures bent down and roared like crazy demons.

Xu Xiaoshous body was instantly torn apart by the roar.

The corrosive power was constantly lowering his defense.

Even with his “Eternal Vitality”, he could not withstand the opponents power that had completely exceeded the Sovereigns.

It was impossible to hide from the sound.

Gritting his teeth, Xu Xiaoshou did not say anything.

He admitted defeat.

Scattered golden light spots exploded from his body.

Xu Xiaoshou took out the bronze shard and slowly shook his head.

“Im wont run.”

“Hiss cancancan, come, what trump cards do you have, bring it on!”

The corrosive figure straightened his body, not afraid of Xu Xiaoshous little tricks at all.

The four gigantic bodies that were like Colossus of Justice sat in the north, south, east, and west, surrounding the ant-like figure inside.

They laughed maniacally:

“Didnt you have a very strong physique that you could kick me about like a rubber ball”

“Come on, try again!”

Xu Xiaoshou fell silent.

He knew that even if he transformed into the Berserk Giant, with his current strength, he could at most reach ten meters, which was not bad.

At this time, if he jumped, he should be able to touch the other partys knees, right

Holding the bronze shard, Xu Xiaoshous fingers trembled slightly.

To be honest, it was impossible not to fear death.

However, no matter how afraid he was, he could not lose in terms of aura.

He raised his head and leaned back slightly.

Only then was he able to see the other partys face and corrected him, “Youre wrong.

What I kicked just now was not a rubber ball, but a football.”.


Even with a nasal sound, it was enough to make Xu Xiaoshou, whose muscles had completely ulcerated, fall into a trance.

The corrosive figure seemed to enjoy the process of slowly corroding and killing his most hated enemy.

He sneered twice and said with a creepy smile, “Dont you have Elixirs Eat and nourish.

Your body is almost rotten.

If you dont eat now, you wont have the chance to enjoy all your things anymore.”

“Oh, right, and your little girlfriend, right”

The four strong heads twisted at the same time and looked at Yu Zhiwen, who had completely left the battlefield.

“Dont worry.

After you die, her fate wont be better than yours.”

Xu Xiaoshou tightened his grip on the bronze shard.

The other party subconsciously turned his head over.

“Your trump card”

“Use it!”

“Sigh…”Xu Xiaoshou was not affected at all and directly put the bronze shard away.

“Whats wrong”

“No need”

“Youve given up on struggling”

“Hiss cancancan…”

The decibel of the corrosive figures creepy laughter rose.

“To be alive is indeed to suffer! Enjoying the pleasure of death is also very pleasing, right”

“Its alright.”

Xu Xiaoshous heart calmed down.

He put down the bronze shard only because he did not need it anymore.

“Senior Red Coat, its your turn.”

He once again focused his gaze behind one of the corrosive figures and bowed slightly.

“Ah cancancan, you still want to use the same move a second time”

The corrosive figure didnt fall for it at all.

The four figures raised their sixteen claws at the same time, and a black energy pearl instantly formed above their heads.

Xu Xiaoshous words reminded him.

The move that he had missed earlier was still going to land on this fellows head in the end.

“Cripple Heavens…”


A slightly hoarse voice was softly heard from the back of the battle.

This time, the energy pearl that was trembling in the air stopped moving.

The black fog stopped surging.

The figure of the corrosive figure was completely frozen.

Even the sound of the wind that was attracted by the open space caused by the battle was magnified infinitely, becoming ear-piercing.

“Crack, crack.”

One of the corrosion figures turned his head, but he did not see anyone.

It was not until another corrosion figure seemed to remember something and turned his body slightly that the terrifying figure appeared in front of him.

He was dressed in red.

The sound of the wind could be heard.

There was nothing else.

The Night Guardian stood in the air, even unarmed.

He just stood there with his bare hands.

The surging black fog between Heaven and Earth couldnt hurt him at all.

It couldnt even touch him.

It was as if this person had been standing here since ancient times, like he had completely merged with the Way of the Heavens and the world of the White Cave world.

No one could detect him.




“Night Guardian”

The corrosive figure, Heiming, couldnt even speak properly.

He looked at the Red Coat in front of him which was so small it was almost unnoticeable, but he had already started trembling.

Boom boom!

The earth shook, and Heiming took two steps back, shielding Xu Xiaoshou behind him.

“I have a hostage…”

The Night Guardian coldly glanced at Xu Xiaoshou.

This fellow didnt even have the slightest awareness of being a hostage.

In fact, he was even looking at him with a playful smile.

Was he not worried at all

Or could it be that this fellow was so confident in him

But even if Xu Xiaoshou was at ease, he couldnt turn a blind eye to this young man who could possibly inherit his legacy.

“Let him go.

Ill give you ten breaths to escape.”


Heiming hissed and acted as if he wanted to throw the black energy pearl in his hand down.

Night Guardian did not move.

He completely ignored him and only raised a finger indifferently.



In that instant, the corrosive figure did not even want the black energy pearl.

The four corrosive figures each took a side and shot out in four directions, disappearing in an instant.


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