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Chapter 464: Disperse, the Famed Sword Has an Owner

“Hes running away just like that”

Xu Xiaoshous slightly shocked gaze turned towards the Night Guardian.

He originally thought that even if a Red Coat came, the confrontation that should have happened and the battle that should have happened should not be lacking.

At the very least, they would have to exchange two moves to measure each others strength before deciding whether to stay or go!

However, the Night Guardian only counted numbers and the Ghost Beast that was still awe-inspiring and arrogant just a moment ago had fled just like that


Xu Xiaoshou finally understood the meaning of this word.

He looked at the Night Guardian and did not know that the man that had bled due to his slash that day would actually have such an awe-inspiring moment.

“You dont seem to be panicking”

The Night Guardian did not choose to chase after the Ghost Beast.

It was as if Xu Xiaoshou who was in front of him was more important than his job.

“Im alright.”

Xu Xiaoshou probed his energy reserve.

The Master level of “High Spirits” was no joke.

At this time, even if he did not take any elixirs, he would be able to teleport behind the Night Guardian an instant before the corrosive figure killed him.

Therefore, Xu Xiaoshou wasnt under any pressure when faced with threats such as him being a hostage.

“Arent you busy”

He looked at the Night Guardian and used his eyes to signal in the direction the corrosive figure flew in.

Even if this guy could escape in four different bodies, the slightly stronger aura of its main body couldnt fool the “Perception” at all.

The Night Guardian shook his head gently.

He glanced at the famed sword Flame Python hovering in the distance and calmly retracted his gaze.

“How did you discover the Ghost Beast”

Xu Xiaoshou was momentarily taken aback.

The familiar interrogation had come again

“With my eyes.”

He replied.


“Cursed, Passive Points 1.”

The corner of the Night Guardians mouth twitched.

This damned sense of familiarity…

He was clearly able to scare off a Ghost Beast with just his aura, but why was he repeatedly defeated in front of Xu Xiaoshou

“What Im saying is, how did you find out that he was a ghost beast !”The Night Guardians voice became a little louder.

“Using my eyes.”

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled and said, “Just like how you dont believe that I killed the Ghost Beast Zhang Taiying, do you also think that its a miracle that I, a mere Innate, was able to discover a Ghost Beast and even persevere until the moment you arrived”


The Night Guardian nodded without any hesitation.

This was exactly the question in his heart.

When his Red Coat colleague received the message, he already knew that the caller was destined to be doomed.

Even if he had the exquisite stone, even if he crushed it, a person who was targeted by a Ghost Beast would definitely not survive.

Moreover, he had opened the communication in front of the Ghost Beast and called the Red Coats!

How was this possible

“Dont you really not believe it.”

Xu Xiaoshou took a step forward and flew high into the sky.

He said face to face, “Actually, before he transformed, I had already beaten him to the ground.”

“The communication was also made at that time, so this fellow did not even know that a Red Coat was coming.”

“Otherwise, I reckon that it would not have the time to play hide and seek with me.

You probably would not be able to see me either.”

“But this fellows strength is beyond my expectations.

It has indeed shocked me…”

The more the Red Coat listened, the more annoyed he became.

Others might follow Xu Xiaoshous words and their thoughts would be taken away.

However, when he was still a white-clothed, he had used similar methods countless times.

“You havent told me yet.

How did you discover the Ghost Beast”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned for a moment and opened his mouth.

The Night Guardian immediately glared at him.

“If you say you saw it with your eyes again, Ill dig out your eyeballs!”


This time, Xu Xiaoshou choked.

The sudden murderous intent was simply too frightening.

He paused for a moment and covered his chest with one hand.

“I felt it with my heart”

Crack Crack.

The Night Guardian immediately clenched and crackled his fist.

Xu Xiaoshou shifted his gaze downwards and immediately shifted it back.

He said as if he was wronged, “Senior, its not that I want to lie to yo, I really just saw it with my eyes.”

“This thing is just like Zhang Taiying, just by looking at it one can tell that somethings wrong.

It even exposed its aura in front of me and wanted to take the sword.”

“Im someone who has experienced three Ghost Beasts.

Do I look like a fool Cant I tell”

The Night Guardian was stunned by his words.

Good Lord.

Three Ghost Beasts..

Even a Red Coat intern wouldnt be as lucky as this guy!

Just based on his eyes alone, this fellow was probably going to surpass Xins sixth sense.

This talent…

As expected of the person he had taken a fancy to

“Xu Xiaoshou.”

The Night Guardian stared deeply at the young man before him.


Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyes and looked back.

“You really… have nothing to do with the Ghost Beasts”

The Night Guardian hesitated.

A while ago, he could still smell a little strange stench.

But now, it had only been a few days

This guy, let alone the stench on his body, even his cultivation level was faintly indistinct to him

“I do!”

Xu Xiaoshou solemnly interrupted the Night Guardians contemplation.

Before the Night Guardians astonished expression could be improved, he only heard the young man in front of him continue to say, “I just helped you catch a Ghost Beast.

Do you want me to cut off my relationship with the Ghost Beast, deny my contribution, and then take the merit for yourself”


This time, the Night Guardian almost kicked him in the face.

“Thats not what I meant!”

“Then… What do you mean”

Xu Xiaoshou sensibly softened his tone and asked in puzzlement, “Do you want me to answer thatI have nothing to do with the Ghost Beast or something like that”

He laughed and said, “Can this be considered a question Ive already encountered a third Ghost Beast.

Even if you say that I have nothing to do with them, I dont believe it myself.”

Its not that kind of relationship…

The Night Guardian felt helpless.

He kept feeling that Xu Xiaoshou was thinking of ways to avoid his question.

But the truth was that this fellows brain always seemed to be wired in a really different way from that of a normal persons.

“Im talking about the Ghost Beast Hosts, are you one”

Xu Xiaoshous laughter immediately stopped.

The atmosphere seemed to have frozen.

The wind blew.

The two pairs of eyes interweaved in the air.

No one retreated.

They faced each other head-on.

After a long time.

“If I say yes, would you believe me” Xu Xiaoshou said.

The eyes of the Night Guardian dimmed.

He knew it would be such an answer.

This was the first time he guessed Xu Xiaoshous thoughts correctly.

He really wanted the other party to give a negative answer directly.

Even if he might still have some doubts if it was a negative answer, .

But now, Xu Xiaoshous answer was still so ambiguous.


Seemed to have indicated that there was a problem

This time, Xu Xiaoshou did not laugh.

His expression became serious, and then he said, “Senior, you dont have to keep asking me those meaningless questions.”

“You should know the answers to the questions you ask.”

“No matter how wonderful I put it, it wont help.”

He paused, looked at the expressionless face of the Night Guardian, and continued, “Sometimes, just like flipping a coin, the moment the coin goes up, the decision has already been made.”

“I dont know what you think of me, and where are you lingering”

“But, as far as Im concerned, I personally choose justice and believe in it.”

The Night Guardian was slightly absent-minded.


Wasnt this what the Red Coats and the White-clothed had always been looking aimed to achieve but couldnt reach

Seeing that the other party didnt speak, Xu Xiaoshou continued, “I dont know the aim of the Red Coats either, but in my personal opinion, even in human nature, there will still be good and bad.”

“So, if…”

“There are no ifs,” the Night Guardian interrupted Xu Xiaoshous words.

He already knew what the other party was going to say.

At the same time, he suddenly understood why this fellow had always maintained a non-defensive, non-taciturn, but also relatively resistant attitude towards his suspicions towards him.

Xu Xiaoshou was very smart.

He should have seen through his intention to recruit him.

But this guy was too naive.

There were good and bad people.

But there were no ifs for Ghost Beasts.

History told the world that the so-called kindness possessed by Ghost Beasts was just a hibernation for the sake of erupting one day.

The eyes of the Night Guardian lit up again, and there was a slight appreciation.

Who didnt come from this stage

To have such a mentality showed that Xu Xiaoshous heart was still essentially kind.

Naivety could be changed.

Kindness was really difficult to achieve.

“I understand.”

He nodded and swept his gaze across the desolate mess around him.

He sighed softly.

“But some things are not as simple as you think.”

Xu Xiaoshou did not speak.

There were some things that he indeed did not dare to agree with.

At least, it had been proven during the time he had interacted with Xin Gugu.

Ghost Beasts could actually be communicated with.

If they were treated as a kind of being, at most, they would be the kind that was harder to control.

Lions could also hurt people.

However, no one would exterminate the whole species of a lion just because it had the nature of a beast.

Perhaps some people would feel that Ghost Beasts and lions were not comparable.

After all, they were not beings on the same level.

But what about humans

Since when were humans and spiritual cultivators on the same level

“Its better to drain than to block.”

Xu Xiaoshou said.

The Night Guardian smiled.

He knew that the young man in front of him would have such a thought.

Slowly shaking his head, the Night Guardian explained softly, “Some things can not be drained.

Some things are inevitable and absolute.”

“How can it be absolute”

Xu Xiaoshou said seriously, “The world is relative.”

“How can it be relative”

The Night Guardian smiled and asked back.

Xu Xiaoshou pointed at the Heavens above and probed the Earth below.

“The world.”

“The world is relative.”

“Heaven and earth, black and white, right and wrong.”

“White Cave, the outside world… come in, go out.”

“These are all relative.”

The Night Guardian nodded and said, “What you said is all right, but the Ghost Beast is absolute.”

“How can it be absolute”

Xu Xiaoshou asked again and said righteously, “Even if you say it is absolute, it is an absolute that comes from being relative to the relative.

Relative and absolute are relative!”

The Night Guardian:”…”

“Cursed, Passive Points 1.”

He was suddenly at a lost for words.

After a long silence, he looked past Xu Xiaoshou and saw the famed sword in the distance.

“You want to take the sword”

“Questioned, Passive Points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou:”…”

The scene paused for three to four breaths.

The two of them looked at each other speechlessly.

At this time, Yu Zhiwen had already arrived not far away from the two of them.

She was shocked to see Xu Xiaoshou directly refuting the Red Coat in such a crushing manner, leaving the Red Coat speechless.

This fellow, how dare he..

That was Red Coat..

“Respected, Passive Points 1.”

“Thats right.”

Xu Xiaoshou watched as the Night Guardian changed the topic without any skill at all and he suddenly also lost the urge to continue the topic.

He paused and said, “Ive already helped you find a Ghost Beast.

You let it escape.

Although it was to save me, I didnt need it.”

“So, the merit should still count, right”

The Night Guardian looked at this guy with amusement.

He even said that he didnt need it..

If he hadnt come here, this guy in front of him would have been crushed into mud long ago!

However, after understanding Xu Xiaoshous attitude toward this world, he was already relieved.

Previously, there was the Ghost Beast Zhang Taiying, and now there was the Ghost Beast Heiming.

Just Xu Xiaoshous merits alone in dealing with two Ghost Beasts was already far better than many Red Coats who had just joined the army.

“It count.”

It was rare that he did not deny the young man in front of him.

He said slowly, “Including that time with Zhang Taiying, the two merits combined, I will help you get the famed sword.”


This time, Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

Get the famed sword

He had thought that the merit reward would be some other supreme technique or divine weapon.

But the famed sword…

Was it that exaggerated

There were only 21 famed swords in the world.

He had only chased away one Ghost Beast, and bluffingly killed one.

With that, he could get a famed sword

Then wouldnt everyone in the Red Coat have one

Yu Zhiwen, who was at the side, was also shocked.

The two of them had indeed discovered the famed sword at the first moment.

However, if they did not take it, it would never belong to them.

Sometimes, even if they took it, it would not belong to them.

The treasure belonged to those who were fated to obtain it.

This logic was understood by every spiritual cultivator, and they had all used this excuse before.

And theoretically speaking, although Xu Xiaoshou had summoned the Red Coats because of the Ghost Beast, but the famed sword was also at the side.

Therefore, the Red Coat could completely follow the rules and determine that the Ghost Beast was also attracted by the famed sword.

After that, he could take half of the treasure reward for helping Xu Xiaoshou.

After this half was taken, the only thing that the famed sword might have left for Xu Xiaoshou was its cultivation technique.

However, the Night Guardian did not do that at all.

Instead, he went the opposite way and said, “Ill help you take the famed sword”.

He was unexpectedly open-minded and inexplicably generous!


“I have so many merits”

Xu Xiaoshou hesitated instead.


The Night Guardian shook his head.

“Im taking this famed sword only for you.”


Yu Zhiwen immediately felt her jaw drop, and it almost fell off.

Only for you…

Her suspicious gaze moved back and forth between Xu Xiaoshou and the Night Guardian, and her eyes were lit with shock.

Xu Xiaoshou, on the other hand, raised his eyebrows.

With just this sentence, he was completely certain that the Night Guardian was really interested in him.

Pui, it wasnt that kind of interest!

It was the kind of interest… er, desire …er, conation to solicit

In short, if he was trying to curry favor for no reason, he was either a traitor or a thief.

“I was the one who discovered the famed sword first…”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately wanted to retort and take back the initiative that belonged to him.

However, his thoughts turned for a moment.

The famed sword that had clearly been born and was supposed to fly freely was now confined in its original spot by an unknown force and could not move at all.

Zhong Qu who was obviously a Ghost Beast Host had even secretly exerted a lot of strength, but he was still unable to pull out the Flame Python in the slightest.

If it was like that…

“Senior, if you want to help me get the sword, I wont hold back.”

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled.

“Why dont you help me pull it out first”

The Night Guardians steps stopped for a moment.

When he said “help you get the sword”, he was referring to helping Xu Xiaoshou fend off the people who were trying to snatch the sword away.

This fellows brain wasnt really in a pinch to the point that he thought that the meaning of this sentence was to help him pull out the sword, right

“Are you serious”

The Night Guardian lowered his head, feeling that his fist was itching.

“Im serious.”

Xu Xiaoshou took a step back and hid behind Yu Zhiwen.

“Calm down, you might not even be able to pull out the sword!”


“Cursed, Passive Points 1.”

Such mockery made the Night Guardian so angry that his heart and lungs were itching.

He even wanted to punch this fellow in the face, but looking at Xu Xiaoshous expression, he knew that he wasnt joking.

To be able to talk about the tongue-twisting “relative” and “absolute” in such a casual manner, was he really a fool

The Night Guardian didnt believe it.

So, could there be more to this sword

The Night Guardian was suspicious.

He didnt say anything.

He flew to the front of the sword and stopped.

After looking around, he still didnt find anything.

He stretched out his hand.

The Night Guardian stopped.

He felt that it was possible that Xu Xiaoshou was just trying to humiliate him.

Or, was he trying to order him around

Order him around using his Innate cultivation to then satisfy his perverted sense of satisfaction and desire to conquer


Turning his head back, the Night Guardian asked uncertainly.


Xu Xiaoshous head bopped.

“Just pull.

Why are you asking me”


“Cursed, Passive Points 1.”

“Missed, Passive Points 1.”

The Night Guardian took a deep breath and thought to himself: Its fine, for the sake of the Red Coats, for the sake of taking down Xu Xiaoshou!

He held the sword with one hand and lifted it lightly.


There was no movement.


The Night Guardian was in the mood.

So Xu Xiaoshou really had some tricks up his sleeve

He exerted more strength.


There was still no movement.

The Night Guardians face stiffened.


An extremely subtle laughter appeared.

The Night Guardian immediately turned around and glared at Xu Xiaoshou.

“What are you laughing at!”

But in the end, he only saw the serious-looking Xu Xiaoshou.

This guy looked around.


“Whos laughing Is anyone laughing”

The Night Guardian:”…”

“Cursed, Passive Points 1.”

He gritted his teeth.

Not allowing the outside world to disturb him, he activated his spiritual source and poured it into his right hand.


The famed sword remained unmoving.

“Still not moving up”

The Night Guardian was furious.

He held the sword with both hands and pulled it out.


This time, the void exploded with air ripples.

However, even though the Night Guardians hands were in the air, the famed sword was still standing at its spot.


Another sound of laughter!

The Night Guardian could not hold it in any longer.

He suddenly flipped over and immediately glared at him.

“Xu Xiaoshou!”

“… Huh”

His anger froze for a moment.

Xu Xiaoshous incomparably serious expression was fixed on the famed sword.

Because he had called out his name, he had just averted his gaze and looked at himself.

“Youre calling for me”

Xu Xiaoshou said in confusion, “Im here.

Why are you shouting so loudly”

Yu Zhiwen, who was standing by the side, almost couldnt hold back her laughter.

However, the Night Guardians anger was right in front of her.

She held it in until her shoulders trembled slightly.

“Respected, Passive Points 1.”

“Cursed, Passive Points 1.”

Looking at Xu Xiaoshou who wore an innocent look, the Night Guardian couldnt help but be filled with anger.

Did this guy not know about the spiritual sense of the Cutting Path Stage Let alone laughing behind his back.

It was likely that he could even hear the mental activity that was revealed in his micro expression!

He was shocked by the speed at which this fellows expression changed.

He swallowed his anger and didnt continue speaking.

“Whats going on”

The Night Guardian pointed at the famed sword.

He felt that every time he was in front of Xu Xiaoshou, his face would be crushed as if it didnt exist.

“I dont know.”

Xu Xiaoshou shook his head directly.

The Night Guardian:”…”

“Are you going to tell me or not!”

“Threatened, Passive Points 1.”

“I really dont know.”

Xu Xiaoshou wanted to cry but had no tears.

He was only speculating that the Flame Python was not simple.

But at this moment, he was completely certain.

There was definitely something wrong with this sword.

It was fine if the Ghost Beast could not pull it out.

But why was it that even the Red Coat Night Guardian, a person who could scare the Ghost Beast away by counting numbers, was still unable to pull it out

“Boom –”

Just as the two of them were about to fall into a state of rebuttal again, an explosive sound was transmitted over from an extremely distant place, after it shook the nine heavens.

Xu Xiaoshou used his “Perception” to probe.

In the end, he discovered that the explosion had completely exceeded the range of his Perception.

However, even with his naked eyes, he could clearly see the black hole that had suddenly exploded in the sky.

At such a distance, the black hole was still so big.

One could imagine how terrifying the battle at the scene of the incident was.

“Ghost Beast”

Xu Xiaoshou said uncertainly.


The Night Guardian glanced at it and then retracted his gaze.

“Didnt we let it go”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the Night Guardian.

“The one where you said, ten seconds…”

“I only said that I let him go.

I didnt say that the other Red Coats would let him go.”

“Uh… Old cunning fellow.”


“Oh Oh, youre so wise, Senior!” Xu Xiaoshou didnt dare to mutter anymore and praised loudly.

“Hmph!”The Night Guardian snorted coldly.

Yu Zhiwen looked at the two arguing in front of her as if there was no one else around.

She was so shocked that her scalp went numb.

For a moment, she felt that her existence was a little unnecessary…

She silently took a step back.

Pursing her lower lip, Yu Zhiwen sized up the two of them and sighed heavily.

“Blessed, Passive Points 1.”


“Are all Red Coats that powerful”

Xu Xiaoshou asked the question in his heart, “I see that youre just a Cutting Path.

When that guy fully unleashes himself, he seems to have already surpassed the Sovereign Stage”

The corner of the Night Guardians mouth twitched.

You, an Innate, really dare to say it.

Only Cutting Path..

“The Red Coats have Sealing Stones and Spirit Array Caster.

As long as they dont encounter a Ghost Beasts sneak attack, the situation is basically set.

The Ghost Beast wont be able to escape,” he said grumpily.

“Sealing Stone”

Xu Xiaoshou thought of his own ring of seal.

He was abruptly shocked, “Then if the other party has a sealing attribute…”

The Night Guardian lowered his eyelids, and a bright light flashed in his eyes.

The messy images of limp Red Coats who were like scrawny shrimps all across the place appeared in his mind again.

He glanced at Yu Zhiwen.

He didnt know this woman, so he didnt want to talk about this in front of Xu Xiaoshou.

The Night Guardian said, “Whats with the famed sword Did you do something to it”

Xu Xiaoshou thought to himself,you really dare to think that I, a mere commoner, have the right to do something to a famed sword..

Just as he wanted to say something.

HisPerception detected that countless figures had already swarmed over from the outside world and gathered together.

“Someone is coming.”

The Night Guardian lowered his eyebrows and said.

“Watched, Passive Points 16.”

“Watched, Passive Points 23.”

“Watched, Passive Points 59.”


A large group of people rushed over at top speed like zombies attacking a city.

It was as if if they were one second slower, the food in front of them would be swallowed by others.

However, when they saw the famed sword, they also saw three figures in front of the famed sword.

A man and a woman.

A Red Coat.

“Suspected, Passive Points 86.”

“Suspected, Passive Points 114.”


The number of people continued to rise, and Xu Xiaoshou finally knew.

This wave of people was probably the first group of people to rush over after the birth of the famed sword.

The Ghost Beast and Zhong Qus early arrival was really just an accident.


Xu Xiaoshou looked at the famed sword and asked the Night Guardian about the ownership of the famed sword.


The Night Guardian impatiently said.

He took a step forward and looked at everyone who had stopped because of him.

He waved his hand and said, “Disperse.

The famed sword has an owner.”


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