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Chapter 482: Trash Beast Fire, What Can It Do to Me

“Old Mou…”

Zhang Duoyu tried her best to stop herself from charging forward.

She had never expected that the final result of splitting up would be Old Mous thousand-mile telepathic communication.


That was a Sovereign!

In this world, other than a premeditated encirclement, in a battle of the same level, as long as a Sovereign wanted to leave, who could stop it


After receiving the message, she came to this place.

The last time she saw Zhang Zhongmou was actually his head, forcefully crushed by the two fingers of the huge White Skeleton.

How absurd was this

Zhang Duoyu panicked.

No one else could exist here.

Since that was the case, Zhang Zhongmou still died at the hands of this big guy.

It meant that the White Skeleton definitely had a true killing move that was completely different from its strength on the surface.

It was a super powerful trump card that even a Sovereign could not escape from!

“But how could such a thing exist”

Zhang Duoyu still felt that the result was extremely comical.

She knew about the White Cave.

When it was opened a few years ago, it was she and Zhang Taiying who sneaked in.

They even obtained the Sacrificial Carving from this place.

At that time, the White Skeleton was such a weak creature.

Other than the redeeming qualities of its Master Physique, what else was there for them to notice

Nothing at all!

However, the truth was right before their eyes.

Zhang Duoyu had no choice but to believe it.


When she saw that she could not save Zhang Zhongmou, Zhang Duoyu immediately changed her mind.

Even if she did not believe it, staying in front of the White Skeleton at this moment was nothing more than a waste of energy.

There was no point in fighting a battle that had a high chance of ending her life.

Why would she need to fight


After gliding in the air for less than half a breaths time, Zhang Duoyu immediately chose to turn around.

She was still a long distance away from the White Skeleton.

As long as she turned around in advance, the creature would not be able to catch up.


The White Bone Giant let out an excited roar.

The inexplicable death of the ant in front of it had already made it very unhappy.

It had never been expected that this guy would order another dish for it before he died!

He was on the right track!

The ground exploded with a bang.

The White Skeleton punched the ground with both hands and spat out white flames from its feet again.

The White Skeleton desperately shot in the direction of the second prey.

“Little Yu!”

Xu Xiaoshou, who was hiding in the sky, immediately turned around.

Yu Zhiwen immediately understood what he meant.

From the distance between the two of them, she could tell that even if the White Skeleton was blessed with white flames, by the time he arrived, the beautiful woman would probably have already disappeared.

“Dont worry, the Divine Array has been completed!”

Yu Zhiwen withdrew her slightly trembling hand.

The “Soaring Great Moon” was the strongest Divine Array she could set up at the moment.

As long as this array was formed, it would be impossible for an opponent of the same level to withstand it.

As for the Sovereign…

In a completely defenseless state, it would definitely be played around with.

Even if it could use the Way of the Heavens to spy out the unknown parts of the world, when it regained its senses, it believed that it would be a short while later.

This time had been cut off.

Didnt the White Skeleton still have to deliver a pair of heavy fists

“Soaring Great Moon.”


Yu Zhiwens eyes were pious.

She clasped his palms together, and the Heaven and Earth path mechanisms in the world immediately began to move.

After the Divine Array patterns that were hidden under the void took shape, they were directly injected into the Way of the Heavens.

It was just like the bounded domain of a Sovereign.

In this self-controlled domain, others couldnt see any traces.


The faint sound could not be heard at all under the explosion of the two figures.

There was no change in the void at all.

However, Xu Xiaoshou saw that in the nine heavens, a faint mark of a full moon suddenly appeared.

This full moon was too illusory.

Its appearance did not bring about a large-scale change in brightness.

It did not even wake up the moonlight.

It could only mark such a mark in the nine heavens.

If it was not for Little Yus low cry, Xu Xiaoshou would not even have been able to see the appearance of the full moon.

“Shadow of the Moon!”

Seeing that Zhang Duoyu was about to disappear into the horizon in her eyes.

Yu Zhiwen shouted again, and the mark of the full moon above the nine heavens instantly became blurry.

It seemed as if there was an additional halo of the Moon.

This time, Xu Xiaoshou saw it clearly.

When this halo of the Moon appeared, Zhang Duoyu, who was originally far away from the Divine Array, was instantly enveloped by an invisible layer of clear light.

Under this layer of moonlight, the Divine Array pattern seemed to emerge from thin air, and then suddenly spread out, instantly trapping Zhang Duoyu, and even a few miles ahead of Zhang Duoyu!

“So powerful!”

Xu Xiaoshous pupils constricted.

The spiritual array had a form.

Therefore, he had never seen any spiritual array that could expand its range after it was formed.

But the Divine Array was invisible.

Its existence was used to steal the power of Heaven and earth.

Therefore, when this layer of moonlight shone down, the Divine Array that had only covered a few miles seemed to have expanded by more than ten times.

Wherever the moonlight shone, it was where the domain was located!

“What is it”

Zhang Duoyu, who was flying, vaguely sensed that something was wrong.

The Way of the Heavens in this place seemed to have been changed by someone

Was it an illusion

How could this ability, which could only be achieved by Cutting Path, appear here


A Sovereigns intuition couldnt be wrong!

“Could it be that the White Skeletons special ability lies there”

“It is because of this trace of Cutting Path ability that Old Mou died miserably at its hands”

Although she did not feel any harm, her intuition told Zhang Duoyu that if she did not increase her speed, she might really be held back by that big fellow.


Without any time for daydreaming, Zhang Duoyu directly spat out a mouthful of blood essence, and her speed instantly doubled.

“I must leave this place alive!”

After witnessing the tragic ending of Old Mou, Zhang Duoyu immediately used Blood Escape even though she couldnt see the White Skeleton behind her.

There was no room for mercy at all.

“Hes speeding up.”

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt help but be reminded when he saw Zhang Duoyu was about to rush out of the edge of his perception.

He turned his head to look at Yu Zhiwen.

This girl seemed to be very relaxed as she spoke.

But judging from the temptation of her wet body, it was definitely not an easy task to set up the Divine Array.

Her star eyes didnt move at all.

After observing that Zhang Duoyu had completely let down her guard against the moonlight, Yu Zhiwen quickly formed a seal at the moment when the beautiful woman was about to charge out of the domain.

“Late Moon.”

Just two words.

There were no changes to the Divine Array at all.

Even Xu Xiaoshous “Perception” couldnt detect the appearance of any array patterns at all.

But just as Yu Zhiwen finished speaking…

Zhang Duoyu, who was supposed to rush out of the “Soaring Great Moon” domain, actually began to open up in an arc.

After a series of large turns, she rushed back inside!


Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

She had changed the Order of the Heavens without a trace.

It was like she had secretly set up a fantasy realm and Restraining Array, causing that beautiful woman to lose her direction

Xu Xiaoshou was suddenly jolted awake.

He raised his eyes.

He saw the full moon mark in the sky.

It had unknowingly turned into a half-moon state.

“What a fellow…”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

Not to mention Zhang Duoyu, even he, an outsider who had been watching Yu Zhiwen from the start to the end, was completely clueless about this move.

“This is a Divine Array”

“Borrowing and altering the Way of the Heavens to such an extent that even an ordinary Sovereign cant compare to it!”

“No wonder…”

Xu Xiaoshou was enlightened.

No wonder the threshold for becoming a Divine Sorcerer was so high that it was beyond the reach of a Master.

No wonder the position of the current Hallmaster of the Holy Divine Palace, who was known as the number one person on the continent, was unshakable!

After the Sovereign, under the same level, the level of understanding of the Way of the Heavens was the standard to determine the strength of a spiritual cultivator.

However, the existence of the Divine Sorcerer had been using and stealing the secrets of the heavens along the way.

With the growth of such a sub-occupation, how could an ordinary Sovereign be comparable to a Sovereign Divine Sorcerer

And as time passed.

Even if it was Cutting Path or higher void, the distance between them would be pulled even further!

“The comprehension of Way of the Heavens…”

Xu Xiaoshou muttered in a daze.

Perhaps, under the current spiritual cultivation system, the true favored child of the era wasnt an ancient swordsman who had made it to the top, but a Divine Sorcerer!

After seeing through this point, Xu Xiaoshou looked at Yu Zhiwen with a slightly different gaze.

This was the true origin of a major power.

This was the true master of the most convenient path to godhood in the world… the favored daughter of heaven!

“Somethings wrong!”

Zhang Duoyu flew as she realized that the situation had changed.

She actually saw the White Skeleton, which should have been left without a trace, appear from the left!


“How is this possible”

Zhang Duoyus pupils constricted, and she immediately understood.

“Bounded domain!”

“This White Skeleton actually has the unique bounded domain power of a spiritual cultivator”

“That trace of Way of the Heavens transformation was the White Skeleton tampering with the divine secrets and pulling itself into an invisible trap formation”


Zhang Duoyu cursed angrily, and she was on the verge of going crazy from anger.

She had never thought that the White Skeletons special ability would actually be the unique Way of the Heavens power of a human.

No wonder Old Mou had died here.

If she had not been caught off guard and entered the other partys domain, she would have been split into two.

She could be toyed with to death!

“Bounded domain, open!”

Although opening her bounded domain against the other partys domain was the last resort.

Because of this, her bounded domain would definitely be under his control and would be broken through sooner or later.

However, at this moment, Zhang Duoyu couldnt care about that anymore.

As long as her bounded domain opened up and she broke through the interference of the divine secrets, she would be able to find her way again.

As for the end, even if her bounded domain was shattered, she would only be able to damage some of her future healing time.

Escaping was the most important thing!

Although her idea was good.


“Silent Moon!”

The star eyes observed the situation quietly.

They could clearly sense any Way of the Heavens power on Zhang Duoyus body.

Under such circumstances, how could Yu Zhiwen not know what the beautiful woman was thinking

Just as the Way of the Heavens power was about to gather, Xu Xiaoshou could clearly see that the half-moon mark on the nine heavens had directly turned into the shape of a crescent moon under Yu Zhiwens command.

Immediately after, the spherical domain on Zhang Duoyus body only managed to form a blurry outline before it directly collapsed.

It was as if a silence restriction had been placed on it.

None of the Way of the Heavens power could take shape under the crescent-shaped mark!

“You can suppress her bounded domain power”

Xu Xiaoshou was greatly shocked.


Yu Zhiwen shook his head.

“Any Divine Secret is essentially borrowing the Way of the Heavens to change the rules.”

“All I did was slightly adjust the Way of the Heavens power beside her, thats all.”

“The Way of the Heavens is lacking, and its difficult for the Sovereign to move.”

“The rules of the White Cave are already damaged.

Forcefully using the overly strong Way of the Heavens power is similar to the bounded domain power.

In essence, its possible to directly cause the small world to collapse.”

“But this is only for outsiders.”

Yu Zhiwen paused for a moment before continuing to explain, “For the Sovereign itself, if the incomplete Way of the Heavens power is randomly used, it is very likely to injure itself.

At the very least, it will fail the formation of a bounded domain.”

“Silent Moon merely magnified this shortcoming, causing the Way of the Heaven around her to suffer even more losses.”

“In that case…”

Yu Zhiwen wiped off her sweat and stopped speaking.

She chose not to say anything else.

Xu Xiaoshou was very smart.

How could he not know what was going to happen next

After the Order of the Heavens were greatly depleted, how could the bounded domain that was formed by borrowing the Way of the Heavens power really take shape

“Good fellow.”

“Dont let myWeaving Expertise raise me to the Sovereign Stage.

How is thisweaving This is a direct punishment!”

Xu Xiaoshous mind was stirred.

The Divine Secret was too powerful!

After entering the Sovereign Stage, any Spiritual Cultivators began to borrow the Way of the Heavens power.

A spiritual technique that could tamper with the Way of the Heavens could decide the outcome at a critical moment.

Not to mention, the Divine Secret and Weaving Technique could be used to directly fine-tune the Way of the Heaven in a small area.

This was simply killing the source of the Sovereigns power!

“It… failed”

Zhang Duoyu looked at the shattered bounded domain in a daze.

She had never expected that the small chance of failing to condense a bounded domain in a small world would actually happen to her at such a critical moment

“It cant be a coincidence!”

“It cant be the Way of the Heavens that the White Skeleton altered!”

She shook her head and forced herself to wake up.

“Even if my bounded domain is only half-formed, its impossible for that big guy to change my bounded domains power so quickly through his bounded domain.”


“Theres a ghost!”

“Theres a ghost here!”

Zhang Duoyu was shocked.

Her intuition told her that she might have been thinking in the wrong direction just now.

It was indeed impossible for the White Skeleton to exist in a bounded domain.

This was something that only belonged to human spiritual cultivators.

Even if the White Bone Giant had spiritual sources, how could the incomplete Order of the Heavens in this small world allow him to easily comprehend a bounded domain

“If its not the White Skeleton, then it must be… a human!”

“A Sovereign!”

At this moment, Zhang Duoyu finally understood why Old Mou had died.

Under such a pursuit.

There was actually an invisible Sovereign in this place that was not inferior to her…


It was even likely to be a Cutting Path.

Otherwise, how could her bounded domain power dissipate so quickly

“But I have no business with a Cutting Path, why would they want to kill me”

“Its impossible for the Red Coat to be so sneaky.

Could it be that the person hiding in the dark is related to this White Skeleton Are they using a cat to play with a mouse to spy on his preys pathetic state”


While Zhang Duoyu was in a daze, the White Skeleton suddenly revealed a sinister smile.

This human was too stupid!

She could have clearly run out of her attack range, but she actually started to take a detour

It was fine if she took a detour, but at the end of the detour, she actually charged at it face-to-face

Who could withstand this!

If I dont punch her, how could I live up to my title as the White Skeleton God


As the hurricane whistled, the White Bone Giant clenched its fists and smashed them directly at Zhang Duoyu who was coming at it.

“Darn it.”

Zhang Duoyus face turned pale.

At this point, she had no choice but to face the attack head-on.

“Mysterious Sound Strike!”

With a pull of her right hand, a strange sound wave exploded in everyones mind like a ghost entering the world.

Even Xu Xiaoshou and Yu Zhiwen, who were in the sky, felt their hair stand on end when they heard the shrill cry.

Their minds went blank.

Chi Chi!

As a creature with a spiritual quality, the White Bone Giant found it difficult to resist the attacks of the sound waves.

The white flames in its eyes fluttered twice and were almost extinguished.

It covered its head in pain.

How could it not die This kind of attack had directly hit its vital point.

When the pain eased slightly and the scene returned to normal, the White Skeleton could already see the ant lifting its palm and imprinting it on its forehead.

“Squeak –”

An extremely high-pitched screech sounded like the sound of a ghost being strangled by a flame.

Not only was the White Skeleton powerless to resist, but even Xu Xiaoshou and Yu Zhiwen felt their brains spin and almost exploded.

Blood gushed out of their ears.

With such a spiritual attack, a Sovereign Physique could not withstand it, and Xu Xiaoshou, who had a Master Physique, could not withstand it either.

Yu Zhiwen was also injured and almost fainted.

However, as if it was a natural reaction after suffering spiritual damage, Pearl Gem Star Eyes blossomed under such power.


Under the Sky Screen, the galaxy flowed.

In an instant, the Way of the Heavens power was overturned.

The shrill cry reached the place where the stars shone as if they had been cut off halfway and sent into space, disappearing completely.

“Who is it”

The White Skeleton was an idiot.

Zhang Duoyus Sovereign spiritual sense would not let go of such an obvious Way of the Heavens power.

She turned her head.

Even though there was no one in her line of sight and spiritual sense, her gaze was still locked onto the positions of Xu Xiaoshou and Yu Zhiwen.


Xu Xiaoshou came back to his senses and almost vomited.

This shrill cry was simply an enhanced version of the blackboard fingernail sound from a childhood nightmare, and it was the same type as the endless version of the swimming pool.

That scream almost made him soar into the sky on the spot.

“Watched, Passive Points, 1.”

A pop box appeared in the information pane, directly pulling him back to reality.

Under his “Perception”, Zhang Duoyu had cast the White Skeleton aside and rushed straight towards the direction of the two of them.


Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

Zhang Duoyu who had rushed straight towards them was no longer the Zhang Zhongmou who had completely lost his guard previously.

Not only that, if he were to grab onto such a clear target, wouldnt he die on the spot if he were to be pounced on

“Sword cognition.”

Xu Xiaoshou instantly thought of this.

Wouldnt it be great if Zhang Duoyu were to charge in front of him and split her head in two

But, what if

Since this fellow dared to charge at him, she must be on guard.

What if she managed to dodge it

Even if there was no such possibility.

Even if the Sovereign was split into two, would it lose its fighting strength

Xu Xiaoshou instantly dismissed this thought.

He grabbed Yu Zhiwen, who had just barely recovered, and held onto his Yuan Mansion.

He wanted to make Zhang Duoyu miss.

However, just as he was thinking, he saw the white flame in the White Skeletons eyes that was about to be extinguished.

“Is this guy going to die”

This strange attack could indeed cause fatal damage to the White Skeleton.

But at the same time.

This fatal attack reminded Xu Xiaoshou that not only was he an ancient swordsman, but he was also an Infernal Elixir Master trained by Elder Sang!

Wasnt the fire-type the origin system

“Infernal Heavens!”

Without any hesitation, Xu Xiaoshou used the last bit of time to use this move that was almost forgotten by him.

Infernal Heavens.

Everything within sight was ablaze!

However, Xu Xiaoshous target was not Zhang Duoyu, who was charging toward him.

No matter how strong the Infernal Heavens were, it could only deal damage to Masters.

Since everything was ablaze, what would happen to the White Skeleton, which was about to go out of the flame, under this move


The white flame rose.

It was exactly as expected.

It was like a seedling that was about to die after a violent wind.

Under the pressure of the heavy flame, the flame in the White Bone Giants eyes was ignited once again.

After feeling the power of the same origin, its strength immediately recovered to its peak.

It was not at the end of its tether.

What it lacked was only a little guiding power!

“Roar –”

With a furious roar, the huge guy smashed onto the ground and jumped into the sky at a suitable distance.

He inhaled.

His skull swelled.


The heaven-toppling waterfall reappeared.

The fury in the White Skeletons eyes poured into the nine heavens.

“Im in danger!”

Zhang Duoyu saw that the flaming waterfall behind her was about to catch up.

But she turned a blind eye to it.

To catch a thief, one must first catch the leader.

If this person hiding had a master-servant relationship with the White Skeleton, then no matter how she took on that big guys attack, it would be useless.

If the person hiding did not die.

The White Skeleton would never die!

And why would this person, who clearly had the White Skeleton as his spirit pet and had outstanding strength refused to show his face Yet he chose to do a sneak attack…


It was obvious just by thinking with his toes.

This person was definitely not at his peak condition!

With a palm strike, it didnt matter whether it was the injured Cutting Path or the Sovereign that had slipped.

Death would be the final result!


Zhang Duoyu and the white flame waterfall attacked at the same time.

Even if Xu Xiaoshou didnt want to leave the Sky Screen anymore, he could only run at this moment.

He didnt even dare to use his Yuan Mansion.

God knew if his Yuan Mansion would be able to perfectly maintain its elegant pebble form under the white flame.

“No need.”

Unlike Xu Xiaoshous panic.

Even if the person attacking him was a Sovereign, Yu Zhiwen was still unperturbed.

Xu Xiaoshou glanced sideways.

He didnt know how this little girl, who could only paddle under his wings in the past, could still be so bold at this moment.

However, he saw Yu Zhiwen once again put her palms together, and the secrets of Heaven surged.

“The Moon and the Stars Shift!”

The crescent mark in the nine heavens seemed to have disappeared.

The moment it disappeared, when Zhang Duoyu was about to face her, and when the sky-toppling flame waterfall washed over her, Xu Xiaoshou clearly felt that very familiar fluctuation.

“Spatial fluctuation”



An explosion sounded in the air.

That small space that was completely locked onto by the energy flow, even if she couldnt see the person, Zhang Duoyu knew that the person was here.

With a palm strike, the space was shattered.


There was nothing!


Zhang Duoyu was dumbfounded.

This was the complete opposite of her judgment!

There was no time to think about it.

Since her attack had failed, she could only settle for the second-best.

She turned around and a round shield immediately supported her.

Zhang Duoyus spiritual source instantly covered her entire body.


Facing the white toad that was spitting fire in the air, she only sneered.

“What can a trash beast fire do to me!”


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