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Chapter 483: Things That Yu Zhiwen Did Not Like

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Xu Xiaoshou saw how arrogant Zhang Duoyu was, and the joy in his heart was overwhelming.

This woman would never have thought of it.

The real cause of Zhang Zhongmous death was not Yu Zhiwens Divine Array, nor was it his famed sword energy.

On the contrary.

The existence of the two of them in this battle was, at best, an exaggerated existence.

Without the White Skeletons deadly white flame, Zhang Zhongmou would not have been killed.

But Zhang Duoyu did not know that!

Under such circumstances, she thought that the White Skeleton had an owner, so she completely let down her guard against the big guy in front of her.

All of her attention had been placed on the unknown enemy that she could not attack, but she did not know when she had shifted her focus.

“Hide well.

We must not be discovered.”

Xu Xiaoshou grabbed Yu Zhiwens hand and stared unblinkingly at the beautiful Zhang Duoyu who had lost her chance to escape and was about to be engulfed by the white flames.

Yu Zhiwens pale face lowered.

When she saw Xu Xiaoshous hand, her pretty face could not help but blush slightly.

However, she did not struggle anymore.

No matter how hard she struggled, she would not be able to break free from this fellows strange strength.

“Theres no need to hide.”

“The teleportation of theSoaring Great Moon was directly carried out through space displacement.

Even the Sky Screen in the previous space was transferred over.”

“At that time, the two of them couldnt discover our existence.

Now, its even more impossible for them to discover us.”

Yu Zhiwen said confidently.


Xu Xiaoshou calmed down slightly and said in confusion, “Since its teleportation, there must be spatial fluctuations.

Masters might not be able to sense it, but the Sovereign will definitely be able to determine our position.”

Yu Zhiwen smiled and shook her head.

“That wont happen.

The fluctuations of the Divine Array during the replacement process will also be completely eliminated after theSoaring Great Moon is formed.”

“My teleportation is silent.”

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless for a moment.

Wasnt this Divine Array a little too powerful

Not only did it bring the two of them to the other side of the battle at the critical moment, it completely avoided Zhang Duoyus attack.

Even the heaven-toppling flame waterfall that the White Skeleton was using, missed.

It could only lock onto the beautiful woman.

From the beginning of the battle until now, Yu Zhiwen had never used a single attack.

Even so, with the help of the “Soaring Great Moon”, the battle was still going according to its original purpose under his control.


The brave ones who charged into the battle were indeed respectable.

But with such a method, while strategizing and winning from a thousand miles away, it allowed Xu Xiaoshou to see the door to another world of battle.

Yu Zhiwens strength could clearly only be considered average.

But after a while…

Even if it was the Sovereign Zhang Duoyu, or the White Bone Giant who had killed the Sovereign, or Xu Xiaoshou who had always been by her side, they were all turned into chess pieces.

How the chess pieces moved, how the chess path was broken…

It all depended on a single thought!

“What the hell is this”

The “Spirit Defense Shield” could deflect fire.

However, after deflecting the fire, the absolute high temperature around her that seemed to be able to ignite heaven and earth gave Zhang Duoyu a big scare.


At this moment, white flames splattered, and an obscure voice sounded from the spiritual source protection.

Zhang Duoyu swept her spiritual sense over it.

“Its ignited”

“How is this possible”

She turned pale with fright.

With the Spirit Defense Shield isolating her, other than those mysterious and unpredictable energies, which one of them could get close to her

Not to mention this white flame, which only came from the five elements, was the righteous power of Heaven and earth.

This kind of existence was clearly the specialty of the Spirit Defense Shield.

How could it not be able to resist and cause the fire to rise

“Darn it!”

Zhang Duoyu immediately increased her spiritual source output in an attempt to repel the white flames that seeped in from within.

However, as her spiritual source output increased, the white flames also seemed to have been added with oil and became even more vigorous.

“What the hell is this This thing is specially used to burn spiritual sources”

Zhang Duoyu finally realized something and wanted to directly cut off that portion of the ignited spiritual sources.

However, at that moment, her energy reserve suddenly felt a pain.

She used her spiritual sense to look inside.

At some point, that burning aura had already flowed along with the spiritual source and merged into her energy reserve!

This time, there was finally a hint of panic on Zhang Duoyus proud face.

This white flame could not only ignite spiritual sources, but it could also ignite the energy reserve that was known as the root of spiritual sources and the source of cultivation

“Could it be…”

“Old Mou was struck by this move, right”

Thinking back to the ending of Old Mou and his situation, Zhang Duyu couldnt help but sigh.

It wasnt hard to imagine that this conjecture might be the correct one.

With this, Zhang Duoyus face paled.

The overwhelming Inferno waterfall was simply too bewildering.

Anyone who saw such a large-scale indiscriminate attack would only choose to flee.

After all, it was not a single attack.

As long as one defended the next corner, the opponents spiritual technique would be useless.

But that was the magical part of the white flame.

Its true attack was not the spectacular flame waterfall at all but the infinite high temperature.

Even if one could isolate space and the Way of the Heavens, it could still permeate space and the Way of the Heavens, igniting everything in its path!

Her face began to twitch.

Zhang Duoyu was not Zhang Zhongmou.

She did not have the “Dim Sky Shadow”.

At this moment, she was hit by the white flames, and the pain in her body could not be relieved at all.

The only thing she could do was to use her willpower to hold on!


She shouted.

In desperation, she chose to borrow the Way of the Heavens power.

However, in the next second, Zhang Duoyu was in despair.

The Way of the Heavens power that had just gathered had not yet taken shape, but it was ignited by this terrifying fire and burned into nothingness.

“What kind of fire is this!”

Zhang Duoyu was in despair.

Her energy reserve began to tear, and her body began to melt.

Unable to contain the pain, she slightly relaxed the Spirit Defense Shield in her hand.


The sky full of flowing flames was poured all over her head.

This time, not only her energy reserve but even her physical body was ignited by the white flames.

“AH –”

A shrill scream reverberated in the air.

The degree of the scream was no less than the shrill scream of the ghost that came from the “Mysterious Sound Strike” just now.

However, the difference was that the sound waves could form an attack.

At this moment, Zhang Duoyus cry could only convey fear and deep despair.

“Huo Huo!”

“Huo Huo!”

After hearing this familiar cry, the White Skeleton finally stopped attacking and began to dance in the air.

This was the normal reaction that the enemy should have after using this move!

Every time he used this move, there was no chance for the battle to continue.

The little swordsman who had escaped earlier was completely unharmed.

It was just an accident.

The same was true for the old man.

However, although he could penetrate his strength, he still died due to his wise and powerful moves.

So what if he could penetrate.

The temperature that no one would be on guard against was the true killing move of his white flame!

“Hiss –”

“Darn it!”

“This darn thing!”

Zhang Duoyu was like a mad demon.

She had only let go of the Spirit Defense Shield by accident, but the white flame had flowed into her body, and then it was out of control.

Her hands, her chest…

Her head, her whole body…

It had only been a few breaths, but her plump and delicate body had melted until only bits of flesh and bones were left.

The bloody mess could no longer be used to describe Zhang Duoyus miserable state after being watered by the white flames.

The white bones were dense, and then even the white bones were melted down, was the truly miserable state after being ignited.


“Break for me!”

Zhang Duoyu used all her methods.

But the moment she used her spiritual sources, it was immediately burned to ashes.

The moment the Way of the Heavens was used, it was immediately burned to ashes.

She couldnt even use a single spiritual technique.

She couldnt even take a single step forward.

“How could this be…”

The White Skeleton spirit that had given up on struggling, Zhang Duoyu, could only cry.

It was clearly full of tricks and treasures.

But once it was touched by the white flame, it was all indirectly silenced.

It couldnt be used at all.

At this moment, she finally understood why Old Mou had died.

The White Skeletons white flame was the absolute nemesis of spiritual cultivators.

Even if a Sovereign was ignited, it couldnt avoid the tragic situation of death and destruction.

“Its gone…”

Her naked eyes were completely burned, but even though she was blind, Zhang Duoyu could still lock onto the direction of the White Skeleton.

She never thought that her Sovereign cultivation would end in this White Cave.

Even at the last moment of her life, she had not been able to find out where the owner of the White Skeleton had gone.

However, where the hatred came from, it should go.

“Ill fight it out with you!”

She roared angrily and used all the strength in her body to ignite the soul flame among the white flames.

Her entire body turned into a beam of spiritual light and shot toward the White Skeletons dancing place.


Xu Xiaoshou looked at Zhang Duoyus swollen white bones and suddenly understood something.

The Sovereign self-destructed

He could only watch as the space became distorted and then directly disintegrated.

He could imagine that even if the two of them were still some distance away from Zhang Duoyu, once she successfully self-destructed, she would definitely be dragged into hell!

“Is this a nuclear bomb…”


Xu Xiaoshou no longer felt that the sky screen was safe.

He grabbed Yu Zhiwens hand and wanted to send her directly into Yuan Mansion and then ” take the easy way out” to escape.

But at this moment, a faint voice came from the side.

“Silent Moon.”

Yu Zhiwen softly uttered these two words.

In the next moment, Zhang Duoyu, who had rushed in front of the White Skeleton and even her bones had swelled to the point of cracking, seemed to have been sucked dry of gas from the middle.


She was deflated.

Not only was she deflated, but even the fluctuations from the Way of the Heavens that were trembling violently in the surroundings had also wilted.


Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

Only then did he recall that when Zhang Duoyu had wanted to expand her bounded domain, she had been directly interrupted by Yu Zhiwens move.

Now, even the self-detonation of the Sovereign could be forcefully suppressed

“Thats right!”

Xu Xiaoshou thought about it.

The essence of the self-detonation of the Sovereign was to absorb the Way of the Heavens power, mess up the fight, and finally blow up ones path, okay

And all the attacks that involved the Way of the Heavens.

If the Way of the Heavens in the outside world was lacking, how could ones move take shape

How could fire self-ignite without oxygen

Xu Xiaoshou glanced sideways and looked at the girl beside him in a daze.

For a moment, he didnt know what to say.

“I said, theres no need to run.”

The corner of Yu Zhiwens mouth curled into a smile.

She knew what Xu Xiaoshou was thinking.

It was rare for this guy to be so surprised, so Yu Zhiwen became playful.

She patted Xu Xiaoshous hand, indicating for him to let go of her.

Then, she tiptoed slightly and gently touched the silly head of the young man in front of her.

“Im here.

You dont have to be afraid.”

“Just lie down…”

Yu Zhiwen paused for a moment, and her pretty face turned red.

She seemed to realize that her words might cause ambiguity, so she added.

“Ill take you and fly.”

“Pampered, Passive Points, 1.”


The White Skeleton shattered Zhang Duoyus remains with a single finger.

Under the white flame, no one could resist.

Even if the other party wanted to self-destruct in the end…

But who hadnt tried self-destructing

The White Skeleton Gods proudest moment in its life wasnt the white flame that it disliked using, but the body of a Sovereign!

Perhaps to other creatures, the self-destruction of a Sovereign could cause a lot of damage.

But to the body of a Sovereign, at most, it was just a bit painful.

And pain…

The White Skeleton indicated that when it was still young.

Pain, such emotion had already been completely tormented by the thing in its head.

“Huo Huo!”

“Huo Huo!”

Although it did not understand why that human chose to self-destruct in the end, this did not affect the White Skeletons joy in crushing another ant queen.

It began to hop, jump, and spin.

It kept making weird noises and was very happy.

It was obvious that it was no match for two beings of the same level.

This achievement greatly satisfied its vanity.


The White Skeleton suddenly stopped mid-scream.

It remembered.

Other than these two ants, the smaller ant that it was chasing was its real primary target.

However, with the addition of these two interludes.

For a moment, he even forgot where that fellow had flown to.

“Roar Roar!”

Feeling extremely depressed, the White Skeleton let out two loud cries as if it was venting its anger before suddenly lying on the ground.

It had released too much white flame.

It was tiring.

It suddenly wanted to sleep first.

Mm, then sleep!

“Huo Kuo Kuo…”

“Huo Kuo Kuo…”

“Its over.”

Xu Xiaoshou was slightly dazed when he heard the snoring.

He had never thought that the White Skeleton would be so strong.

All he needed was for Yu Zhiwen to coordinate with it, and it would be able to directly kill the two great Sovereigns.

With the appearance of the two fellows from the Zhang Mansion, not to mention the fact that both sides were injured, they might not even be able to deal any damage.

Xu Xiaoshou knew very well that the Master Physique possessed considerable recovery ability.

Therefore, after these two battles, the body of the White Bone Giant might only consume a little of its physical strength and a little of its mental strength.

“Is it sleeping”


Yu Zhiwen looked back in shock.

Xu Xiaoshou was startled, then pointed into the distance and said, “I mean, it seems to be tired.

Has it started sleeping”

Only then did Yu Zhiwen recover from the giddy joy of teasing Xu Xiaoshou.

“Oh, I think so.”

“It has a fire.

It shouldnt be cold sleeping here.”

Since when did I care whether it would feel cold or not!

Helplessly covering his forehead, Xu Xiaoshou used his “Perception” to detect the few spoils of war on the ground.

The White Skeleton did not care about those at all but he had been eyeing them for a long time.

That whip, that shield…

There was also a ring from Old Zhang that was not burned by the white flame.

At this moment, they were all sitting not far away from the sleeping White Skeleton.

“You want them”

Yu Zhiwen finally regained her senses and asked.


Xu Xiaoshou was not confident that he could run out on his own.

The sky screen is covering them so he would not be discovered, and he would be fine.

If he were to run out on his own accord…

Even if the White Skeleton was currently in a state of sleep, he would probably be able to react in an instant.

No matter what, this fellow was still an existence at the level of a Sovereign.

Even if he didnt have any spiritual senses or perception, he didnt have much of a brain.

However, he definitely had a basic consciousness.

“The Sovereign ring… the white flames sudden appearance must mean that the old man still has a lot of treasures that have yet to appear.”

“The Zhang Mansion is in decline.

Its even more likely that he brought all of his wealth to the White Cave to look for him!”


When Xu Xiaoshou thought of this, his eyes burned with passion.

“Can I”

His eyes were burning as he looked at Yu Zhiwen.


Yu Zhiwen nodded her head lightly.

It was the easiest thing to pick up an item within the Soaring Great Moon Divine Array.

With just a small hand seal, the ground didnt even have the slightest ripple before the ring disappeared.


Yu Zhiwen passed the ring over.

Xu Xiaoshou excitedly stretched out his hand, but it suddenly stopped.

Logically speaking, this battle had been fought by Yu Zhiwen the entire time.

He was an existence that was just paddling in the water.

How could the spoils of war fall into his hands in the end

Human nature was greedy, but no matter how greedy one was, there had to be a bottom line!

Previously, when he had fought and Yu Zhiwen had watched, she hadnt taken anything either!

“Take it.”

“This time, I was just a bystander.

This thing shouldnt have fallen into my hands.”

Xu Xiaoshou chose to reject.

Although it hurt, a person still had to have some principles.

“I dont need it.”

Yu Zhiwen frowned and slapped the ring onto Xu Xiaoshous hand.

“Besides, I only did my best to change the outcome of the battle.”

“The damage was done by the White Skeleton, and the person was also ended by you.”

“Logically speaking, this ring should be yours.”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

“What you said makes sense…”

He flipped the ring back to Yu Zhiwens hand.

“But I cant accept it.

Without your influence in the battle, there would be no victory.”

“I dont need it.”

Yu Zhiwen stubbornly flipped her hand, and the ring fell into Xu Xiaoshous hand.

“You need it.”

Xu Xiaoshou held her and flipped it again, and the ring fell back.

“I dont need it.”

Flipped it again…

“You need it.”


“I dont like it.”

“You see…”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.


You dont like it


You dont like it!

You dont play by the rules!

Yu Zhiwen pursed her red lips and arrogantly ended this meaningless argument.

She grabbed the ring and pretended to throw it away.

“If you dont want this ring, Ill throw it away.”

“Hey, hey, hey!”

Xu Xiaoshou was anxious.

He grabbed the girls hand and glared at her.

“Youre squandering!”

“My family is big, and I have a family to squander!”


“So you take it.”

Yu Zhiwens eyes were smiling as she placed the ring in Xu Xiaoshous palm.


Xu Xiaoshou held onto the ring, feeling mixed emotions.

What kind of feeling was this…

He had long gotten used to fighting alone.

All the things and resources could only be obtained by himself.

Even with Elder Sang behind him, that old fellow basically did not have much material support.

On the contrary, the mental torture and the gloriously named training were actually a lot.

But now…

For the first time, he had tasted victory by lying in the water.

In the end, the spoils of war were even distributed to him.

Xu Xiaoshou could not help but feel an indescribable feeling in his heart.

He finally understood why many young people did not want to work hard.

This feeling of eating the marrow and knowing the taste was too easy to get addicted to.

Perhaps, he would no longer rely on himself and choose to live off another person… cough, choose a partner.

Along the way, he would have the support of noble people.

This, was this the correct path that should exist on this long road of spiritual cultivation

“Little Yu…”

Xu Xiaoshous eyes were filled with tears, and his voice was filled with gratitude.


Yu Zhiwen tilted her head, her starry eyes were smiling, and her willow-like eyebrows were arched.

“Do you really not like this ring”



Xu Xiaoshou looked at the lady in front of him, and then at her peerless face.

He pointed at the ground and said, “You probably dont like those two things either, right”


Passive Points, 1.”

“I dont like them!”

She said unhappily.

With a wave of her hand, the two heavy weapons on the ground landed in Xu Xiaoshous hands.

“Thank you.”

Xu Xiaoshou received sincere gratitude.

This was the most basic courtesy of a person.

After receiving benefits, one would have to thank them and add gratitude.

“Youre a good person.”

“… youre welcome.”

Yu Zhiwen didnt mind.

She only had one goal for this trip.

Any investment at this stage would be a powerful tool to bring away Xu Xiaoshou.


Seeing that this fellow was softer than her, Yu Zhiwen felt a very comfortable feeling in her heart.

She couldnt tell what kind of feeling it was.

But it was comfortable.

That was right.

Xu Xiaoshou liked it

Gift it!

Xu Xiaoshou wanted it


As long as this person followed the Fourth Sword and returned to the Holy Divine Palace together.

Everything would be perfect!

“Now, what do you plan to do”

Yu Zhiwen looked at the things that Xu Xiaoshou had put away happily.

“Can you walk”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the sleeping White Skeleton and said seriously, “Can your spiritual array trap it and let the two of us run away”


Yu Zhiwen nodded, “Although the White Skeletons combat strength is high, its intelligence is much lower than that of humans.

Even if the array pattern of the Divine Array is revealed, it wouldnt know what it is.”

“Trapping it is an order.”

“The main thing is, it is trapped.

Which way should we go”

Yu Zhiwen remembered that Xu Xiaoshou had a target.

If she was not wrong, this target should be this big guy in front of her.


It was unrealistic!

After seeing the real combat strength of this thing, Yu Zhiwen knew that even Xu Xiaoshou would not be able to defeat it completely.

Not to mention taking the fire seed in its skull.

“Lets go…”

Xu Xiaoshou muttered and fell into deep thought.

The Advanced Infernal Fire Seed was definitely not going to be obtained in a short time.

If he really wanted to fight this big guy, he would have to wait until he found the ring treasure.

At that time, he would definitely let this guy have a taste of running for his life…

So now.

If he couldnt win, which direction would he run to

Xu Xiaoshou looked around and finally fixed his gaze on the direction he came from.

“That strange treasure that Qu Qing-er mentioned, if nothing goes wrong, it should be this big guy guarding it.”

“Since this guy is so tired that he wont even return home…”

“Our next location, isnt it obvious”


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