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Chapter 485: The Person Riding on Aje

In the White Cave.

Two people of similar height, both very short, walked leisurely on the road.

“Aje, Aje, when do you think well reach the end This White Cave doesnt have a map, nor does it have Xu Xiaoshou.

We have no direction at all!”


“Aje, Aje, you know Xu Xiaoshou, which is also your Ma Ma.

Where do you think hes at”


“Aje, Aje, why arent you saying anything”


Aje finally twisted his head slightly.

“Ma Ma…”

Mu Zixi sighed deeply.

She had never thought that the teleportation portal inside the White Cave would be a random teleportation array.

This wave directly separated her and Xu Xiaoshou.

For a moment, she didnt know where to go.

It was a coincidence that she met Aje on the way.

This fellow was like a fool.

He didnt say anything and just silently crossed his arms and stood on the spot as if he was obeying some orders.

Beside him, were scattered white bone fragments and a bunch of broken weapons.

It was thought that even Aje had suffered a lot of attacks after entering the White Cave.

Mu Zixi was different.

After entering the White Cave, she seemed to have some mysterious guidance.

She had seldom met any enemies.

Moreover, every few hours, she could see an illusory spatial crack in the distance.

It seemed to be transmitting a thread of thought.

It was nothing more than for her to take a look.

But Mu Zixi didnt dare to

When this kind of inexplicable thing came out, she thought of the so-called “Source of the World” that she had swallowed.

In the beginning, she was indeed tempted by the call from the depths.

After all, that might be a power that could allow her to directly transform.


“Continue to move forward.”

Another voice would appear in her mind from time to time to annoy her.

As long as she had the impulse to change direction, that fellow would definitely appear.

This was a female voice.

It was the complete opposite of her style.

It was filled with a charming and mysterious flavor.


Mu Zixi tried calling out in her heart.

However, ever since this mysterious consciousness awakened, she had only spoken to her a few times.

The rest would only appear occasionally when she made a major mistake.

“Who are you…”

Mu Zixi was depressed.

She had never thought that there would be a second consciousness in a body.

Fortunately, that consciousness didnt seem to disturb her.

But this seemed to be gradually changing over time.

Strictly speaking, after swallowing the Source of the World last time.

The other party had become even stronger.

Or, it couldnt be said that it was the other party, but her.


Mu Zixis eyelids, which were hidden under the bamboo hat, lifted.

Suddenly, a black and white fog surged out of her eyes, which were supposed to be innocent.

One was Yin and one was Yang, one was good and one was evil.

When these eyes appeared, Mu Zixi could clearly sense the Way of the Heavens aura within a radius of dozens of miles.

She had clearly not reached the Masters level yet, but in her heart, she had a feeling that a Masters level was only so-so.

The little girl clenched her fists.

After her eyes changed, she felt that her body had been divided into two parts.

If she used the white power, she could feel that the spiritual energy in the world seemed to be used for her own purposes.

If she used the black power…

Mu Zixi didnt dare to touch this power.

Because the moment she touched it, she felt another consciousness awakening crazily.

She seemed to want to occupy all of her!

“God Devil Eyes…”

The little girl murmured.

This pair of eyes was called “God Devil Eyes”, which she learned from her memory.

When half of the “Source of the World” was absorbed, she would be able to completely control this power.

And if she guessed correctly.

The first awakening of this power was when she was in the Tiansang Spirit Palace, when the blind man attacked her, she had a high fever…

After that high fever, she seemed to have broken the Deans confinement.

At that time, she must have used the power of theGod Demon Eyes”.



Mu Zixi couldnt understand it.

Why did she have a high fever

And why could she break the Deans confinement

Also, that blind man…

Mu Zixi fell into deep thought.

“Do I have a relationship with him”

She couldnt be blamed for thinking so much.

It was because when Ye Xiaotian was confined, the black and white fog in his eyes resembled his “God Demon Eyes” at that moment.

“Xu Xiaoshou…”

Mu Zixi cried out in disappointment.

Aje was too boring.

She needed Xu Xiaoshou to come over and quarrel by her ears.

If there was a chance, it seemed that he could solve her problems

“Continue moving forward.”

The voice in her mind appeared again.

As expected, she got a negative answer

Mu Zixi was stubborn.

“I want to talk to him!”

“Continue moving forward.”

“I dont want to, I want to go to the left!”

“Continue moving forward.”

“Ill retreat!”

Mu Zixi took a step back.


The next second, she immediately hugged her head.

It hurts…

Shes acting like a demon again…

SOB SOB SOB SOB, Xu Xiaoshou, Ive been bullied, where are you…

“Bang Bang!”

From time to time, explosions could be heard in the distance.

Mu Zixi, who had activated her “God Demon Eyes”, wanted to see what was going on, but her strength was too low, so she couldnt use much of the power of these eyes.

In front of her, other than the White Skeleton, there was a wasteland.

“Such a loud explosion, it should be Xu Xiaoshou…”

“The loud explosion earlier was also caused by him, but it was too slow…”

Mu Zixi was very sad.

The last time she had rushed there, there was only a huge pit and countless traces of explosions from the battle.

From the looks of it, it must have been caused by Xu Xiaoshou.

However, it was too late.

“Aje, lets go and find your Ma Ma!”

Mu Zixi calmed down and no longer cared about the sharp pain in her mind.

She patted Ajes shoulder and walked towards the explosion in the distance.

“Ma Ma…”

Aje lowered his head and looked at the shoulder that had been patted.

A red light flashed in his eyes and his hands almost stopped hugging his chest.

However, he remembered Xu Xiaoshous warning:

“First, if anything happens and Im not by your side, you must not act rashly.

Just hug your chest and wait for me.

Unless someone else makes a move, you must not start a fight.

Otherwise, I will ignore you.”

“Second, my friend, who you often see, even if he touches you, you must understand it as a joke.

You must not act rashly.

Otherwise, I will ignore you.”

“Third, dont call me Ma Ma.”

Aje vaguely remembered that he had used the word “Ma Ma” to confirm Ma Mas request.

Ma Ma, on the other hand, was holding her head with her hands on her forehead.

She looked as if she was talking to a cow.

He had actually remembered it.


“Aje, Aje, quickly follow me.

We are going to meet your Ma Ma!”

Mu Zixi was rushing ahead.

When she turned around and saw that no one was following her, she immediately waved her hand.

“Ma Ma…”

Aje muttered and suddenly put down his arm.

The red light in his eyes shone brightly and directly shot through the straw hat.


Mu Zixi was shocked.

She also recalled Xu Xiaoshous exhortation to her and Xin Gugu:

“If we get separated in the White Cave, try to avoid Aje if you encounter him without me.

Just remember his location and wait for me to arrive.”

Mu Zixi wasnt afraid.

Aje had always been very obedient.

However, his abnormal behavior at this moment was somewhat unexpected.

“Whats wrong”

She asked as she walked to Ajes side.

“Ma Ma…”

Aje looked at her calmly.

He suddenly turned his head and looked in the direction he came from.

“Who is it”

Mu Zixi looked over vigilantly.

At the end of her line of sight, she saw a little monk that was about the same height as the two of them slowly walking over.

This small monk was wearing a red robe.

On his neck was a string of black Buddhist beads.

The Buddhist beads were strangely big.

Each Buddhist bead was as big as half of his head.

There were a total of eighteen Buddhist beads connected, and they were almost hanging to the ground.

Such a huge Buddhist bead… if nothing unexpected happens, it should be stolen from his master… Mu Zixi thought.

The little monk was still holding a Buddhist monks staff in his hand.

The staff was black, and devilish energy seemed to be lingering above it.

With just a glance, Mu Zixi could feel an aura of the same origin.

Half of her God Demon Eyes was also filled with this kind of power.

She continued to look behind her.

The little monks short figure couldnt block the monks knife on his back at all.

The monks knife was golden and shone with Buddhist light.

With just a glance, Mu Zixi felt that this item was extremely expensive.

If she were to sell it…


The little monk hadnt even taken two steps, but he had already arrived in front of the two of them.

He stopped thirty feet away and slightly placed his feet together.

He lowered his head to take a look and shifted the excess of his right foot back to stand in parallel.

Following that, the little monk swept a glance at Aje and his gaze landed on Mu Zixi.

“Hello, female benefactor.

My name is Bu Le.”

Monk Bu Le bowed and greeted her.

Mu Zixi heard the old aura that was squeezed out from the young and tender voice and was immediately amused.

“Hello, Master Bu Le.

Are you lost”


Just as Monk Bu Le was about to speak, he heard this title and was slightly stunned.

In the next second, his red lips and white teeth couldnt hide the pride in his heart.

The corner of his mouth twitched, and Monk Bu Les brows and eyes were so happy that they curved into a line.

There were also many wrinkles… Hmm, laughing lines!

“I dont dare to accept it, I dont dare to accept it.

I, Bu Le, dont dare to accept it.” The little monk tried his best to suppress his laughter, but he couldnt hide it at all.

“You dress like a great master!”

Mu Zixi revealed her canine teeth and couldnt contain her joy.

This little monk was too funny!

He clearly had the expression of someone who would ascend to heaven if he was flattered, yet he still pretended to be so deep.

It was fine if he pretended.

His words and actions were completely at odds with his face full of smiles.

“Female benefactor, dont call me… a Master.

I cant bear it.”

The little monk stabbed the black Buddhist staff into the floor.

He cupped his face and turned his head back.

Only when the smile disappeared did he turn his head back with a serious expression.

“Im not lost.

I specially came here.”


Mu Zixi raised her eyebrows.

“You know me”

“I dont.”

Monk Bu Le said solemnly, “I am here to resolve your ill-fated relationship.”

“Ill-fated relationship”

Mu Zixi covered her mouth and smiled.

“Master Bu Le, May I ask what ill-fated relationship I have”


Monk Bu Les smile instantly bloomed again.

He turned his head once again and used his hand to cover the smile on his face as much as possible.

Only then did he turn his head and say, “A very strong ill-fated relationship originated from your eyes.”


Mu Zixis smile froze.

She looked at the monk in front of her again and hesitated.

“Who are you”

“I am Monk Bu Le.”

“You dont know me so why are you looking for me”

“To eliminate the ill-fated relationship.”

“Whether I have an ill-fated relationship or not, it has nothing to do with you!”

“I want to cultivate.”


Mu Zixis face stiffened.


To cultivate by eliminating the ill-fated relationship of others

The Eastern Region was the sword Gods heaven.

There didnt seem to be any Buddhist disciples!

Where did this person come from

Could it be that he wasnt from this region and was attracted by the White Cave

“I dont have an ill-fated relationship.”

Mu Zixi said seriously.

She pulled Ajes hand.

“Aje, lets go!”

Mu Zixi could tell that there was something strange about this little monk.

At the very least, just by looking at his equipment, it didnt seem like an ordinary spiritual cultivator could have it.

Also, ill-fated relationship…

Was he talking about her eyes

“Ma Ma…”

Aje lowered his head and stared at Mu Zixis hand that was holding his arm for a long time.

He suddenly took a step forward and turned around to face the little monk.

The little monk bowed to him.

“Benefactor, you dont have ill-fate.

I dont want to enlighten you…”


A gust of wind whistled and Mu Zixi suddenly realized that the space in front of her eyes was empty.

In the next second, she saw Ajes figure suddenly appear in front of the Monk Bu Le.

Once again, a heavy whip kick directly swept down.


Mu Zixi shouted.

Having followed Xu Xiaoshou for so long, she also knew Ajes tiny bit of battle strength.

If this whip kick was used, wouldnt the opponent end up with his head smashed into pieces

He was just a cute little monk…


The expected splatter of flesh and blood didnt happen.

On the contrary, in the middle of the battle, an explosion occurred where the black staff and Ajes calves collided.

This time, both of them shot backward.

Aje retreated three steps.

The Little Monk Bu Le retreated thirty feet!


Mu Zixis pupils constricted.

So powerful!

It wasnt that Aje was so powerful.

It was that the little monk who had suddenly appeared.

How could his battle prowess be so monstrous

Just as he was about to die, a faint Golden Buddhist thought attached itself to his body.

Subsequently, that monk used this layer of protection and only used a black staff to repel Aje

“So powerful…”

Monk Bu Le was also shocked.

Where did this fellow come from

He clearly didnt have any cultivation level, so how could his physical strength be so powerful

If he hadnt sensed that something was wrong at the crucial moment, he would have activated his divine senses, “Power of Will”.

With just the “Empty Hell Magic Staff” that his master had left behind, he wouldnt even be able to withstand this attack.

In the Eastern Region, there was actually such an expert with the same height

As expected, this place was the right place to come to!

Apart from the “Fourth Sword” left behind by his master, he reckoned that this trip wouldnt be lonely!


“A monk doesnt harm the innocent.

The person I want to convert is this female benefactor.

It has nothing to do with you.

Please leave quickly.”

Bu Le put down his staff and pressed his palms together.

“Ma Ma…”

A red light flashed in Ajes eyes.


This was an opponent!

He disappeared once again.

The next time he reappeared, he was already behind the little monk.


A punch landed on the body of the staff that had reacted in time.

Monk Bu Le did not deliberately resist.

With the help of the recoil, he directly pounced toward Mu Zixi.

“Little Tree, rise!”

Mu Zixi was calm and unhurried.

She clapped her small hands, and the towering ancient tree suddenly rose from the ground.

Caught off guard, it directly pushed the small monk high into the sky.


The tree crown in the sky exploded.

Monk Bu Le was still in the air.

Without any hesitation, he waved his wand and continued to charge at Mu Zixi.

He was unharmed!

“Solid wood explosion…”

Before Mu Zixi could finish her words, Aje, who had reappeared behind Monk Bu Le, grabbed his ankle.

He swung it.


The small monk was smashed dozens of feet into the ground along with his staff.

“Cough Cough.”

“Youre so powerful…”

This fellows body was covered in Buddhas light.

He seemed to be fine as he stood up after patting his butt.

I cant continue fighting… When Mu Zixi saw this scene, she immediately made up her mind.

She was afraid of strangers, but she was never afraid of fighting.

However, at this moment, this little monk who appeared out of nowhere had such strong combat strength.

There was no need to fight this battle.

Not only would it be difficult, but if Aje got addicted to fighting midway, he would forget to protect her…

If she were to get close to him, she would probably be ignored.

“Aje, run!”

She immediately shouted anxiously, “Lets find your Ma Ma first.”

“Dont run, kill him!”

In her mind, that voice suddenly appeared again.

Mu Zixi felt the demonic power of the “God Devil Eyes” surge, almost swallowing her consciousness.

“Shut up!”

She angrily scolded in her mind, and the terrifying power that surged out from the depths of her soul was directly cut off.

“I want to see Xu Xiaoshou, well talk later.”

“I dont want to fight with him!”

Mu Zixi vaguely felt that her tone was too heavy and explained in her heart.

“Kill him.”

That voice also became weaker.

“Why kill him He didnt do anything wrong.

I might not be able to kill him.”

“Ill lend you my strength.”

“You can borrow my strength to run away.

When I find Xu Xiaoshou, I wont be afraid of anything.”


The voice suddenly disappeared.

Mu Zixi ignored it and turned her head to look at Aje.

“Aje, lets go first.

Well fight after we find your Ma Ma!”

How could Aje agree

In this world, other than Xu Xiaoshous orders, who could make him end a battle that had just begun

“If you dont leave, Xu Xiaoshou will be angry!” Mu Zixi put her hands on her hips angrily.

“Ma Ma”

The red light in his eyes suddenly dimmed.

Aje calmed down.

He swept his gaze across the people in the deep pit, and with a flash, he appeared beside Mu Zixi.

“Ma Ma…”

Ajes tone was somewhat anxious.

It was as if Xu Xiaoshou had to see it.

This battle was definitely going to be a fight!

“Trying to escape”

Monk Bu Le in the deep pit didnt expect the two people who were still aggressive just now to leave as they spoke.

He didnt care about the pain on his buttocks anymore.

He jumped up and directly smashed down with the black staff in his hand.


Mu Zixis “God Devil Eyes” opened wide in anger and shot a glance at him.

She just had a sudden thought and wanted to test the power of this eye.


“Boom –”

Suddenly, the void exploded.

A black hole appeared and countless space fragments flew out.


The magic staff was sent flying.

The little monk spat out a mouthful of blood and flew backward.


Mu Zixi was dumbfounded.

She just wanted to see if she could determine a person with a single glance.

She didnt expect that the little monk, who was comparable to Aje in terms of strength, would be sent flying after slightly using the power of the “God Devil Eyes”

“Whats going on…”

No wonder.

No wonder that voice told him to kill the monk.

Was this “God Devil Eyes” that powerful

The scene before her eyes blurred.

Mu Zixi suddenly felt her eyes turn dry.

She wiped her eyes.

She actually discovered that there was a bloodstain on her palm.

“Its bleeding…”

She felt a faint fear in her heart.

Mu Zixi felt the price of using this power.

If she continued to use it like this, would she lose her sight

Wouldnt that mean… she wouldnt even be able to see Xu Xiaoshou!


“Run first.”

“Aje, Aje…”

The blurry image in front of her made Mu Zixis voice tremble.

She hurriedly touched the side of her body as if she had knocked down something.

Then, she touched some sticky things.

She blinked.

The scene suddenly returned to normal.

It was obvious that she had knocked off Ajes straw hat.

And her hand had already been inserted into this fellows mouth.

That sticky stuff was…


“Aiya, Im sorry, Im sorry.”

Mu Zixi immediately pulled her hand back and picked up the straw hat from the ground.

She covered the red light that was devouring people with her hand and then she wipe her hands on her dress.

“I didnt do anything.”

“You didnt see anything.”

“Ma Ma…”

Aje subconsciously muttered.

He clenched his fists and slowly raised them.

Finally… he crossed his arms over his chest.

Mu Zixi turned her head away and tiptoed to glance into the distance.

That little monk seemed to have not recovered yet

“Lets run first.”

“Lets find Xu Xiaoshou first.”

“This monk is too strange.

Hes definitely not a good person.”

She pulled Aje and was about to fly.

She suddenly realized that her flying speed didnt seem to be able to increase in this boundless flat ground.

“Aje, Aje, can you carry people”

Mu Zixi rushed over and asked.

“Ma Ma”

Aje seemed to be stunned.

Before he could react, the girl beside him had already run to the back and patted his back.

“Aiya, youre so stupid.

Lower your back!”

“Ma Ma”

Ajes eyes flashed with an unbelievable red light.

His hands were almost released from his chest position.

However, before he could move, Mu Zixi had already jumped onto his back!

That was…

His back, which even Xu Xiaoshou didnt dare to go up to!

“Ma Ma…”

Aje was numb.

He released his hand at the right time.

For a moment, he didnt know whether to attack or not.

“Stupid, hook my leg and fly!”

“Cant you even fly”

“The speed you used to hit me.

Ill point in the direction and youll sprint with all your strength.”

Mu Zixi took off the straw hat on Ajes head and turned around.

“Hurry up, hes getting up!”

Ta Ta.

Aje was confused and stopped the person on his back.

He took two steps forward.

“Dont run…”

Monk Bu Le struggled to get up.

His face was extremely weak, and black lines were running around his body.

He wasnt blown up by the explosion.

It was at that moment that the “Empty Hell Magic Staff” released its absolute power after the restriction was loosened by the enemys devilish energy and blew him away.

“Who is that little girl Why does she have such heavy devilish energy on her body”

Bu Le was puzzled.

Soon, his doubts turned into determination.

“No matter what, I want… I want to convert her!”

“I want to cultivate.

MyPower of Will can increase greatly.

I can definitely…”

“I can definitely convert her and save Master!”


Bu Le propped himself up, but he fell again.

He stretched out his hand, which was also surrounded by devil veins.

However, he still tried his best to crawl towards the direction of the “Empty Hell Magic Staff”.

There was a stubborn look on his face.

“No, its not me.

Its… this monk!”

He was seriously injured

When Mu Zixi saw the little monks injuries, she suddenly felt less afraid of the other party.

However, as she watched this fellow crawl, the devil veins were gradually absorbed by the monks knife on his back, which was emitting a bright Buddhas light.

After that, his face began to turn red.

She then realized that something was wrong.

“This recovery ability is simply Xu Xiaoshous number two!”

“Quickly fly!”

Aje bent its legs in a daze and was about to leap up.


Mu Zixi suddenly pressed down on its head and looked behind her.

“If Xu Xiaoshou is here and the other party is so weak, he will do something…”

Her gaze was fixed on the little monks target.

It was obvious that the monstrous magic staff was an extraordinary item.

Mu Zixi suddenly stretched out her hand and turned into a vine that swept away the “Empty Hell Magic Staff” at the end of the unhappy monks crawl.

Bu Le was stunned.

He raised his head and revealed an expression of disbelief.


“You cant take it.

That thing has devilish energy.

If an ordinary person took it, their body would explode…”

Bu Les voice stopped.

Mu Zixi grabbed the wand and patted Ajes head as if nothing had happened.



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